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Fresh Mountain High

Fresh Mountain High School


a part of Fresh Mountain High, by UniqueYetUnoriginal.


UniqueYetUnoriginal holds sovereignty over Fresh Mountain High School, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Fresh Mountain High School is a part of Fresh Mountain High.

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Darcy Smith [64] I can't be perfect all the time.
Rosalynd Sorbie [56] "I really couldn't care what you think,"
Jacob Preston [56] "I think I'm a pretty easy guy to get along with,"
Lacey Holden [56] Not popular, but not a total loser
Mike Ignate [53] My life revolves around soccer.
Dehlilah Dane [52] Were young, lets be stupid, reckless, foolish, whatever. Lets just have fun while it lasts.
Emmalynn Carter [51] "Life is a song, Love is the lyrics"
Cara Williams [49] Nice to meet you!
Demetria "Demi" Collins [48] All or nothing.
Skyanna Houston [35] "When people asked me 'Why are you so weird?' I never knew what to say, but then I realized why be like 'THIS' when I can be like 'TtThHhIiIsSs'?

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Mike walked out behind Jay and Lacey and shut the room door. He wasn't following them since they were even going to the party. Mike swore that those two were a couple, but he never said anything about it. He got a text from Darcy asking if he was going to the party. He responded back.

To: Darcey
From: Mike
No one calls me Michael anymore. And yea Darce I am on my way now.

He checked for a text message from Dee, but there wasn't one so he just went to the party. When he got there he started to laugh. People were already wasted and falling all over the place. He knew this was the right time to have some fun. He made his way threw everyone to look for Darcy since she was the one that sent him the text. He found her but she was facing away from him. So he went up to her using his ninja skills and stood right next to her. "So, nice party huh?" He said in his calm and cool voice.

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Skyanna waited patiently as the two girls talked. Then Em left. "So uh," Sky looked at the girl Em kept talking to. " Em into girls? Or is she just drunk?" She kinda blushed at the question. She hoped the girl didn't see. The lighting was dim so she may have not seen. "I mean you know how people act when they get all wasted and what not.." She grabbed a piece of her hair and twisted it around her fingers. It was so hard not to pull it to her mouth. Chewing on her hair when she was nervous was one of her bad habits. "I mean if she likes girls...that's cool...I like uh...nevermind."

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~ Darcy Smith ~
17:45 - Dorms

Her phone buzzed, and she pulled it out.
From: Mike
No one calls me Michael anymore. And yea Darce I am on my way now.

Darcy laughed lightly, grinning at the text and biting her lip as she replied.

To: Mike
Ahh, I was only messing;) Like how I call Harry Harold, or Jess Jessica. It's just my thing:D

She felt mildly pleased that she had yet to drink any alcoholic substances, meaning that her texts were yet to become a massive slur almost as impossible to understand as her random outbursts. She also was pretty sure that Mike didn't know Harry or Jess, seeing as they were her friends from 'back home,' as she liked to call it. Though she wouldn't be surprised if she had mentioned them, seeing as they had been her best friends. She grabbed a random bottle of god knows what from a passer by, and took a gulp of it, not sure what it was but just that it was alcohol and it tasted good.

A calm and collected voice spoke from beside Darcy, scaring her to death, "So, nice party huh?"
"Holy shi-" Darcy started, jumping slightly before recognizing the voice. She smacked Mike's arm playfully, grinning slightly at the fact she had been so scared.
"Micky! You scared the crap out of me! Don't do that again!" she joked. One of the things she loved doing was calling Mike didn't variations of his name, since it seemed to annoy him, which ended up just amusing her.

There was a sudden high pitched whistle, signalling everyone to shut up. It was Em, of course.
"Okay guys take the party to the halls and such.." she said. Darcy's eyebrows furrowed slightly, confused. Em wasn't one to cancel a party.
The awws and boos seemed to piss off Em, who yelled out an angry, "NOW!!!" Soon, people were slowly leaving. Darcy sighed and turned to Mike.

"Wonder what that's all about.." she mumbled, rolling her eyes. "And you just got here! Well, I'm sure Em wouldn't mind if you wanted to stay.." she shrugged. "But then again, Em is a bit unpredictable when she's drunk. It's your head, you can stay if you want." She laughed lightly.

"Darcy, Rosa, Sky...y'all can stay we can have our own little shin dig here," Darcy heard Em say, and she grinned at Em to show she was in agreement. A girl's night sounded like just as much fun, if not more, than a party anyway. She hadn't had one in a while.

"Sounds like a plan," she said, grinning. She let go from where she realized she had been grabbing Mike's arm. "Why'd you cancel the party, though? What happened?"

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Cara Williams


Cara nodded at Casey. "Yeah," she said with a slight giggle. "Are...are you okay? You seemed a little, I don't know..stressed out? Kinda tense?" She looked at Casey, who seemed flustered. Cara wanted to put her arm on Casey's shoulder to sort of comfort her, but didn't want to stress her out more if she didn't liked being touched by other people. "Well, yeah I was. But then the whole party happened so I invited him here instead. I think he might show up soon." Cara explained to Casey. Her phone buzzed and she quickly sent a reply, not wanting Casey to think she was uninterested in conversation.

