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The Multiverse


This sector includes a strange alternative dimension with rumored to be connected with the Ceres homeworld.
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This sector includes a strange alternative dimension with rumored to be connected with the Ceres homeworld.


AH-302 is a part of Orion Spur.

1 Places in AH-302:

20 Characters Here

Lucas Granheim [10] "I'm looking for the Oslo. Pray that you are not the reason I am doing that."
Nicholas Hudson [1] A young guy that has goals.
Marcus Tremor(AKA Quake) [1] Commands Rock and Earth, Quake is a physical force to be reckoned with.
Hixiel Drogskal [0] He is a demon reborn as a human as punishment for his crimes.
Bane Star [0]
Akito Sohma [0] the mysterious leader of the Sohma family. bears the full weight of the Sohma family curse.
Nessile Takara Ryuu [0] Nessile (aka. Nessa) is a 16 year old half angel half demon, she has long white hair and purple eyes, which stand out against her pale skin, she looks more angelic then demonic, although she does have a dark side.
Armas Elias Dredar [0] Banished from his home within the Elven lands of Kelethin. He travels to lands far and wide with his two faithful companions.
Yumiko Grundlægger [0] Scientist in the Taiyou Empire
Skylar lemkon [0] "i am SO dead...."

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Character Portrait: Lucas Granheim
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#, as written by Shpleem
Berkov nodded. "Thanks for the save." he said, looking up just slightly at the alien before him. "Any intel on what those things were?" he asked. His men were filing out of the ship, pulling the Ymir out as well before helping pilot out. Even without the power armor of the others he was still visibly large for a human.


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Character Portrait: The Derith
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Lore handed Berkov a report. "We have taken to calling them Mechni. Read that over, visit the med bay, get some rest. Do as you please, you have some time to kill until you get home." With that Lore left the humans to their own devices. If the humans looked for the reapers, they would find that the soldiers were already gone.

Tadashi materializes from the void.
Tadashi vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.
The Kefalonia arrives from above.
The Kefalonia descends lower.