The Power

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The Power

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The flames on the driver side of Cleopatra's car were immensely intense, and emitting a magnificent flash. Cleopatra looked back at her still unconscious brother, freightened like she had never been before as her eyes made a quick dash to the flames that had now begun to touch her own car. She could feel it was getting hot, quick. She swiveled back around and continued banging on the back window of her car, screaming. Her fear was growing by the second.

Arina sprinted as fast as her legs would carry her, ducking under flames as she evaded the burns that threatened her bare skin. She raised an arm over her mouth as she squinted her eyes to see – god it was hot. Finally, she reached the car, placing her hands on the window – staring in to see a panicked girl along with her unconscious brother.

She made a few motions to her before trying to pull on the door handle, a small scream sounded from her lips as her hand recoiled and she tried to soothe the burn which was now forming on her palm – the door was far too hot.

She took a deep breath in, trying to limit her inhalation of smoke before she motioned for Cleopatra to get back, “Get away from the window!”

She held her breath while drawing her arm back, releasing a swift blow to the window – which did nothing other than create a small opening and cut her wrist. She hissed in pain as she inspected the now bloody limb… that was stupid.

The smoke was burning her eyes and she could feel them watering due to the pain – her lungs were aching from all the smoke and the world was starting to spin. She gripped the car with her free hand – trying to keep her balance.

“This isn’t good,” she murmured more to herself.

Cleopatra let out the faintest smile possible as she took notice of the girl who had ran over to her. She didn't know her name, but had seen her a few times before. She watched in a frenzy as the girl made her way to the side of her car with the flames. She yelled out to the girl.."My doors are jammed and my car won't start. Hurry!", she said manically. Cleopatra kept a keen eye on the girl as she reached out her hand to open the door. Cleo waved her hands trying to get her not to.

Unfortunately, the girl didn't notice and burnt her hand, badly. The heat and smoke was more intense now. The girl was trying to save them, desperately it seemed, but her attempts seemed futile. And she was only causing more harm to herself. Cleopatra winced as she took notice of the girls admirable attempt to break the window, only to futher injure herself, leaving a small smear of blood on it. "Oh god...are you okay?", Cleo said to the girl through the glass in a worried tone. She could see the situation was only getting worse and soon, all three of them would need saving.

Adaline's gaze fell upon one of the cars. She could make out faces inside. She squinted, trying to see inside from her spot. There was a girl banging on the window, screaming. She bolted over, beginning to panic. However, another girl beat her there. Adaline watched as she attempted to break the window. She parted her lips to protest when she drew her fist back but before she could say anything, the deed was done. “Are you okay? “She steadied her gently, taking her shoulder. "Let's try to find something to break the window with besides our fists."

Her head was already reeling from nausea that had plagued her since the moment she woke up and the smoke was not doing much to help. She waved it out of her face, coughing as she struggled to think of something helpful. Her eyes darted frantically as she searched the area for something that could work. She could feel the oppressive heat against her cheeks as the flames seemed to grow stronger, flickering like the malicious tongue of a snake poised to strike.

That's when she felt a sudden cool rush of air in the palms of her hands. It felt as if the all the air in the sky was being collected into her hands. There was a flash of blue from her hands and then the cracking sound of something against the window filled through the air. A small circle of ice had hit against the window and began to expand throughout the entirety of the window, crawling on to the car door as well.

Adaline could only stare in shock. She reminded herself that people were in danger and glanced at the other girl. "I don't really know what happened but it should be easier to break now.”

Had Arina been feeling 100%, she would have had a bigger reaction than a simple raise of the eyebrows when she saw the girl ice the door - however, the smoke was causing her vision to blur. She turned so her back was on the door and sighed - it was hot, she was tired and she was almost sure she wasn't going to last much longer. With a small groan she looked at the girl beside her, "You've got this right?" and with that she slid down the door and onto the ground, blinking to keep herself conscious.

Kelsey startled as an explosion sounded in the parking lot and set three cars on fire. In her shock she'd jumped nearly two metres backwards. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Arina running towards one of the cars, then pulling on the door handle and recoiling. Now she was gesturing to the window. Someone was inside?

"Get away from the window!"

Someone was inside. Kelsey felt sick. They'd be cooked alive in a metal oven. She reached into her pocket– where was her phone? Back at the frat house, probably. It looked like calling 911 was out of the question.

Kelsey ran over to the car instead, faster than she'd ever had in her life. She barely had time to register Arina slumping to the ground and another girl standing beside the car window (which was frosted over?) before she was next to her.

Cleopatra took her eyes off her brother to see a young brunette girl coming to she and her brother's aid. She couldn't really make out a smile, but found it fortunate that she girl had come to Arina's aid after her futile attempts to open the door and break the window. A blast of the flames seemed to spark a reaction in the girl and herself, who to Cleo's amazement, had somehow managed to conjure a frost over the window and over part of the door. How in the hell did she do that?, Cleo thought to herself. Under normal circumstances she would have been fascinated, but the sudden action only made her even more freightened. And of course the flames had only gotten worse.

Cleo could feel herself palipating as her fear nearly reached a peak. She had her hands clasped together over her chest as a futile effort to calm herself down.

The situation was quickly spiraling out of control. Mike was wrong, they’d need more then lots of drugs to fix this situation. That was saying something considering Floyd thought intoxication to be an answer to most of life’s problems ranging from boredom to staying awake in his math class. One minute the parking lot was full of tired students getting ready to go to class or attempting to recover from their hangovers. The next it was pure chaos with people running in every direction, the explosion had set of a chain reaction. Nearby cars were catching on fire, and eventually exploding themselves so things were rapidly getting worst.

"What did you guys do!? Floyd had no idea who was tossing accusations at him, but he just knew he had nothing to do with the scene taking place. Sure he sold lots of drugs, did lots of drugs did drove extremely intoxicated, committed theft here and there, took part in a few credit part scheme’s, and a lot of crime’s but terrorism was like crack, meth, and heroin something he never wanted to try.

“Hold up why do you think..” He turned around to see my accuser only to smile. The attractive girl from last night who’d twerked on me for quite a while. “Wooahh Adaline!!!Before he had time to talk to her she was running off towards some car that had caught on fire.

“YO THIS GIRL IS STUCK IN THE CAR ON FIRE BRO HOLY SHIT BRO SHES ABOUT TO GET FUCKED UP!!!!” Some frat guy was yelling at the top of his lungs about some girl that was about to get burned alive. Turning his attention to Adaline and another girl he watched as they tried to open the door of one of the burning cars. Getting a closer look he noticed a girl and another person inside. Fuck I have to do something or there gonna fucking die!

