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Virtues and Sins going to war: Orbis

Virtues and Sins going to war: Orbis


In a world where 14 gods rule the universe, and they all go to war, what will happen? How will this sudden change affect the world? Who will ask the lands of the elements for their assistance?

728 readers have visited Virtues and Sins going to war: Orbis since xLevesquex created it.



Orbis means The New World in Latin. Mother Nature changed the name of their beloved world, because they knew it would never be the same. War broke out when changes in nature began happening. Mother Nature's forest was attacked by unknown but very powerful creatures and caused the world to become unbalanced. Mother Nature tried her best to protect, but it took some serious damage. Emotions started running wild through the world, accidents were happening every where, people were getting sick, and most of all... The Heavenly Virtues and the Deadly Sins were awoken. The spirits that Mother Nature had sealed up in tarot cards, inside of Mother Nature's very own shrine and forest were released. The Heavenly Virtues and the Deadly Sins had 50 years left of rest, but it was cut short and it caused chaos and mayhem every where. Every Virtue and Sin has chosen their place in the world, which is completely unknown to everyone. Mother Nature warned her children of Orbis by communicating through the deceased. It was a last resort, but it had to be done. Everyone is on guard and waiting for the Virtues and Sins to reveal themselves to Orbis.


Fire is an element of destruction and is built up mostly on hate. The people of the Fire Nation are known as heartless and very cold, no matter how much they can heat things up. They become very powerful when comets hit, and comets hit a lot nowadays, with the war going on and the world being unbalanced and when there is a very large fire nearby. The Fire Nation would make great allies with the god/goddess' of Wrath and Sloth. They also make good allies with the Air Nomads and the Amazon Women. Their main enemies are the Water Tribes. They are known as the 'evil' side. The main royal family are humans.


Water is a peaceful element of healing, which is built up on patience and gracefulness. The people of the Water Tribes are known as graceful and peaceful creatures. Their strength grows very strong on full moons or solar eclipses and during Tsunamis or floods, which happens often because of the unbalanced world. The Water Tribes make great allies with god/goddess' of Kindness and Patience. They also make good allies with the Earth Kingdom and the Puberes. Their main enemies are the Fire Nation. They are known as the 'good' side. The main royal family are half-human, half-mermaid.


Earth is an element of wisdom and is built up on diligence. The people of the Earth Kingdom are known as wealthy, greedy but also very diligent. Their strength is at the fullest when there is an earthquake which happens often because of the unbalanced earth. The Earth Kingdom make great allies with god/goddess' of Diligence, Greed and Pride. They also make good allies with the Water Tribes and the Amazon Women. Their main enemies are the Air Nomads. The main royal family are humans.


Air is an element of concentration and is built up on humility and charity. The people of the Air Nomads are known as humble, charitable but also gluttons. Their strength is at it's best when it's windy or when there is a tornado nearby and it happens often now that the world is unbalanced. The Air Nomads make great allies with the god/goddess' of Humility, Charity and Gluttony. They also make good allies with the Fire Nation and the Puberes. Their main enemies are the Earth Kingdom. The main royal family are elves.


Mother Nature is actually a spirit, awaiting her release. Her human name is Tellus, Image and her spirit name is Terra Mater (Earth Mother in Latin). She is the a spirit, trapped in a human body with great magic and powers and strength. She is the Goddess of the World. She keeps the world in place, and protects it with her powers. She gets along perfectly fine with all of the elements and is enemies with no one, except for The Anonymous Chaos. She is extremely hard to ally with, because she doesn't want to turn her back on any of her 'children'. Her soul and spirit are trapped inside of her human body and will not be released until she falls in love. When this happens, the spirit of Terra Mater is released and stays in the forest, protecting it and the world until the end of time. However, if someone were to break the Jewel of Vitae Gemma (Meaning 'Life Jewel' in Latin), Terra Mater's spirit would be released and she would be reborn in a new body, once more. Mother Nature knows all four elements and is a master at them all. She is a very hard opponent, and if she wins (which she mostly does), she could take your elemental powers away for good. Mother Nature lives in a shrine at the middle of Terra Mater Island. There are four dragons who live on Mother Nature Island with Tellus. Fire Dragon, Air Dragon, Water Dragon and Earth Dragon. They are the gods of the 4 elements and are the protectors or Terra Mater. They can take human form. There are also fairies roaming around Mother Nature Island, who can take elf form. The Island is in the middle of the sea, location unknown, unless the island calls out to you or you are one of the Sins or Virtues.


