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Hugh Marlow [17] "Pirates are not heroes or things to be romanticized. They are thugs, monsters- The scum of the sea."
Katarina West [17] "I've been waiting a long time for this..."
Evelyn Blackwell [15] I will use your blood to paint the waters
Alphonse Carmine [13] "The sea... you should treat her like a lady. If you don't respect her every wish she will drown you with the swiftest vengeance. You can think of me as a diamond ring to soothe the savage beast.
Clayton Shester [10] "There's something not quite right about you... I'd advise you to tread lightly miss..."
Eliza Kuhn [8] "I'm a doctor, I fix... people... break a lot of animals in the process, but whatever."
Etten Davenport [8] "Hey, I am not going to shut up just because you-- alright I'll be quiet, just put down your sword."
Matthew Winters [8] "My loyalty to my captain far outweights my loyalty to my country. She has done far more for me than the king has."
Lavinia "Henry" Matheson [7] "Cap'n what ya want me to do now?"
Kadeem Nikhil [4] WIP

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This accursed woman, playing dirty tricks just like a pirate would. He stared down the silver blade in her hand. His gun was several feet away lying in the grass, out of reach. He had three more on hand, but he wouldn't take the chance of the male pirate decapitating Katarina. He'd have to play by her rules for now, but he was without a saber.

" Age before beauty."

He held up a hand to slow her down. "Please, Let me hold a blade first." He whistled over a nearby soldier. "Relinquish your sabre soldier" The soldier nodded silently and handed the curved blade over. Clay turned back to the pirate, touching the tip of his blade to hers. They locked eyes for a moment before Clay lunged forward with murderous intent. This was not a battle he could lose.

She stopped him at every thrust, every slice, every single attack he sent would be deflected with ease. He was not one for sword-play. He hated it in fact, but he was trained in it nonetheless. She was much more skilled than he. He had to find a way to get her to drop her guard, she had to have some kind of weakness.