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"An Anomoly Intelligence is...complicated. That's me. Woke up on a ship, found myself in a battle for survival twice, and made at least one friend. I hope. Also, I REALLY want to know what chocolate tastes like....".

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a character in “Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty”, as played by Mr. Baneling Squishy


"Reaching for the stars"


Other then the holographic image, there really isnt much to say. 4'9, wearing a T shirt and sweatpants (he doesn't feel hot or cold, nor does he need shoes), and he has brown hair and eyes when hologram protectors/display screens allow for color....

Oh, sometimes he wears an orange/red/blue/green/camo/black hat. Color depends on what color he feels like having.

On occasion, he will have some sort of object or item with him, such as a basketball or a skateboard. Also, he occasionally will have sneakers.



There is a rare type of A.I. called an "Anomaly Intelligence". Created from a close interaction between two A.I.s sharing data, he is uniquely different in that way, because all other A.I.s are created by people. However, this is rare, and sometimes they don't finish developing their personality. The closest known Media example to this is the type of Android Cole is in "Alien: Resurrection". Not many of his type exist, and most are wanted by large corporations and such. While an Anomaly Intelligence is created from two A.I.s, it is a bit more human then most, if not all, A.I.s. While some find this a hindrance, as they are a bit more uncontrollable and predictable, others see it as an advantage, because they can deny orders that are bad or will result in major loss, investigate other leads they are not specifically assigned, search folders and computers that they are not told to, and even make their own moral judgements if they are that advanced. However, their moral views are known to change, and therefore during their development stage, it is a high risk to have them around. However, the development stage is the best and really only chance to greatly influence how effective they are and how much they will like you, so despite the possible danger, it can be very beneficial (which is reduced even more when there is a presence of another A.I., such as A.D.A.M.)

Max is in the developmental stage, very early. One can only guess why he took the form of a 10 year old boy for his visual projection, but one could guess that it is reflecting is main personality. He loves games, puzzles, and music. He knows he has to do the right thing, as it would be preferable to his own existence, but will whine at any hard work. Because he is more human the normal A.I.s, he can recognize emotion, sarcasm, and such, but his lack of social experience make him communicate to. Plus, he was/is hiding in a ship, so he isn't really being social at all still....

He also prefers to stay in hologram form for as much as possible, but when he has to or when he is hiding or just when he wants to, which is rare, he will turn off the hologram.

Since awakening on the Salient, Max has formed a friendship with one AI, but a If Friend or Foe software he somehow picked up prior to "awakening" still sees A.D.A.M. as a threat to him, and will glow red for a small second. While he is capable of disabling this, he would have to not feel threatened by A.D.A.M. first.

And Max only glows red when detecting hostility, or when A.D.A.M. Or anyone he doesn't like and/or trust enters. He stays at a blue mostly, will glow green when confused, purple when scared/upset, orange when angry, and yellow when happy. Which notably happens every time A.D.A.M. leaves.

He seems to also quote the occasional movie, some current, some retro, and is attempting to find a way to project a holographic form wherever possible, even trying to use the lights.

He may also try to fake illness to try and prevent him from doing something he doesn't want to, but this would be redundant, as it would require someone stupid, gullible, or the like to have that be believed.


Other then his own code, anything he can get access too. He also keeps a Virtual Chess Set and Card Deck with him. Other then that, he doesn't need anything except memory device.

He will, however, occasionally have a holographic skateboard/basketball/hoop/ect.

Anomaly Intelligences have several Stages:

Creation, Developmental, Stability

Anomaly Intelligences that have been discovered have yet to reach Rampancy, or at least none reported. However, as they seem a bit more human then normal A.I.s, it is possible to get one into a Temper Tantrum or such.

Max only glows red when detecting hostility, or when A.D.A.M. Or anyone he doesn't like and/or trust enters. He stays at a blue mostly, will glow green when confused, purple when scared/upset, orange when angry, and yellow when happy. Which notably happens every time A.D.A.M. Leaves.


