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Life at a boarding school, where you are provided with everything a teenager needs to survive-movies on campus, restaurants and much more, life seems pretty sweet. . . . But what if your roommate wasn’t exactly what they appeared to be?

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High school is full of drama, awkward times in any person’s life, and memories some people would rather forget.

The lives of four particular students at the boarding school, Bloodworth Prep are about to undergo a change this year as one student has to be vigilant in safeguarding their secret when they are assigned a roommate for the first time. Undoubtedly, this student’s secret is going to be the cause of the changes in the four student’s lives, what remains to be seen is if these people will keep this secret when it is discovered.

What feelings will be discovered? What will these four students learn in this year at school? Will friendships form while old ones face a chance of being lost as disagreements come to light?

Will their stories have a happy ending, or a sad one? Let's hope for a happy one!


Character Roles: Reservations are accepted; these roles are the ones required to start the roleplay, other characters will be accepted outside of these four though.

The Reverse Trap ~ Lynn Bellamy played by Beta Type Jakuri
A young female student who has been masquerading as a boy the entire time she has been enrolled in Bloodworth Prep, her life has been fairly uneventful at the school, and no one has found out about her secret. Until this year, she has lived in a dorm all on her own, now though, things might get awkward and very weird as she is assigned a new dorm mate. . . .

The Roommate ~ Clark Valentine played by Everscale
The boy who is moving into the Reverse Trap’s dorm this year, he’s popular and well-liked, and known among the student body. The fact he is now going to be living with the Reverse Trap will definitely turn his rather routine and normal school life upside down as awkward situations are inevitable. He is currently dating the Girlfriend.

The Girlfriend ~ Blossom Suda played by AmiOfTheRain
She is the most popular girl in school, every girl wants to be like her, and most guys want to date her. She comes off as being prissy, and rude at times, but she does have a good heart, and she possesses physical beauty, and a number of amazing skills that make her desirable, she is currently dating the Roommate.

The Best-Friend ~ Leo Knightsbridge played by Annaky
This is the best friend to the Roommate, he’s kind of a leech in a way with how he tails after the Roommate, but he means well. He genuinely likes the Roommate for who he is and not just because he’s popular. He does have a secret though; he has had a crush on the Girlfriend for a long time.

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1. Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation please! No txt talk, and about posting length, while I'm not a freak about this, I ask that you please post about a paragraph? ^^;; I am not fond of one liners.

2. No godmodding! It's not fair.

3. I'll ask that you post a minimum of once every five days. If you are unable to post in this amount of time, I'll ask that you notify me via the OOC thread. If you do not post for this amount of time and you give no notification of this, I reserve the right to render your character into an NPC until such a time you return and are able to post.

Nothing personal here, I've just seen WAY too may roleplays die as a result of people going innactive for a while, one character stops acting and stuff, then others get stuck too because they were talking with the innactive character. . . .

When you return, I'll return full control of you character to you.

4. About romance, yeah, that's strongly encouraged here since it's one of the driving points of the roleplay. But, I ask that you keep materials and content about as clean as what you see on television, if things get hot and heavy and to the point I would want to barf, take it to the PMs and in your posts do a fade to black thing and resume activities in your post after the whole action is done.

5. Violence, considering this is a high school roleplay, I wouldn't be shocked to see a few schoolyard scrapes. I don't mind them, but let's all avoid turning this into a gory-horror thing, okay? XD

6. There is no set posting order; just no double posting!

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Leo slept all through the phone call from Blossom. He was one of the heaviest sleepers, but he really couldn't prepare for what was going to happen next. His eyes opened slightly as he heard a voice calling him cute, and a kid. Who the hell is this? he thought, his eyes closing again since he found the TV was just a tiny bit too bright for him. Then, something landed on his body.

The small boy took a large intake of air and looked up. "Ceri, what the hell are you doing...?" He choked out, pushing her off his body. Yeah, Ceri was his best friend, but she was fifteen now! Nevertheless, Leo gave her a small hug before sitting back down on the couch, grinning. "How did you find out where I lived?" he stretched out, a bit like a cat and walked over to the kitchen area. What was the time anyways? Leo looked at the floor.

"Ceri~! Roll with me!" Leo laughed, getting one the floor and rolling while repeating the word 'boredom'. Then again, once Ceridwen was there, then they'd have fun. He stopped abruptly. "Hey, Ceri, there's a party later today. Y'know, the back to school party? Anyways, my roommate is Darwyn Johnson, as in Lynn's best friend. D'you see where I'm getting? That Lynn's probably gonna be there. So, you coming?" Leo knew he'd given the small girl the perfect bait. But hopefully, she wouldn't go into all-out-screaming-mode.

Then, for the first time, Leo wondered how she'd got where his dorm was. Then again, the girl had crazy ninja skills, since she was quite used to stalking anyways. Leo sighed, smiling at her. Finally, the boredom of his day might go away...

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Clark gave an easy, sailing laugh.
"You kidding?" he asked Lynn easily, shaking his head slightly. "I've been to Darwyn Johnson's parties before. That happens when you turn yourself into a public figure around here. You're expected to go to every event that comes up."

He sighed and rolled his eyes lightly.

"Sometimes I wish I wasn't good at soccer. Maybe then I could be a little more like you."
He ran his fingers lightly through his brown hair, shaking out a few of the day's tangles. Seeming almost distracted, he scanned the room around him, tracing the walls until his gaze fell once more on Lynn.
"So what do you do for fun around here?" he asked easily, simply because he didn't want the lull in the conversation. He got bored easily, especially when he was with someone and nothing was happening.

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Darwyn Johnson

The long walk with Noah, plus the talk they had in the Café had him feeling rather giddy and excited. He couldn’t wait to dance with Noah the way they had danced the year Noah left. He was sure they would’ve kissed, but Noah left before any true feelings could develop. Perhaps this was the chance each of them needed to develop their relationship into something more than friendship. Darwyn smiled as he led Noah towards his dorm. He wasn’t sure what Leo was up to, but hopefully he wouldn’t walk in on anything too inappropriate. As they walked, Noah and Darwyn talked some more. The spoke on what they felt the future held, and talked about past relationships. When they arrived at Darwyn’s dorm room, Darwyn opened the door and smirked. What he saw made him laugh ridiculously loud.

“Umm, perhaps I’ll come back later. Nice to meet you whoever you are,” Darwyn stated as he closed the door, shaking his head.

