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Jakuri-chan member of RPG for 8 years

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To be blunt, I'm a fairly average woman whose most noteworthy trait is her rather active imagination. I've led an ordinary life thus far and there's honestly not much more to say about me than that. I've liked videogames since before I can remember, and I took to writing and roleplaying proper a little after my 15th birthday, so I've been writing for nearly a decade now. For as active as my imagination is, I'm on the lazy side of the spectrum, and that's something I guarantee I am working on, but I truly do enjoy writing and roleplaying quite a bit.

Basic Information

Novellus Ithir
Videogames, writing, roleplaying (sure that's a big shock), fanfiction, and music.
Began Role Playing:
09 Feb 2010
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Dragon Age and Fire Emblem
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Favorite Setting:
High Fantasy, Romance, and Anime.

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Universes Created

Odds, Ends and a Lost Destination

A world upon the cusp of demise. . . . It is here that the threads of Fate have begun to pull upon the lives of several very different individuals, and together they are brought. What sort of a tale will be weaved between them?

Pokemon: Legends of a Sleeping Sun

A private roleplay between The Harbinger, Monochrome, Spectrum, Kuroe, JokerofSpades and Jakuri-chan.

The Fragment of a Thought

Two millennia ago, the Gods Order and Chaos did battle and were lain to rest at its end. In order to prevent another near cataclysm, six young adults possessed by the fragments of Order must find a way to lull Chaos to sleep once more.

An Impulse and the Delirium

Centuries ago, the world came to a so-called end, humanity found itself nearly reset. Presently, people have managed to regain the reigns of civilization—living under the thumbs of divinely powerful figures who’ve come to be known as ‘Gods.’

Where the Lines Overlap

[All slots taken] High school is a trying time for anyone, but this particular year, the lives of several students become connected as things begin to change for them all. For better or worse, this school year will be one they will never forget.

Personal Storage

This is just a spot where I can test coding for future roleplays and also store character apps and test the skeleton coding.

Scars Across the Dawn

[FULL]It's just another year of boarding school, except the world is randomly invaded by monsters, and there's an alien hivemind looming overhead...oh, and some of the student body happens to harbor alien DNA inside them too...yeah just another year.

Coming Undone

Life at a boarding school, where you are provided with everything a teenager needs to survive-movies on campus, restaurants and much more, life seems pretty sweet. . . . But what if your roommate wasn’t exactly what they appeared to be?

Our Second Selves

One-on-One Roleplay between Annaky and Beta Type Jakuri.

To the Edge of Nowhere

[Officially Invite Only] When the life of a mermaid princess is threatened, she flees from home to find herself hiding on land, as a human. These are the stories of the many misadventures she and her companions undergo. . . .




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