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The Demon War : Take Two!

The Demon War : Take Two!


The time is here for all the female demons to fight for happiness! Will true love end this deadly war? Or will all the female demons be wiped out and one remaining?

740 readers have visited The Demon War : Take Two! since kailani98 created it.


A woman Named Soshina has had a interesting life. She was a rich woman that was sick and tired of everyday being the same. She wanted to defeat her boredom. The next day she said she spotted someone doing weird magic and she almost called the police. It turned out the woman doing magic was a demon. The demon bribed Soshina and told her if she didn't call the police the demon would give her something great. Soshina needed proof so the demon took her to their world. Soshina saw all the demons and demanded the demon world. The leader demon refused. Soshina got upset and waited two years till the leader "Died". Soshina took over the world and all of its demon. She then decided to defeat her boredom by playing a little game.

She took all of the female demons and experimented on them so they wouldn't be able to use their powers. The demons powers could be activated under one circumstance though. So Soshina bought out Tokyo Japan and their secret forces. She controls the whole place and could do anything she wanted. So all the demons were sent to Tokyo. The demon war had begun! To activate the demons powers they would have to fall in love with a male human. Once the male human falls in love and the demon falls in love, if they kiss and its true love the powers will be activated. Once the demons are activated a symbol will be burnt on to the males skin. Its a painless process but the symbol will stay there until the demon dies. The symbol is based on the demons power.

So when all the demons are activated the true war will begin. The demons will have to fight to the death. When ever two demons come in contact they must fight. The males will be by their side the whole time. The males don't have to fight but they can fight the other male if they really need too. But the demons might feel like they want to stay with their males forever. Will the demons turn against Soshina?



1. No godmodding peoples!
2. No One liners! At least a paragraph.
3. You may cuss but it ain't south park.
4. Romance is definitely good. Don't go unrated on me though. Take it to the Pm's.
5. You must post at least once every two days, if you don't think you will be active then don't join, Please!
6. If your gonna go on vacation or wont be able to post say so in the OOC.
7. We will start posting when all characters are in.
8. Please use good grammar and no text talk. You may in the OOC but not in the posts please.
9. Make sense in your posts also.
10. Please at least scan posts so you don't butt into someones conversation and not even know that someone else is there.
11. Use the skelly only.
12. Anime only!
13. You are a demon but you don't have dark wings and a dark personality.
14. Don't kill people without permission. People wont like it. -__-
15. The demons are now on Earth so they don't know exactly how to be like humans. They can do weird stuff. That humans wouldn't do. Then the males could correct them.
16. the demons don't have any money, a home, pretty much nothing except the clothing on their back. So don't say they have a cellphone or something.
17. Reserve by PM and OOC. Reservations only last 24 hours. No character sheet by then and your spot reopens.
18. Even if you reserve I can still reject you if I don't like your character.
19. Demons don't have their powers until their first kiss. They won't be able to use any thing even the slightest bit of their power until the KISS!!
20. The pairings will be decided after all the characters are sent in. The males will be able to chose which female they want. Since the demons have the powers.
21. Congrats! You finished my long complicated rules! There may be more so don't worry! :P If you finished the rules I would like you to put your favorite Food in quotes (EX:"Sushi!") at the bottom of your character sheet! Thanks again. Hope you join!

Female Demon Spots:

Water Demon: Sapphira Asyu Taken by Rainwish

Fire Demon: Della Rose Taken by HorseyGirl

Air Demon: Allura Mae Taken by Temperance

Earth Demon: Seiko Ida Taken By Eleera Cain

Lightning Demon: Storm Taken by Rouge

Nature Demon: Momoko Kazuna Taken by Kailani98

Male Human Spots:

Male 1: Sora Isobe Taken by Sora

Male 2: Jack O'Neil Taken by warlord

Male 3: Haru Nakamura Taken by MirrorMirror

Male 4:

Male 5:

Male 6:

Code: Select all
[center][size=200][color=# PUT HEX CODE HERE]FULL NAME HERE (AND NICK NAME)[/color][/size]

    [size=90] Female? Male? [/size]

    [size=90] Demon? Human? [/size]

    [size=90] 16- 18 [/size]

    [b]Who Do you Protect?[/b]
    [size=90] (Pairings Will be Put up Later) [/size]

    [size=90] Anything not shown in your picture? Type of clothing your person likes.[/size]

    [size=90] At least a paragraph. Be imaginative and descriptive.[/size]

    [size=90] If Demon tell us what it was like for you in the demon world. Human just say what its like in Tokyo for you. Be imaginative and descriptive. At least a paragraph.[/size]

    [size=90] At least five. [/size]

    [size=90] At least five. [/size]

    [b]Fears/ Phobia's[/b]
    [size=90] At least Five. [/size]

    [size=90] If your a demon what is your power. Explain it to us.[/size]

    [size=90] Anything else We need to know?[/size][/center]

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Character Portrait: Della Rose
Character Portrait: Jack O'Neil
Character Portrait: Stormsurge


Character Portrait: Jack O'Neil
Jack O'Neil

"If you play with knives you get cut, same goes for me"

Character Portrait: Della Rose
Della Rose

"Baby it's fate, not luck."


Character Portrait: Jack O'Neil
Jack O'Neil

"If you play with knives you get cut, same goes for me"

Character Portrait: Della Rose
Della Rose

"Baby it's fate, not luck."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Della Rose
Della Rose

"Baby it's fate, not luck."

Character Portrait: Jack O'Neil
Jack O'Neil

"If you play with knives you get cut, same goes for me"

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Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

I'll make a Guy character tomorrow, my phone isn't good enough.

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

If you need me to, I can make another guy character, Kailani. Just say the word. :)

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

Alright the Lighning Demon is done. Tell me if you need me to update :D

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

I made a guy since i couldn't remake my girl from the first time >:(
anyway, so yeah, if there's anything you need me to change, please say so

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

We could posting on 'Roleplayers Wanted Forum'...

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

Hmm.....the lack of males is quite a concern

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

Just submited my character profile

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

Mmk i will start on the profile tomorrow hopefully

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

5 females and 1 male why Sora is a lucky mutt........*Giggle*

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

*Crashes through a window, gets up and dusts himself off* hello! I would like to join this rp and yes I would like to reserve a guy please, I won't have the profile done tonight it will probably be done by tommorow.

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

I'm the only guy...*starts singing Mr. Lonely*

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

Suddenly, I have deja vu...

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

Is it possible to reserve the Lightning element?

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

Okay, I promise it will be 99% just water. The ice skill is just linked to her emotions.

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

Fine but she mostly does water.

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

Eleera is wanting either Lightning or Fire but she won't be on until later.

Re: [OOC] The Demon War : Take Two!

I'll be a demon... Darn no Ice. Guess I'll do Water and give Sapphira a few edits. Can she at least have a little ice powers like it feezing around her? *puppy eyes*