He decided to visit Lynn and introduce her to his old friend. He hoped the two would get along swimmingly. Noah was still recovering from laughter by the time they had reached Lynn’s dorm. As they walked up, Darwyn could hear someone talking. He pressed his ear against Lynn’s door and listened.

"So what do you do for fun around here?"

“Why don’t I show you,” Darwyn stated rather loudly as he walked into the dorm room.

When he caught eyes on Clark, he could only smirk. His eyes trailed up and down the young man’s body, stopping at certain points before traveling to other regions.

“Well well, if it isn’t the infamous Clark Valentine,” Darwyn stated closing the gap between he and Clark, “your reputation as a heart throb is true, no?”

Darwyn circled Clark as if Clark were his prey. He took in the man’s scent and features. He trailed his hand along the young man’s shoulders and got uncomfortably close to the male before stopping face to face and eye level with Clark. He was so close, that if he wanted to, he could’ve kissed Clark square on the lips. Darwyn smirked and pulled away before Clark got even more uncomfortable.

“Yep, you’re everything I’ve heard you were, and more. I do hope to see you at the party tonight. It is going to be extravagant my dear, EX-TRAV-A-GANT,” Darwyn said as he looked over at Lynn and winked, “pardon my rudeness, this is Noah Mitchel. Noah this is Lynn, my best friend along with you, and that is the infamous Clark Valentine, the super hunk of Bloodworth Prep. Every girl wants to be with him and probably every guy too.”

Darwyn laughed at his last statement and winked at Clark. Noah shook his head and smiled while waving kindly.

“Nice to meet you both,” Noah stated softly, scratching the back of his head as if he were nervous.

“Anyways, I hope you all are ready for the time of your lives,” Darwyn added as he grabbed Lynn and led her into her room. He closed the door behind them and locked it before turning to Lynn with a concerned look.

“That is fucking Clark Valentine. CLARK VALENTINE IS YOUR ROOMMATE. Just give me thirty minutes in the bathroom with him and he’ll………,” Darwyn stopped and looked at Lynn, “ You know what, we are just going to go to this party and have fun. Don’t let anything worry you okay Lynn? Your secret is safe, I assure you.”

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Ceridwen sat on the couch, a rather stupidly wide smile upon the face of the fifteen year old as she listened to Leo ramble on in his post-wake up state. He wanted to know how she’d found out where he’d lived! Silly boy, he knew her well enough to know she was a ninja right? She giggled to herself, and found that she happened to be rather proud of the fact she’d managed to wake him up as she had. It wasn’t every day a guy would get to wake up finding a pretty girl near him like that, right?

She was happy to see Leo again, although she was happy to have gone home and be with her dad over the summer term break, she felt lonely. Ceridwen had missed getting to startle people at Bloodworth Prep, be crazy with Leo and also, she missed seeing her darling Lynn! She had to go a full four weeks without any of those things, and it was like utter Hell for her. The next plan Ceridwen had in her agenda for her arrival at school was to seek out her future lover and make sure he saw what had become of her in the last weeks, she’d turned fifteen. Lynn had to see her in a different light now! The crazy ninja had already popped by her dorm room, dropped off her stuff before she’d snuck into the office to look up Leo’s dorm number . . . Ceridwen hadn’t seen anyone in the room when she stopped on by, but she probably had a roomie and just didn’t know it yet.

Hopefully she was a girl who didn’t mind her going on and on about her love~

As Leo rolled about on the floor, repeating ‘boredom’ over and over, Ceridwen simply watched the boy while maintaining that silly little grin of hers, all the while part of her mind was obsessing over Lynn; she wondered what he looked like now, if he had changed! The only way he could have changed was to get better looking, and have become nicer. . . . she thought with a dreamy sigh.

"Hey, Ceri, there's a party later today. Y'know, the back to school party?” when Leo started talking, Ceridwen snapped from her thoughts and started to pay attention to him. Leo was the only person she would break away from her thoughts about Lynn for. As far as she was concerned, if it wasn’t Leo talking then whatever was to be said was simply pointless dribble she wouldn’t care about anyway.

Ceridwen’s head tilted to the side when she heard the word ‘party.’ She blinked, okay so he officially had her upmost attention. Given that she had been a freshie last year, Ceridwen had never attended any parties thrown by her fellow students, because one, she was never invited, and two, if she did sneak in and get caught, she was escorted out because she was too young to be there. Apparently. She knew that Leo had been to a few because of Clark; yes, Ceridwen knew Clark Valentine to an extent. Tall guy, Leo’s best guy friend, good at soccer, he was beloved by over half of the female student body at Bloodworth Prep . . . yada, yada. That typical sort of popular guy drabble she didn’t give a damn about. Clark was overrated in her opinion, besides; she had her heart sworn to Lynn.

“Anyways, my roommate is Darwyn Johnson, as in Lynn's best friend.” Ceridwen froze when Leo said that, literally, she just completely stopped moving. She even stopped breathing. Leo’s roommate was Lynn’s best friend? It was taking the poor girl all the restrain she had in her tiny little body to keep from screaming out and going on a tangent and gush about Lynn, and starting to ask a bazillion questions to Leo. . . .

“D'you see where I'm getting? That Lynn's probably gonna be there. So, you coming?" he asked.

Ceridwen went totally silent at that, her head dropped and a smile appeared over her lips before IT happened. . . . Ceridwen bounded up to her feet and squealed rather loudly, jumping up and down excitedly. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!” she babbled out, “I can’t believe your roommate’s Lynn’s best friend!! And if he’s throwing the party then yes, Lynn’s soooo going to be there, Darwyn Johnson and Lynn always go to parties together!!” Ceridwen let out a rather frightening giggle that sounded almost evil.

“You didn’t even have to ask if I was going to come Leo!! All you had to do was tell me about Darwyn and Lynn, and I’d have shown up no matter what!” Once more hopping up and down she cried out, unable to contain her happiness and elation anymore. “I CAN’T WAIT!!!” she screamed, glomping Leo and clinging onto him. “Thank you for telling me, thank you, thank you, thank you!” A smile was plastered onto the girl’s face.

It was a rather loud laugh that made Ceridwen snap out of her Lynn induced insanity, sit up and look over at the door. She blinked when she saw Darwyn Johnson standing in the open doorway, staring at her and Leo. “Umm, perhaps I’ll come back later. Nice to meet you whoever you are,” he said, shutting the door back.