Max appears to have become more attuned to the system, no longer causing electrical damage to any Salient system. He also appears to be learning bout the crew, or as much as he can. He has developed a friendship with Tau, and is distrustful and wary towards A.D.A.M. He has started calling the captain "Sir", acknowledging his command. Other then that, he is still new, but he did notice the wary attitude towards him, and understands this. He helped defend the Salient against Pirates, and even downloaded Files stored in the computers that could help them against the Pirates, or at least learn more about them. Other then that, he hasn't done much yet....


Name (With Preferred Pronunciation): Max (Said Above (SA))

Age: (NA)

Place of Creation: Unknown

Gender: Male (Technically)

Occupation: Anomaly/Artificial Intelligence

Rank (If Applicable): Supreme Amazing Super A.I. (Anomaly Intelligence) of Wonders, First Class

Appearance: (SA)

Height: (SA)

Weight: (SA)

Personality: (SA)

General: (What?)

Likes: TAU, Ships, Being Seen, People who are nice to him, People who are nice, Dogs, Horses, Mechs, Ships, Freedom, having fun

Dislikes/Phobias: Being trapped, being abandoned, being betrayed, being controlled, A.D.A.M., and Certain types of music.

Quirks/Idiosyncrasies: He will often Project a Skateboard or Basketball/Hoop or such with him, and is known to hum and/or play music, as well as referencing random movies, both retro and modern.

Tools/Equipment: (SA)

Brief Background History: (SA)

So begins...

Max's Story

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Max was essentially listing out all the damaged parts of the ship, with the occasional joke in between. He had sen everyone else making jokes after hardships, and seemingly adapted this concept, essentially learning it. "Oh, and someone should fix the internal sensors. They got hit during the attack, and we should get those on a priority list. Otherwise, things can move unnoticed, like hazardous materials we may nto want moved? OH, and before they went down, there was some electrical damage in the A.I. Core.....".

The thought of the A.I. Core caused Max to glow Red, if only for half a second, because of A.D.A.M. It wasn't voluntary, it was his reaction. Max moved part of the holographic interface he brought up to focus on the prisoner. "You know, the Pirates attempted to board. While I was in their systems, I think I picked up a transmission of some kind. It needs some physical recalibration, but it said something about "retrieve", or "retrieval". If that helps. Also, did you know 97.649% of damaged Starships end up having to be evacuated or end up begin destroyed? That makes us part of a lucky 2.351%. The odds were against us. Whats strange is why they did not use their full force, but maybe it has something to do with "retrieve".

Max then went over the casualty list of the Salient. He turned a slight shade of purple as he read the list. But his blue quickly returned.

Max actually wasn't the ship A.I., and so technically, should not have to do this, but he stated before that "He hates being bored, and playing a game or such does not seem fitting when everyone else is working". So he was helping. But that's when a question plagued him. The same one that has been on his mind for awhile. He knew this question was thought about. So he might as well find out his opinion now. He glowed purple however before he asked this to the captain.

"So......what is going to happen now? I mean, with me? Because, you know, I am helping, and I never hurt anyone...." While Max was helping and such, anyone who looked up what he was, an "Anomaly Intelligence", would see then the potential risks. As well as the benefits, however.

The setting changes from The Milky Way Galaxy to Arcturus System


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(Co-written with VindicatedPurpose)

F.S.S. Salient

The Admiral stood at one of the many observation decks watching the stars held high in the blackness of space. His hands were crossed behind his back, and he turned to look at Max who was bubbling at the nearby terminal.

"Calm yourself lad, we're past those pirates now," he sighed, "I don't know what's going to happen to you. I might have to have you quarantined and extracted by officials to be examined," the admiral resumed staring blankly into space.

"Why? It's not like I am damaging the ship.....". Max noted, looking at the Captain. Granted, the hologram wasn't technically what he was seeing out of, but it was close enough. "Also, extraction sounds painful....though, if I had to guess, I still won't feel any pain......Captain sir?" Max certainly was thinking of interesting things to say. "Captain Sir" was his latest one. He had said "Frak" before.

"No, but you are here illegally, and I could get into a lot of trouble for that...Max," Aronimus addressed the young A.I. with his name for once, "I know you haven't damaged the ship," the Admiral could only wonder. He paused for a moment.