"Shit!!" He didn't have time to just watch he had to act now if he was planning on preventing the girl stuck in that car from burning alive. He rushed over to the vehicle and not even seeing the door getting frozen seemed to phase him. Any other time seeing something like that would have him staring in awe but not now. With a strength he didn't know he had he pulled the iced door completly off it's hinges. Tossing the door aside he quickly noticed a second person in the vehicle who seemed to be unconscious. "GET OUT THE CAR!!!" He yelled at the girl while grabbing the unconscious male and tossing him over his shoulder as easy as if he was picking up a piece of paper. He had no time to even think about everything going on how the hell he managed to toss the door like nothing, or the fact that it was frozen over. The only thing he knew was he didn't want to stick around to explain this to the cops, and with the sounds of sirens growing larger he knew they had mere seconds before police cruisers were pulling into the parking lot.

To Adaline's surprise, Floyd somehow managed to rip the door completely off its hinges. She wondered if he was taking steriods or something. There wasn't any time to stand and ponder how he managd the strength. They had to get out of here now. She watched as he chucked the unconscious guy over his shoulders and quickly moved to help out. She reached her hand in to the girl inside, "I'll help you out." The interior of the car was uncomfortably hot and smoke was circulating inside it, making her eyes water. Adaline hoped the girl would move hastily before the car blew up or something.

Just when Mike thought he had solved half of his problems by getting his roommate to shut up, a car explodes. The sound of the explosion causes Mike to wince as he covered his ear with both his hands.

“Fuck!” He curses as his headache pretty much incapacitates him. He drops to one knee and breathes heavily as the commotion ensues. He hears Floyd say something, but is more concentrated on fighting the pain. Why did it hurt so much? He shuts his eyes as he hears the various exchanges between the individuals in the parking lot, but isn’t just that. It was as if he was hearing twice as many voices, all fearful about the situation at hand. “I hate this.” He said before getting himself up and looking just in time to see his roommate rip the door off of a car on fire. “Shit… How’d he..?” Mike said weakly to himself as he held his head with his right hand. He winced and groaned again as his head pounded violently once more. Being useless really sucks.

Cleopatra grasped Adaline's hand as she reached it out to her. The sudden unimaginable events that had occurred would have normally dumbfounded her, but with her adrenaline at its peak, she didn't think to much of it. From the sudden frost, to Floyd suddenly ripping the door off its hinges, she was just relieved to see Lucky had gotten out and now it was her turn.

Stepping out of the car, she looked to everyone that was around and smiled warmly, to tears in fact. She began crying, streams of eye liquid pouring down her soft cheeks. As she made her way over to Lucky, who finally seemed to be waking up miraculously after all that had occurred, a steady stream of cops and a firetruck came rearing up on the scene, blaring flashing lights in the process and quickly jumping into action.

"Lucky...Lucky....thank God. You ass! I can't believe u slept through all that.", Cleo said to her brother in a frustrating but nonetheless relieved tone. Lucky burped and scratched his head, lifting himself up on the ground and rubbing his head, moaning, as if he were suffering from some hangover. His eyes sparked wide open, as he looked around confused. Firefighters, ambulance, cops, burning cars, he didn't know what to think. "I slept through all this? Shit...I'm just glad your alright. But...I told you...whatever happened here, I told you this was a bad idea...", he chimed to her, pulling her down to his level and affectionately wrapping his arms around her neck. "I really am glad you are alright though...", he said softly to her. Tears still streaming down her face, she just chuckled and smiled, as soon after she and her brother being whisked away by the paramedics and taken to the hospital.

Kelsey looked in the car window. A dark-skinned girl stared out, eyes wide and unseeing. For a moment she could have sworn she saw a flicker of orange in her eyes.

Suddenly she was very conscious of the smoke and heat surrounding them. Arina had all but passed out already and Kelsey could already feel her skin prickling. Other people were yelling in the distance, one of them making their way over. They'd be in the same situation too, soon enough.

How much worse would it be inside the car?

For a moment she saw her skin peel back and melt into black sludge as it burst into flames—

Kelsey yelped, terrified, and a black wave surged forward from where she was and engulfed the fire on the car. It receded a split-second later, leaving charred metal in its wake– and no flames. A bit later the yelling guy ran up and yanked the frozen car door right off its hinges. She breathed a sigh of relief and took a step forwards, trying to see if the girl was alright.

At that moment sirens sounded. Kelsey turned around and a wave of relief coursed through her as an ambulance pulled into the parking lot. But there had been more than one siren-

Dread filled her as several police cruisers pulled into the parking lot.

They were screwed.
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Re: The Power

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Katerina had quickly claimed the kitchen as her private little sanctuary. After she moved into her room she immediately took it upon herself to clean the filthy kitchen. She hated cleaning but everything needed to be clean if she was going to cook any food here. Nobody really said anything about it and they didn’t help either. Everything that was half empty, passed its expiration date and looked downright disgusting went into the trash. She had to admit after just a week of college it still looked pretty neat, she had expected way worse.

Maybe everyone stayed out of the kitchen because the amount of leftovers she left behind every night was enough to feed the entire dorm. So they didn’t really need to cook anything. A smile formed on her lips when she opened the fridge to find the bowl of spaghetti of the previous night was gone. She tagged all of her food with tiny notes writing stuff like help yourself, free food with a little smiley and other ridiculous scribbles.

She checked if there was nobody around before taking out and setting up her laptop on the kitchen counter, plugging in the cable into an outlet that wasn’t used by any kitchen appliances. It took forever to start up so she grabbed all the ingredients to make lasagna and got herself a drink. Talking on skype with her family had become a habit since she moved to San Francisco. They talked every day, sometimes for only half an hour and other times the entire evening. She logged on and checked to see who was online, sipping her lemonade. Almost instantly an invite of her aunt popped up and she accepted turning on the cam.

“Ciao care zia” She said smiling leaning in front of her laptop so her aunt could see her.
“Ciao Katerina, come va?” Her aunt asked. From behind her Katerina could see she was also in the kitchen. It was 6 hours later where her family lived so it had to be around 11:00 pm now. Pretty late but her aunt was always up this late at night.

“Can’t sleep?” Katerina said with a sympathetic smile. She tugged a lock of hair behind her ear and moved her laptop with her to the other counter where she would be cooking. Her aunt saw the screen move and asked what she was doing.

“I’m going to make some lasagna” She turned to cam to the ingredients piled on the counter and the two pans on the gas range.
“And you’re using prepackaged pasta…..” Her aunt said shaking her head trying to sound disapproving but bursting into laughter halfway.
“Don’t judge okay?, I couldn’t haul all of my stuff with me to America. The pasta machine was a sacrifice I had to make”

She laughed starting to assemble her lasagna. Most of the work she’d done the night before so she was done after a good fifteen minutes. It had to sit in the oven for a while and she didn’t feel like doing the dishes in the meantime. So instead she loaded up the dishwasher to do her work for her. There weren’t a lot of people around it was Friday night, most people went to party. She wasn’t the partying type and she liked it when it the dorms were quiet, since it was pretty loud every other day of the week.

