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Takimi Returns "home"

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Takimi Returns "home"

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Sat Oct 22, 2005 11:04 pm

Everything that the doctors could do to make her better had been done, now all that Takimi required was lots of rest and time to finish healing. But she refused to stay in the hospital, so a team of the Caligo Elite were dispatched to bring her home, back to Antioch. The trip was a bit longer than Takimi remembered, but than again, she was in pain and extremely confused when she was rushed there. The trip back consisted of her asking a few questions and the Caligo Elites ignoring her, they weren't trained to talk. She gave up after a while and just listened to the radio that the driver had on. She had begun to fade out, thinking about what she was going to do when a statement from Jyotika was aired.

"People of the Earthsphere. I am Jyotika, leader of the UPA and Sanc Revolutionary. In the spirit of peace and camaraderie in these times of war. I am reviving and hosting the Tenkachi Budokai, the battle of great hand to hand fighters from across the world. I proclaim registration for these battles open. Shuttles will be taking people from every country to compete in this tournament as well as going up to the colonies to bring anyone willing to come down.

The rules are simple. No weapons. No armor. The battles will be held on a 20x20 foot ring. Giving up, ten seconds on the floor, or falling out of the ring constitutes a loss. Eyes and genitals are off limits.

I hope to see only the best there. There'll be rewards to the winner.

Great rewards."

Everyone in the van looked disturbed at this message, as they all knew what had happened between Jyotika and their forces in the Asia Nation. Now Jyotika was holding the Tenkachi Budokai. In the spirit of peace and camaraderie in these times of war. Sure, that was about as likely as Takimi ever going back to Jyotika. After the message had finished, the drive clicked off the radio and the drive was finished in silence.

Back at the base, Takimi was set up with one of the empty rooms in the house where Val and James stayed, but for the time being she was to stay in the base, just until she could get around on her own, this she had no problem with, she just wanted to be near Val, wanted to warn him about Ka and everything else that was going to happen, the only problem was, that neither Val nor James were there. They had left with a Lina Greywood, to meet the Defenders, and he left for space upon hearing the news that Jyotika had occupied the Sanc Kingdom, and nobody has heard nor been able to reach them since.

This wasn't what Takimi had hoped to hear, so she told what she knew to the person that was left in charge, a mysterious man named Zel, that she never actually saw, only heard his voice, as he appeared to have effectively locked and welded himself shut in Val's office, but in truth, Zel wasn't even in the base, he was currently in the Asia Nation, keeping track of ongoing events there.

"You don't understand, Ka is a very dangerous. More so than anyone you have here. He could easily beat them all in a fight."

"I assure you Miss Takimi that you have nothing to worry about, though Ka may have been able to slip past the feeble defenses at the small Asia Nation base, there is no way he could get into this base. And even if by some miracle he did, there was no way he'd leave alive, not even the greatest of ninja can defeat the number of Caligo Elites that reside here."

Despite her best efforts to explain things to him, Zel just wouldn't listen, she began to think that maybe Zel knew something that she didn't, something that made him so confident in the soldiers here, and especially in Val.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Sun Oct 23, 2005 11:29 pm

The shuttle landed a few hundred yards away from the supply cash that Val had told Zach, Ess, Han and the others about. Val and James stepped off first, they wanted to make sure they disabled the traps that had been set up before they risked anyone else coming off the shuttle. Once the traps were disabled, Val signaled for the others that it was safe to come off and headed into the small building, leaving James outside.

There was a single room with nothing all the walls or in the room. There was just a hatch that was locked with a combination pad.

Val knelt down and entered a thirteen digit pass code and the hatch hisses as the mechanical latches slowly unbolted. Val waited for the hatch and climbed in, sliding down the ladder. He hit the bottom with a thump and looked around. He felt on the wall for the switch and hit it. One by one rows of lights went on, revealing the cache that Val had spoken of. Everything was there, weapons and ammunition for Mobile suits, as well as infantry. Medical supplies and food and water, enough to last five days. Val looked around with a smile, remembering when they built this. He couldn't believe that it actually came in handy.

"Everything is all clear! Come on down at you're own leisure!"


Back at the base, radar had identified a shuttle landing in the area of the supply depot and an initial alarm had been sent until the shuttle was identified as the same one that picked up Val, James, and Lina. The man monitoring the station opened a communication link with the depot.


The phone on the wall near Val rang and Val picked it up.

"This is Val, go ahead"

"Sir, we picked you up coming in. Miss Takimi has returned from the hospital and is currently doing much better, she's resting in the medical facilities here, but she wishes to speak with you as soon as possible. She says that she has extremely important information that could save your life as well as the lives of those that are with you."

"Very well. I'll speak to her as soon as I can get the chance, for now tell her to just hold tight."

"Another thing Sir. Jyotika is hosting a hand to hand fighting tournament in the Sanc Kingdom. We're not sure what he's up to but he claims to be holding it as a peaceful contest in these times of uncertainty. Just thought you should know sir."

"Alright, thank you. I'll speak with everyone when we return to the base. Over and out."

Val hung up the phone and sighed, turning to the others that had followed him down to the supply room.

"Jyotika is hosting a hand to hand fighting tournament in Sanc Kingdom."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sun Oct 23, 2005 11:38 pm

Han looked confused as he strapped a handgun holster onto his leg. He had changed into civilian clothes before exiting the cockpit of his Taurus. Picking up a 9mm hand gun, checking the clip and then loading a round into the chamber, he slid it into the holster.

A tournement? Feh...what's that bastard up to?