Ceridwen popped up to her feet right after that and began to giggling manically again as soon as she realized who that was. That was Lynn’s best friend! Lynn-Lynn’s best friend~ Ahh, I’m so close to him now, sooooo close!!! she squirmed about in place where she stood, unable to tear that smile off her face. “Leo!” she shouted suddenly, turning back to her friend, a look of sheer determination on Ceridwen’s face, “This year is the year I make him mine! And you’re going to help me get to Lynn at the party tonight!” With that she pointed at Leo, “Heheheh, Lynn-Lynn~”

But for a moment, Ceridwen calmed herself down considering she was going to get her own chance at being with her love tonight, she thought about Leo and his similar ‘situation.’ Oh, she knew very well about Leo and his feelings regarding a certain best-friend’s girlfriend . . . Blossom Suda. “I might get my own chance at happiness tonight with Lynn-Lynn, but what about you Leo? How’re things going for you and your feelings for, y’know, her?”


Lynn simply stared at Clark as he went on about how he was expected to go to every event because he was a public figure at Bloodworth Prep. . . . Okay, she knew he wasn’t a bad guy, but that sounded a little bit conceited to her, even if he hadn’t meant for it to come off like that. At least Clark knew what he was getting into by going to one of Noél’s parties though; Lynn remembered the first time she’d been drug along to one. The reverse-trap hadn’t the slightest idea what to expect; and wound up almost having a very, very bad experience. A shudder ran through her body when she thought what had almost happened to her, and how lucky she had been to get that hit in when she did. Even if it did cost me a broken knuckle, it was better than what else could have happened. . . . she thought with a rather bitter look on her face.

"Sometimes I wish I wasn't good at soccer. Maybe then I could be a little more like you." Clark continued on, catching Lynn’s attention again. That line really wanted to make her bust out laughing like mad! A little more . . . like her, oh, if only Clark could know the irony of that comment! If anything, he were far more normal than she was, at least he was able to be his own gender, unlike herself.

When Clark asked her, "So what do you do for fun around here?" Lynn opened her mouth to respond, but was cut off when Noél sort of . . . barged into the dorm.

Instantly, Lynn felt her heart sink in her chest as she knew full well this was not the Noél she had seen this morning. Her gaze turned to him, and she put on a rather nonchalant face, as if she were not bothered in the least by his sudden arrival. Truthfully, deep down inside she didn’t feel so good, her stomach felt like it had flipped in her body; she felt nervous and anxious.

Lynn had to look down and away as Noél more or less circled Clark like a wolf did its prey, her face went a little red regarding the fact that he was getting far too close to her roommate for her tastes. . . . Even if Clark was more or less one of the best-looking guys on campus, she wished Noél would control and contain himself some. She was stuck living with Clark for the next year; he could try not to make things even more awkward than they already were for her by NOT checking her roommate out so closely!

. . . .but then, this wasn’t the Noél that did that. What else could she expect?

Sighing, Lynn looked up from the kitchen tile and back at Noél as he introduced Noah to them. When Noah went ahead and waved at her and Clark, looking kind of nervous, Lynn went ahead and waved back herself. Noah . . . Noah? Lynn questioned herself silently, partly certain she had heard Noél mention him a few times before. Rings a few bells, and also, with Noél being as he is now, it sets off a few alarms. Lynn found herself feeling concerned for this guy, Noél . . . just wasn’t the same at night as he was during the day, and that could spell disaster for his friendships, Lynn knew this.

She found it hard to breathe now. There was much anxiety in her, and it was making it very hard for her to breathe. The party was hours away and Noél was already like this. . . . Lynn let out a loud yelp when Noél grabbed her wrist, yanking her behind him as they went to her and Clark’s room.

When he let go of her wrist, and she dropped onto her bed, Lynn stared at him while he locked her door with a rather confused expression upon her face. He turned around, looking rather concerned . . . Lynn knew better though, that expression was to not last as soon as the man opened his mouth. “That is fucking Clark Valentine. CLARK VALENTINE IS YOUR ROOMMATE. Just give me thirty minutes in the bathroom with him and he’ll………,” And there it went. Lynn knew it all too well.

At hearing that thought, Lynn found herself letting out a whine and covering her face; she was timid when someone mentioned things like that around her sensitive ears! She knew who her roommate was, she didn’t need to hear what Noél wanted to do to him in the bathroom for Pete’s sake!! Thank God, he stopped. . . .

“You know what, we are just going to go to this party and have fun. Don’t let anything worry you okay Lynn? Your secret is safe, I assure you.” Lynn sighed at this, taking her hands off her face. Looks like a little bit of the normal Noél came back after all, for this she was glad.

He can’t know that I’m not actually looking forward to the party, and he certainly can’t know WHY. she thought to herself, in all honesty, Lynn wasn’t so much as concerned about her secret at the moment as she was about what might go down tonight. Her foremost concern was the ‘party.’ Damn thing’s a rave, not a party.

She gave him a smile, a fake one, “I’m not worried about anything right now Noél, I’m just looking forward to the party tonight, I’m sure it’ll be a real experience.”

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“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! I can’t believe your roommate’s Lynn’s best friend!! And if he’s throwing the party then yes, Lynn’s soooo going to be there, Darwyn Johnson and Lynn always go to parties together!!"

Leo grinned. He knew the girl would be happy at his news, and at least he'd have someone to be with. He wasn't even sure if Clark had arrived, or even if he'd met his new roommate. Ceridwen was giggling creepily again, so Leo tried to edge away quietly, before he got glomped. Leo wanted to push her away, his claustrophobia was really acting up lately. Hugs, he didn't mind, but anyone being so close... It just gave him the shivers. And the door was closed... He'd have to go open that, or he'd get really creeped out. But for now, he had to endure being glomped to death.

"Claustrophobia, remember?" Leo let out, his voice slightly shaky and pointing at himself. He'd know Ceri since she'd joined Bloodworth, but she always forgot things like that. He hadn't told her his whole story, he just lets somethings out by accident. Like, for example, the time he'd completely freaked out about being in a storage cupboard and the door was a fire door, so it shut itself. Or the fact that he always sped away from clowns as soon as possible, or how he fakes ill on any 'Friday the 13th'. He wasn't one of those superstitious people, there were just somethings that gave him the freaks.

“Umm, perhaps I’ll come back later. Nice to meet you whoever you are”

Leo looked at the door as it closed. Darwyn? He then looked at Ceridwen who stood up abruptly and started laughing manically again. Oh dear... Leo stood up to go open the door, if only slightly and he sighed with relief, flicking the light on. He squinted his eyes as it always took time to get used to the light, and Leo regretted putting on a bright yellow jumped that hurt his eyes now.

