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Major Events In Invictus History

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Major Events In Invictus History

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Saarai on Mon May 21, 2012 5:11 pm

1939 - 1945. (World War 2)

- Germany invades Poland. Officially starting the second World War.
- Nazi military makes use of "shape-shifting wolf men" in battles.
- Jeremiah "Swift" Mischa joins Nazi military.
- Anger towards non-Humans in America and Western Europe rises.
- Allies begin openly their own non-Human soldiers in combat.
- Pro-Human groups begin protests.
- Pearl Harbor is attacked by Japanese.
- Anti-Japanese and Anti-Human sentiment grows as war continues.
- D-Day begins and soon ends.
- Jeremiah Mischa joins SS and meets Helene Reinholde.
- Jeremiah Mischa becomes double agent, working with Russian soldier Mikhail "Punky" Dragunov of the Spetsnaz GRU.
- German scientists defect to US and United Kingdom bringing their research along as well.
- Axis begins to lose control of Europe.
- Italy surrenders.
- Hitler killed during invasion of Berlin. Germany soon surrenders.
- Both the US and UK develop working A-Bombs.
- Japan refuses to end war.
- UK drops A-Bombs on Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Kyoto forcing a Japanese surrender.

1945 - 1969

- US, UK, and Russia begin space race.
- Multiverse travel research begins.
- Ireland earns independence from England.
- Chinese build working spacecraft by 1964 using kidnapped German scientists.
- Kroger Haggai born in 1966 in Saudi Arabia.
- Chinese space program sends man to space in 1967.
- US sends man to moon in 1969.

1970 - 1985

- Civil war breaks out in Middle East.
- War between Ireland and UK breaks out.
- Russia invades Afghanistan.
- US trains and arms insurgent fighters in Afghanistan.
- Kroger Haggai orphaned by Russian soldiers.
- Kroger Haggai joins freedom fighters.
- Suicide bombers begin being used against foreigners in Middle East.
- Kroger Haggai maimed for refusal to bomb fellow Muslims.
- Invictus recruit Kroger Haggai.
- Non-Human citizens begin skirmishes in UK, America, Middle East and China against Humans.
- Fatin "Stryfe" Alfarsi born in 1984 in Saudi Arabia.
- Mary "Phinx" Munroe born in 1985 in Los Angeles, California.

1986 - 1990

- Patrick Horne becomes leader of the Horne Clan of Ireland.
- Invictus grow in power, expand to United Kingdom.
- Ireland and UK end war with heavy losses on both sides.
- Ireland crippled after war.
- Irish government increases budget for space program.
- Kazen Horne born in 1988 in eastern Ireland.
- Invictus expand to east Asia and Russia.
- Jeremiah "Swift" Mischa, Helene Reinholde and Mikhail "Punky" Dragunov officially join Invictus in 1989.
- Izumi twins born in 1990. Later orphaned and adopted by Kroger Haggai.

1991 - 1995

- Margaret Maddox joins Invictus in 1991, bringing along Sonia Hughes.
- Irish government sends men to Mars in 1992.
- Colonization of Mars by Irish begins in 1995,

1996 - 2001

- Mary "Phinx" Munroe joins Los Angeles Crips in 1996 after murder of father.
- Invictus expands to Africa, Mars, and Australia.
- Terrorists eliminate Royal Family in London and many politicians in 1998.
- Last remaining members of Royal Family take control of British military.
- British Empire officially found in 2000.
- British Empire invades Japan, forms alliance with Saudi Arabia.
- British Empire attacks US in 2000 sparking third World War.
- Al-Qaeda attacks US in 2001.

2002 - 2006

- Irish special forces teams led by Patrick Horne heads to Middle East to combat terrorists.
- Invictus' Custodis Veritas tracks Al-Qaeda leaders.
- Fatin "Stryfe" Alfarsi adopted by Kroger Haggai.
- Joint Invictus/Irish & American task force eliminates Bin Laden in 2004.
- United Nations eliminates as many remain Al-Qaeda leaders as possible.
- Izumi children out on streets in late 2004.
- Patrick Horne and sons, Kazen and Sean, head to Japan to track fleeing terrorists.
- Patrick and Irish soldiers murdered, including Sean. Kazen left wounded outside of Tokyo.
- Kazen nursed to health extremely quick despite injuries, forms small street gang with John Izumi and other teens in 2005.
- Fatin "Stryfe" Alfarsi joins Invictus officially in mid-2005.
- America attacked by Chinese in 2006.

2007 - 2010

- Horne/Izumi street gang begins mercenary work for local Yakuza and Triads.
- Kazen Horne offered job from Invictus' new leader Kroger Haggai.
- Kazen Horne joins Invictus in 2007.
- John Izumi departs with twin sister Yuriko to China.
- British Empire and Chinese allies occupy American west coast and some parts of Texas in 2007.
- Anti-British rebel groups form from gangs and citizens alike.
- Mary "Phinx" Munroe leads attack on British military base. Becomes one of six survivors of attack.
- Kazen Horne travels to America, offers Mary Munroe work with Invictus. She accepts in late 2008.
- Russia enters war officially after supplying American rebels with weapons for several years.
- Invictus relocate to Wing City in 2009.
- John Izumi arrives in Wing City in summer of 2009.
- John Izumi joins Invictus in late 2009.
- Invictus conflicts with PLA and Aschen begin.
- Invictus ally with Lucien against PLA and Aschen.
- British Empire ousted from America by late 2010.

2011 - present day

- British Empire and Chinese invade Saudi Arabia in 2011.
- Third World War Ends when British citizens threaten to revolt due to war.
- America begins rebuilding as the New American Federation which includes Canada and Mexico.
- Kroger Haggai leaves Invictus, turning leadership over to John Izumi.
- Invictus conflict with Taiyou begins and ends soon after.
- Ilse Klein joins Invictus.
- Aschen invade Terra.
- John Izumi departs from Wing City and Invictus.
- Kazen Horne becomes Invictus leader.
- Kazen Horne turns over Invictus leadership to Fatin Alfarsi in early 2011.
- Kazen Horne leaves Wing City and Invictus.
- Sang Kyung joins Invictus.
- Invictus becomes multimedia company to the public as a form of rebranding. All while still working as mercenaries in secret.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

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