Han shook his head as he took a belt and snapped it on and began loading up on ammo and grenades. Han looked over at Base.

Han - Base, go make sure the Taurus suits are prepped for battle.

Base - Yes, sir!

Han looked at Val as Base walked outside.

Han - Everyone needs to load up. We might be attacked at any second. If Jyotika is against you, he's probably monitoring anything that might have your name even remotely connected to it.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Sun Oct 23, 2005 11:50 pm

"You have a point there, but I don't think he'll know about this, most of my own people don't know about this place. But I can assure he knows the location of my main base. Though any attack he could launch should be able to be handled by the base defenses, especially with the two MS, if the two of you were back in Asia, if so, we’ll have no problem. Takimi is back at the base, and she claims to have some important information that could save all of our lives. So what's the next move sir?"

Val locked the hatch again as everyone exited with everything they needed. Val had grabbed himself a pair of Desert Eagles with several clips and grabbed a shotgun for James.

"Well we can safely head back to the base, they have a profile on the shuttle so anytime it lands there will be fine."

"Plus this information that Takimi has for us. Anything she has will be important, but this bit about saving all our lives, I think we need to hear that as soon as possible."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sun Oct 23, 2005 11:59 pm

They all moved back onto the shuttle. Han again let Val and James pilot the shuttle, they knew where the base was, he didn't. This time, however, he rode up with them. Base remained in the cockpit of his Taurus.

Han - When we get there, you need to go into a complete lock down, if you're base isn't already in one. Have every corner, every room, checked inch by inch. Even the ducts for heating and cooling. We want to be safe. Let's find out what Takimi has to say first and then plan from there.

Han then flipped a switch to open a communications channel to Base.

Han - Base, you'll remain with the shuttle. Protect it if there's any sort of attack. This is our way back to the Gilgamesh, don't let us lose our ride home.

Han thought it was odd that he had refered to the Gilgamesh as home, but thats what it had become within the last few days. Han then looked to Val and Base.

Han - Alright, let's move out.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Mon Oct 24, 2005 12:22 am

"Rodger that sir."

With that Val launched the shuttle and headed right for Antioch, radioing ahead that they were coming and to make sure everything was as it should be. The person he talked to assured him that nothing had happened since he left, save for the arrival of Takimi. After a very short ride, Val landed the shuttle in the landing pad that was sealed away in Antioch and once landing check was complete, the hanger doors shut tight. After climbing off the shuttle, Val went over to the intercom and turned it on.

"This is Val, as of right now, Antioch is now on a full red alert lock down. I want all turrets armed and on stand by and get my MS ready as well."

Val turned to Han and waved for everyone to follow him, James ran off to the hanger where Val's MS was kept to begin the check up. Val lead Han and the others to the Medical Rooms where Takimi was resting.

"Takimi, we don't have a lot of time, so you'll need to make this as quick as you can. What can you tell us about Jyotika?"

"Ka is coming after you"

"Who the hell is Ka and why is he coming for me?"

"Ka is the leader and absolute best fighter of Jyotika's elite ninja unit. You didn't know about them because you didn't ride in the passenger section when I took you to Jyotika's base, there was one in there. He was supposed to make sure nothing happened to me and to intimidate you. Ka was in the base in Asia Nation, he was in the hanger when you showed me the Hyperion."

"Well, this just keeps getting better and better doesn't it?"

"You've got to make sure that this place is complete sealed off"

"The Caligo Elites are already on that. Antioch is on complete lockdown and the Elites are going over Antioch inch by inch to make sure nothing is out of place."

"Well, Jyotika is hosting some sort of fighting tournament. But I think you know about that. And as of last time I was there, he had seven mass production MS factories up and running, with plans to reactivate another five or six."

Val groaned and looked over to Han.

"Anything else you'd like to know while we're here sir?"

Takimi looked from Val to this new man, Han, Val had called him. She was under the impression that Val was the leader, but he was addressing this man as a superior officer. She wasn't sure what to make of it, but she decided to not mention anything, at least not yet. She'd talk to Val in private later.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Mon Oct 24, 2005 10:12 am

Han noticed Takimi's look but didn't say anything. Han was too busy trying to think of some reason why Jyotika could be holding some tournament in the middle of this war. After several long minutes, he sighed then looked to Takimi.

Han - Forgive me for not introducing myself, my name is Commander Han Richards of the L3 Defense part of an allegiance with the Defenders.

Han made another sigh as he crossed his arms turning his attention to Val.

Han - I know this goes against my original plan, but we need to discover what Jyotika is planning. Furthermore, we'd probably be coming back here anyway. Why make two trips? I'll let Base know that we're staying a little while longer. See if you or your men can find out anything more about this tournament. We may need to enter it. I'll also contact Zach and inform him of the situation. Keep everyone on high alert.

Han turned to walk out but stopped and looked back.

Han - I don't mean to issue so many orders. I'm sure you can handle things form here. I'll be with Base and our mobile suits if you need me. Keep me informed.

Han then walked out of the room.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Mon Oct 24, 2005 10:38 am

Val smiled as Han left.

"I told you guys that during this operation. I'm a soldier, I can take orders just as well as i can give them."

Val turned back to Takimi who was looking at him, apparently confused.

"After we shot down the Aries back in Asia Nation, I contacted Zach and the Defenders about joining forces to put a stop to Jyotika's plans. We learned of his invasion of Sanc Kingdom just as the Defenders picked us up. We spent the last few hours in space trying to figure out what to do. Then we come back and find out he's holding a fighting tournament in the name a peace? I just don't get it."

