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Jakuri-chan member of RPG for 8 years

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To be blunt, I'm a fairly average woman whose most noteworthy trait is her rather active imagination. I've led an ordinary life thus far and there's honestly not much more to say about me than that. I've liked videogames since before I can remember, and I took to writing and roleplaying proper a little after my 15th birthday, so I've been writing for nearly a decade now. For as active as my imagination is, I'm on the lazy side of the spectrum, and that's something I guarantee I am working on, but I truly do enjoy writing and roleplaying quite a bit.

Basic Information

Novellus Ithir
Pet Store Associate
Videogames, writing, roleplaying (sure that's a big shock), fanfiction, and music.
Began Role Playing:
09 Feb 2010
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Dragon Age and Fire Emblem
Game Master:
Favorite Setting:
High Fantasy, Romance, and Anime.

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Universes Created

The Requiem Rebellion

War is upon the land, and two lands desperate to protect themselves against the looming threat are about to be united as allies with the marriage of a prince and princess. However, with an unknown threat facing everyone and thing, nothing is that simple.

Pokemon: New Beginnings

A one-on-one roleplay between Patcharoo and OpalePhantasmagoria.

We are Beyond the Sky

When six teens find themselves with power to control the elements, their lives become connected as a dark force descends upon the world that seeks something unknown. . . . What could it possibly desire?

Pokemon: Stories of a Slumbering Sun

A private roleplay between Spectrum, Kuroe, JokerofSpades, CNAGamer, LazuliMetempsychosis, and Jakuri-chan.

Odds, Ends and a Lost Destination

A world upon the cusp of demise. . . . It is here that the threads of Fate have begun to pull upon the lives of several very different individuals, and together they are brought. What sort of a tale will be weaved between them?

The Way to the Future

A one-on-one roleplay between God_of_Darkness and OpalePhantasmagoria.

From Light to Shadow

A millennium ago, a terrible cataclysm sunk the world into the very depths of Hell. The surface left unlivable, life turned its head toward the one place left untouched by disaster—the floating continent of Manus Luna. . . .

Pokemon: Legends of a Sleeping Sun

A private roleplay between The Harbinger, Monochrome, Spectrum, Kuroe, JokerofSpades and Jakuri-chan.

Something was Coming Undone

[Slot Open]When a charmed house traps eight strangers together on its property, the only way they can ever hope to return to normality is to come to terms with the one thing they all have in common—the problems they’ve kept locked away.

Of the Strange and Wayward

A private roleplay between The Keywork, CNAGamer, BumbleDrop, Lenyx and Jakuri-chan.




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