“Leo!” Please stop shouting. Ceridwen was absolutely sure about what she was about to say, he could see it in her eyes. “This year is the year I make him mine! And you’re going to help me get to Lynn at the party tonight!” Plea don't point at me. “Heheheh, Lynn-Lynn~”

Lynn-Lynn. It always sounded really, really cheesy to Leo. But, for him, it was quite cute how she could just easily approach someone and declare her feelings, even if it's at the top or her voice. “I might get my own chance at happiness tonight with Lynn-Lynn," Hehe, Lynn-Lynn. It is really cheesy! but what about you Leo? How’re things going for you and your feelings for, y’know, her?"

Leo stopped and stared, before frowning. "My feelings are still the same and there's nothing I can do about them. She's Clark's girlfriend, he'd one of my best-friends, he'd hate me forever..." Leo mumbled sadly, before trying to translate that into Ceridwenish. "Imagine I were a girl too, and he started going out with me. Wouldn't you hate me?"

And with that, Leo plopped down on the sofa and flicked his phone open, checking for texts from Clark. 1 Missed Call from: Blossom Suda. Leo mentally whacked himself, before unlocking the phone. He put his finger on his mouth as he signalled to Ceri to be quiet. The phone rang, and he waited patiently for the girl to answer,

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Blossom Suda

Blossom sighed as Leo didn't answer. She quietly got up, looking around slightly, what was she looking for? She didn't know, and she didn't care. Slowly, she got out of the lunch room, leaving her tray behide not really caring at the moment.

Blossom sighed, getting her room assignment out and searching around campus for the female dorms. She always got lost in Bloodworth Prep, even though she's been there before. Blossom smiled as she waved to her friends she met last year. Not taking long to stop as she walked down the stairs, leaving one section of the campus to the dorm section. The wind blew past Blossom, her hair flying around behide her as she tucked a peice of her hair behide her ear.

She sighed, sitting on the benchs to a random soccer game. They looked like they were having so much fun, unlike Blossom herself. Growling, she cursed Leo in her mind for not answering. 'Damn it! Why the hell didn't he answer?!' Blossom thought, slamming her fist into the bench she was sitting on.

The boys playing soccer stopped, staring at Blossom and her dangerous look. Slowly, they dismissed the scene and fit they had just seen, letting out a sigh. She wasn't the happiest person in the world, that was for sure. Smiling as she heard her phone ring, she suddenly felt a tiny bit of happiness come as she took out her phone and checked the caller ID.

Caller: Leo

Finally! Blossom thought he'd never call back. Jumping off the bench she felt a dent in, she rushed to a quieter place to hear him. Answering the call, her voice suddenly sounded worried.

"Leo! Geez, why didn't you answere? Did jerks try and hurt you? Do I need to come find you? Oh please tell me your okay!" Blossom could ask a million questions if he was alright. Yet, at the same time, she felt another feeling, a feeling she felt for Clark. Was it a crush? She couldn't understand her own feelings at this rate.

"Just... Tell me your okay." Blossom finally said, calming down. Choosing her words carefully, still not knowing if he was okay right now, she began to slowly speak. "What dorm are you in... Are you in your dorm yet?" Correcting herself as she spoke.

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"Leo! Geez, why didn't you answer? Did jerks try and hurt you? Do I need to come find you? Oh please tell me your okay!"

Leo stayed silent. Did she really care that much? He felt his cheeks firing up. No, that couldn't be it! She probably just thinks of him as a little brother or something. A lot of people do. Then again, when he'd joined the school, he stilled lived with his dad and had bruises all over, and he still wore his eye patch. That was when he'd met Clark and Blossom. But he never really got beat up by people at school, except last year where he'd stood up to some guy, and that guy's 'gang' got really pissed. Leo shivered, thinking about it.

"Just... Tell me your okay. What dorm are you in... Are you in your dorm yet?"

"I'm in my dorm, and I'm okay. Calm down, alright?" Leo sighed, trying not to look at Ceridwen. Wouldn't she just laugh at him for going even slightly pink? Probably, but in a nice way. He gave Blossom the dorm number. "Ceridwen here, by the way. Just don't want you to be surprised that there's a little monster lurking around." Leo winked at the girl, before going back to Blossom.

"I'm fine. Those guys left the school last year, remember?" Leo carefully chose his words, he hadn't told Ceri what had happened last year. He really didn't want to worry her, so he'd told her 'Things happen, people get hurt. That person happened to be me this time.' and she'd stopped asking.

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"I'm in my dorm, and I'm okay. Calm down, alright?"

Blossom let out a sigh of relief. She smiled at Leo gave him his dorm number as she kept walking, ignoring everyone but him.

"Ceridwen here, by the way. Just don't want you to be surprised that there's a little monster lurking around."

Blossom let out a laugh, a full heartfelt laugh at the time. Man, did she love how he can always make a joke. The wind began to blow faster as Blossom let out a slight yelp as she nearly fell down the stairs and tried to listen to leo.

"I'm fine. Those guys left the school last year, remember?"

Blossom let out another reliefed sigh. "Yeah, I remembe-" Blossom was cut off by her own screetch as she fell down the stairs from her heel breaking and a gust of wind. Holding onto her phone for dear life as it began to rain, Blossom put it back to her ear as soon as she hit the floor. "Ouch... Leo, I'll be crawling into the guy's dorm in a moment... I just fell down the stairs to get in... I think I broke my freaking ankle. God damn..." Blossom cursed as she held the phone with one hand and crawled her way up with grunts of pain. "I made it Leo! Oh yeah!" Blossom cheered happily as she put down the phone and opened the door, throwing herself in after getting her phone.

"I'm never wearing heels again though... Can you come get me? I just got inside." Blossom said, waiting for him to say something.

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Clark Valentine

Clark looked around, startled, as the door to their dorm burst open. He barely had the time to blink before the visitors entered into their space. He knew one of them very well – Darwyn Johnson. The other, he wasn’t sure he had seen before… but he looked nice enough.

Clark watched Darwyn with a relaxed smile on his face, following the boy’s movements as he drew nearer to Clark. He was familiar with Darwyn – he had been to his parties and seen him in action and did not seem even slightly worried that he was here, circling him like a predator, looking like he might jump Clark at the slightest provocation. Clark was confident enough in himself that the admiration of the flamboyant male did not bother him in the slightest. Darwyn could try what he wanted, and Clark might even let it happen. But if he didn’t want it to happen, it wouldn’t. End of story.

