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Kethyr Naethus

He used to be special, but now he's a beast. A weirdo. He has no idea what he's doing here.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by lostamongtrees


Sweet, yet spicy, this mead has been made with mulberry honey and chili peppers


"Magicians are normally pretty-" He whipped a look over behind his shoulder, then lowered his voice. Mustn't speak to loud about others, especially when they are right across the room. "They're normally pretty cool, but this isn't just a normal magician. I don't know exactly how far his talents go," Kethyr again glanced behind him. Reaching back into his pocket, he pulled out another card. This one was different from the card that already lay on the table. It was not a business card, but a playing card. He placed it face down. The back of the card's decoration was so intricate, one might need a microscope to see the design. "He left me with this, after disappearing in a puff of orange, rum flavored smoke," Kethyr whispered, wrinkling his nose at the memory.- Kethyr Naethus on Merphin Dazzle in Gambit's Bar

Kethyr Naethus followed after the Beast and Jake, keeping his eyes on her. He didn't fully trust the Beast, not after what she did to him, but it appeared he had no choice. They were family, if not by direct blood by unfortunate circumstance. "She's our elder," Kethyr spoke with disdain, senses heightened.

Part of him wanted to approach the woman, no not woman. Beast. Instead, he chose to saunter up to a fire pit, and poke at it with his toe. He had yet to turn his back on the woman, and couldn't help but find her strangely beautiful. But no, she was the cause of all of this, and for that, he couldn't help but hate her.
- Kethyr Naethus in the Cursed Wood

She had told the whelp that was tailing her around the city that he could not learn to fight with the wolf-mind, if he did not first learn to fight as a man. There was truth to it, for without humanity to temper the beast one would inevitably succumb to madness.- Maria Raghild on Kethyr in the Master's Dojo

"You are an idiot child," Maria snapped. "You have no understanding of the wolf-mind, and no weapons. How is it you plan to fight?" she demanded. She shoved him to the ground, stepping closer to loom over top of him. There was something menacing in her movement and her posture, something feral and hostile. For several moments she glowered at him, assessing him. "You cannot learn to use the wolf-mind if you cannot even use your own. You will learn to fight as a man, and then maybe, maybe you will learn to use the wolf-mind." She stalked away towards the city, leaving him to stay or follow as he chose.- Maria Raghild
to Kethyr, who chose to follow.

So begins...

Kethyr Naethus's Story

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Kethyr Naethus felt something strange coming on. The sun was beginning to set & Kethyr knew what the feeling meant. He had to quarantine himself - and fast. Zipping his coat, Kethyr head east for the gates out of town.

The setting changes from verinotte-square to East Lanterna Way

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Kethyr Naethus flipped up his hood and picked up the pace towards the Eastern Gate.

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"You goin' out, kid?" A member of the Forces Vankoryth was casually guarding the gate.

"Y-yeah I uh-" Kethyr didn't want to say it.

"Say no more," The guard gave Kethyr a sympathetic smile. This was the fifth one in the past hour to come to leave for their condition. The wrought iron gate swung open to allow Kethyr through.