The Battle of Thermopylae - 2010 (Interest check)

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Well, for all those that aren't familiar with The Battle of Thermopylae, it's the battle that inspired the movie 300 Spartans and the graphic novel 300 which would later be made into a feature film as well as countless other stories, movies, and media portraying the battle in their own way. Well, this here is another retelling. It's probably been done before, but it'd be the tale of the 300 Spartans in the modern world.

I haven't fleshed out the actual story behind this one, but I want it to be close to the real thing but unique in it's own way. There will only be the 300 Spartans and their enemies in order to keep it simple. The story will likely pick up right before the three day battle which this is based on. For now I just want to see who would be interested in this and if anyone would be able to offer some more ideas. For the most part, I have:

The Spartans - A division of well trained special forces operatives formed to combat threats around the world. Power hungry dictators, aggressive nations, and terrorist organizations. There will be several teams named after different real-life combatants. Specifically, the team that will become the 300. They will be called Leonidas squadron, named after the real-life Leonidas.

The Persian Empire (Name to be changed) - A political/military force that currently controls the middle east, parts of Africa, and some parts of China, Tibet, and currently trying to expand to the western world. They are named because of where they were founded. Iran, in the areas that used to be part of the ancient Persian Empire. The Spartans were sent in to stop them at all costs. A better description coming soon.

There is more to come, but for now I'm looking for interest and suggestions to make things better. This will likely be a forum RP since RPing a three day battle in the chat doesn't seem like it would work well.
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I've come up with other names for Spartan teams/platoons that would ultimately join the 300 for the battle for whatever reasons. They are as follows;

Leonidas team, Demophilus team, Herodotus team, Diodorus team, and Pausanias team for now. I'm still working on the story for how things go down, but I have a little something for the setting. Thermoplylae, Greece is of course the setting in an alternate-reality, though most things are the same as our world with some major differences. The site of the battle is a port just outside of the actual city, the loss of said city to the invading forces would be the nail in the coffin to efforts to keep the war from escalating any further than it has. The Persian would be coming by boat and on foot from several directions until reaching the pass or gate that is protected by the 300 Spartans.

More to come once I think of it. Any suggestions, feel free to post them, as well as any ideas you may have to make this better.
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