She was still wearing the clothes she’d gone to school with, all dolled up but she wasn’t going anywhere anyways. So her pj’s were as good as always. Katerina made a quick run to her room to get changed taking her brush with her as she returned to the kitchen. She slouched down in front of her laptop watching the lasagna cook in the oven.

“Hows your pasta forno coming along? Her aunt asked. She put on her glasses, probably so she could see her niece better.
“It’s good I guess” Katerina replied, brushing out her hair slowly while her feet dangled above the ground. She knew the ins and outs of this kitchen already, the right oven settings and all. So slim chance she would screw up her food. But you never knew and she didn’t want to jinx herself. Even though she hadn’t said it out loud she still knocked on wood to make sure.

A couple of hours later……….
She woke up feel incredibly sore all over, like she’d slept on the floor. Disorientated she slowly got up, her entire body aching. She looked at her surroundings and they looked nothing like her bedroom. At first she didn’t recognize where she was but then she looked down at the tiles of the kitchen floor. Katerina immediately shot up, forgetting all of her pain.

How did she end up in the kitchen? She never just fell asleep randomly, how the hell did she voluntarily went to bed on the kitchen floor?

What’s that smell? She thought with a worried look. It smelled frighteningly familiar. It was the smell of burning food! Immediately she searched the kitchen for a towel or some oven gloves. It was her lasagna for god’s sake. She stumbled towards the oven and yanked it open pulling out a deeply blackened excuse of a pasta dish. Katerina let out a sigh of relief, at least that catastrophe was averted. There wasn’t a lot of time to muse on her burned food because she could hear police sirens and fire trucks pulling up somewhere on campus.

She was about to walk up to the window when she suddenly realized she was still wearing her pj’s. Then someone walked into the kitchen and she froze not really knowing what to say. The guy didn’t really seem to care and he looked kind of scruffy himself, wearing a track pants and a wife beater. He probably just woke up. Katerina looked at the clock and her eyes widened.

Oh my god, it was eleven in the morning…….
Her first thoughts were of going to shower and get dressed but then the sirens had her worried. What if there was some crazy murderer running around campus. He wasn’t going to wait for her to get all glammed up before he killed her. It would be straight out of a horror movie to get killed in the shower. She wasn’t going to die in the shower of all places.

She ultimately decided against the idea and made her way out of the kitchen. On her way outside she put her arms around herself, feeling self-conscious wearing her pj’s with her hair luckily brushed at least. Maybe she’d seen it coming and brushed her hair before fainting or whatever it had been that happened. A faint smile tugged at her lips but it couldn’t beat out the worried frown.

That frown however turned into a look of horror and she covered her mouth with her hand gasping at the burning cars. There was police all over the place and firemen trying to put out the burning cars. Suddenly her own troubles felt completely unimportant. She carefully walked onto the grass and even from where she was standing Katerina could feel the heat. She didn’t dare to go closer and observed the scene in quiet shock. Her heart was beating a mile a minute as a multitude of scary scenarios played itself off in her mind.

What if there were people in those cars? She watched everyone running around in panic, people were helping each other up, walking towards safety. She squinted to see if she saw a familiar face to run up to and ask what the hell happened.

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Re: The Power

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FunnyGuy on Fri Jan 02, 2015 6:57 pm

As Mike heard the sirens blare as the emergency vehicles arrived to the scene, he covered his ears and walked briskly from the parking lot. He could think of many reasons why he didn’t want to stick around, but the only one he needed was to get the fuck home as soon as possible.

“Ahh!” Mike let out before looking back. The flashing lights were no help, causing him to squint as he looked out for his roommate. “Floyd?!” He called out once before inching backwards. He didn’t want to leave his roommate, but he didn’t want to be here much longer. Mike could afford to wait a little since he was out of the parking lot. Though it wouldn’t be long until he’d become selfish. Floyd, hurry up! Mike thought to himself without realizing that he had actually sent this thought telepathically to his roommate.

Floyd was watching in shock, everything that happened could only mean one thing. That girl made a door freeze, he ripped a door off like he was breaking apart clay and felt better than ever. Even with these amazing developments taking place he didn't want to be anywhere near the police. He couldn't believe what he was thinking, the possibility that they had..super powers. Although he was sure of what he say he was almost sure he was going crazy until he heard Mike. Or rather heard him in his head. "What the fuck!!" He whipped around seeing his roommate walking away and hauled ass over to him. "Yo how the fuck did you do that! Man you were inside my head!" He was so excited and in awe about what was going on, he paid little attention to his friend's condition he was more concerned with the cops and the fact that they might be real life X-Men.

Mike was glad that Floyd made it to him in a hurry. He was kind of doubted his roommate heard him, but he wouldn’t complain. Everything would have gone smoothly, but what came out of Floyd’s mouth caused him to raise an eyebrow.

“What? And can you please stop screaming man.” Mike said bothered by both Floyd’s statement and how he delivered it. Mike winced again and looked up at Floyd in confusion. “X-Men? What are you talking about?” Mike asked as he wondered why Floyd would have said they might be the real life X-Men. Then again, this was the man that was just having an orgasm in the middle of a parking lot for no apparent reason. The only thing Mike could think of was that Floyd was on something that made him think his little adrenaline rush he saw was something out of Smallville or Heroes. Mike had heard stories of people summoning ridiculous strengths in intense circumstances, but had never seen it firsthand. He would blame his headache for not being as enthused.

“BRUH! I’M Not…sc…ight I gotchu sorry…” He was about to argue but realized he had indeed been making too much noise again. Mike seemed to be really sensitive to any amount of noise he made, his hangover couldn’t be that bad. “Look bruh, I know this sounds fucking crazy but that girl she froze the fucking door before I ripped it off…it felt like nothing! Ever since I Woke up I’ve been on my shit man I feel like I can do anything” I was talking and walking I wanted to get back to our room as soon as possible. “And you man I couldn’t hear you where you were standing, I heard you in my fucking head man on some Professor X type shit.” He was rambling he knew he must have sounded insane, but he didn’t give a damn. He’d seen too much and experienced too much this morning to be persuaded that his theory was wrong. “And…FUCK..”I just stopped off all of a sudden clasping my chest as a sudden realization hit me..I’d never mentioned anything about the X Men in real life. [i[Mike...just read my fucking thoughts.. “Yo pause rewind this convo for one just read my fucking mind I ain’t say shit about Wolverine’s squad out loud man…you fucking read my mind!!!”