So it was that he had the ability to grin down at Darwyn as he was inspected, even going so far as to wave at Noah when he was introduced, unconcerned with his current predicament. Only when Darwyn seized Lynn and dragged the boy away into the bedroom did Clark move again, giving a laugh and a shake of his head and turning and pacing towards Noah.

“Hey there,” he laughed easily, holding his hand out for a shake. “The name’s Clark… you probably got that. How are you?”

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Darwyn Johnson

Noah smiled and looked at Clark. He was a fairly good looking guy, so it was obvious that Darwyn flirted with him for that reason alone. Still, Clark seemed liked a pretty laid back guy. He shook Clark’s hand with a smirk.

“What’s up man, I’m fine, just wondering about this party is all.”

He observed Lynn as he stood before her. He knew deep down in the depths of his psyche, that she really didn’t want to go to the party. He had noticed how she acted at all the other parties he had gone to and drugged her along. It was obvious to him that his lifestyle was a bit much to take in, and that she was constantly worried about him at parties. He had promised himself the last party that they went to together that he wouldn’t act as he normally acted at parties. He didn’t know how, nor did he have any clue what would happen, but he was going to try and change, for himself as well as for Lynn. She deserved a friend that wouldn’t pick up the guy closest to them and have his way with them. Sighing, he crossed his arms in front of Lynn and thought back on everything he had experienced in life. All the suffering he had experienced while his parents were away. All the times he was taken advantage of, and told that he would be nothing when he grew up. All the times he was told by men old enough to be his parents that the only thing he’d be good enough for was to lay on his back. Yes, Noél had been through a lot, yet he never told a soul. He always felt as if it were his fault. He felt that if he just lived a promiscuous life, perhaps he’d be able to remove the guilty stain that he always saw when he looked in the mirror.

“Lynn, you don’t have to worry about me tonight, I promised Noah I’d dance with him most of the night; however I’ll save a dance for you. Now come on lets rejoin the guys.”

Noél opened the door and walked back into the room with Clark and Noah.

“Clark, I hope you save me a dance at the party. Don’t worry, I won’t bite………hard,” Noél stated with a sincere smile.

Noah looked at Darwyn and could tell that something was a bit off with him. Still, he didn’t question anything, and watched as Darwyn gave Clark a friendly hug before the two decided to depart from Lynn and Clark’s dorm. Once outside, Noah asked Darwyn if everything was alright.

“I’m fine Noah, really, don’t worry about me,” Noél replied as he leaned against Noah as they walked back towards Darwyn’s dorm.

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Leo frowned at her before giving an answer to her question. "My feelings are still the same and there's nothing I can do about them. She's Clark's girlfriend, he'd one of my best-friends, he'd hate me forever..." Ceridwen smiled sadly, although she had her idiot moments, and hyper spells, especially when it came to Lynn-Lynn, she understood what Leo meant. "Imagine I were a girl too, and he started going out with me. Wouldn't you hate me?"

That gave her a little bit of thinking to do; so Ceridwen glanced up at the ceiling of the dorm room, and put one of her thing index fingers to her chin in thought. If Leo were a girl and went out with Lynn-Lynn, would I hate her? Hmm! Ceridwen questioned herself with a long, ‘Hmmmmmmm,’ coming from her throat as she pondered over the question with surprising calmness, considering the topic involved her future lover. I wouldn’t say I’d hate her; so much as I would consider her a rival only when Lynn-Lynn were actually around. If he wasn’t around, I’d be off the clock.

When she was ready to give her answer to Leo, Ceridwen had her mouth open in a smile and looked rather enthusiastic, only to see that her lemon-yellow hoodie sporting friend had his phone out, and was giving her the ‘shush’ expression. “Ohhhhhh. . . .” she moaned, crossing her arms with a pout; yes, she hated being told to be quiet; but for Leo, and Leo only, she would be obedient. He was her best friend after all . . . actually, he was her only friend. She needed to work on that, didn’t she?

Annoyed, and disappointed she couldn’t give her marvellous answer to Leo, Ceridwen went ahead and plopped herself onto the couch in a rather terse manner. He’s lucky I’m nice enough to respect the finger of silence! she thought. Her amber eyes flickered up to Leo when she heard the rather loud, but incoherent voice coming from his voice. Even if the tiny girl couldn’t understand what was being said; she knew well enough that it was a female’s voice. And Leo’s face was turning red, a nice contrast to that hoodie of his. Ooooh! Looks like Leo’s lady love gave him a little call~ she giggled a touch, a sweet smile on her face, completely wiping the thought of her not being able to give her answer to Leo from her mind. Ceridwen covered her mouth, but continued to smile.

Even if she were extremely focused on getting Lynn-Lynn for herself, the hyper-ninja of Bloodworth Prep did care for her friend’s happiness, and honestly part of her was cheering Leo on for getting Blossom as his girl; even if the popular lady could be a bit of a, well, a bitch at times. Leo really liked her a lot, like a lot, a lot. And if Ceridwen could relate to anything, it was unrequited love; and supporting the underdog in love triangles.

Ceridwen knew Leo wasn’t nearly as forward about his feelings as herself, but that was because he was concerned about Clark. She understood that, really she did, people couldn’t be as awesome as her when it came to matters of the heart. Nope, no one can, I know Clark wouldn’t ever just see Leo as a love rival when he’s around him and Blossom’s around. she puffed her cheeks out and shut her eyes as she thought about the whole matter. There would be some serious junk going down . . . serious, serious stuff that wouldn’t be fun or pleasant. Leo doesn’t deserve that ickiness!

"Ceridwen here, by the way. Just don't want you to be surprised that there's a little monster lurking around." Ceridwen looked at Leo when she heard her name mentioned, looking at Leo as he winked at her. Still, at being called a little monster, she stuck her tongue out at him. "I'm fine. Those guys left the school last year, remember?" She stopped though, at hearing those words. And what was an extremely rare occurrence for her, Ceridwen got a rather serious look upon her normally stupidly grinning face as she remembered last year.

Leo had gotten hurt, badly. And he never told her the truth about it, she hated the fact he kept it all a secret from her, he’d gotten beat up. 'Things happen, people get hurt. That person happened to be me this time.' That’s what he told me. But, it didn’t take my stunning intelligence to just go ahead and ask around. . . . Ceridwen lolled over to the side, and dropped onto the couch with a bored look on her face; her pigtail was splayed over part of her head and face as she lay awkwardly. Leo had gone and stood up to a major jerkface last year.

