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When the Blue Moon Rises

Honolulu, Hawaii


a part of When the Blue Moon Rises, by desire99600.


desire99600 holds sovereignty over Honolulu, Hawaii, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Honolulu, Hawaii is a part of When the Blue Moon Rises.

6 Characters Here

Dax Wayland [1] "Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?"
Violet Wayland [1] "No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep."
Sabrina Elizabeth Morgenstern [1] "You're only bad if you're that makes me a good girl, right?"
Johnathon Morgenstern II [1] You've heard that I was trouble, but you couldn't resist
Blaine Wayland [0] "Cool story, Bro, tell it again.." ;P
Damien Whilde Morgenstern [0] "I decided as long as I was going to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly."

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Violet sat at the window of her room, watching the sun. She'd been sitting like this for hours. Not even Dax had been able to drag her from her perch on her windowsill. She'd wanted to waste the day in anticipation. A small smile spread across her face as the sky began to glow a soft pink and the sun's yellow face dipped ever so slightly behind the ocean. Finally. Tossing her long black hair over her shoulder, she scooted back on her window sill and slung her legs back into the room, hopping down to her bed below.

When she rose, she looked around her room. Three of the walls were painted black with neon splashes of paint thrown across them, and little writings from her friends in silver sharpies covering it. The last wall was a giant collage of pictures. Literally every inch was cover with photos of her and her friends doing all sorts of illegal things. Her bed was unmade, and her there were clothes thrown all over the floor. Violet glanced at the collage wall. Most of the pictures had Dax in them. In fact, at least eighty-percent of them did. Sometimes, she wondered if he only hung around h er so much to hook up with her slutty friends, but she didn't care. She was never friends with one person for very long anyway. Above her, the sinking sun cast it's orange rays through her high window and Violet grinned, jumping off her bed, the springs creaking, and dashing out into the hall. "Time to get ready bitches!" She screamed, not caring who heard. Her parents rooms were on the other side of their huge house, but her siblings were close by.

Running back into her room, she grabbed a can of glitter paint and threw it up on one of her walls carelessly before turning on her stereo as loud as she could. She loved music while she got ready, it lifted her mood, if it were possible to lift it any more. Tonight was The Night of the Blue Moon. A huge deal in Honolulu. On this night, the moon rose full and blue in the sky, and the rivaling vampires and werewolves were at peace. Her father, alpha of the werewolves, and the coven master of the vampires got together twice a year and planned a big masquerade bash. It was like the whole city participated in one big party. Masks hid identities, the blue moon hid scents, and everyone simply let loose. It was fantastic.

Cranking her music up even higher, Violet ran over to her mirror and threw herself down in the chair before it, inspecting herself.

"You're a-
and I'm fallin' for you
And I'm like- hell yes,
lemme make you my boo."

Her music screamed and she went to work, heating up her straightener and selecting her makeup. When she was done making her hair perfectly straight, swinging down to her hips in long black locks, she stood and shook it out to give it volume. Sitting back down, she applied little makeup. The only thing she really had on was glitter, completely surrounding her aqua eyes. Why? Because it would look kick-ass with her mask. Standing, she crossed her messy room to her dresser. Laid out across it were twelve masks from past Blue Moon balls. At the end was one more. The one she would wear this year. Real diamonds set on black velvet, showing her wealth. It would sparkle under the torch lights that lined the city streets and bring out the glitter around her eyes. Smiling she tied it on and opened a drawer, changing quickly into the shortest pair of jean shorts she owned, and a crop shirt, showing off her belly. Satisfied, she reached for one more thing- a silver mask bracelet that she'd worn every year.

Violet grinned, happy with her reflection. Hot. Perfect. Slipping her phone into her back pocket, she left her room, music still on, and sprinted down the hall, black hair flowing behind her. She skidded to a stop in front of Dax's room, and, not bothering to knock, walked right in and crossed to the window. The moon was beginning to come up, gloriously blue."It's time Dax!" She practically squealed and whirled around to face her brother with a grin on her face. "So." She propped herself up on his window sill, pulling out her phone, already filling up with messages from her friends. "Katy's pretty into you." She laughed, kicking her legs. Her brother and her got into trouble all the time. "Get her drunk enough and her panties will slip right off. Just a heads up." Violet knew he could tell she was so excited she could hardly contain it, but she didn't care. Parties, drinking, smoking, dancing, what was there to complain about? To hide it a little though, she pretended to be interested in her messages, and focused on her music bouncing around the house. Hurry up and get ready Dax. We have trouble to get into.


Johnathon was sitting on the kitchen counter, eating some chips and listening to Mark talk on and on about which girls were the easiest. "Mark." He laughed, hopping off the counter. "shut up dude! You've been going on about sluts and hoes for like three hours." He laughed and checked the window. The sun was going down. Time to get going. With a smile, he clapped his hand on his friends shoulder and laughed. "We both know it doesn't matter if they're easy or not." He paused. "They always fall for me." Mark shrugged in agreement and laughed. "Now come on bro. We've gotta get ready to go."

And with that, the two of them headed down the hall towards his room. Once inside, he tossed on a new t-shirt and glanced out the window again. The moon was beginning to rise, blue and bright. "Let's go." He started to leave his room.

"Wait dude!" Mark called and stopped him with a hand to his chest. "What about a mask? You don't have one."

John looked at his friend, who was already wearing a phantom-of-the-opera mask, and smiled. "Shut up Mark, I never wear masks, the Blue Moon masks my scent already. What else do I need?" He shrugged and so did his friend, following him out of the room. Again, they started down the hall until they came to Sabrina's room. He knocked once to announce himself before entering with Mark. "Hey Sabrie, ready for the party?"

Mark pushed past him into the room and looked Sabrina up and down with a wicked grin. "Dammnnn baby, stay close to me okay?" He said, wiggling his eyebrows.

John rolled his eyes and smacked Mark across the back of the head. "Keep your eyes off my sister if you want to keep them." He growled before smiling. "She gets into enough trouble on her own. She doesn't need you to help." He teased, before shoving Mark out of the room. "Meet us in the front room when you're ready." John knew it was silly sometimes, but he liked to keep close tabs on his sister. She was a good-looking girl and he worried about her alot. Though he knew if she didn't want to do something, no one could make her, she was extremely wild, and always getting into trouble. Then again so was he. He grinned at the thought of all the girls he'd "dated" over the past year. Tonight was going to be great.

Mark started blabbering about boobs and hot girls again, and John just laughed, leading them to the front door. A red camaro pulled up in front of his car, shaking with music and two guys stepped out of the car, slamming the door hard behind them. John propped open the door and waved. "John! Man!" They called, heading across the lawn, each with two six-packs of beer. At least four of them were missing, he noticed and laughed.

"Hey Sam, Matt." He nodded, letting them in, and the boys all exchanged claps and handshakes with Mark and him. "Sooooo.." Matt grinned. "Where's Sabrina?" John shook his head and raised his hand. "Let me just get this straight right now. Go after any of my cousins, I don't give a fuck, but stay. Away. From. Sabrina." He glared at the three of them. "Got that?" They all nodded, and John smiled, content, leaning on the wall with one foot kicked up on the wall. He took a beer from Sam and waited for his siblings to be ready.

OOC: Haha, sorry John's is so... lame. My friends were rushing me xD