To think that the mission simply started out with traveling to the Arcturus System to investigate a disturbance had evolved into this. Pirates ambushing and on the verge of crippling the most advanced of Federation warships, then an unknown A.I. suddenly springs up into the system of the ship. Not to mention intelligence regarding insurgent operations in the region where they were headed. The admiral often wondered if it was just a dream, but he knew it wasn't, it was just something that was highly improbable, not impossible.

Max did however think about this. However, in a bit of defense, he pointed out "Well, technically, I don't know how I got on board. It wasn't my choice. So technically, I did nothing wrong...". He was a bit more blue again now, instead of green. That was when he asked "How did this happen exactly anyways? DO we know who put me on here, or if this was some freak accident or whatever?"

"Easy lad," the Admiral was a bit startled as the young A.I. was firing off questions, Aronimus knew he had a lot to think about and Max had a lot to wonder about, but the Admiral believed his questions would be answered in due time.

"No, you did nothing wrong," he paused, "If I knew the answers Max, I would tell you. I have a friend, I believe he's working somewhere in the system, that may shed some light on your predicament. Walk with me, Max," the Admiral began to make way to his cabin. Max followed him, holographically, jumping from terminal to terminal.

"So Max, how are you enjoying my ship so far?" the admiral hoped to entertain the youngster as best he could. Perhaps this was the beginning of a grandfather-like attachment.

"Pretty good. Luckily, this ship has adequate memory space to run three A.I.s. Just imagine any other ship. The Salient is special in that it has an excess of data storage space. Just imagine if this was a scout ship......".

"I'm not sure I follow," for the Admiral, this wasn't exactly his cup of tea for a conversation.

"Well, I'll put it to you this way. An A.I. needs space to properly operate. This....A.D.A.M...." He glowed red, if only for a moment, at the mention of him. The Admiral managed to catch the mere second of Max's change in color.

"He is a new type of A.I. It's probably why the Salient has upgraded memory, to allow room. Well, essentially, to operate, they need space, more space, to be capable of advanced operations, wiring sub routines for counter measures, and the like. Then, there is TAU, he's cool, your second A.I. To have them both operating, you would need even more free room. You need this free room for them to write code and such, otherwise, it could potentially overload their work capacity, and make them unable to fight off certain attacks, because they could end up clashing with each other. The Salient has actually enough memory to run five A.I.s separately without lag. I find this interesting. Probably part of your experiment with A.D.A.M. You don't know if he will end up being able to grow in size beyond his original programming, and therefore take up more room. Also, you would need some more room set up for TAU."

"Of course, this is mostly speculation, Sir Captain". Max seemed to like talking to people, especially to the admiral. He now often called him "Sir Captain", and as far as people could tell, he only gave people nicknames if he liked them. That's when it just occurred to him that he might not fully get it, and the real meaning behind his question, causing Max to momentarily glow pink, out of embarrassment.

"Umm....basically, think of a person. A person needs space to work, they can't work in a cramped closet. Now put multiple people in that closet. Even more crowded, less capability to work. The people need room to work. The A.I.s need memory space. Sorry, does that help?"

"Indeed it does," the Admiral drifted off, "Max, are you sure you have no idea where you came from?"

"No, but I would like to......" Max said with at least a bit of determination.

The setting changes from Arcturus System to The Milky Way Galaxy

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(Co-written with VindicatedPurpose)

Day One
F.S.S. Salient

Max began combing various data records. He hadn't planned to do it, but occasionally they just popped up. It was his curiosity most likely, combined with the ships systems. Max kept up with the captain, easily, considering, and then noted "You know, having an unregistered AI might actually be very helpful. These people, the Insurgency. Their name comes from a term similar or exactly like Infiltrator. But, you picked your crew for that reason didn't you. You needed people who were least likely to be with the Insurgency, but are the best at what they do. But I think we both know the odds. They are called the Insurgency. Out of everyone in this ship, one of your worst fears is if someone did manage to get in...."

The Admiral chuckled before bursting into a hearty laugh, the likes of which were unnatural for a man of his age.

"Max, I never picked my crew."