Image The Amazons are a large kingdom of women who use men as their slaves and is built up on chastity and envy. These women made their own rules and decided that men were below them. So, they kidnapped thousands, or even millions of men, and used them as slaves, or used them for breeding. They are very powerful and most of them are muscular. The women in the kingdom are letting insanity get the best of them, because of the unbalanced world. They could be good allies with the god/goddess' of Envy and Chastity. They also make great allies with the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom. Their enemies are the Puberes Men. The main royal family are humans.


Image These are the men (or grandchildren, children, etc) who were captured and enslaved by the Amazons. They built a new kingdom one century after the Amazon Women started kidnapping men and named it Puberes (meaning 'men' in Latin). These men infiltrated the Amazons and would kidnap women from small villages and towns, and sometimes even strong women. They kidnapped all of these women for the same reason that the Amazons did. For slavery and breeding. However, the Puberes men are pigs and they use the women often for their own pleasure purposes. The Puberes men are built up on lust and temperance. The Puberes men are also very quite muscular, the same as the Amazon Women. The men in the kingdom are letting lust and pleasure get the best of them, because of how unbalanced the world got. The make good allies with the god/goddess' of Lust and Temperance. They also make great allies with the Water Tribes and the Air Nomads. Their enemies are the Amazon Women. The main royal family are humans.


A secret group of people who released the Sins and Virtues. They haven't been discovered yet and are using anti-psychic protection spells so the Three Blind Psychics who live on Terra Mater Island. They are getting away with causing the world so much destruction. They are disguised as normal civilians or travelers. Be careful. They are always very big thieves, assassins and kidnappers. They are enemies with everyone but may want to team up with The Deadly Sins. (Up to the players)



Fire Lord: OPEN
Fire Lady: OPEN
Fire Prince: OPEN
Fire Princess: Reserved for crybloodredtears
Fire Prince Consort: OPEN
Fire Princess Consort: OPEN
Fire Nation War Leader: OPEN
Fire Nation Sergeant: OPEN
Fire Nation Lead Council: OPEN
Fire Nation Council Members: 4 OPEN
Fire Nation Lead Guard: OPEN
Fire Nation Soldiers: Always OPEN
Fire Nation Civilians: Always OPEN
Fire Nation Servants: Always OPEN

Water Rex: OPEN (Rex is King in Latin)
Water Regina: OPEN (Regina is Queen in Latin)
Water Princeps: OPEN (Princeps is Prince in Latin)
Water Regia: Reserved by Horseygirl (Regia is Princess in Latin)
Water Princeps Consort: OPEN
Water Regia Consort: OPEN
Water Tribe War Leader: OPEN
Water Tribe Sergeant: OPEN
Water Tribe Lead Council: OPEN
Water Tribe Council Members: 4 OPEN
Water Tribe Lead Guard: OPEN
Water Tribe Soldiers: Always OPEN
Water Tribe Civilians: Always OPEN
Water Tribe Servants: Always OPEN

Earth King: OPEN
Earth Queen: OPEN
Earth Prince: OPEN
Earth Princess: OPEN
Earth Prince Consort: OPEN
Earth Princess Consort: OPEN
Earth Kingdom War Leader: OPEN
Earth Kingdom Sergeant: OPEN
Earth Kingdom Lead Council: OPEN
Earth Kingdom Council Members: 4 OPEN
Earth Kingdom Lead Guard: OPEN
Earth Kingdom Soldiers: Always OPEN
Earth Kingdom Civilians: Always OPEN
Earth Kingdom Servants: Always OPEN

Air Great Monk: OPEN
Air Great Nun: OPEN (Not nun as in the church people, 'nun' means female monk.)
Air Successor Monk: OPEN (Meaning Prince)
Air Successor Nun: OPEN (Meaning Princess)
Air Successor Monk Consort: OPEN
Air Successor Nun Consort: OPEN
Air Nomads War Leader: OPEN
Air Nomads Sergeant: OPEN
Air Nomads Lead Council: OPEN
Air Nomads Council Members: 4 OPEN
Air Nomads Lead Guard: OPEN
Air Nomads Soldiers: Always OPEN
Air Nomads Civilians: Always OPEN
Air Nomads Servants: Always OPEN