Mike listened to Floyd’s crazy talk as they made their way back to their dorm. The walk made him wish they would have gotten a designated driver. Mike could deal with the nonsense talking, but he noticed Floyd getting a little more excited with each new thing he said. Then he yelled and stopped in his tracks. Mike looked at Floyd with worry as the man clasped his chest. [i]Please don’t tell me he’s having…
Mike’s thoughts were interrupted by a throb that caused him to wince again. Weren’t they just the healthy duo? Headaches and heart attacks. When Mike looked back to Floyd, he gave a look of irritation. Floyd was screaming… again. Him sounding like he was having an acid trip didn’t make it any better.

“You just said that we’re the real life X-Men. I’m not reading your mind. You’re high, and you’re loud, and… I think I just need whatever you’re on to be honest. Now come on and stop yelling.” Mike wasn’t going to really ague with Floyd. His roommate would eventually come to his senses, and even if he didn’t, Mike was sure he could find a clever way to make this whole thing humorous. Reading minds? I wish. Women might actually be a lot less complex. The thought was sent to Floyd as Mike smirked. He wouldn’t deny that reading minds would be pretty cool.

Floyd wondered if he was getting through to Mike, but he didn’t care. Not only did him and his roommate have powers, that other girl, and who telling who else. “Man I Didn’t say that shit out loud I’m not crazy this ain’t some drug trip man” Of course it didn’t help that he’d been pretty open about his drug use with his room-mate, but he didn’t have anything to trip on not yet at least. “Man I’m high on life man, but if you wanna go up a couple levels I got you.” I smirked I knew my room-mate smoked but I was gonna introduce him to something to push him past the point he was use too. As they approached their door it happened again Mike’s voice in his head. “Broads would be a lot simpler to understand, and either you sent that shit to my head on purpose or you’re in denial that you’re the fucking black Professor X”I took out my key to open the door walking inside and heading straight over to a gym bag I had at the foot of my bed. I reached inside to take out a bowl piece I had, a metal pen like object, and a small case of some high quality wax. Going over to the counter of our kitchen I grabbed an apple and began hallowing out a hole in the center before putting the bowl piece in the top of the apple. “Bro reach in my bag there’s a torch grab it and come over here you’re about to experience your first dab.”

When Floyd mentioned broads, Mike was a bit confused. He would have just thought it was a coincidence, but then Floyd mentioned him sending his thoughts again. As crazy as it sounded, Mike couldn’t deny that Floyd replied to his thought perfectly. After shutting the door behind him, he stood in place. Floyd couldn’t be right in Mike’s eyes, but he oddly was. Mike shook his head and rubbed his temples before heading over and going into the bag. He rummaged through it until he found the torch Floyd was talking about. Mike didn’t know what Floyd had in mind, but he didn’t care. As long as his headache was gone, he’d be fine with just about any drug.

“Here. And a dab? Fuck it. As long as it helps. I have shit to do today.” Mike said.

Floyd opened up the container of wax and used his pen to scoop up a hit. He wanted just enough to get Mike high as fuck, he didn’t know quite how much he smoked but this was a product that get heavy stoners high. Once he had an adequate amount on the pen and made sure the apple ready. “Alright man lemme explain think of weed like beer..dabs is like motherfucking whiskey..get ready.” He took the torch from his room-mate and began heating the piece for a few seconds. Once it was adamantly hot he placed the apple in Mike’s hand. “Just keep inhaling, don’t worry about holding it in it’s going be hard as fuck just to breath it in the first place.” He just grinned once Mike had the apple he began twirling the pen around the torch causing a lot of concentrate smoke to flow into his lungs, 80% THC.

Mike took a hit from the apple. Not expecting the harshness, he pulled the apple away to cough. He already wanted to stop, but he needed to take another hit for good measure. He took another hit from the apple until he literally coughed the apple out of his face. Mike coughed almost violently and passed the apple to Floyd. He couldn’t even talk to him. Mike just covered his mouth and made his way to his bed so he could at least lie down on his side. He could have regretted this, but the feeling coming on made him think otherwise. When he finally got on his bed, he could only smile as he coughed. Finally, his headache was beginning to leave him, and faster than he expected. Little did he know, he was opening a door to something else.

Floyd only grinned as his roommate enjoyed his first experience with concentrates. He was already in the process of using the pen to put together his own pen, and was using the torch to reheat the piece after Mike hit the apple. He took his own hit inhaling it all in one hit then putting the apple down and trying to fight the couch.” That’s how real smokers sm-“Before he could finish his own sentence he started coughing backing into the counter and knocking over his expensive bottle of polo black.” NO!!!!” He yelled out as the high began to sink and then something unexpected happened. The cologne bottle slowed down losing all its momentum allowing him to pluck it from mid air and put it back on the table. “Yoo...that shit…THAT SHIT was crazy…this is better than winning the lottery..”He just started laughing high as fuck, and walked over to his gym bag to put away the torch, nail, and the wax. “Man I’m baked..I gotta go...pick up some stuff…try to see if you can read some minds..I def have a feeling that I know what I can do....cya later Parkman hahaha.” He burst out laughing as he made his way out the door; he thought he was feeling great before, now he felt spectacular.

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Re: The Power

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"I GOT THE GAS AND THE COKE, I DONT SELL MOLLY NO MORE!!!! I KEEP THE WHITE AND THE GREEN AND IT GOTTA BE A PINT IF YOU LOOKING FOR THE LEAN!!!" Floyd yelled out the lyrics to Makonne's hit song as he sped down the street smoking a blunt of some of the finest cannabis in Northern California. "WHOO!!!!" He took a few more puffs of the marijuana cigar, now nothing more than a roach. He pulled into the parking lot of the gas station, swerving around a car that almost backed into him. "Stupid ass motherfucker!!" he cursed as he pulled into a parking spot, rolling down all four windows of his vehicle to toss the roach out.

Marijuana smoke poured out of his car as he stepped out, coughing and stomping on the roach to make sure it was out. "Fuck, that was some gas." He was grinning ear to ear, seeing how obvious he was being. I'm high as fuck yoo.. He made his way into the store, gathering some stares from people; most likely because of his bloodshot eyes, and the fact that he reeked of bud. Reaching into his pocket, he grasped a crumpled up dollar bill before making his way over to the counter. "Ayy.. man.. you got uhh....... uhh.................. hhh.." he paused, the marijuana clearly having an effect on his cognitive abilities. "Hmm.... Island Madness, one pack.. actually, fuck that. Two packs man."

The cashier looked at him with a frown before going over to the rellos, and grabbing two packs of the flavor the stoned man requested. Floyd had already went into his wallet to get a five dollar, paying for his tobacco product and making his way out of the store.