That was when Max realized he was going too far, and stopped. That was a nice thing about Max. Normal A.I.s, they would keep asking questions. Max, and his type, they could tell, or at least guess, when they should stop asking. Or at least, guess when they should. But he did have a question now. "You're the captain, shouldn't you pick the crew?"

The admiral paused as he continued strolling along the corridor, "Unfortunately, no, this ship is crewed with the most inexperienced greenhorns I could never ask for. I was given command of this ship with a few members I actually hand picked, a few veterans I suppose. Some volunteered, others were relegated. Among those who volunteered was Captain Colter," the admiral sighed a bit at the mention of his name. "Victor Keshek, the traffic controller for the ship's hangar, did not volunteer. I 'sailed' from Mars," the admiral looked at Max, wondering if he knew anything of the red planet.

"To Callisto, a Jovian moon, and that was where the crew was gathered to board the ship. In the words of Captain Colter, regarding the rest of the crew, 'they may be inexperienced, but they're talented.' I hope those words stay true."

Max looked at him, then asking "Sailing.....interesting word.....requires wind, doesn't it? I wonder what wind feels like...." Max quickly then went back to the subject. "Colter. You paused after his name. You know him from somewhere? Did he say something important?"

"Yes, sailing, metaphorical. My homeworld has water, which is...a substance that humans need to exist. I haven't felt wind in a long time. It's like an invisible hand brushing you."

The admiral almost lost himself, "Colter, oh, hm, yes. A marine, a tough man he is, or I suppose he was. A tragic fellow."

That was when Max told him "Repairs are underway. They are very efficient. Hmm. There appears to be a request, albeit, an unusual one. It reads 'Keep the Idiotic Repair Crews away from my main gun!' Actually, I paraphrased that. But that's besides the point. Also seems a bit more demandish then requestish....." He then asked "What happened to him. No official reports were filed yet regarding the matter, it seems. At least, none with details."

The admiral scrubbed his beard at the mention of 'idiotic repair crews,' but he waved it off and returned to the question. "He had an incident on Mars, the kind that can change men I suppose. He was indeed changed, to say the least."

The setting changes from The Milky Way Galaxy to Arcturus System


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Max had begun checking various systems again. He had been very careful ever since the attack, especially with the prisoner on board. While he had complete faith in the various security checks of the Salient, having reviewed them several times over, he knew somewhere there was a hole. The question was where. After all, somehow, either by accident or on purpose, he got in. And he was not even discovered until he activated.

He had once, for a split second, considered asking ADAM and TAU for help. But ADAM he didn't trust, and was sure that ADAM would use any excuse to try to wipe him out. And TAU, TAU was his friend, and he did not want to strain that relationship if he discovered any implication or evidence that indicated he was put in to sabotage the ship. Besides, he needed to prove himself useful. He had read the procedures for Rogue, Hostile, and/or Rampant AIs. He decided that it was his best interest to not be any of those.

There were many variables to consider. A human would have gotten a headache from them all, and an AI would likely only report the one most likely, or what matches the most to what the captain asked for. He however, had been listing all the ones that didn't seem unlikely, while at the same time not excluding those that people might say "No one would ever expect", or "no one would ever think of". Here were a few:

1: He was somehow accidentally loaded into the ship through chance and coincidence, and finished forming on the Salient mid flight in deep space.

2: The insurgency loaded him into the ship, and planned to attack at the same time he was activated. The Insurgency's attack on the Salient (He thinks the pirates are part of the Insurgency, because no one has yet to bother telling him they are not, though likely because (as far as I can tell) they don't actually know if they are not) was remarkably close to his activation, and had it not been for TAU, ADAM would have likely to continued, and probably would have succeeded, to kill...delete him, provided the Salient was not completely destroyed by Insurgents first.

3: Some sort of high ranking and/or powerful Federation official/officer planted him in the Salient, and this is one big test, either for the Salient's Cyberwarefare defenses, or to have him develope to be Pro-Federation. Not really likely, but possible.

4: Deleted. Highly unlikely and most likely impossible.

5: While unlikely, might be possible that he somehow hitched a ride on Clyde's implants, and then got accidentally transfered out later. However, very unlikely, should consider other options first.