"Why did you? Why did you help them? Was this the plan all along? Did you just lure Jyotika into thinking you were allies?"

"No, it was all genuine. I really did want an alliance with Jyotika. And I was going to give him everything I said I would, but he made one vita mistake. He turned on you. Not just that fact that it was you, although that helped. But if there's one thing that I can't stand, it's a leader that is willing to pointlessly sacrifice the lives of those who serve him. That's why I was so loyal to Lord Milliardo. There were next to no people that were sacrificed on his side at Libra. He has to be stopped, especially now that he's in Sanc Kingdom. Those people have done nothing to deserve whatever terror Jyotika will bring on them."

"You turned on Jyotika......for me?" Takimi's eyes widened and tears were visibly forming in her eyes. No one had done anything for her before, least of all risk their lives and the lives of those that served him, Takimi wasn't sure what to do.

"You need to get some more rest and I've got a lot of preparations to do. I'll be back as soon as I can to check up on you, until then, just promise me to get some rest alright?"

Val grinned, turned and left the room, leaving Takimi staring at the door, tears silently running down her cheek.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Mon Oct 24, 2005 8:55 pm

Han and Base sat in the cockpits of their mobile suits with their cockpit hatches open.

Base - What do you mean we're staying!

Han - Like I said, chances are, we'd be coming back. No need to take two trips.

Base - But didn't you say we should get out of here as fast as possible!?

Han closed his eyes and shook his head.

Han - Look Base, I know you want to get back up to the Gilgamesh and see Stacy, but right now we have a job to do. It'd be the same way if we we're still on L3. That's just the way it is.

Base grumbled to himself as he sat back in his pilot seat. He crossed his arms trying to savor whatever bit of defiance he could get.

Han - We'll probably be entering that martial arts tournament, too.

Base sat up in surprise.

Base - WHAT!? you know what kind of fighters are going to be at something like that?

Han - Good one's?

Base - YES! Very good ones!

Han - I think I'm missing your point...

Base - First off...this is Jyotika! He's crazy!

Han - No, he's calculative...that guy on the Gilgamesh...he's crazy.

Base - Second...he's obviously got some plan behind all of this...

Han - And what better way to find it out than to be there in person?

Base - Fine, what's your plan...fearless leader.

Han - I'm not fearless...I'm just not over reacting right now.

Base - Whatever...

Base again crossed his arms in defiance. It was the only thing he knew what to do at this moment. He didn't like Earth, it wasn't like the colonies or a space ship, where everything was set to a comfortable level. Being here surprisingly made him homesick.

Han - I'm still debating on exactly how to go about with that plan, I'm waiting until we hear back from the Defenders about the }{G.

Han went quiet as he began to think over his plan. Base was over reacting a little, but it was in good cause. No one knew exactly what Jyotika had up his sleeve, and it could be disasterous for everyone. Han sighed and took out the communicator that Kiyoshi had provided him. It was similar to an }{G communicator in that it's signal could easilly be transmitted over long distances, on an encrypted channel.

Han - Lisa, this is Han...we're staying down here for now. Tell Zach to contact us once he has met with the }{G...

Han then put his communicator away and closed his eyes.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Mon Oct 24, 2005 9:30 pm

Val walked in on Base and Han half way though their conversation.

"Indeed. The absolute best in the world will be there. And I'm going to be competing right along side with them. We need to get all the fighters we can in there. The more fighters we have, the better chance we have of getting what we can out of this. Besides, I've got a score to settle, and since this Ka character that Takimi warned us about hasn't shown up yet, I'm guessing he'll be in the tournament, waiting just for me. And I don't expect to let him down."

Val cracked his knuckles and looked back and forth between Base and Han.

"So will you two be joining me in the tournament? If so, I suggest that you follow me. We've got a lot of training to do and not that much time in which to do it."

Val turned and waved for them to follow him. Walking at a brisk pace Val led the pair to the officer training area.

The area was what every fighter could dream of. Training equipment of every kind. Several areas of training mats and a wrestling ring in the middle. Different melee weapons lined the wall, including Val's person katana, which he called Tokijin and his quarterstaff.

"I encourage you all to train as much as you like. Actually I wouldn’t mind stepping in the ring with one of you to see how we match up. Any takers?"

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Oct 25, 2005 6:11 pm

Han was the first to ride the zip line down from his Taurus and follow Val. Base remained in the cockpit of his for a little while longer, wishing he was back up at the Gilgamesh. Base rode the zip line down slowly. At this moment he was doubting himself. He was a pilot, not some martial artist. Sure, he and Eota had took a lot of classes back on L3 when they were younger, but they certainly not masters. Because of the rush to get pilots, a lot of the training was dropped, and one of those was hand to hand combat. Han was a combat veteran, and Base could tell that he was even aprehnsive about all of this. Unlike Han, however, Base was trying to avoid the situation, instead of just facing it.

Base walked a distance behind Han and Val. Base again wanted to complain about how he didn't like Earth. The gravity was a little different, the air was different, everything was different. Whoever said the Colonies were supposed to mimic Earth, must have no realized how much of a poor imitation they were, but still Base preferred it. Base was angry, Eota should be down here, if only to give him support. He was too used to Eota watching his back in fights, whether it be in a mobile suit or not. Finally, he caught up to Val and Han in the officer training area.

Val - I encourage you all to train as much as you like. Actually I wouldn’t mind stepping in the ring with one of you to see how we match up. Any takers?

Han - Base...your up.