As Devon backed out of his spot at the gas pump, another car sped into the station. Slamming the breaks, the car swerved around his with a shouted "Stupid ass motherfucker!" Affronted, he parked his car in front of the store, next to the one that nearly slammed into him. With his windows rolled down, Devon could see the smoke in the car through the windows. He could also smell the stench of weed, a pungent stench he couldn't properly identify. Scrunching up his nose, he watched as the driver rolled down all of the windows and the smoke pour out. It smelled like skunk. The owner of the car stomped on something he couldn't see and blearily made his way into the store. With a raised eyebrow, Devon followed him in as well.

Slipping through the doors, nobody paid attention to him. The eyes were only on the obviously stoned man. Grabbing a bottle of soda, Devon had to wait behind him in line. The man reeked of bud and went so far as to buy two packs of Island Madness. He had to wait impatiently for the cashier to ring him up before he could catch up to the man who was already out of the store. He was already looking for someone who would sell him marijuana. Who could have been better than a stranger at a gas station?

Running around him, Devon stepped in his way. "I was considering buying cannabis."

Floyd was enjoying the California weather, he was glad to got accepted to college in his dream state. He'd once again got caught up in his own mind as he walked outside and was just stuck staring into the sky. "Damn.." He was just about to make his way into his car when someone blocked his path, talking about, "Man what.. You mean weed? Bruh, did you really just say cannabis? Bruh, this ain't science class." He just busted out laughing. He did sometimes refer to marijuana as reefer or cannabis in a joking tone, but never as serious as the guy who'd just approached him.

"But if you're looking to score some high quality, you've come to the right place. Hop in the whip man." He took out his keys, unlocking his car and taking a seat in the vehicle, which still reeked of fresh smoke. Waiting for the other guy to get in, he reached into his glove compartment to retrieve a baggie with a Superman symbol on it. Inside the bag was a gram of marijuana with some blueish orange hairs. "This right here is some motherfucking DANK! Sour Diesel, same shit they got in the stores man! If Kim Kardashian fucked Beyonce and they had a daughter and that daughter was made of weed, it would be this shit, and since I almost ran into you... I'll let it go for ten dollars. What do you say and if you or ya homies need some weed, hit my line XXX-XXX-XXXX," he said, giving this guy his number.

Devon followed the guy to his car with an awkward grimace on his face. Was the appropriate way to refer to cannabis as weed or marijuana? It seemed as if buying it from a stranger was just as good of an idea as he thought it would be; he was already learning new things. The man unlocked his car and was already reaching into the glove compartment as Devon stepped inside of it. A bag with the Superman symbol covered it and inside was orange and blue marijuana. It had a surprising hair like quality to it. Devon stared, wide-eyed, as the man compared the bag of weed to the fictitious daughter of two famous celebrities. Or perhaps he was saying the fictitious daughter was the weed? It was all very confusing, but rather convincing of its quality. Ten dollars didn't seem to be too much for it.

Accepting the man's number and taking out a crisp ten dollar bill, Devon traded the bag for the money. "Fantastic," he said. "I'll be sure to enjoy the fictitious daughter of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian." Stepping out of the man's car, he waved to him with a grin. Unlocking his own car, Devon sped away from the gas station to his dorm room with a bag of weed on his lap. Thursday nights were made for attempting to get high, weren't they?

[time skip because drugs]

Devon lay on the ground, a bowl in his hand and faint wisps of smoke drifting lazily above his head. He laughed, it looked like feathers and ink. Grinning up at the curling smoke, he slowly sat up and ran his hand through his rumpled hair. Marijuana was kind of fun, like a square with the edges rounded off. If the square was sobriety, weed would definitely be nice little edges. Alcohol would probably be fuzzy static and the internet made ecstasy sound like scribbled lines than a square. His stomach rumbled.

The television of his dorm room was on. Did he turn it on? The sound of the bland anchorwoman's voice irritated him; he couldn't find the remote. Maybe his high self stashed it somewhere to piss him off. She was muttering on and on about some explosion or other. Very surprising, it was even being reported live. He ignored her to grab something to eat. In the end, he had to choose between a rice ball and pop tarts. Both were eaten as he watched the blonde woman report what was happening.

Three cars had exploded and the fire had spread to two other cars. Oh, Devon knew that street... It was just in that parking lot. The police and the ambulances had just arrived arrived yet, news helicopter hovered over the chaos. The pop tarts were delicious. The camera panned in on the people running about. A few girls choking on the smoke billowing out, guys illuminated by the glow of the fires. He was pretty sure he saw the guy from the gas station. Damn, small world, he chuckled.

Didn't Devon get his number? Maybe he'd call him up later. Ask him about what happened, buddy up with his dealer. Heh, he officially had a dealer now. The rice ball was disgusting and his eyes were fixated on the smell of the weed. Like skunk and more than a little disgusting.

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Re: The Power

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby PenguinsRevenge on Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:20 pm

Adaline was convinced she was either dreaming or drugged up. Had someone slipped something in her drink last night? Nothing was making any sense. Where had the ice came from? Sirens sounded through the air as teens evacuated the parking lot. She had never been so confused in her life. Well, there was the time she found her cousin running through the streets in a clown suit screaming in some foreign language but that story's for a different time.

The boy she had met at the party and some other guy didn't waste their time leaving. Adaline wasn't particularly surprised. People tended to evacuate as if there was a storm coming when the cops showed up. Knowing fully well she had not done anything wrong, Adaline didn't care. She shook her head and knelt down to the girl who had collapsed earlier. She could recall hearing somewhere that her name was Arina. Adaline reached her hand down to her, "Hey come on. Let's get away from the smoke before I faint too." She helped her up if she did accept the hand and led her away from the car. (Is that alright? Let me know if it's not!)

She glanced over her shoulder to see the two that were in the car having a moment and smiled. Though she had no idea how the hell she had made ice form out of thin air, she was happy she had done something that helped save lives. It made her feel like a hero.

The police soon arrived and began questioning everyone. After about a half hour, they were allowed to leave. Adaline was set on going to her dorm and taking a long nap until she felt less sick. Then maybe she'd try to comprehend what the hell had happened.


Hunter spun his key chain around his finger as he made his way over to the parking lot. He halted as the sight of smoke billowing into the sky caught his eye. Hastily, he began running over as the bright red, dancing flames came into view. He ran into two guys shadily making their way away from the parking lot and made note of them. Mike and Floyd. His eyes narrowed as he examined the sight before him. A number of cars were up in flames and the police were now talking to everyone.
One of them was his.

Fury filled him but he kept a calm exterior. He'd blow up their cars next and perhaps worse than that. It had took him weeks to get enough money to buy that car. He inhaled deeply and turned and began making his ways towards the dormitories where Mike and Floyd were heading to.

It was time to pay them a visit.

l .