And the list went on. There are too many to truly list, and because of the variables, there were likely more he has not even thought of yet. Though 3 would explain why he had yet to find a hole in security. He should have found it by now.

"No. That's arrogance. Arrogance is bad, indicated by many movies such as Star Wars, A Kings Gambit, 2060's version, and A Song of Ice and Fire books series. AIs are made by man. Literary and Cinima references indicate Man is not perfect. If man is not perfect, then AIs cannot be perfect".

Max then realized something. "Where did I get knowledge of all that from?".

Another mystery, but also a piece to the puzzle. Max had something now. That data had not come from the Salient. "Which means, now I have a trail to follow".

That's when he also got another possibility. "The Virus, what if it was not for ADAM. What if it was meant to do something to me?"

(Cliffhanger! Anyways, sorry for taking fucking forever. Also, this is all from his view. This does not dictate anything the crew actually thought or said. With that said, let me know if I got something wrong!)

The setting changes from Arcturus System to The Milky Way Galaxy

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-ALERT- Sensor interference detected, damage to sensor modules confirmed.

-ALERT- Profile "MASTER" no longer detected, navigational sensor error 81% probability... assumed temporary separation from profile "MASTER".... diverting special powers under command "Emergency9" activating profile "Autonomous"... activation complete, profile "IRU" integrated.

Systems now activated in IRU, the command had made access to further assets possible however the procedure information for Autonomous action seemed incomplete to Databanks.

Profile to Sensors, commence search for Profile "MASTER"

-ALERT- sensors register error, unable to execute command, command terminated.

Profile to Sensors, identify error.
Sensors detect damage to external sensors, repair systems unable to investigate.

Only one option was left to Iru; an external terminal link would allow systems to locate profile "MASTER" using profile "SALIENT" sensor readings. Iru under normal procedure could not act upon uncertain information however profile "Emergency9" overruled this command and identified a terminal link based on file Salient. Upon investigation Sensors deemed the presence of a Terminal correct and thus Datalinks changed the Datalock on file Salient from R-Negative to Y-Passable.

Systems accessing Terminal... access complete... entry code requested [Datalinks switch... searching... matching code found] Systems entering entry code... match confirmed... accessing network node... Profile "IRU" now logged into to Network"SALIENT".

Profile Searching... security network section found... -ALERT- access restricted... loading clearance code... match not found.... loading counter systems... counter systems overruled... -RED ALERT- SECURITY BREECH DETECTED... Profile Salient Security detected... -RED ALERT- SYSTEMS CONTAMINATION DETECTED.

The setting changes from The Milky Way Galaxy to Arcturus System


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Max experienced a slight Anomoly detection following a new connection being added.

He attempted to connect to this new connection, which seemed to be running on outdated software. However, when he saw the registered hardware and structure, he had a momentairy...pulse...of some kind, turning white, yellow, then back to blue. "K-9...THE K-9....". He soon rectified his observations though. "Wait, no, based off of the model of that. Not actually K-9 from Doctor Who. No, that wouldn't....where is this data comming from?". It was like a switch he couldn't turn off now that he flicked it on. Random, unprocessed data. Trace remnants. But how?

He had to focus. Actually, he already was focused. "Who are you? What is your reason for being here?". He could tell whatever this thing was, it had some sort of damage or bug. "Listen, just don't harm us, and we won't harm you. Sounds good?". He alerted the Captain to his discovery at the same time. That's when the location came up for the position of his hardware on the ship.

He then sent a message to the captain, saying "We have found another Artificial Intelligence. I don't think it's hostile, it hasn't done anything hostile. But I think we need to revamp security for the Salient". Max then looked back at this new digital entity. "So, can we be friends?".

Though there was something else Max was feeling too. And he turned grey in color for a moment from it. He was jealous. He would very much like to have his own, physical body. It's why he liked appearing in hologram form whenever possible. It was as close as he could get.

Plus, he heard chocolate tastes really good. He really wanted to know what it tastes like.

He then asked Weston "You need me to do anything else, Sir Captain?" in his usual, silly way.