Base jumped from his mind being off of the situation at hand, then glared at Han.

Base - What!?

Han - You're younger than me, you'll need the most training...though I'm wondering if this is the best option.

Base - You're rethinking all of this already?

Han - As both you and Val indicated, the best fighters around the world and the colonies will be at this tournement. No reason why we should get ourselves beat to a bloody pulp. We could sneak around during the tournement, see what we can uncover.

Base - Oh great! So you want to pull a Solid Snake now!?

Han - A what?

Base shook his head, as he turned to look around the room some more. Looking at all of the weapons and equipment, Base was impressed.

Base - It's a reference to a classic video game series...

Han - Ah...sounds dirty...anyway...we should be prepared atleast...what do you think Val?

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Tue Oct 25, 2005 10:05 pm

Val nodded.

"We can't exactly go charging in there in Mobile Suits, and unless you have the equipment to cloak them from sight and radar, people will know that the suits are there. There's no way that Sanc Kingdom won't have the ability to track suits. So any Mobile Suit support would probably have to wait outside radar range, or Jyotika could easily claim that we're there to invade. What other reason could there be for people to bring Mobile Suits to a "peaceful" fighting tournament? So, everyone is going to need to be prepared to fight without a Mobile Suit should the need arise. Though that doesn't necessarily mean hand to hand. Though I personally believe everyone should be able to hold their own in any field of combat, because you never know what situation you'll find yourself in tomorrow."

Val turned and slid under the bottom rope and into the ring. He stood up and fell back against the ropes, letting them bounce him forward.

"The real problem is these ninjas of Jyotika's. They are bound to be posted all around Sanc Kingdom. And, like Han said, ninjas are supposed to be some of the best fighters of all time. I've heard the stories as well, and frankly....." Val took a deep breath, held it for a second then let it out"I don't think there'd be much of a chance for either of you to stand up against them in unarmed combat. Hell, I don't think I could."

Val leaned back and used the ropes to do a few stretches, then turned and looked down at Base and Han.

"You're in command though Han, the final decision is up to you. I can only tell you what I think, and well I already have."


James was in the hanger going over the check list for the Maganac. Everything was in order and checked off. They were ready to go at a moments notice. After checking over everything again, James headed to the back of the hanger, where the unfinished Hyperion was temporarily being held, until it could be moved back to the area that it was being constructed in. James smiled as he looked at the Hyperion. It was his dream to be recognized as a man that could stand on equal ground with the five Gundam scientists. And while he was happy that for a time there was no need for his expertise, he new it couldn't last. As long as there are people, there will be war and a need for people like himself, Val, Han, and Base. James let out a sign and headed over to the Hyperion.

"Might as well see if I can do anything to further you along."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Wed Oct 26, 2005 7:25 pm

Han looked to Val and made a slight nod as he thought of his plan.

Han - We all don't need to enter the tournament. We should split up into three separate teams. Alpha Team will be the team that enters the tournament. Who knows how many members we'll have in that, atleast one of them should be you Val. Beta Team will sneak around during the tournament, try to uncover Jyotika's secret plot...if there's not one, and the bastard's being honest, we'll try and uncover whatever we can on Jyotika and his organization. Gamma Team will be the Cavalry. They'll wait just outside of radar range with their mobile suits. If things turn to the worst, they can come in and save our asses. We'll have to wait until we find out from Zach what's going on with everyone else. The member's of the }{G are highly trained in combat.

Han began to walk off. Han waved slightly.

Han - Val you can beat up on Base for awhile if you want. I'm going to go try and coordinate things a little bit more.

Han walked out of the officer's training area.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Wed Oct 26, 2005 8:48 pm

"Three teams huh? Sounds good to me. I'll take lead of Alpha team. And well I have no one that would be good for Beta, and the H-G pilots are bound to be a lot better than the few that I have, even thou they are good, I doubt they'd come close to besting the H-G. If the pilots in the H-G are as good as you say they are."

Val let out a laugh, that statement was half serious and half a joke. Val knew the H-G were good, just about everyone knew that, but no one outside the H-G was exactly sure how good they were. Val took of his trench coat, shirt, boots and socks and tossed them over the top ring as Base climbed the stairs and stepped between the second and third ring rope. Val wasn't exactly the buffest man on the face of the planet, but he was far from the skinniest. Val was actually built about the same as Base but had a bit more muscle on him. Seeing this obviously gave Base a bit more of a confidence boost. From the looks of it, Val determined that Base was expecting him to be built like a monster truck.

"You can go barefoot if you wish, or you can keep you boots on, doesn't bother me either way. And go ahead and make the first move while you're at it."

Val grinned and turned to the right side slightly, putting his left foot out in front and his right foot behind him. Val let his right arm hang limp at his side and extended his left arm out almost all the way and held an open palm towards Base. Without missing a beat, Base lunged forward, pulling his right arm back then throwing it towards Val with was looked like all of his might to Val.

Val extended his left arm and forced his palm to hit Base's fist, knocking the fist up just ever so slightly. As soon as Val felt the two hands collide, he leaned back on his right foot and thrust his left leg out, catching Base in the side with the flat of his foot. Base stumbled to the side, not fazed much by the kick. 'So, he can take a little more damage than it looks like he can. That's a good thing.' Val thought. Base blinked and looked into Val's eyes, which were now cold and calculating, much different from the light of life that they had been holding since Val first meet with Zach, Ess and the others at the landing site.