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Re: The Power

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FunnyGuy on Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:22 am

Mike could have drifted to sleep, but like always, Floyd was screaming about something. Mike looked and caught sight of something shocking. Floyd’s cologne bottle was… falling in slow motion? Mike blinked a bit wondering if it was the dab, but that was just THC and couldn’t have caused any type of hallucination. Floyd caught the bottle before it could hit the ground and set it on the table. This not only made Floyd’s crazy talk seem real, but it also meant Mike could really read minds. It just didn’t make any sense to him. Maybe I’m tripping… Someone laced the weed we used to hot box! But what about this high? Am I high within a trip? Or am I really… What if I do have powers? I’m Matt Parkman… Nah, Mike Parkman… I feel so good right now…

Mike was just staring blankly at the Kid Cudi Man on the Moon II album cover poster up on the wall. He was just thinking to himself, and loving every second of it, until he heard someone else. He could hear a guy talking, or so he thought.

“Damn! I was getting it in HARD last night! Ooh I had the bitch moaning and everything! Like my boy Trey Songz. I had her calling me Trigga, ‘cause I made that body bust! She’ll probably let me hit it tonight too since I was so good. The chemistry was perfect. I think my chem professor would pass me for what happened last night! My bio professor too! Next time, I’m gonna try the magnums out. Then I’ll really…”

Mike grunted as he finally moved. That guy’s voice was annoying. Just like that, it stopped though. Mike could say the guy was being really loud, but his voice was clear as day and it was like he was in the room, venting about his… thoughts of last night. Mike raised an eyebrow before shutting his eyes in an attempt to “hear” more. He tried to tune in, but this time he heard a female voice…

“Oh my god… That had to have been worst sex I’ve ever experienced in my life. I was way too nice… Maybe I shouldn’t have faked it, but I thought it would get better. I should have known as soon as he broke out the Lifestyle condoms. Never fucking him again… I can probably tell him my period started today. That always works. I really need to fuck someone though. You know, I kinda wanna try out a black guy. Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m thinking this. After last night, one of those cute guys next door could just say ‘hi’ and I’d fuck them. If only… shit he’s calling me ‘babe’. At least he leaves for class soon...”

A smirk spread across Mike’s face as he rested his head on his pillow. He liked what he was hearing, and if he was going to test Floyd’s theory, why not just say “hi” to some thirsty girl. If I’m tripping and don’t have powers, she’ll just say “hi” back. IF Floyd’s right, and that’s a big IF, then I get laid. Mike thought as he rolled himself off the bed and grabbed a towel and shower slippers. He headed into the shower. He listened more. It was the guy again.

“Alright alright alriiiight! Yeaahhh! She gon’ learn today! She gon’ learn what a long dick is! As soon as I get out of class!”

Mike cracked up laughing in the shower as he listened. It was funny, but being high made it so much funnier. He didn’t even care if they could hear him, especially since they wouldn’t know what he was laughing about.

“Swerrrrve… off your pencil dick…”

After about a half hour of just laughing, Mike finally got himself out of the shower. The sad part was that he really thought he had only spent ten minutes in the bathroom. Mike was sure the guy or boyfriend had left by now. He exited the shower and headed towards his dresser and closet to get some clothes to change into. Clothes felt good on his skin, even if he was just dressed in a t-shirt, basketball shorts, and socks at the moment. He slipped on a pair of sneakers before heading out into the hall. The door slamming behind him startled him a bit, but it also reminded him to lock it too.

With a hum, Mike headed to next door and knocked. It was time to prove Floyd wrong or get laid. The door opened up and there was short Hispanic male staring at Mike. Mike’s eyes widened before shaking his head.

“You need something?” He asked.

“Nah, I… I think I… have the wrong room.” Mike struggled to say as he felt like a stoned fool. Floyd was wrong, and he was tripping on something from last night. Mike drug his feet back to his room before seeing a door swing open from right across the room across the hall from his own. A Caucasian female walked out with a few dollars in hand, looking like she was going to hit one of the vending machines. Her eyes met Mike’s and he knew it was her. “Hey… You’re my neighbor, right?”

“Uhh yeah… I’m Cynthia.” She introduced. Mike moved closers and held out his hand.

“I’m Mike. So uh, what are you up to.” This is definitely not working. Mike nodded toward the money in her hand.

“Just snacks.”

“Really? Hey I got plenty of junk food my mom gave me for my stay here. I don’t ever eat.”

“Ooh can I see what you have?” Cynthia asked happily

“Sure thing” Mike said as he unlocked the door and welcomed Cynthia inside who smiled away from him when she noticed no one else was home. This is working… “Want anything else?” Mike said as he went into desk drawer. And looked at her with a grin.

“Maybe. Depends on what you’re willing to give.” She said before taking a seat on my bed and smiling back.

I can read minds… I CAN FUCKING READ MINDS!

Mike wasted no time as he walked over to his bed. It started with a simple kiss, then making out, and then sex between the sheets. Being high just made this whole moment a thousand times better. What could ruin this?

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Re: The Power

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Potter13 on Sat Jan 03, 2015 1:12 am

The music blasting in Shay's room drowned out the buzz of other student's from the surrounding dormitory rooms. She did not care to socialize at the moment. Once she was done with folding her clothes and making note of everything, she was going to go take a ride in hr car to the smoothie store down the street. She was dying for a blueberry smoothie and was going to freak out if she did not receive one in the next twenty-four hours. The hunger she felt was nothing compared to how hungry she used to be at home - if that was an appropriate name for it.

A loud explosion made her jump and drop her clothes. She whirled around and darted towards the window and stared out. The parking lot was on fire. Smoke greedily rose up into the sky to drown out the sunshine filled sky. She gasped, seeing the students, then realized her car was down there. Additionally, there were police everywhere as well and ambulances, which made her chuckle, upon remembering her medical teams at home. They were such a joke, though she couldn't entirely blame therm. A chill ran down her spine, bringing her back to reality. She ran back to her pile of clothes, tossed them carelessly in her closet kicked the doors shut, then sprinted out the door. Never mind the fact she wore a skull tank top, distressed shorts, and her hair was in a messy braid; her car was out there. She barely had time to put on her leather black motorcycle boots, which were left untied.

She ran out to the parking lot and accidentally into a dark-haired blue-eyed boy who headed towards the dormitory. She bit back a shriek, unaware of the incident, and slowed to a halt a few yards away. Her old, yet valuable and loved, black jeep, was up in flames. Shay felt a surge of frustration and hatred for whoever had set the damn fire. That car had been her key to freedom. Now... Now she was stuck at this damn college for who knew how long. Whatever. She was stealing a motorcycle or abandoned car the moment she found one. She was not dealing with this. With a quick turn on her heels and a glare, she turned back towards the dormitory. She didn't bother asking if anyone was okay - they had the professionals here. A snort rose in her throat and was caught moments before it escaped.

