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For a thousand years superstition and the sword ruled. It was an age of darkness it was the time for gargoyles!!!!

Hellboy OC Universe

The bureau of paranormal protects humans of things that go bump in the night

New Keyblade Holders

New Keyblade holders are chosen to once again to save the world that are in danger of the heartless and old villians

Mythical PD

Finding out about whats out there is better left unsaid

Life during order 66

Life of others that escaped the temple before order 66 was issued

Transformers 2050

A new transwarp has appeared, who will get to it first? The year is 1994

Starwars multiverse

What makes a Jedi a Jedi and a Sith a Sith? Could both have the same goals in life? One looking for peace through war and one looking for peace through taking revenge on those who have not wanted that peace? Come and find out, whether you be a Jedi Knight, Sith lord, or even a padawan. Can those who fight in the jedi Order stop those who have gone down the path of the sith? Lets find out and see

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The Vastness of space was haunting, thats all she saw. Ahala had just woken up and would be pouring her some coffee to help her wake up that her droid R88 had made for her. She would walk to the cockpit of her ship, she had gotten a message from the jedi council. Since she had gone back to her homeworld. She had felt many jedi when everything happened, But she trained for a long time. She had both her light Sabers on her side, one white and one blue. She wasnt a tradtional jedi knight but she was one, by her standards.

Her droid R88 beeped and looked at her, Ahala chuckled "Im alright R88 just thinking, Ive been gone for a long time and they now reach out. Much has happened. But many new things have appeared." she said and would look at her star map. "unless I repair the warp drive it would take a long while to get back to Coruscant." she said and would pull up the blue prints for her ship. R88 would look at them to and hook himself up the ship and began to check the systems and then beeped happily "You fixed it? Nice going R88, Now maybe we can get there and find out what the council needs to talk to me about, I havent been there in so long, I wonder what had changed there" She said to herself and would put in the coordiantes for Coruscant, soon the warp drive came to life, as quickly as her ship was there it was gone.

It would be a while in warp to get to Coruscant, So she went to her training room and would sit down and meditated. She did this every so often, to be in touch with the force, it guided her in most things. Though most of the time it would be a riddle she would have to figure out, which reminded her of Ahoska, her friend from the temple back when she was a child. But this time she was just looking into the force to see what may have changed, she felt something shift but never found out what it could have been. Hopefully with her going to the jedi council, she could get answers. She hoped

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After getting back from being outside she would dress in a light gray halter top with black jeans with blue high converse with her blue hair in a pony tail and after reading a book in the library, the alarm sounded throughout the building and she would sigh softly. "What now?" She asked herself and would then walk to the room and would lean against the wall. "So we have gotten reports of sounds and noises at an old hotel that has been abandoned for some time." Manning said and she rolled her eyes. "So going there for ghosts manning?" She asked.

"Angel we will need you to drop the tempature there so that we could possibly see them." Manning said. "And how much and I dropping it? Because normal people can survive below zero for only a couple of seconds." She said looking at manning.

"We should be fine angel since we are going to be wearing warm clothes" an agent said to her and angel nodded and walked out before manning could say anything more about what's happening. She walked out to her bike and would then head to the hotel that was spoken about.

Once angel got there she would see how old the hotel was and saw that vines were growing in the side of the building. "With a building this big I can't get the whole building cold." She said and would see the other agent arrive and they walked in. "Wonder what we will find here" an agent said. "Be careful what you wish for" angel said to him.

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Rae Lived in downtown New York. She was hustling from a job she just did for fixing someones car and just got paid. She had a knack for it. She grew up around them with her parents, they were never home but sent her money every month to pay bills and get things for her. She passed by Noah a boy she knew from school and stopped to say hi "Hey wolf" Kris his younger brother said "Well hey there tails" she said bending down to him. "where you two going?" she asked standing back up. "Job interview" Noah said and Rae nodded "I can watch kris if you need me to noah" she said looking at him and ruffled Kris's hair. "Sure you can come with us" Kris said. So she went with them, litte did she know her life was going to change in a giant way