Val lunged forward into a slide tackle, which Base easily jumped over and on his way down Base brought a closed fist down onto Val right shoulder, tipping Val to the right slightly. Val used the momentum to the right the Base created to bring his left fist around into the side of Base's face. Val was knocked flat on his back from Base’s shot, and Base was knocked off to the left. Val was up a few seconds before Base and used the time to run in the opposite direction and use the ropes as a momentum gather. By the time Base stood up Val was running back at him with his right arm outstretched, planning on a classic clothesline. Base ducked just in time and Val arm missed his head by mere centimeters. Base turned around just in time to see the Val had once again used the rope, only this time as a spring board. Val was currently flying directly towards Base’s chest, shoulder first. This time there was nothing Base could do but take the hit, which sent him stumbling back a few feet. Val dropped to his hands and knees as stood up once again, grinning at Base, who was obviously getting angry at not quiet being able to keep up with Val.

"Don’t worry buddy, things will all come together in time."

Base shook his head and lunged forward again, this time extending his right leg out in an attempt to catch Val on the side. Val saw it coming and stepped into the kick and used his left arm to pin Base’s leg against his side. Val quickly thrust his right fist into Base’s gut, forcing Base to lean forward a bit. Val leaned forward as well and wrapped his right arm around Base’s neck. Val let out a breath, bent at the knees and with all his might, lifted base over his head, and fell backwards, there was a loud echoing thump as the area just below Base’s neck hit the mat. Val quickly let go of Base’s leg and neck and used his arms to pop back to a standing position as Base unfolded onto the mat. Val jumped onto the second rope and used it as a spring board to launch himself back at Base. Val extended his elbow but Base managed to roll out of the way in time, so Val connected with nothing but the hard mat. Base quickly scrambled to his feet and backed off a few steps. Val remained on the mat for a few seconds and rolled onto his back. Base came at Val, swinging his foot at his downed opponent, connecting directly on the right side of the rib cage of Val. Val rolled to the left as a result and used the momentum to spin into a kneeling position. Val let out a few coughs as he clutched his side and looked at Base, who seamed to be please with his fighting so far.

"You’re not doing too badly Base. Better than I expected you to."

"Maybe you’re just not as good as you think you are. Did that thought ever cross your mind?"

"Nope, because I know how good I am, and if you’d like me to prove it, I can finish this up in a matter of seconds. If you’d like me to stop playing around that is."

"We don’t have time to play around, every seconds we can get counts!"

"You’re right, I apologize. Now, time to turn up the heat!"

Val jumped to his feet and rushed Base, putting his open right palm on Base’s chest and slamming his closed left fist into the side of Base’s face. Before Base could react, Val clenched his right hand into a fist and slammed it into Base’s gut, then bounced back a few steppes as Base fell to his knees, clutching his gut. After a few seconds, Base stood back up, determined not to lose, at least not so badly. Val waved Base over, but Base stood there for a few seconds, trying to get at least a general idea of what to expect when they collided next time. Base lunged at Val again, this time trying to grab him around the waist. Val back peddled so Base fell a little short and hooked his right arm around Base’s right arm. Val pulled Base up into a standing position and moved behind him and hooked his left arm with Base’s left arm. Val pushed forward with all his weight and the two locked combatants tumbled forward just as Val had hopped they would. While they were falling, Val extended his legs out and around to they were in front of Base, then he hooked his feet around so they were caught against the back of Base’s knees. Once the two combatants stopped rolling, Val used his hand to push off of Base’s back and reach up and grabbed Base around the neck, but not strangling him.

"Goitsu Style, Ball Snake Hold."

Slowly he extended his arms, which forced Base’s arms to move up, in the direction they weren’t supposed to go. Base let out a yell of pain and Val let go of Base’s neck and unhooked his arms and legs.

"That’s game. If I went any further, you’d have two broken arms right now."

Val smiled and extended his hand out to help Base up. Base took Val’s hand and allowed himself to be helped to his feet. On the way up, Base looked into Val’s eyes, they were back to the way they had been. Bright, warm and friendly.

"Well, I have to thank you for not breaking my arms, but did you have to use such a good move, I mean you even said the name of it. What’s that, like a signature move or something?"

"Nah, that’s just a Judo hold. Be glad I didn’t you the Hell Drop or Cannon Driver on you. Those would have knocked you out of commission, maybe permanently."

Val let out a laugh and dropped to the mat, and rolled out beneath the bottom rope. Base laughed as well.

"I wasn’t joking."

Base swallowed hard and whipped his arm across his forehead.

"Maybe…maybe you could teach me some moves?"

Val smiled and turned back to face Base, who was now leaning on the ropes, breathing hard.

"Sure, but right now, lets get a drink. ‘Cause I don’t know about you, but I’m thirsty as hell."

Val picked up his cloths, pulled his shirt over his head, put his boots and sock back on and waved for Base to follow him.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Wed Oct 26, 2005 9:50 pm

James was alone in the room with the Hyperion. He had just received word that they were ready to move the Hyperion back to the construction area, so there was a team of mechanics setting things up in the construction area and there was a team preparing to move the Hyperion once they received word that the construction area was ready to receive the Hyperion. For the moment, James sat staring into the face of the Hyperion, locking eyes with it. It gave James a slight chill every time he did that. Knowing that he was looking into the eyes of a monster, a monster that he was building. But he was proud of his work and hoped that he would get to complete it. James knew that Val was hoping the Hyperion would get finished as well, but for a different reason. James wanted to take his place among the great Gundam Scientists, Val wanted to take his place among the Gundam Pilots. A group of mechanics entered the room with all the necessary equipment to safely move the Hyperion back to the construction area.