Sage sat in the courtyard with a book in his hand. He was nearby the beautiful lake in which he was glad to have. It was a nice scene to look at, other than the boring mundane forests. He glanced back out at the trees before him and sighed.There was something he enjoyed about nature, yet the feeling of being lost in the woods, made him uneasy. At least with a lake, there was a source of escape and view. He looked back down and turned a page in his book. It was a new one he had purchased on his way to the college and was interested in reading.

Sage reached for his water bottle, then accidentally flung it when a loud explosion to his left sounded. The cars in the parking lot blew up in flames, smoke loyally following behind it. He gawked at the scene. Was this real? Had the parking lot of this oh-so-beloved college, blown up? This couldn't be happening. Still, after rubbing his eyes and blinking rapidly, the scene had not improved. In fact, it became a hundred times worse when he saw there were people trapped in one of the cars. Sage leaped to his feet, stuffed his items in his bag, and kicked it behind a tree to hide it. He ran over with wide-eyes and skitted to a halt. Sage began to run towards the car, only to find it frozen over by a brunette haired girl. He blinked, shocked and bewildered. Nonetheless, he was glad to see the duo had been saved. He sighed in relief.

After a half hour of the police interrogations, they were dismissed. Sage found himself beside the girl who had used ice. However that had happened was beyond him. He glanced at her, admiring her beauty, and cleared his throat. "Hey." He greeted. He had an Australian accent, laced with an undertone of British. "How are you?" He decided to keep it simple and not overwhelm the poor girl. Goodness only knew what she felt or thought. Should he back off? Anxiety chewed at his stomach. He wanted to make sure this girl was alright and stood his ground.

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Re: The Power

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby WinterGrey on Sat Jan 03, 2015 2:52 am


Astrid stood in that exact spot where she had stood up just staring at the car that had blown up on her. Her clothes were slightly burned away by now, leaving her just in a bra and the rags of her jeans. Yet she could not move from her spot. Almost as if she was rooted to the ground by her fear and confusion.

Suddenly flinching at a large rough hand on her shoulder, Astrid whipped around to see a policeman standing next to her. He was taller than her with a kind face covered in a large brown beard. When the hell had the police gotten here? Without saying a word the man reached up his other hand, holding a blanket in it. With careful precision he wrapped the blanket around her shoulders, to cover her, allowing her to retain some of her modesty.

Astrid wandered around the burnt up parking lot with a vacant look in her eye. Like a lost sheep in a pasture she just walked slowly her mind slowly trying to comprehend what had happened. A sudden flash of memory brought her back to that moment when fire had engulfed her. The bright colors of yellow, orange, red, and white, so close. As if they actually touched her eyeball. Yet the heat from the flames. It hadn't... it hadn't hurt her. She was alive, after being in the middle of a giant explosion.

She kept walking her head bent down in an attempt to wrap her mind around the complex idea that she was somehow alive. With her head down she didn't see as she walked into two people. A man and woman that had also been at the explosion. They showed no signs at having actually been in the explosion, but besides her burnt clothes neither did she. Her blanket somewhat slipping down over her left shoulder she stared at the two for a moment blankly before softly saying, "I'm.. i'm sorry."
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We will be there, watching. Always watching.
This is the way of the WinterGrey.

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Re: The Power

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Chulance on Sat Jan 03, 2015 4:10 am

Today was a new day, a day of possibilities. Possibilities he couldn’t have ever have imagined outside of a story. He was happy and not just because of the high quality wax he’d just smoked out of an apple. So I’m guessing my powers have to do with energy…Mike’s fucking professor X..that girl’s telling what else..I bet that explosion is connected to this shit..I hope the drugs aren’t finally killing my brain. Floyd stopped for a second to ponder that before shaking that off. He wasn’t that crazy, there wasn’t a drug on earth that could make him hallucinate everything that was going on today. After he got done taking care of business he’d figure out what exactly his power was, maybe hit up that super-powered sexy girl from he met at the frat party the day before, and of course get ready to party even harder today the first Friday of the semester.

Sometimes when he get really high he could slip into a stream of negative thoughts and something was nagging on his mind as he made his way down the stairs. The explosion that took place that nearly claimed that girl’s life, who was responsible for it. If it was a power what if it turned out to be his, if anyone died then it would be because of him. Fuck maybe I really am going crazy..talking about powers causing the could have been anything..guess I won’t know to the news for once I hope 12 finds some shit out. If this power shit is true then who the fuck else is like us..besides me mike and that girl..when did this shit start..I been feeling great since yesterday..but this when I was really on one. This morning something hit him and he stopped in tracks right as he got to the entrance to the commons. This is gonna prove if I’m crazy or not Considering he was putting his sanity on the line, he hoped his theory proved true.

Without wasting any more time he stepped pushing the door open and stepping inside. A wave of relief came over him as the euphoria returned from earlier in force. He never stopped feeling good but outside basking in the sun he felt better than good, he felt unstoppable. There was a boundless energy that flowed through him that only seemed amplified in daylight. If this shit stated last night it makes since..the sun’s got me in the zone..when I’m inside or at night..I’m still Gucci..but this is the best. Fuck I gotta retrace my steps..Spiderman got bit..I gotta find out what the fuck bit my ass.. He was thinking metaphorically as he didn’t believe radioactive spiders had anything to do with his improved quality of life, but something had changed. He was more convinced that he was right, so he was sure that whatever happened to change him happened yesterday. Mike’s headache! That shit wasn’t normal homie..was overreacting to every damn thing… and him both had some wild shit happen to us this morning….gotta see who else been having some odd shit happen to them. Fuck..I’m wasting time I need to get my shit first. Really he had no idea how to determine what side effects warranted the possibility of someone having superhuman powers.

With that he began heading towards the mail room as he had a package to pick up. It was a short walk to the mail room, it felt shorter because he was probably walking faster than ever before. Fatigue was a concept that had apparently become foreign to him as he felt better the more he walked. He made his way inside and for once the air condition wasn’t as refreshing as usual. He wouldn’t say he came down, but he wasn’t as “up” when he made his way inside. He knew his package was here, and he didn’t need to waste any time picking it up. He made his way over to a reception desk and saw a petite blonde woman sitting down in a chair on a desktop.

“Hey, uhhh I’m here to ..pick up a package.”

The woman took her eyes of the computer to glance at him. “Sure thing lemme see your ID.”

“Yeah ite..” I shoulda been took this shit out. Everyones fucking looking at me.. That typical marijuana paranoia was creeping up on him, the uncomfortable feeling that all eyes were on him. However it quickly subsided as he reached into his wallet taking out my ID without hesitation or fumbling. It was like he was high, but still highly functional, basically like getting high on Adderall but without the jittery side effects.

She handed back his ID and got up to go to the back. He couldn’t resist the urge to stare at her ass. Damn that shit’s nice..I would fuck..the..