The guy loved to mess around with the underclassmen girls . . . sort of go ahead and do things to them and then threaten them with injury and his ‘buddies,’ to stay quiet. He had gotten hurt by those guys; and kept it a secret from her. Yet, he never thought about the fact that there would be rumors and witnesses to the whole incident. How else would Ceridwen have found out about it? Yep, I’ve known about it since right after it happened. And, oh~ Did those asses ever get divine retribution for what they did to those girls, and to Leo! Ceridwen thought to herself with a bit of a snide smile and a tiny, mischievous giggle.

She was called the ninja of Bloodworth for a reason; Leo never questioned the nickname, but she had earned it well for what she had done last year. Putting it bluntly; those bastards didn’t go to Bloodworth anymore because of what she’d done. It involved her ninja skills, small body, a voice recorder, and her status as a freshman, as well as a can of mace. She’d gone ahead and tricked them into thinking she were vulnerable to their tactics, acting innocent and scared, getting everything they said down on the recorder right before it were too late, then she sprung on them. Pulling out the can of mace and dodging any attempts they made to grab her with ease; they were so bulky compared to her lithe frame; and she had been smaller last year, and quicker.

After getting away from them, Ceridwen had downloaded all of what had been said onto her laptop; made a fake e-mail account, and sent it to the principal as a file attachment. Along with the message that the e-mail and contents were vitally important to the safety of the freshman and sophomore girls at the school; signing herself off as ‘The Ninja of Bloodworth Preparation Academy for the Gifted.’ After what the boys claimed and said; rumors circulated, and people began calling Ceridwen the school’s ninja.

However because there was hard evidence of what the boys had been doing, many of the girls they had assaulted came forward, and they all were sent to jail for a good long while. . . . It was probably Ceridwen’s proudest moment ever. The whole incident was kept secret from Leo though; she always insisted that she wasn’t the one who had pulled such a stunt, her main focus after all, was getting Lynn-Lynn for herself. That was not totally true. . . .

When Ceridwen heard a rather piercing screech come from Leo’s phone, she snapped upward, sitting, wide-eyed. Wooooow, that did not sound good! she thought, blinking. She remained silent for a moment, before asking this, “Ummm, Leo, Blossom took a tumble, didn’t she?”


Lynn remained as she was, that smile on her face, her heart sunken deeply into her stomach as she felt a bit of nausea hitting at her. Maybe those tortilla chips were bad. . . . she told herself, but deep inside, she knew why she it was she was feeling like puking. The dread of tonight; it happened every time she went to a party with Noél. The fear that something might happen to him. . . . Tonight was worse, the party was more than a party; she knew it. The damn thing was more of a rave. . . . She heard Noél sigh, and looked up at her best friend.

He had his arms crossed; lost in thought himself. Noél did that sometimes she had noticed, what he was ruminating about, Lynn hadn’t the slightest idea, he never told her. She knew it was a big deal though, something really important he didn’t want to worry her with or something. “Lynn, you don’t have to worry about me tonight, I promised Noah I’d dance with him most of the night; however I’ll save a dance for you. Now come on lets rejoin the guys.” She could only squeak when he said that, what had brought that statement out of him so suddenly. . . ?

He knew didn’t he? He . . . knew that she hated those parties, damn. . . . Lynn mustered out a sigh as Noél opened the door, and headed back out into the living room where Clark and Noah were. A forlorn expression had fallen on her face; she had one arm at her side while the other one was crossed under her bound chest; her hand clutching tightly onto the opposite arm. I was trying so hard to not let him know, to not make him worry. Looks like I epically failed at that!! she told herself, following her friend back out into the living room, but stopping right at the entrance to the kitchen, leaning herself up against the wall.

She watched Noél, “Clark, I hope you save me a dance at the party. Don’t worry, I won’t bite………hard,” she heard him say to Clark, right before he hugged her new roommate. As she felt; the last thing on Lynn’s mind was her own secret, or the fact that Clark could spoil everything she had worked so hard to keep a secret in the last two years; utterly ruin her life. . . . No, it didn’t matter, that was something that mattered on a personal level.

Tonight . . . tonight was what mattered most. Nothing else. The grip Lynn bore on her arm tightened to a painful point, as the expression on her face grew melancholy. Even if he knows, I can’t just . . . go off and do what I feel like doing. Tonight scares me, really scares me because I have this knot in my stomach that’s telling me something’s not going to go right.

Lynn sighed deeply, Noél and Noah were already gone, but she hadn’t noticed. She remained rather quiet, forgetting the presence of her roommate as she felt tears pricking at her eyes.

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Clark Valentine
Clark, still smiling easily, watching as Darwyn and Noah left. Darwyn was like some sort of tornado – he came, he wreaked havoc, and then he left, and the only sign that he had ever been there was the looks on peoples’ faces.

Slowly, Clark came down off of what he had come to call a Darwyn-high and became aware, once more, of the other person in the room. He glanced around, looking at Lynn. The boy looked… pale. Frightened. Clark got the distinct impression that he did not want anything to do with that party tonight. His lips twitched slightly, slipping into a different smile – one of sympathy. He hated the damned things, too, but he really had no choice at all. Poor Lynn did, but he chose to go… why?

Clark saw the beginnings of tears in Lynn’s eyes, but chose to ignore them, for the boy’s own sanity. Instead, he brushed by Lynn, giving him a hard pat on the shoulder. Trying to show the support of a friend, treating her the same way he would have treated Leo if he were upset. He wasn’t as close to Lynn as he was to Leo, but he had to give it a try, didn’t he? Lynn was his roommate now, and that made Clark responsible for Lynn – at least, it did in Clark’s eyes.

“Tonight’ll be fine,” he told Lynn calmly, pacing past him and into the living room, where he flopped over onto the couch. “Stick around with me if you’re nervous. I’ll keep an eye out for you.”

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Darwyn Johnson

When he arrived at his dorm, he opened the door but Noah didn’t enter. He didn’t even acknowledge Leo and the hype girl, but he turned his attention to Noah and sighed.

“Do you wanna come in? We have about an hour before the party starts,” Darwyn stated as he held the door open.

“Darwyn, I-I-I need to talk to you about something important, but not now, after the party,” Noah replied as he ran a finger along Darwyn’s jawbone. He kissed Noah on the forehead and left to get ready for the party.