"James, sir, we're ready to move the Hyperion back to the construction area. We've just received word that they're ready for the Hyperion."

"Alright boys and girls, lets get this thing loaded up and back to the construction area. The sooner we get her there, the sooner we can get back to work on her, and we all know how much we love that."

Several of the mechanics gave cheers and the ones that didn't clapped. It was true that they all actually loved working on the Hyperion. And now they could all work on it again.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Thu Oct 27, 2005 12:56 pm

It took a while but eventually James and his teams of mechanics got the Hyperion back to the construction area. After making sure the Hyperion had made the trip with no ill effect James and the mechanics set back to work on it, they still had a long way to go before it was going to be finished. After a few hours of work, James left the mechanics to do what they do best, and headed to Val's office. After knocking, James pushed open the door and saw that Val wasn't there. Shrugging, James decided to check the two other places where Val could be, the training area and the officers club.

James headed to the training area first. It was empty, but there was signs that there had been recent activity there. So James turned off the lights, Val wasn't good at doing that when he left places, and headed for the officers club. Sure enough Val was there at the bar, but what surprised James was the fact that Base was there as well. Val had the usual in front of him, a scotch on the rocks and a Warstimer beer. Base just had a large glass of ice water, which he was holding to his face.

"So, you had a go at Base in the ring I see? So what's ya use? Nothing too dangers I hope."

"Ball Snake Hold."

James looked over to Base who said two simple words in response.

"It hurt."

Both James and Val laughed, Base even let out a slight chuckle. James ordered himself the usual drink, a Budweiser and sat down next to Val.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sat Oct 29, 2005 8:38 pm

Han walked into the officers club. His arms were crossed and eyes closed.

Han - You're finishing the Gundam?

Han leaned against a wall across from the three men. Base looked at James and Val.

Base - Gundam!? You have one too!?

Han opened his eyes.

Han - I just got a report from Zach. Stacy has left for L3 to build a Gundam for Kiyoshi Kazami. Also, L3 has become the home of another dangerous faction, known as the Fre Faction. Their leader released a video when he took power. It shows Kiyoshi in his younger years as a murderer. Some girl. MO-V, the home of the }{G was attacked by the Fre Faction. The new reports from L3 claim that a Gundam attacked the Fre Faction, and the }{G's warship...Pegasus, rammed itself through the docking bay of L3 Prime. The Fre Faction has gone into hiding, and the }{G has gone silent.

Base - Stacy went to go build a Gundam!? What about the Cygnus.

Han - It is the Cygnus. Because of the data she gathered from the Epiphany, she decided to build a Gundam instead. She believes Kiyoshi needs a symbol, and that the Gundam's are symbols. She left after the battle on it wasn't Kiyoshi or the Cygnus in battle. Someone else has a Gundam.

Base - Stacy went to L3 alone...that's dangerous.

Han - Eota is with her. He'll protect her.

Base closed his eyes. He felt better knowing his best friend was protecting Stacy. There were very few Base trusted his own life with, Eota was one of them. Han looked at everyone sitting with deep concern.

Han - It would appear, Earth is not the only location heating up, but I'm worried now. I haven't heard the name 'Fre' in years...and that name can lead to no good.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Sat Oct 29, 2005 9:08 pm

Val and James looked at one another. Val looked to Base and nodded.

"Well, we have a Gundam, well it's an in-progress project. During the whole Libra incident, we had people scanning and collecting data on all the suits that were there. And the main targets of our scanners, as you can guess, were Heero Yuy's Wing Zero, Duo Maxwell's Deathscyth Hell, Trowa Barton's Heavy Arms, Quarta Winner's Sand Rock, Chang Wufei's Altron, Lord Treize's Tallgeese and Lord Milliardo's Epyon. We collected tons of data and began constructing a Gundam of our own, in blue prints only. We've kept it a big secret because, well, you know why, there wasn't a need for one. Originally it never made it past the blue prints, and after Libra was finished we didn't intend to build it. But then Treize's daughter made her move, so we began actual construction of it."

"After the Wing Zero, Deathscyth Hell, Heavy Arms, Sand Rock, Altron, Tallgees and the Taurus put an end to that affair, we again stopped construction of the Hyperion. But now, with the mad rush for everyone to arm themselves, we figured it'd be a good idea to complete construction on it. We no longer have the man power or resources that we had when we worked under White Fang, but we are still attempting to finish it, it's just taking a lot longer than we thought it would. Val, should we show them?"

Val nodded and threw back the last of his drink.

"Come on guys, follow me. James, you had best come to."

Val and James led Han and Base to the construction area where the Hyperion was still under construction. The head was complete, but that was it. Most of the body was still being put together. The limbs were also under major construction. Each piece, the head, the body, the right arm, the left arm, the right leg and the left leg were set apart from each other and each had a team of people working on it, yelling back and fort over the sounds of the machines.

"I was hoping to use the money and man power than Jyotika had to finish construction, but I terminated that awful alliance before Jyotika could even learn that I was building it. So that's another thing we have to our advantage. Zach has a Gundam, and you Kiyoshi is building one, and if this ever gets finished, we'll have three Gundams to combat Jyotika."

Val turned to face Han.

"You said something about a battle on L3. Between the }{G and the "Fre Faction". I can assume that the Gundam you spoke of was the Deathscyth X? But what about this Fre Faction? I've never heard of them. James?"

James thought for a few seconds and shook his head.

