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Character Portrait: Lolita De Winter The first to lose her heart to Darkos, Lolita is the leader of his Dark Circle and the most loyal child, being cold and cruel even to her fellow orphans.
Character Portrait: Lacrymosa DeWhitefang Commonly known as Lacey, she is the daughter of a highly born vampire lord but chooses to befriend humans and werewolves.
Character Portrait: Persephone Willows Forced to experience different types of death every time she sleeps, Sephy more than anyone wishes to rid herself and her family of this curse.
Character Portrait: Medea Blackheart A goblin who longs for a different way of life, she intends to use the work as a champion to escape her home.
Character Portrait: Reala Shadowstone "Darkness is my addiction... but evil is not my master..."
Character Portrait: Kaede Chiro A beserker who serves Haruko, she slowly regains her humanity when she meets the twins.
Character Portrait: Arella Wintersmith The daughter of great lord with parts of Shadow in her, she unknowingly awaits the day when the shadows take her.
Character Portrait: Aino Clearwater Hidden away from the world, Aino seeks to help the Prince she has admired from afar for so long.
Character Portrait: Myra The spirit of Maria trapped in a hedgehog's body, she does not remember who she was; all she can remember are vague memories of space colony ark and Shadow.
Character Portrait: Ofelia Rosepetal The new goddess of purity, Ofelia finds being an innocent girl for eternity is starting to get difficult.
Character Portrait: Natalia Snowdrift The middle child of a middle-class family, Natalia is not a conventional young lady.
Character Portrait: Alessa Skorn Skorn's daughter, she acts as an inside agent for the rebellion.
Character Portrait: Professor Tanya Lakeworth One of the scientists of STORM Laboratory who first created the viral weapons.
Character Portrait: Cathy Rosenburg The typical goth girl, Cathy has the ability to see people and creatures with magic.
Character Portrait: Lara Telmarine One of the crew's female mechanics, she has no trouble fitting in with the guys.
Character Portrait: Eliza Driftwood "I'm the kind of girl who can recite every disney film word for word and still do all the different voices."
Character Portrait: Spider A Nobody formerly known as Princess Rayne, the youngest daughter of the King of Darkadia.
Character Portrait: Karen "These red shoes... they can't stop dancing..."
Character Portrait: Althea/Aelthar A Bounty Hunter With A Secret
Character Portrait: Erika Corbeau "I am yours for eternity, even death will not part us..."
Character Portrait: Rika Noshinawa The very first Death Note user, Rika is hightly respected and feared in the dark realm.
Character Portrait: Aranea Silverthread "I shall serve, I shall not let myself fall..."
Character Portrait: Sabe Stoneheart "I may be blind but I can still see your fate..."
Character Portrait: Earl Chris Ravencroft "To find someone you love is a great achievement... to find someone who loves you is even greater..."
Character Portrait: Meroko Mitsuhide "Mankind is equal, no one should serve their equal."
Character Portrait: Megomi Morato "Do I look like I need your help?"
Character Portrait: Kanashimi Yukai "I mustn't bleed... bleeding is bad..."
Character Portrait: Sara Whitefield "These people need help, you're just making them worse."
Character Portrait: Haruko Monako "Life's a joke, we're just waiting for the punch-line."
Character Portrait: Carmen Bathory "I'm not obsessed with the Bathory's, I'm just proud of my heritage."
Character Portrait: Shizuma Komamura Returned to her parents when she was 11 with no memories of what happened, Shizuma tries to find the normal life she longs for.
Character Portrait: Giselle "Just because I'm a reaper doesn't mean I'm grim."
Character Portrait: Marina Caspian "If we start a war then how are we any better than them?"
Character Portrait: Marian Caspian "Knowledge is power but power is nothing without harmony..."
Character Portrait: Alaizabel "I've suffered terribly, you should cry for me... you should cry your eyes out."
Character Portrait: The Princess Tamara "I have played the role of the Princess too well... now I must be an Empress."
Character Portrait: Rika Noshinawa "You shouldn't fear death... it's what comes after you should worry about."
Character Portrait: Kureha Fujiwara "This is our home, we cannot let anybody take it from us."
Character Portrait: Artemis De Lune "If you do the crime you better do the time, otherwise I get to play."
Character Portrait: Alaizabel 'Elsa' Dartheon "It's better to be sad and alone than sad with the people who caused that sorrow."