Xhiana: Impurity Of The Rose

Xhiana: Impurity Of The Rose


Eastern Fantasy RP located in the fictional world of Xhiana. The world has faced so much only to survive for a civil war. Rebels have began to rise and plot and our unlikely group of adventurers seem to be swept into the conflict.

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The Zhànzhēng Empire (450 years ago)

The beginning of the Kyōwakoku (Republic) (300 years ago)

Beastman Invasion (140 years ago)

The Liánhé de Empire (135 Years ago)

Beastman War (130 years ago)

Age of Clans (115 years ago)

Clan Wars (105 years ago)

The treaty and the Yu Empire (100 years ago)

Impurity of the dark plaguemaster and death of the Emperor. (50 years ago)

The darkness and the powerful Empress (5 years ago)


For one reason or another you all seem to arrive or be among Imperial City. You know today there is to be a speech from the emperess herself but that aside you might not be here for that. The city is known to be the trade city due to the fact that is is the center city in the land. You know there is a ton of work if you're looking for it and many things to tend to if you're just there to visit or perhaps it is a pass by. Either way you're there and just in time for a sudden event that takes our characters in and gets them involved in a war that they intended or didn't intend on joining....


I will be updating the map once I get names for all the towns/major cities


About Gming This RP

So I thank you for being interested in this RP and I'm excited to host it. I know many people get afraid of adding too much detail to the character creation and so or get afraid of stats and I do not mean to scare you off. I'm going to talk about character creation first so we're all on the same page. If you look down at the character sheet you notice six stat categories. I'm running this like a campaign so basically I'm having you build how your character actually is. These stats do not grow, you don't level, its not that kind of RP. Basically this will be helpful to me as well as to you. You will be able to see how well your character can do certain things or where he/she is at in the world (No one is good at everything).

So next thing I want to talk about is skills. (Not Powers/Abilities). These are basically things that will help define your character better for you and me. Trust me on this, listing down all of this will definitely help you think of what kind of life your character has lived up to this point. Also It helps for story events and such because I am the only one who is rolling anything. All you guys do is sit back and RP (While following a little rules but they're fun ones).

So like I was saying, I run this RP a bit like a campaign and will be based on a story. Although there will be a lot of freedom as to how we reach the end or A end... we're still running off a complete storyline. As a GM, there will be things that I will look on your character and incorporate what you give me to the story as well. Meaning history/traits will be a big part of this. Your characters can die in this but with magic in the world, they can also be revived.


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[b]Place Of Birth:[/b] Where are you born or what

[b]Weaponry:[/b] Could change depending on your background.

[b]Age:[/b] Although it is slightly anime given, do keep in mind that the minimal age is 15.


[b]Blood Type:[/b]


You have 115 points to spend. Please spend these points accordingly to what fits the character you're making. These will show you how well you can do certain skills among the RP and It will help me when it comes to story plot points. A maximum one attribute can have is 40


[center][u][b]Powers & Abilities[/b][/u][/center]

These are things that make you a little different from normal humans. For every 5 Magic you have, you have 1 slot for abilities. The template for this is in "World Information"

Skill Points: Use this to keep track of how much skill points you have used up or have much you have left. Delete this once done. (These are for Skills below)

You have 260 amount of skill points to use... these skills will also help define your character's personality and history depending on what you choose and how much points you spend on them. I suggest you get a piece of paper or something to keep track of how much points you use... List your skills here after deleting this... You can find skills in the OOC.

You may have all 3 but it will require some discussing upon the matter and these I will definitely have control over so no one has too much power in their background. Know these are some of the traits that required to be in your history too.
You may have up to 5 social traits... These traits may also have quite an impact on your history but none-the-less may have quite a impact as we progress in the story. Try to be diversed, I will be looking for this..
You may have up to 5... these traits may be seen as history or personality traits that could go to your appearance as well. These will have some affect on NPCs i control. You may even have a re-occuring npc thats just for events upon your character. Do not expect them to appear every post or so. It will be planned as we go.
Describe how you look, height, weight, body type, hair color, eye color. In addition List what your character carries, what she wears, How does her weapon look. 
Describe your character's personality. How he/she is alone, with others, when in battle etc. What does this character like/dislike. Be sure to use your skills, Traits, Blood type and Zodiac to help you define your character's personality.
Give a descriptive history explaining what your character has been doing over the years... How she became the job she/he is, what she has done over the years. Be sure to use your character's Race, Traits and skills in this to define your character... Realize you have a lot to go off of so it will be a lot of information.