"Nope, haven't heard of them either. But the Deathscyth X, that I've heard of, only rumors though. I'd like to get some data from that. If we could, that'd really help with the construction of the Hyperion."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sat Oct 29, 2005 10:18 pm

Base looked up at wonderment at the Hyperion. It was young enthusiasm perhaps. Han crossed his arms again and took in a deep breath. After letting it out, he began his story.

Han - The Fre Faction, I don't actually know, but...many years ago...I did know of the Fre Foundation. Back then, I was one of the best pilots on L3. The Fre Foundation had recently, and secretly, moved in on L3 Prime. A man by the name of Raphael Winson contacted me. He said that he had an offer I couldn't refuse. He was right.

Han closed his eyes remembering that day.

Han - I was young, money was very tempting at the time, so I agreed. They showed me the data to an experiment, an experiment that was supposed to change the course of history. The Fre Foundation wanted control over both Earth and the Colonies. Their plan was to create a super soldier using research tha OZ had conducted. OZ's research created the pilot Cloud Strife. You may have heard of him. He was one of the best to ever existand led the }{G. The Fre Foundation had obtained this research and left over genetic material from Cloud. They used this to make a child of their own, they named him...Kiyoshi.

Han opened his eyes and turned his head to looked at Val, James, and Base.

Han - I wasn't there for his creation or his birth. I watched him grow. The boy had no true father, no true mother. From the day he was born, his mind was in a near constant state of hypnosis, preparing him for battle. They tried to program him like a robot. I didn't know this at the time. Anytime I would see him, he seemed like a normal kid...that was until I was called back to begin his training as a mobile suit pilot. This was when the Fre Foundation learned that their conditioning had a flaw. Kiyoshi should have openly accepted to pilot a mobile suit. He didn't, he refused, but once we did get him into the cockpit...he changed. Any order issued to him by a commanding officer was performed near perfectly. However, the Fre Foundation still believed that there was potential for improvement. They noted that a person fought better if they had something or someone to fight for. The daughter of the Fre Foundation's leader...Fiona Fre, agreed to be that someone.

Han reached into his back pocket and took out his wallet. He pulled an old wrinkled photo out of one of the sleeves in the wallet. The picture showed a young Kiyoshi, his eyes are warm, and the large smile on his face clearly isn't forced. Standing beside him is a girl about the same age, she has a smile, but if one looked closely, the eyes hint at something wicked, and behind both of them stood a younger Han.

Base - Kiyoshi isn't wearing sunglasses.

Han shook his head as he put the picture back into his wallet and returned the wallet back to his pocket.

Han - He didn't need them back then. He did not need to try and hide from the world. At that time, he didn't know that he was nothing but a puppet to a secret organization, nor to the girl that he loved. I tried to get Kiyoshi to open up about all of this back on L3, acting like I didn't know all that I do, but it didn't help. He still holds back the pain that he felt. You see, Kiyoshi did perform better. He was the perfect soldier, but that was only if you put his love in danger. His mind also began to resist the hypnotic conditioning, the puppet was becoming free from the puppeteers. I stumbled upon all of these facts one day when I got lost in one of their bases on L3. Some technician had left some information about Kiyoshi as an experiment on a computer, and I began to read it, but there's one thing about snooping that always holds true. It might be later than it is sooner, but you will always eventually get caught.

Han went into a flashback as he continued to tell Val, James, and Base his story.

~Flash Back~
Han sat at a computer and glared at the screen.

Han - They've been using both me and Kiyoshi!? Those bastards.

Ronald Fre, the leader of the Fre Foundation, drew a gun and put it to Han's head.

Ronald - Indeed, Leutinant Han Richards. You've both have performed very well.

Han narrowed his eyes as Ronald began to laugh.

Ronald - Perhaps you would like to know more about our little puppet that we call "Kiyoshi"?

Han - Hmph...why is it mad men always like to talk so much?

Ronald - Because, Leutinant, we like to remind ourselves of how genius we really are. Now, please do stand and come with me.

Han stood, was handcuffed, and then was lead to a lab. In this lab there were several scientists and four large tanks with embryo's in them. Han looked around glaring and then stopped as he saw the embryo's.

Ronald - Say hello to Kiyoshi's younger brothers.

Han - You're producing more!?

Ronald - Of'd be rather foolish to have a force of only one super soldier...wouldn't it?

Han glared at Ronald and clenched his fist tightly.

Han - This is wrong! We shouldn't be creating life like this!

Ronald - This is wrong!? I'll tell you what's have a brilliant mind snatched out of existance because of some rare genetic disease! You see the secondary purpose of this is to eradicate that disease from my body and that of my daughters.

Fiona Fre then stepped through a sliding door and walked up to them.

Fiona - It wouldn't be long before someone found out the truth.

Fiona walked up to one of the tanks and ran her hand down it as she stared at the embryo.

Fiona - Do you think I will get to play girlfriend with these as well, father?

Han - What!? You're using Kiyoshi too!

Fiona looked at Han in disgust.

Fiona - Do you think I could honestly love 'him'!? He is nothing but a tool for the empire I will one day rule. Isn't that right, father?

Ronald - Yes, my daughter.

Fiona doesn't see her father glare at her, because she turned to look at the embryo's again, but Han saw it.

Fiona - Kiyoshi is just a foolish puppet. No one could ever honestly love someone like him. His life has been nothing but we've given to him. Whether that be his food, his clothing, his home, his mission, or my body. Everything is to make him be the perfect soldier for the Fre Foundation, and soon, because of him, we shall have a cure for our disease.

