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Yuuda Katsuhiro

"What a waste..." (MWIP)

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a character in “Spring Time Rain”, as played by ElegyNote


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Ignorance // Nathan Sharp
I'm Just Your Problem // 【Ashe】

Dialogue Color ~ #2B993B
Thought Color ~ #73D381

Houtarou Oreki // Hyouka


"Throw me a reason to give a damn and maybe I'll think about it."

β”‚ Name β”‚
Yuuda Katsuhiro

β”‚ Nickname(s) β”‚
Hiro - He accepts this from upperclassmen, but he's very
against anyone younger than him not calling him by his full surname.
Yuu - His aunt always calls him this. In short, he hates it.

β”‚ Age β”‚
Seventeen // 17

β”‚ Birthday β”‚
January 18th // β™’

β”‚ Gender β”‚

β”‚ Sexuality β”‚

β”‚ Ethnicity β”‚
Japanese / American

β”‚ Grade β”‚
2nd Year

β”‚ Romantic Interest β”‚


β”‚ Eye Color β”‚
Emerald Green

β”‚ Hair Color β”‚
Dark Brown

β”‚ Height β”‚

β”‚ Weight β”‚

β”‚ Description β”‚



β”‚ Personality β”‚
Quick-Tempered // Detached // Belligerent // Anti-Social
Yuuda is the type of person that, after a short while, the majority of people learn to avoid. He's quick to jab insults at others and doesn't hesitate for a second to express his dislike of having people hang around him. It's no surprise that he tends to make people angry, especially since his brutally honest way of speaking has caused others to run off in tears. He's quick to deny any friendly requests or conversation with a scornful and often condescending tone, and if that doesn't seem to work then he'll simply give the cold-shoulder. This arrogant and cruel attitude of his has gotten him into trouble quite a few times, some times even resulting in physical confrontation, giving others the chance to label him as a delinquent.

A delinquent status he may have, but Yuuda's grades are far from that of your typical rebellious teen. He does exceptionally well in school, despite the fact that he still has a little trouble reading and writing hiragana and kanji. He's actually very quiet within the classroom, and for the most part avoids interacting with his fellow students, or anyone for that matter, but has no issues with snapping at someone who's bothering him, even if they only mean well. It's only when someone bites at him that he'll bite back, and he sure has no issues with holding his own he needs to.

One might believe that if they peel back the shell of Yuuda's heart that they'll find a warm light, and maybe they're right. Callousness can't really be all that he is, and maybe it's not. Unfortunately his past has lead him to become strongly detached from others. He's socially inept, having little room for small talk and even less room for bonding and that one thing called friendship that he'd honestly have no idea what to do with. Those icy cold needles that slip off his tongue every time he opens his mouth to someone just seem to be lacking an off button, and they shield him from connecting with others. There's no telling when or if that ice will ever melt.

β”‚ Likes β”‚
Fireflies - Something he recently took a liking to after moving to Japan. He enjoys sitting in the park on late summer nights, preferably after everyone else has gone to bed and the park is empty, just to watch the fireflies.
Instrumental Music - He simply prefers listening to music without someone singing along with it. Be it a classical piano medley or hard rock, he just likes listening to the instrumental version more than the original.
His Bed - Nothing can compare to the relief one feels when they can come home from a long, exhausting day and fall into their bed. In fact, Yuuda spends most of his time in bed when he gets home, even doing his homework and other activities with a blanket over his shoulders.
Rabbits - Well, they're cute, and very soft, and they have those floppy ears that are just so darn touchable. The rabbit is Yuuda's favorite animal.

β”‚ Dislikes β”‚
Japanese Reading & Writing - He came to Japan a short time ago and still has some difficulties with the writing style, so it's frustrating for him to try reading and writing in the language. He often relies on his aunt to translate the writing for him.
Nosy People - How could someone not be annoyed when bothersome people are constantly trying to get into your business? And yes, asking how his day was or how he's feeling is very much nosy in Yuuda's book.
Sweets - Yuuda rarely ate sweets as a child. His stomach gets upset easily when he eats even a small piece of chocolate, and he can't stand the obnoxious crunching sound of someone eating hard candy.
School - Too many people always crowding around each other. The loud blurring of chattering voices and laughter is enough to give Yuuda a headache. On top of that he even has to deal with people trying to talk to him.