To: Jay
From: Cara
Yeah, sure, if you have time!

She looked back up at Casey.

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"Holy shi-" "Micky! You scared the crap out of me! Don't do that again!" Mike laughed since it was pretty funny to see Darcy freak out and to hear the random names she would call him made it even more hilarious. When Mike finally stopped laughing he took a breather. "Sorry. You should have seen your face though. It was absolutely priceless."

Then Emmy was whistling to catch everyone's attention. She was kicking everyone out of the party, which wasn't a big deal to him since he wasn't much of a party person. People booed, but she seemed a bit deadly when she screamed at them. People left, but Darcy had other plans. "Wonder what that's all about.." "And you just got here! Well, I'm sure Em wouldn't mind if you wanted to stay.. Mike shrugged. "It doesn't matter."

"Darcy, Rosa, Sky...y'all can stay we can have our own little shin dig here, That sounded like girls night and finally Darcy let go of his arm. "Well if you guys are having girls night, I don't want to rain on your parade." He said partly laughing.

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Character Portrait: Darcy Smith Character Portrait: Skyanna Houston Character Portrait: Mike Ignate Character Portrait: Rosalynd Sorbie Character Portrait: Emmalynn Carter
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Emmy pushed away fro Jess and motioned for her to leave, Jess huffed and walked out of the room. She shook her head then turned to Darcy "Well my roomie kinda seems like she doesnt really the party scene...and ahes new it seems like so...i thought id be nice" she shrugged her shoulders and looked to Mike "You can stay, I know you wont be a problem" she chuckled then walked over to Sky hearing the last thing she said to Rose she smirked.

"Hun if your talking about me, well you could just ask...I love girls...Im the schools lesbian" she grins at the girl "make yourself comfortable" she goes over to her bed and flops down on it then reaches into one of the drawers in her nightstand and finds the bag of weed and a couple of wrapprlers. Sitting up she starts putting a joint togwther and humming along to the song on theadio. "Y'all can put a movie on or something" she motions to the small tv in the corner and to her bag that has dvds in it. "Dvds are in that bag...or after im done with this joint we could maybe play a game or something" she smirks as she licks the paper.

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"Look at all the vodka you just wasted." Violeta quickly looked up at Rosa, her face reddening. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean-" she instead trailed off when Rosa leaned down to help her up. She took her hand and pulled herself up, still feeling a throbbing pain in her wrist. She wondered if she had done something to injure it in the fall. Rosa began to lead her across the room, to the bathroom. Violeta was a bit confused, but more than anything, she was completely shocked when they found a guy and a girl, who wasn't even wearing a top, making out. Violeta gulped and quickly diverted her eyes to the ground, taking a few steps back.
"Out, now." she heard Rosa tell them, and interestingly enough, the two of them left immediately without a word. Once they were gone, Violeta looked to Rosa for some explanation as to why Rosa brought her here. Instead of explaining a thing, Rosa, took off her shirt, put on a different one, and then tossed her original shirt to Violeta. Violeta caught it but still watched Rosa with confusion.
"Alright, clean yourself up and put this on." Rosa told her. Violeta nodded a couple times, uncertainly, as she clutched the shirt against her chest. Rosa fixed her makeup in the mirror, then headed for the door, but before leaving, looked back at Violeta. "And you know, just kind of stay here, I'll only be a moment."
Giving a few quick nods, Violeta thanked her sheepishly and then sat down against the wall, pulling her knees to her chest. She let out a heavy, troubled sigh, wondering if her whole school year would play out like this. If so, she was better off back at home.
A few minutes later, sound of the bathroom door opening caused her to look up. She saw Emmy, her roommate step in. Feeling embarrassed to be found sitting on the bathroom floor, she quickly got to her feet and was about to apologize and excuse herself, but what Emmy said took her by surprise.
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry sweetie, can I get you anything..." Violeta's face burned from humiliation. She didn't know what she needed at the moment, but she didn't want to be a burden on her roommates. "No... I really am fine, I don't-" She stopped talking when Emmy opened her mouth to speak again.
"Sweetie why don't you take a hot shower, I'll bring some of my soaps and stuff in and I'll go take care of the party."
Violeta was humiliated, and she really wanted to tell her new roommate not to worry about it, that the party didn't have to go anywhere just cause of her. But before she could say another word, Emmy had left.
On the other side of the bathroom door, she could hear the commotion of Emmy yelling at everyone to leave, followed by complaints of all the party goers. Violeta sighed, hating the feeling of causing all this trouble.
It wasn't long before Emmy came back into the washroom and handed her some shower stuff, saying "Here you go, it will be quieted down when you come out, only a few people are staying."
Violeta gave her a smile to show her appreciation, "I can't thank you enough. I really appreciate it, thank you." After Emmy left, Violeta peeled off her Vodka soaked top and then stripped off the rest of her clothes and hopped in the shower. She turned on the water and closed her eyes in relaxation, savoring the feeling of the hot water.