Han - You people are monsters! I haven't heard of anything so wrong in my life.

Ronald - Fiona,...please leave us. Why don't you go make Kiyoshi think you love him some more, since our dear friend, Leutinant Richards dislikes it so much.

Ronald smiled evilly and Fiona returned the same smile before leaving the lab. Han glared at her as she left.

Ronald - You are right about how evil and wrong I am. How horrible am I, since I am plotting the death of my own daughter?

Han - You become worse and worse the more you speak.

Ronald - She is a threat to me, I already know she is planning my own demise, but with the data in this very room, I can have my daughter back, but better. Do you know what the best part about my plan is...I will make it seem like Kiyoshi murdered her. We no longer need him, these four will be his successors. He has served his purpose, and provided plenty of data. Once we commit the act, I will go forth into L3 and act like an upset father, trying to find the murderer of his daughter. Kiyoshi will be sentenced to death, and that will be the end of that.

Han - You're a bastard, Fre!

Han struggled to get out of his handcuffs, as Ronald glared at Han.

Ronald - You see, Leutinant, I don't like to have blood on my own hands. It was a pleasure knowing you, but I must have you killed now.

Ronald looked at two guards and they moved in and grabbed Han.

Ronald - Take him away. Put a bullet in his head and send the body out in a mobile suit...I think that will make a perfect casket for our dear Leutinant.

Han - You'll pay for this Fre! You hear me!

Han was escorted out of the lab, but when the guards opened the doors they ran into Fiona Fre.

Guard1 - Ms. Fiona! What are you doing here.

Fiona - I...I came back to ask my father something...

Guard2 - You shouldn't be here, please return to your room.

Fiona - Yes...I think that would be a good idea...

Fiona looked into Han's eyes, and Han could tell she had heard her father's words. The Guards took Han to a hanger in the Fre Foundation's base.

Guard1 - On your knees!

Han smirked with his back to the two Guards.

Han - Nah...sorry...I can't.

Guard1 - I said on your knees!

Han - See, I don't get on my knees unless a lady tells me too...but...

Han quickly jumped and spin kicked the first Guard in the head. When he landed he ran and slammed his shoulder into the chest of the second guard who started to draw his gun.

Han - you two do look like a couple of bitches, but nah...still can't...

Han smirked and then ran out of the hanger. He ran and ran as an alarm started to sound. Han then ducked into a small office. Opening up a drawer with his mouth he found a paper clip and used it to pick the lock on the handcuffs and free his hands. He then accessed the computer and put all the information about Kiyoshi on a data disk. Then he made his way out to escape from the base.

~End Flashback~

Han - I couldn't tell Kiyoshi myself. So I left the data disk at his home so he would find it. He did. The next thing I knew was that both Fiona Fre and Ronald Fre, and the Fre Foundation bases were all destroyed, and Kiyoshi disappeared. I learned after that he joined up with the }{G and was fighting along side Cloud.

Han made a deep and heavy sigh.

Han - I don't know who has brought back the name 'Fre', but this won't lead to anything good.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Sat Oct 29, 2005 10:57 pm

James stared at Han with his eyes wide and his mouth wide open. He couldn't believe it. Someone was actually creating genetically superior super soldiers. All of this just came in one giant wave, James’s mind couldn't comprehend it all. James staggered back a few steps and fell into a seat, still staring at Han with unblinking eyes.

" can't be serious? How....why would someone do that? There's too many warriors as it is. We don't need better ones!"

James didn't want, need, or expect an answer from Han. James turned back to look at the unfinished Hyperion. It looks like they were going to need it now. Before it was just in case, but that was all out the window now, it was a whole new ball game. James turned back to look at Han for a seconds then turned his attention to Val. Val had his head lowered, hanging down, staring at the ground. Both his fists were clenched tightly. When he spoke, his voice was full of anger, full of rage and hatred for those that could so easily use and throw away human life as if it were nothing but a cheep toy.

"Those....Those bastards. How could you mess with life like that? Just play with it like it's nothing? Human life is a precious gift that we all have and we all lose. There is no point to fucking with something so precious!"

Val raised his head, his eyes were ablaze with new found anger and rage that he intended to direct right at those that could do such a thing. Val closed his eyes, unclenched his fists and took a deep breath.

"Tell me Han, what became of this Fre and his daughter? Surely they're not still alive are they? How could people allow them to be? How could Kiyoshi stand this? He must be even strong than the rumors about him say. Anyone I know would have cracked under the weight of something like that. You said the }{-G has gone silent, where are they?"

Val turned and looked to the Hyperion. Usually a smile would come to his face whenever he looked at it, but not this time. This time it was different, Val now needed it. There was no way he could stand up to a perfect soldier without the Hyperion. Val knew he was a good pilot, but he also knew he was far from the best.

"James, I want all manpower that can be spared moved to finishing the Hyperion. Anyone with mechanical skills should be put to work on the actual suit, those that don't can do all the running around for supplies and other various things, so that the mechanics don't have to do that. And I want it done yesterday."

James jumped out of the seat, with a sudden straight face and saluted.

"Sir, yes sir!"

James turned and ran off towards the Hyperion barking orders at the mechanics that were actually working on the Hyperion. They quickly dropped what they were doing, grabbed tools and hurried over to the parts they were scheduled to work on.

"Jyotika is one thing, but even he isn't messing around with shit like this. Once we're done with Jyotika, we need to make a move against the Fre Faction. What they did just isn't acceptable, and they need to pay.....with their lives."

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