β”‚ Family β”‚
Annabeth Marie Katsuhiro // Mother // Aged 38 // Alive
Katsuhiro Takashi // Father // Aged 43 // Alive
Rachel Lynn Merchin // "Aunt" // Aged 40 // Alive

β”‚ History β”‚
Yuuda's parents were arrested for having dealing with the black market around two years ago. He then moved from America to Japan to live with his "Aunt" Rachel, who is a cousin of his mother.


So begins...

Yuuda Katsuhiro's Story


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Bzz!....Bzz!..- The sound of a noisy alarm clock was suddenly silenced by the pale, light hand emerging from the ball of blankets. A faint groan emitted from the girls lips as she tiredly sat up, enjoying her warm slumber. The chill of the morning Spring air, mixed with the dewy growing flowers outside her window gave her enough energy to start her day.

Satomi hurried to the bathroom where she performed her morning activities, showering, brushing teeth, and the like. She brushed and fixed her hair, allowing it to fall to her upper back as gentle curls framed her face, showing her womanly charm perfectly. She also enhanced her mature appearance with makeup, nothing too strong. Her light pink lips looked cute against her bright blue eyes and white skin. Trying not to spend much time or trivial things, she put on her school uniform, zipping her blue checkered skirt up as she put on her black thigh high stockings. she tucker her white dress shirt in and grabbed her bag, heading into the living room.

She woke her siblings up and got them ready whilst cooking breakfast and taking care of her mother. Her siblings fought over pointless things at the table as she scrambled eggs. "Oh, darn.." She commented as she messed with her blouse button, making sure it stayed together. Her chest was a little larger than she'd like to admit. Even though many of the guys in her class enjoyed it, it was just a pain to her.

After feeding everyone and packing their lunches, Satomi headed out. She dropped the twins off at school as she walked to hers, it wasn't too far away from her house so the walk was nice. She took a mental note as she passed by the grocery store, seeing their daily specials on meat and deciding to buy some after school.

"Let's see,...stir fry,,or maybe curry with chicken.." Satomi mumbled to herself as she figured out what to cook for dinner. She also made a check list in her head of the things she needed to do when she got home, leaving no time for friends or love.
Finally she arrived at school. She calmly made her way to her classroom, sitting in her assigned seat, middle row, back desk. She settled in, preparing her books and pencils as she then sighed to herself, feeling a little worn out but ready for school.


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Dialogue Color ~ #2B993B

"Convenience stores are a blessing to society", Yuuda thought to himself as he placed the correct amount of yen on the counter. Once again he was purchasing his lunch for school at the convenience store that was located a short distance from his house. Rachel was gone on another business trip, and this time it would likely last a few weeks. As a reporter and investigator for a newspaper company in Tokyo, she had to leave the little rural town frequently for work. Not that Yuuda had a problem with it, only that he had zero talents as a chef and mostly had to buy his food whenever his aunt would leave. He had tried to learn, honestly, but could still only manage to make simple snacks that certainly weren't enough for a school lunch.

"Thank you, have a good day!"

Yuuda gave the clerk a quick nod as he grabbed his bento, now tied shut in a plastic bag, and left the store, only to be stopped under the shelter of the convenience store's awning. "'s raining..."

As clear as the sky had seemed when he'd gotten up earlier that morning, it looked like it took no time at all for the clouds to roll in again. It had been roughly two years since Yuuda moved here and he could barely remember a day or two when there wasn't at least a light shower sprinkling itself over the town. "Why am I surprised..." he said with a sigh as he pulled an umbrella from his schoolbag and unfolded it over his head before stepping into the rain. He continued his way to school, avoiding puddles along the sidewalk while holding his schoolbag and newly purchased lunch close to him so to keep them dry. Hopefully summer would bring warmer weather, fireflies, and all-around less wetness.