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The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 3 authors


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Character Portrait: Méiguī

0.00 INK

#, as written by Zetsuna
The travel to Yu, the Imperial City, had felt long but nothing compared to what Méiguī had experienced herself years ago. When she had been younger, her pilgrimage was done all by foot and this includes the way back to her to the Shinseina palace. This included going through the desert, mountains, plains and all the terrain of Xhiana by the end of those long years yet it did make her strong. This time, the travel had been done through a carriage only fitting high priestess Shizuka and her paragon. The driver was in the front steering it with ease. The carriage was built with fine woodworking material and stained in black paint. The wheels were shown to be a little worn during travel but it was expected especially when the ground was damp from a recent shower of rain. Inside, was decently cushioned seating smooth rough leather layered as the rest was wood. The priestess sat inside with her eyes closed with little to say but a lot to think about. This had not been her first public speech to attend but it was to the first to meet the new empress. As for Méiguī, she honored her leader's choice of silence for the time being and her own. the woman seemed to be interested in the scenery she had been reliving and returning to. The path they took to get to Yu had been different and felt different yet as they approached the city it all felt the same. The plains were familiar which was the path she and her father took to head north. As the girl stuck her head out once the driver noted that they had reached the city, she noticed the open gate of the city. Grand and large never to be closed or open. The girl's expression stayed normal but her eyes widened for a moment when she heard Shizuka's voice.

"Bringing you back?"

Méiguī nodded. "Yes, It had been five years since I've been here... not much has changed of what I remember at least. We didn't stay long here so who knows.."

Shizuka giggled bringing her hand to her lips. Méiguī didn't ask if it had been her first time in the city but in truth none of them lead her this way. It had been a first unfortunately, especially when her speeches mostly had to do with the villages and minor towns, in addition to the other shrines. However, despite this she remained calm and seemed uninterested in the whole ordeal of coming. The warrior priestess looked towards the high priestess's way and noticed her expression in deep thought. Her chin propped over her hand as her eyes peered out the frame leading to the outside. The two went silent for a moment. Surely they would have more common chatter to go about but that had been when they were younger. Most meetings, speeches and other political affairs seemed this way with the two of them. A gentle sigh came from Méiguī's lips as they could hear the carriage switch terrains and the rattle of the wooden materials. They went from grass-like dirt trail to stone. Méiguī once again looked outside to notice a few travelers and civilians appearing as they reached and entered the city's walls. There were people of all social statuses around but that was just how the city was. A few beggars here and there and a lot of merchant stands with a variety of goods. As you look up you may seem a few steam/smoke depending on where you may look or be. Blacksmiths and gunsmiths seemed to be active by this point as well but it was mid day. It was just how Méiguī remembered it, however the direction they were going was unfamiliar. As they seemed to be heading towards the Empress's castle (Which looked traditional eastern castle).

The carriage rode up to the steps leading to the door of the castle's entrance and suddenly stopped. The driver in the front suddenly spoke.

"My lady, we've arrived at the Empress's castle. Shall I go set the arrangements?"

"No, I would like to do that myself... Méiguī will be with me as well" Shizuka said shaking her head at the beginning. The high priestess didn't believe anything would be too harmful and rarely did she need to use Méiguī's to fend someone off. For the most part they often just tag teamed and aided their weaknesses's but that's when given permission on the warrior priestess's accord. This was no meeting though, they simply had to check in because they were granted a room in the palace for the speech. That aside it was time to present. The two females got off the carriage and were greeted by two knights (Samurais) whom bowed and asked for proper parchments/papers. Shizuka presented them and before long they were going up the stairs.

When they reached the top of the steps and entered the castle seconds later. They witnessed the beautiful inner walls of the castle and an unexpected sight. Méiguī particularly caught this sight first as soon as they got in. She wasn't quite sure whom she was at this point but a few thoughts went about her head. The woman dressed in purple traditional clothing followed by a man in diplomatic (look wise) clothing. They appeared to be talking and payed no mind to the new guest entering. The empress did look down towards them with a small grin that Méiguī did not see and went on. The woman looked around only to be interrupted by Shizuka a moment later. The dark haired woman had tapped her arm on accident when she turned to see a man approach them.

"My my..welcome to the palace. As guest, I'd like to show you to your arranged quarters. We weren't expecting another but that is fine. Please follow me.."

The two women looked at each other before following behind them. It was odd that they did not ask for Méiguī's katana that was equipped behind her tied under her sash. To come where royalty was with a weapon that could kill is hazardous but then again. It was Shinseina and they probably do not expect anything. None-the-less, Méiguī didn't think too much upon it.

After being introduced to their quarters, being told set times for dining which weren't held with the Empress interestingly. The two went about the day yet at night an interesting event occurred.

"I don't trust this situation..." Shizuka said softly as they sat near the window looking out towards the night sky.

"What do you mean..?" Méiguī asked. She looked over to her lady moments later curious. She felt a little breeze pass by her brown hair, brushing against her shoulder. Her eyes blinked as the priestess began to speak once more in a serious tone.

"I don't know but it just feels a little different is all"

Méiguī went silent and nodded. She didn't understand what Shizuka was feeling but often these feelings she has never seemed to fail. In certain attempts of assassination, the warnings she had never failed which gave Méiguī a good advantage when defending her. These occurrences only happened very little of times but even so it happened to be failure in the end. The two stayed silent in thought for the rest of the night before sleeping the rest away unaware of what was to come the next day.