“Here.” He had been so lost in his own lust that he hadn’t even noticed she was already back to the front of the reception desk with his package.

“Oh yeah….thanks..”He grinned and decided it was time to make his exit. Upon getting inside he tore open the box to see an envelope. He began peeling it open carefully as he walked down the side walk and all his fears were washed away once again. Inside was exactly what he ordered, his sheet of high quality LSD blotter paper. With this large amount of hits at his disposal he’d have the campus experiencing a flash back into the 60’s. Shit’s finna get real trippy round here, gotta let people know got the tabs on deck.

He couldn’t risk taking out the sheet in public, although he was positive no one unfamiliar with psychedelics would be able to tell what it was still risky. He licked the envelop resealing it, and placing it in his pocket. Walking over to a trash can he tossed the box in, figuring it was too sketchy to walk around with a box. Then again walking around with this many hits of acid was risky no matter what, but he if he was risking hundreds of felonies he couldn’t be blatant about it. His first week of college was great, he was happy Dante and his brother had came through. Sure he’d brought some stuff down, but driving as far as he did he didn’t want to risk bringing too much just in case he had been pulled over. It would have been shitty to start his freshmen year facing felony drug charges. He took out his phone and went to his recent messages, going to the name of the person he intended to visit next. Where the fuck did she say she lives. He pressed the name Jordan, opening up his texts with her.

Since there weren’t many a quick scroll up and he found what he was looking for, her address. She was a sophomore that lived off campus, and claimed she was “plugged in” for bars. He gave her the benefit of the doubt maybe she had a couple xanax bars but he doubted she was a legitimate connect. Or rather his hopes were low that could she provide him with enough to actually start moving them on campus. But regardless even if she only had few he had money to spare, and it was Friday the perfect day to get barred the fuck out. Not to mention she was one of the hottest girls he’d ran into on campus, lush black hair, a pair of some of the biggest tits he ever seen. Her ass was on point, motherfucking porn star booty. Now that’s some shit I’m trying to slide into. That other white girl was bad af too and she’s got super powers, I picked the right fucking school.

Floyd had used maps to put the address in, and was happy to see the location wasn’t that far even on foot. It was about a fifteen minute walk not bad at all, and lately being on foot felt better than ever anyway. “Hmm wait a minute if I’m really fyy..” He walked over to a rock on the ground and picked it up. He had an idea and suddenly tossed the rock into the sky. It soared into the air of course if he oculd rip doors off their hinges, a rock was nothing. This was when he was ready he looked up at the rock in the sky which he could still see despite how far into the air it had went. Let’s get it. I thought about the bottle, held out my hand focusing on the rock.” RETURN!!!” nothing..”COME BACK MOTHERFUCKer…”..Nothing.” GOD DAMN IT!!!!!” He yelled out and suddenly the rock came flying back at me. It was moving so fast he forgot that it probably couldn’t hurt him and instantly absorbed the kinetic energy from it. The rock slowed down and he plucked it out of the sky. But something happened, as the kinetic energy surged through him..he felt better, stronger, faster, everything.

“Woaaah Woaaah!!!! “ He made a quick scan of the area to see if anyone saw that, then grinned. “Fuck taking ten minutes.” He tossed the rock into the air again, and a few tries later he seemed to get the hang of it. His whole body was surging with energy, it seemed by directly pumping energy into his body it provided a far more noticeable surge of power. He felt like if he kept repeating this plan he’d be able to out talk a cokehead, but even with the few successful tries he had he felt this energy was too much. Excess, overwhelming like when you took too many uppers. “ Ohhh my god!!!!” He started walking faster then ever, this would put even the best power walker to shame. Then he decided to up it a level and took off running. He was moving as fast as a sports car, and then some. Luckily the side walk leading to her apartment was fairly empty and he slowed down as he arrived at the front of the apartment complex. “I’m..fucking Superman!!!!!!!!!” Fuck a car..the feds ain’t never catching me if I’m on foot SHIT!!

It wasn’t long before he was outside her door. He realized he hadn’t even texted her that he was coming, but she said he could come by whenever he wanted. He knocked on her door a few times, and inside he could hear movement. His hearing was another thing that gotten surprisingly better, everything about him was excellent. As soon as he got the door he’d noticed the odor of marijuana was strong, and the door opened up to Jordan who was very high with a blunt in her hands. “Ohh my gossh Flooooyd from the party yesterday, whewwww I thought you were a cop haha..I woulda been screwed” She answered the door with a black T shirt and some black panties.

“Naww….I ain’t the feds..I’m here tryna see them xans you was talking about” Damn..she’s..bad His eyes drifted towards her chest despite his best effort to look her in the eyes.

“Oooh there nice aren’t they. Comeeee inside here hit this!!” She handed Floyd the blunt as he walked inside, closing the door behind him.

She’s gotta be on some shit.. He couldn’t put his finger on it, as he hit the blunt a couple times. It was definitely some high quality weed, comparable to the stuff he sold maybe even a little better. He saw Jordan walk over to the other side of the room and bent over. Shiiiiiiit He decided to make himself comfortable taking a seat on her couch. She walked over to the couch with a smile on her face sitting down next to Floyd and taking out a plastic bag filled with A LOT of xanax bars.

“Holy shit..yoo that’s a fuck ton…I didn’t..think…”

“See Silly..I told you I’m the plug, a whooole script, 120 nights of fun for $200. My psychiatrist thinks I’m fucking kuukuu for coco pufs so I get em every month” She just giggled handing Floyd the bag. He passed the blunt back to her and examined the pills.

Holy shit..I can make hella bands…off this shit..bars. He took out his wallet, taking out two 100’s and handing them to her. All he could see in his mind right now where dollar signs, money the one thing that could take his mind off sex. “Holy shit..” He said as he pocketed the xanax in another pocket, somewhat paranoid due to the large amount of felonies he was walking around with. He got up to leave when Jordan reached out to grab him.

“Nooooo where do you think your going we didn’t even finish smooooooookiiiiing haha.” She just started laughing, and he noticed how dilated her eyes. “Beesids don’t you wanna do something fuuun.”

Floyd sat back down with a quickness accepting the blunt taking a long hit before grinning.” Depends what are we doing.” She smiled happy that he was receptive and reached into her bra taking out a baggie. He instantly recognized what it was, and it explained her behavior.

“Molly!!! Aaaand me.” She said the last part in a seductive tone as she opened the bag of capsules. Floyd reached in taking out a capsule and popping it before locking lips with Jordan. Within tenminutes the MDMA was kicking In, and euphoria surged through his body. He began losing feeling In his face, growing more and more horny as he made out with Jordan. It only got better from there ripping off each other’s clothes, Floyd proceeded to snort a line of MDMA off her chest and what came next was some of the best drug enhanced sex of his life.

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