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Alex Lopez

Digidestined of Sincerity

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a character in “Adventures in a Digital World”, as played by jackrules158


Alexandra Lopez

Nickname: Alex
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Latina
Orientation: Bisexual
Personality: Since the day Alex was born, she's had her way that's just how things work to her. When she doesn't get her way she will start either throwing a tantrum, or complaining until she gets her way. Her tantrums usually involve screaming, yelling, tears, and the throwing of various objects. So stay out of the way of waffle irons. Alex was very popular at there school. Not necessarily for being a snobby bitch, and being rich. She was just more or less kind to everyone, unless they of course stopped her from getting what she wanted. She is outgoing and kind to most people and very easy to get along with. She was so popular, that she won prom queen, homecoming queen, as well as being student body president 4 times in a row. She's not dumb but she's not super smart either she has good problem solving skills, but lacks in other areas. To her high school was the best point of her life. Once she graduated, she began attending college, on a cheerleading scholarship, and still lives at home. Her parents were very against her staying but after she threatened to destroy her mom's priceless ming vase they gave in. She tends to have lots of problems with her mother who wants her to go out on her own and get her own job, and her own place. This of course always ends in a huge arguement. SHe gets along with her dad well because he is always willing to give in to her sometimes crazy demands.
Skin Tone: Tan skin
Height: 5’6”
Build: Athletic
Physical Description: Alex has long black hair that flows halfway down her back, she works hard to make sure its straight and silky smooth. She has tan skin due to her Latina roots, and from growing up in sunny California. She has dark brown eyes that many guys seem to go nuts for. She spent most of her high school career playing various sports including cheerleading, volleyball and softball. This led to her having a very athletic body. She doesn't usually wear anything too fancy when out and about usually a T-shirt, and a designer pair of jeans. Her nails are almost always painted because she loves manicures, same with her toe nails. She has surprisingly smooth hands, this is mostly because she ritually keeps them moisturized especially after playing a game of baseball.
Occupation: She has no job but lives off her parents wealth
Hobbies: shopping, playing baseball, talking on the phone, ordering people around, complaining when she doesn't get what she wants
Skills: great at getting what she/other people want, very strong, being able to speak English as well as Spanish.
*getting her way
*complaining when she doesn’t
*not getting her way
*being told what to do
*people being rude to her friends
Items they often carry: Carries around a small person which holds her smart phone, credit cards, make-up, and her ID.
Greatest Personality Trait: When she has friends she’s loyal to them to the very end
Biggest Personality Flaw: She always wants things to go her way
Goals in Life/Dreams: to play baseball professionally
Fears: spiders, heights, being left alone, deat

So begins...

Alex Lopez's Story


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Ryoko followed the small digimon for what seemed like hours until it finally stopped and looked around. "Well..." It paused, bouncing around in a circle to look around. "This was the meeting spot...." Nyaromon stated a little puzzled. "I'm not sure where everyone else is...." Again, it paused and looked to Ryoko. The girl simply stared back at the digimon. "I don't know where they are." she finally stated. Her shoulders hurt from carrying her bag and the fact that no one else was around was somewhat annoying-since they were supposed to have met in this stop from what Nyaromon said.
Slowly, Ryoko brought her hand to her head in almost a face-palm while sighing. Though she was fine with being alone in this new world, it troubled her to know that the others were there and were lost. Just as Ryoko went to speak, she heard someone scream from a little bit away.

"Come on!" Ryoko called while taking off in the direction of the female voice. It sounded like someone was in a panic and she was worried if someone was hurt. As she ran, she mentally battled herself. "Why should I care about any of them?" she thought but pushed it away. Just past a few more trees, Ryoko saw Alex stomping her foot. She stopped dead in her tracks and nearly glared at the girl. "That was the rich girl...." She thought then sighed, turning to see Nyaromon. "Its just Rich Girl." Ryoko mumbled while huffing from the run a little bit. Nyaromon hopped forward and smiled a big toothy grin. "Punimon!! Glad to see you found your partner too!" Nyaromon cheered before turning to Ryoko. "Hopefully the others are near too!!"
"Yeah...hopefully...." Ryoko mumbled somewhat sarcastically while crossing her arms over her chest.

The setting changes from native-forest to Digital World


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As he walked, Felix started to feel his joints slide back into place with familiar cracks and pops of his body. He also felt rather groggy, he must've been asleep for a long time. He worried that he might've missed the meeting that Pururumon seemed so sure of. It's not that he was worried he would be alone, he was used to that, he was worried that they may have found a way out of here. Though this place was lovely, Felix rather go home......then again.

Felix stopped and began admiring some of the plants around the forest. They seemed familiar to him somehow. As if they were etches or shadows of basic plants, but were made of different components. Pururumon called this place the Digital World, but what exactly did that mean? Was he sucked inside a computer or something. The entire situation seemed incredibly complicated......or perhaps simple. It was sometimes hard for Felix to tell the difference.

Out of nowhere, Pururumon began to jiggling violently. "Woah!!!!!"

"What? What is it Pururumon?"

"I-I-I-I-I-I th-th-th-th-i-i-i-n-n-n-k its the o-o-o-o-o-o-o-th-th-th-er-r-r-r-s. Someone is yeling su-u-u-u-u-u-per lou-ou-ou-ou-d!" Pururumon managed to say while shaking. Apparently his body was picking up the vibrations of someones voice. Pururumon managed to stop shaking after a bit and point him in the right direction.

Soon, felix could hear several voices conversing. Some sounded small like Pururumon but others sounded more human. One that was loud he was fairly certain was that girl Alex, the one who seemed to complain a lot. The other sounded softer, more like...

"Ryoko?" Feli said as he emerged from the brush into the clearing with the two girls. HE then looked to the other. "Alex? I'm......glad you're both, OK." Felix stated, growing a bit more withdrawn as he spoke, but he never really got it down to a whisper. Then Pururmon flopped off of him ontot he ground and began to shuffle over to two other strange creatures on the ground. One sort of looked like a the head of a cat and the other.........sort of indescribable.

"Punimon! Nyaromon! I brought Felix! Sorry we're late, we decided to stop for awhile and sunbathe. I hope you can forgive us." Pururumon stated to the other two. He noticed that he was being very polite and well mannered. A little odd to be hearing such talk from a pink blob with a beak. While the Digimon conversed, Felix approached the other two.

"You guys are ok, right? I mean.......besides being transported to another world with strange creatures."


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Darren heard the cry from somewhere to his right. It sounded like Alex.

"What was that screeching?!" Botamon said, looking around panicked. Definitely Alex, thought Darren.

"Don't worry Botamon, that was one of the girls from my camp. She must be nearby. Maybe she can hel- hang on a sec, I think I hear other voices too." Sure enough, Darren could hear a few other voices. They weren't being as loud as Alex, so he couldn't really make anything out, but they were definitely there. If he could hear them though, then they should be able to hear him too.

"HEY GUYS!! ALEX?! Heelllloooooooooo? It's Darren! I'm stuck!" Botamon followed suit, deciding to join in the yelling.

"PUNIMON? NYAROMON? JYARIMON? PURURUMON? IT'S BOTAMON! DARREN'S GOT HIS FOOT STUCK IN A TREE, I CAN'T GET HIM DOWN!!" Darren looked down at the surprisingly loud little black fuzz-ball. He's certainly an enthusiastic little fellow.