Darwyn turned around after receiving the kiss and walked pass Leo and the hype girl with just a wave. Once in his room, he flung himself onto the bed and cried. He cried for about ten minutes. It wasn’t overly dramatic or anything like that, but he just laid there and cried. He was crying because he was frustrated. He was crying because he didn’t want his wild partying to create a wedge in the relationship he shared with Lynn. He also wanted to make sure that his flirtatiousness wouldn’t drive Noah away. He loved Noah so much, and he was certain that he’d end up driving him away if he kept on doing what he did. As the last tear fell down his face, he simply laid there and placed a towel over his face.

“What is wrong with me?” He said softly as he continued to lie there, “Why am I so distraught over this?”

At that moment, his phone began to play a ringtone. He looked at it and it was a text message from Noah. It read,

“Remember to save me a dance tonight. Afterwards meet me behind the gym.”

Darwyn managed a smile before plugging his phone up to the charger and rushing into the bathroom to get ready. Forty five minutes remained before the party kicked off.

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“Ummm, Leo, Blossom took a tumble, didn’t she?” Ceridwen asked and Leo sighed. He couldn't exactly just go and save his best friend's girlfriend. But Clark wasn't answering his phone, so what he going to do? There was less than an hour left until the party, not that Leo was planning to stay for long, but what else could he do? Leave her there and try to get through to Clark? Well, that's definitely what he should have done, if Clark ever actually picked his phone up. Leo let out a small growl, lying back on the couch. "What to do, what to do..." he muttered to himself. The door opened, and Leo turned his head, only to see Noél enter the room, with some guy behind him. He ignored the whole kiss, but instead placed his hands on his head and let out a yell. Noél waved and Leo searched around the room, looking for answers. He jumped up and passed the guy, sort of sliding when he realised he was going in the wrong direction and turned to go find her. Why were there so many girls in the guy's dorms today?

He jumped the last eight or nine stairs, landing behind Blossom and grinning a bit. "That's why I usually stick to sneakers. Well, that and the fact that I'm a guy. Here." He picked Blossom up and put her on his back, even though she was taller (only slightly) and slightly heavier (which he wasn't going to mention). He walked back up the stairs. "So, you going to the party? I don't really want to go, but Clark will be there and my roommate sort of invited me. And Ceri is going too." Leo sighed. He hated those types of parties. This was closer to a rave. He'd always end up annoying someone by accident and getting into some sort of fight. But he had to go, all his friends were going, and all he had to do was keep his mouth shut.

Leo thought back to last year, and how the fight he'd gotten into was the type where he ended up putting his eye patch back on. Some people had asked him why he had that with him, but that answer was always 'Just in case.' and then he'd freak them out by taking out his first aid kit that's always somewhere near him. He'd already placed one under his bed, and there was one in his school bag. And one beneath the couch. Hopefully, he wouldn't have to use that one, and he wished Darwyn would never, ever find it, or he'd have to explain that he has claustrophobia. Another reason why he hates those type of parties. Leo pouted. He didn't want to go! But he had to, and he wanted to accompany Ceridwen in her hunt.

Leo got back to his dorm and placed Blossom on the couch, before taking out the kit from under the chair. To be honest, they were already hidden everywhere in the dorm. Despite not unpacking, that was the first thing he'd done. "That's one out of seven I'm using on you. You owe me a first aid kit." Leo laughed, spraying her ankle with a cooling spray and wrapping it tightly in bandages, then slipping back off to his suitcase and pulling out an ice pack and an ankle strap. He gave them both to Blossom. "Crack the pack. Put the strap on later. I'm going to change." The boy kind of stormed off to the room and changed so he was wearing a white t-shirt with an unbuttoned black shirt on over. He ran his hand through his hair before going back out and curling back up on the couch. He had twenty minutes till the party, and he needed to sleep now, since he probably wasn't getting any later.

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Ceridwen felt her ninja senses activating as soon as Noél popped back into the dorm. Even though Leo had yet to leave and play the part of knight-in-shining armor for his ladylove, she felt the strong urge to go into sneaky-mode. Lynn-Lynn’s best friend had just come on back into the apartment~ Ohhh, the things she could find out about her soul mate!! The chance to get to learn so very much was something she couldn’t pass up, she had a big, big chance here!

There wasn’t long left at all until the party, so if she wanted to get Noél alone and get some info out of him about Lynn, she need to do it ASAP! . . . .even if that meant leaving Leo to his own devices and saving Blossom on his own. The whole situation was a good catalyst for the beginnings of a dramatic love triangle, something Ceri knew she would be interfering in when the time came! Ahhh . . . it was like something out a movie, or a really cheesy teen-romance novel. The hyperactive little ninja did so love those. A bit of a creepy smile happened up along Ceridwen’s lips as she thought about the story that was about to begin before her.

Unlike getting to play a lead role, like in her own story, when the romance and drama began between Blossom and Leo, she would be playing a supporting role; if it were a movie, she’d go up for an award for best supporting actress, she knew it! Those two are SO going to wind up together this year, no matter what! she giggled as she thought about that. As Leo left to go carry out the duties imposed upon him by his last name, Ceridwen looked back and forth in a rather suspicious manner.

Now’s my chance to harass—I mean, glean information about Lynn-Lynn out of Noél~ And with those thoughts, the ninja was to her feet, darting to the mouth of the hallway, and sidling down it with her body pressed against the wall. That stilly smile was on her face again as she found herself thinking of Lynn. Whenever Lynn was involved, Ceridwen almost totally lost her mind. Almost being the key word there; even when she went on one of her tangents involving the boy, Ceridwen wasn’t completely lost to the realm of commonsense and decency. She knew when it was time to cool down and be collected; even if it didn’t seem like it.