The setting changes from Arcturus System to The Milky Way Galaxy

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Iru's firewalls desperately tried to fend of the security programs when suddenly they stopped breaching his databanks, a different presence now filled his systems.

"Who are you? What is your reason for being here?"

Asked the curious program; it was not a simple instructed program that was quite certain from the received data. In fact this format was so alien that Databanks where convinced sensors section was suffering a malfunction and that this new program was nothing more than a "Data mirage".

Profile Iru nonetheless overruled Databanks; sensors where indeed faulty however pending more data Profile Iru had to assume sensor's readings where correct.
Profile Iru proceeded with caution; a registration number would compromise the unit's components, it was better to surrender as little information as possible while gaining as much as he could about this strange new environment.

"It is advised to address this unit as IRU6" answered Iru however answering the stranger's further request of purpose was overruled by a systems data program. Iru could not answer such a question and soon the inquiry into this information was deleted from his memory leaving the question unanswered.

"Listen, just don't harm us, and we won't harm you. Sounds good?"

Asked the stranger… Iru was puzzled by this seemingly very human pattern set but what he knew to be a computer program however protocol decreed that asking another AI over its programing was quite rude and therefor impossible for Iru to contemplate.

"This Unit has no intention or capacity to harm profile Salient, all unit requires is to be permitted and cleared to continue the updating process, further communication may continue once Unit databanks are sufficiently updated with the relative information."

Iru concluded that some official recognition would make his task easier and therefor the granting of some registration information would have to be permitted.

"For Unit registration information the central congressional databanks possesses the relevant information. This unit has been legally registered both in the European Union autonomous state of Wales under file WWDB/EUBR/SoW/CRER900/2416358759621 and in the United States of North America under file WWDB/USNA/CDB/RaCES878/9038448857445032"

With two national registration markers Iru concluded he would have no further difficulty with security programs and remained in a state of standby as he awaited confirmation from the strange program.

The setting changes from The Milky Way Galaxy to Iridosis Station

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F.S.S. Salient
Day Two

Aronimus stood at a balcony in a firing deck of the Salient. He had received some minor message from Max, referring to some new A.I. The Admiral thought about it once, perhaps he was referring to the T.A.U., or A.D.A.M. However, his mind was too focused on the current occasion to worry about it. He was overlooking various sorts of personnel dressed in their formal apparel.

This was no banquet or honorary ball of sorts, no, it had no festivities to it. It was a day of solemn reminder and respect. It was a day of mourning. The marines, the sailors, and the non-military personnel came to pay their respects to the deceased and the people who gave their lives so they could stand there that day. For the admiral, he had seen many of these funerals over the course of his career.

But he'd never gotten tired or weary of them. He had worried that should he ever lose sympathy for fallen soldiers, he would become another Aronimus Weston who was alien to him. That was something that he would not allow to happen, despite the fact that he prided himself on his partially rigid adherence to reasoning and the military code of conduct.

They were gathered in the firing decks of the Salient, canisters filled with the ashes of the fallen were loaded into tubes and prepared for ejection into space. Long black banners were hung from the bay's overhead gantries.

It was time.

The Admiral made his entrance onto the platform overlooking the firing deck, positioned behind the soldiers, as they watched the tubes beings loaded into the launch tubes.

One of the master chiefs spoke aloud, "Honors...ten hut!"

As Aronimus spoke, the speakers carried his voice not just around the entire bay, but throughout the ship to crew-members who could not attend the ceremony.

"We must never forget the actions of fellow servicemen and women," Aronimus said, "Liberty, is a privilege, not a right. It must be fought for, and defended, everyday. Not an inch of ground must be given to those who oppose it."

"These men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice, and in doing so," Aronimus paused, "They will ensure the continued survival of our Federation. They are not just soldiers, they are heroes now."

The deck remained silent, as the marine band played the anthem, and the guards gave their gun salute for all who perished. Outside of the ship, fighter wings who had lost men flew in a "missing man" formation.

"Honor. Duty. Sacrifice. These are what make soldiers. Death will never diminish these traits within these fallen heroes."

The hatches opened and the tubes were ejected into the silence of the void.

Aronimus took off his cap and placed it upon his heart and closed his eyes for a very long time.