Yuuda placed his wet shoes and umbrella, rolled up now that he stood inside the entrance to his school, into his locker. Following that was his coat, still dry thanks to his umbrella, before he closed the locker and made his way to his classroom. News of a transfer student had spread rather quickly, and many students were excited for a newcomer. Yuuda had been a transfer student himself just two years ago. He could only speak basic Japanese at the time, which made it even more frustrating when he tried to get curious people to take a hint and leave him alone. Hopefully the transfer student wouldn't be some nosy, boisterous, arrogant troublemaker.

He stepped into the classroom, one hand holding the plastic convenience store bag that contained his lunch, and the other in his pants pocket with the strap of his schoolbag over his shoulder. He immediately noticed the stranger in the classroom sitting in a front seat near the teachers podium. Her being a stranger was all he noticed, though, and he quickly turned his gaze away from her and took his seat in the second row closest to the front door. He hung the convenience store bag on the side of his desk near the wall with his school bag and then pulled out the homework from the week before to "check it over", though he knew his answers were perfectly acceptable. Usually people were less likely to try to talk to someone if they looked busy.


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Kiyoko Nakamura

That's why, darling, it's incredible that someone so unforgettable thinks that I am unforgettable too.
Ρ‚Π½Ρ”ΠΌΡ”: Unforgettable by Sia

diΞ±lΟƒgΟ…Ρ” cΟƒlσя: #E59866

тнσυgΠ½Ρ‚ cΟƒlσя: #F3C6A8

Kiyoko sat awkwardly at her seat and fiddled with a Sailor Moon pen she had at the bottom of her bag. Each time someone walked in, her heart jumped slightly and she looked up at whoever it was that was entering each time she heard the door slide open. Each time was more awkward than the last with them giving her strange looks and her awkwardly grinning before looking back down at her pen. Before she knew it, the teacher walked in and slammed his books down, scaring Kiyoko and causing her to jump in her seat.

Good morning class, You can call me Mr. Jun. We have a new student...

Kiyoko gripped onto her pen tightly and swallowed nervously. This is it, Kiyoko. Don't worry, deep breaths. You can do this! She inhaled and exhaled a few times, preparing herself mentally.

Oh, yes you there... Introduce yourself.

Kiyoko nodded quickly and stood, just then hearing a rude comment from a student somewhere behind her. Her eyes scanned and met the ones that had insulted her. This only made her more nervous and fearful of being bullied, but also fueled an anger inside her. What an unbelievable asshole! Here I am, ready to jump out the window and he goes and says something like that. She thinks to herself and looks away from him, standing in front of the class. She quickly scanned the classroom, her eyes landing on a friendly looking brown haired giant, a beautiful busty girl, a rather monotone looking green eyed boy, the black haired asshole and of course, the other students in the class. She smiled awkwardly and bowed, her face already beat red.

H-Hello, there! My name is-
Kiyoko cleared her voice in irritation when her voice cracked awkwardly, earning a few hushed laughs.
-Heh, uh, my name is Kiyoko Nakamura. I recently moved here from Tokyo... So, hi.
She pushed up her red glasses, finished the last part quietly, bowed once more and rushed to her seat, resisting the urge to repeatedly smash her face into the desk. She smiled incredibly awkwardly at the teacher and the feeling of wanting to jump out the window came back again.


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diΞ±lΟƒgΟ…Ρ” cΟƒlσя: #4E4F86

тнσυgΠ½Ρ‚ cΟƒlσя: #7450B5


Haaah, ha ha! Hooow cute!
Jeong couldn't help but laugh heartily at the shy girl after her rushed introduction and rush back to her seat. After calming himself down, he put his elbows on his desk, and propped his head up on his hands. Letting out one last amused sigh, he looked over at the embarrassed, and now annoyed, girl and gave her a wink.

After Jeong's little outburst had finished, and the other students looked quite annoyed at him, the teacher sighed and fixed his glasses.

Kim-kun... I was hoping you'd behave at least for the introduction of a new student..

Now, why would you ever hope that, silly sensei?

The teacher just sighed and thanked Kiyoko for her introduction, asking everyone to welcome her, and turned to the board to start the lesson.