A tiny giggle worked up from her throat as she poked her pigtailed-head around the doorway and looked into Noél room. She had every intention of sneaking up on the man in manner similar to how she had announced her arrival back at Bloodworth Prep to Leo; by dive bombing him. Yet, the silliness vanished from Ceridwen’s face, and she took to turning herself around and looking in on him, a pout forming on Ceridwen’s face when she saw that Noél was crying. Okay, whoever in the Hell made Lynn’s best friend cry is going to get their lights knocked out when I find out who they are!! she declared in her head, a look of annoyance passing over the girl’s features. Then, she sighed quietly, I might want to know more about my beloved, but even I won’t pester a man for information when they’re down like this. B-U-M-M-E-R~

The ninja found herself still watching him, truly curious as to what had made him so upset. Part of the reason she actually felt concern for Noél was due to several factors. One; he was Lynn’s best friend, Lynn was her future lover, so by extension, that made Noél one of her future best friends. And two; he was Leo’s roommate, her own best friend. If Ceridwen bore any connections to anyone that gave them some level of being her friend, her concern for their wellbeing and such was an automatic given. When she heard Noél’s phone ring, him getting up to get ready for the coming party, Ceri panicked and headed for the kitchen so he wouldn’t see her little head poking around the corner, spying on him.
A look of worry happened over the blonde’s face when she found herself leaning up against the refrigerator, setting an index finger to her chin she looked up and idly spoke to herself, “. . . .I wonder what happened to Noél.” With this, her amber eyes looked around the living area of Leo’s dorm, and seeing as the boy wasn’t yet back with his damsel in distress . . . she decided she was going to ask! A look of certainty appeared over her face and she nodded to herself.

She turned back around and headed down the hallway again; catching him right as he went into the bathroom, she knocked on the wall next to the door. “Excuse me, Noél?” she started, but when the front door opened again, Ceridwen turned around and looked back down the hall to see Leo coming into the dorm room, Blossom on his back. She squeaked, “Umm, never mind! I’ll ask you what I wanted to ask you later; and this time it won’t be something about Lynn-Lynn!”

With that, she turned around and headed back out to the living room, where Leo was treating Blossom’s ankle. Ceridwen watched the scene from the mouth of the hallway, a snide little grin upon the diminutive ninja’s face. Awwww~ How adorable! she thought with a cute little giggle. She skipped back out into the living room and sat herself upon the coffee table as soon as Leo finished wrapping up the woman’s ankle, a smile upon her face. “Hiya Blossom; how have you been doing since the last time I saw you? . . . .minus the whole injured ankle thingy that happened when you were talking to Leo on the phone earlier that is~”

Ceridwen smiled at the pinkheaded woman, kicking her legs a bit. Sure, she didn’t know how Blossom really felt about her, but unlike Leo, Ceri knew that she was more than aware of the antic she pulled in regards to the guys who had dared to hurt their mutual friend last year. Whether that made Blossom think her reckless, or brave, she didn’t know.

“Only twenty or so minutes left until the back-to-school party begins~” she sang as Leo came back in and dropped onto the couch, the Lynn-fangirl smiled at him, “Heheh, we all have a BIG night in store for us!!”


Lynn couldn’t help the melodramatic sigh that came up from her lungs. The party was soon, very soon now, like, not even a half-an-hour away. She was scared, really scared. Why was she so scared this time? Well, okay, so maybe the party was more like a rave then a party, so that gave her some grounds to be frightened of what might happen. . . . But, no, there was this horrible feeling in her, making her stomach churn. It was a feeling that Lynn didn’t completely understand, she just knew it was something almost foreboding, like a sixth sense or something. She let out a light moan when the tears began to try to fall on her, she shut her eyes and wiped the tears away.

I can’t get like this now. Lynn told herself. When Clark gave her a hard pat on her shoulder, she nearly jumped out of her skin he startled her so. The reverse-trapped heart skipped a beat, and she looked up at her roommate. Her melancholy was obvious enough to get him to notice, it weren’t as if Lynn were trying to garner attention from him, no, she didn’t want his attention at all. He reassured her, saying things would be fine tonight before he went over and sat on the couch.

Shaking her head, Lynn sighed, No, tonight is not going to be fine Clark. Something’s . . . going to happen, something bad. Her stomach churned more and Lynn grimaced, placing her hands over her diaphragm as she felt her breath hitch in her lungs.

Clark spoke up again, “Stick around with me if you’re nervous. I’ll keep an eye out for you.” And with this Lynn looked over at him with a bit of a look that reflected the sickness she felt in her gullet, and the sternness she felt for him speaking as if he were certain of her feelings. No, she wasn’t angry at him, Lynn knew he was trying to just be a nice guy, looking out for her and such, as he did for everyone. Clark Valentine was the sort of guy who was nice to everyone who was on his good side, and since Lynn hadn’t ever done anything to him or his friends, or anything in general, to get on anyone’s bad side, he was nice to her by default.

I know, he’s just trying to be nice to me because we’re stuck living together for the next year, but it does irritate me just a bit. she thought with a sigh. “Honestly, I’m not nervous. I’ve been to these parties before, I know what to expect for myself.” She told him, minding her voice so it didn’t slip up and sound too high of a pitch for a teenage boy. Lynn always did have a lower voice for a girl, but she still had her moments of sounding like every squealing female out there. . . .

With a sigh, Lynn rested her back against the wall she was leaning up against, and slid down to the floor, holding onto her stomach still; looking up at the ceiling. Should she tell him? “I’m going to level with you Clark, about why I go to these blasted parties when I hate them with every bit of my living being,” she started, “I only go because of the unease I have about Noél. He’s my best friend, more or less the only thing I have in my life that can be considered family, and I always am scared that when he goes into ‘night-mode,’ that something really, really bad might happen to him.’ Lynn’s voice cracked as she spoke the last bit of that sentence.

She had to let out a breath as she felt the tears trying to come again, “I handle myself fine, but I don’t drink or do anything stupid, so I’m always of sound mind, but not Noél.” Lynn swallowed, “And regarding tonight, for some reason, I have this sinking feeling in my stomach that something horrible will befall him tonight. I don’t know why, I just have it.”

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Ceridwen the hyper stalker and Leo the sarcastic little git -________-

I'll have fun creating problems for you guys...

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Thank you. ^^♪

XD Yeah, Ceridwen and Leo are going to definitely cause some interesting situations I think. ^^;; At the same time, Ceridwen will at least provide some fodder for a few ideas I have in mind. >.>

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Great post..........Noél has a surprise for Lynn at and after the party. Oh dear Lord, I'm still trying to figure out how to handle the "kids". Leo has the build of a 14 year old and Ceri is 15. Imagine the headaches those two will cause. Oh dear Lord I can see it now.......

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XD I think I can imagine.

. . . .and I'm a little stunned at myself for having just wrote 2,500+ words for an introduction post in a roleplay. XO Well, hands down that was my longest post ever. ._.;;

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I'm glad you found it funny. Imagine my laughter as I typed it lol

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And I think part of me just died of laughter. XD

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I posted. Putting Clark in such an odd situation was so much fun I have to admit.