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The Multiverse

Millenium Plaza

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a part of The Multiverse, by Remæus.

The Central Plaza of Hayslem City, it has connections to all over the city, a hub if you will. It was named the Millenium Plaza as it was the site where the Demon King Millen was sealed over one thousand years ago.

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A large Plaza, its hosts a variety of fountains that have been automated for self maintence and enchanted to make them far more durable. Additionally, those fountains will display a myriad of lights at night that look absolutely beautiful. The steps around the fountain if followed in the correct order help those that follow it teach them various dances about enjoying life and happiness.

There are always a few stalls here and there selling food and what not, and even a few outdoor cafes. This is also the site where Demon King Millen was killed and his body sealed away over one thousand years ago.

There is also a large amount of trees around the plaza, making it partially like a park, and children come to play here all the time. There is even a few sports fields set up in the distance.

ANd of course, a large structure looms near the central plaza, its entrance just across the street. That building is the Governance Castle, held by the Royal Family, and helps keep everything and everyone running and safe as much as they can. It is here that the Government runs from, and managed by the Royal Family to keep it fast, but accurate and true as well.

And nearby, the sounds of the Bazaar can be heard also full of laughter and cheer during the daytime.

And at nighttime, the plaza becomes a beautiful, serene sight where one can even still see the bright sky of the starlit night.

Its is believed that underneath this plaza is where the Demon King, Millen, who was slain there was buried, but no one knows. However, there is a folk tale that children who disobey their parents and run away will be gobbled up at night by Millen who will burst out of the ground.

Some of the famous areas in this area also include Daiken Cafe, which is known to be pet friendly, as well as the Rosetta Gardens, which is known for its wonderful array of Roses, including the rare, valuable, and impossible to clone Rainbow Rose. There are also various places for people to donate things like food and clothing to the needy, though admittedly the clothes are often taken by the werewolves that roam about in and around the forested areas of the plaza during a full moon.

YOu can also always find some singer or even a choir holding practice in the area, filling the air with lovely music.
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Millenium Plaza

The Central Plaza of Hayslem City, it has connections to all over the city, a hub if you will. It was named the Millenium Plaza as it was the site where the Demon King Millen was sealed over one thousand years ago.


Millenium Plaza is a part of Hayslem City.

1 Places in Millenium Plaza:

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Vance Hemolian [25] "They've taken everything from me. Now I have nothing to lose."
Marisol Ruprecht [15] Science never solves a problem without creating ten more
Therion Judex [9] "The more magnificent your hair, the better Magi you are"
Ava Exalier [9] The quiet first lieutenant of The Whisper Brigade
Raschiel Sakatitae [9] A charismatic business person struggling with their identity
Ezran Stormblade [9] Half elf commander of the Whisper Brigade
Toothless [8] Nothing says "Drunken Dragon!" like a Night Fury that has one little child
Jericho Erris [7] A one man army.
Asyrria Delura [6] A rather strange scientist with a warped sense of right and wrong and a weird common sense. A good person who can do bad things.
Eldritch Horror [6] A Standard Eldritch Horror NPC.

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