All Amazon Royalty and people fighting in the war must be women.
Amazon Empress: OPEN (The player can decide if they want a queen as a wife and if they want their daughter to have an arranged marriage with a noblewoman.)
Amazon Princess: TAKEN by xLevesquex
Amazon War Leader: OPEN
Amazon Sergeant: OPEN
Amazon Lead Council: OPEN
Amazon Council Members: 4 OPEN
Amazon Lead Guard: OPEN
Amazon Soldiers: Always OPEN
Amazon Civilians: Always OPEN
Amazon Slaves: Always OPEN (Must be men and men only)

All Puberes Royalty and people fighting in the war must be men.
Puberes Emperor: OPEN (The player can decide if they want a king for a husband and if they want their son to have an arranged marriage with a nobleman.)
Puberes Prince: OPEN
Puberes War Leader: OPEN
Puberes Sergeant: OPEN
Puberes Lead Council: OPEN
Puberes Council Members: 4 OPEN
Puberes Lead Guard: OPEN
Puberes Soldiers: Always OPEN
Puberes Civilians: Always OPEN
Puberes Slaves: Always OPEN (Must be women and women only)


Mother Nature: TAKEN by xLevesquex
Fire Dragon: OPEN
Water Dragon: OPEN
Earth Dragon: OPEN
Air Dragon: OPEN
Three Blind Psychic Triplets: OPEN (Players must decide on an age before submitting character)
Fairies: Always OPEN


Leader of Unknown Chaos: OPEN (Must be a man)
Second Hand: OPEN
Third Hand: OPEN
Main Assassin: OPEN
Main Thief: OPEN
Main Kidnapper: OPEN
Main Fighter: OPEN
Assassins: Always OPEN
Thieves: Always OPEN
Kidnappers: Always OPEN
Fighters: Always OPEN



Lust: TAKEN by xLevesquex
Gluttony: OPEN
Greed: OPEN
Sloth: OPEN
Wrath: OPEN
Envy: Reserved for FF_Forever
Pride: OPEN

Chastity: OPEN
Temperance: OPEN
Charity: OPEN
Diligence: OPEN
Patience: Reserved by Horseygirl
Kindness: OPEN
Humility: OPEN


This category is for someone who doesn't play any of the roles above. You can pick whatever role you want. Which means, you could just be a lone wolf, traveler, thief, hunter, assassin, gypsy, etc. You can be any race you want as well as long as they are centaurs, elves, humans, mermaids, shape shifters or demons. People here may not be a major part of the roleplay, but you never know.


Code: Select all
[center][img] Place IMG or GIF here [/img]
[font=250][color=red] Full Name Here [/color][/font]
[b]Height & Weight:[/b]
[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]
[b]Alignment[/b] (Good, Evil or Neutral. If you are a Virtue, you must be [i]Heavenly[/i]. If you are a Sin, you must be [i]Deadly[/i].):
[b]Location:[/b] (Where they were born, this is where they will start out in the beginning of the roleplay)
[img] Place IMG or GIF here [/img]
[b]Likes:[/b] (At least 5)

[b]Dislikes:[/b] (At least 5)

[img] Place IMG or GIF here [/img]
[b]Appearance Description:[/b]
[b]Relationships[/b] (You must fill this in for all the characters. If your character doesn't know them, then put 'Stranger'.):
[img] Place IMG or GIF here [/img]

Toggle Rules

1. Okay, first of all, I'm not hiding any passwords anywhere. If you don't read the rules, and then break them, that is your own damn fault. I won't immediately kick you out, but I will warn you and make you correct your mistake and also suggest that you read the rules.
2. You can have as many characters as you want but only take as many as you can handle. Also, don't take all the super important roles and leave nothing for other people.
3. Keep it PG-13. Respect the rules of the site. If you want to spice things up, take it to PM.
4. All swearing is allowed, just don't sound like a friggin' sailor...
5. I don't want to see realistic pictures. Anime only.
6. You can only reserve one dragon.
7. Have experience. I don't want someone with sloppy grammar, or someone who writes only a few words for each post. I don't have a limit for posts, but unless you have a damn good reason for having only words in one post, I don't want to see that.
8. N0 txt chat or l33t.
9. Don't make a character if you aren't active or aren't going to post. I will warn you and if you are still inactive, then your character goes to someone else or dies.
10. Be OOC active. If I put something important, and you don't read it, it gets annoying.
11. Don't troll. Seriously.
12. No Mary-Sue or Gary-Stu.
13. Don't kill people without asking them first.
14. Gifs are strongly suggested, but not needed. If you can't find a gif that suits your character, don't panic.
15. Pleaaaaaaaaaaase follow these rules and make me happeh. >.<

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