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Character Portrait: Kuan-Yin Feng (WIP)

0.00 INK

The beating of the bird's wings woke Kuan-Yin from a short nap, an-unexpected occurrence, but not a rare one. The young bird was carrying a scroll in it's claws, which was an outdated way to send a messege, to a scholar's mind at least, but Kuan-Yin's friend, Po was an outdated scholar. Even though he could easily have invoked a Wind specialist into transporting a letter, Po would never use magic in such a vulgar manner. He was a fool, and yet wise beyond tell. It was odd, but that was the norm among scholars. Brilliant and yet idiotic. Most did not have the grace of a Feng, but in the end, it was what they studied made them scholars, not how.

After a few moments of considerations, Kuan-Yin raised his arm towards the bird's claws, and the impatient bird simply dropped the scroll, and flew away, looking somewhat tired. It did not bother Kuan-Yin, who picked up the scroll, and opened it. The letter was a short one, informing Kuan-Yin of a recent finding in the old manuscripts of a reference to the Arts and the Feng family. It was probably an unimportant and trivial detail, but it was some sort of information, and information is always important. This is what sent Kuan-Yin to Yu, not the empresses' speech, simply a response to his friend's request.

Once Kuan-Yin arrived in Yu, he immediatley headed towards an inn, and payed for a room with his coin. The inn was where he met, sometimes in secret, sometimes in public, with other scholars to discuss the forbidden and the permitted. This time was no exception, and Po arrived at the same inn, at the same night, as the two always did. They had small talk, they expressed their hopes and aspirations, and then opened up the manuscripts the referenced the dark arts. It was a waste of time, unfortunately, as nothing really new was found, but it had solidified a few theories the two had. Kuan-Yin, however, knew something was up.

“Po, why did you send to me for this? We don't meet for the insignificant stuff.” Kuan-Yin expressed, looking at his friend, inquisitively. Of course, Po nodded, and began to express his true reason for the meeting.

“Things are changing in the empire, Kuan-Yin. And yes, I know that you aren't interested in polotics, but I've seen your brother in the area recently. Big things are happening, and we in Yu need you rather then your brother as the Feng representative.” Po says, stressig the fact that the brother of Kuan-Yin had arrived in the area. At that point in time, Kuan-Yin realized the seriousness of the situation. His brother was not a good man, and it could be disastrous if he does something in the region.

Kuan-Yin then nodded, and went outside to order his retainers to inform the family that he would be in Yu for a while.


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Character Portrait: Saru Kaze

0.00 INK

#, as written by ZenMon
It had been far too long since Saru had stepped foot in the capital city, yet he remembered it fondly. The hustle of the trading district, the smells from food stalls trying to peddle their wares, and the dull roar of everyone going about their day doing whatever it was they set out to do. He didn’t mind the crowds ordinarily, but his life of solitude had made him a bit uneasy standing in such a large group. He didn’t necessarily worry about being spotted, since he’d not been in Yu since he was a boy, yet he remained alert in case someone called to him or he spotted someone he knew. A food vendor selling steamed buns caught his attention, and he made his way through the never-ending crowd to have his evening meal. After purchasing his lunch, Saru wormed his way through the crowds again in an attempt to find a less crowded place to eat. He threaded his way through the crowd, trying to remember his way through the city, although a bit had changed since he’d been here as a boy.

A plaza attracted his attention, one where every entrance was covered in fliers of the same bulletin. Something about the Empress giving some speech or something like that. He only skimmed the document, the world of politics held no interest for him. Saru decided that he’d attend the speech, to see if something was to happen, but he would most likely leave half-way through. His last job paid well, considering how relatively uneventful. “Uneventful” was a relative term though, as his client nearly soiled himself when his caravan was attacked by several bandits. Saru could still feel the weight of his pouch of coins on his waist, even though he’d hidden his pay in the hotel room along with his clothing and some supplies. I’ll probably have to stock up when before I head out again. Saru sighed, mostly in a moment of self-pity. He finally found a suitable spot to sit and eat his lunch, and he squatted down against the wall to enjoy the quick meal and people watch. Very carefully, Saru lifted his mask up enough so that he could eat and see, but that his face was still hidden from sight unless someone squatted down and looked into his eyes.

As he ate, he recalled his previous job with a small smile.

Two weeks ago, he’d been contracted by a shipping merchant in Hǎi Shānqū as part of an armed escort for a caravan. The caravan, delivering fabrics, spices, and other valuable materials to Yu was assumed to be a very nice target for a few medium-sized bandit groups that were roaming the roads to Yu. The first few days were relatively uneventful, and a bit boring if he had to admit it. He amused some of the other mercenaries with some small tricks that any Wind Chi user could use. On the fifth day, the caravan was brought to a halt when a small group of men blocked the road, no more than five. As the horses fidgeted, the ‘leader’ of the bandits stepped forth.

“Give us your good and lay down your valuables and you can be on your way, pigs.” The man spoke with a gravely voice that spoke of a lifelong drinking and drug habit.

His companions laughed softly among themselves while Saru and the seven other mercenaries spread out in front of the caravan as a line of defense between the two groups. The largest of the mercenary guard, a man called Kae who had a massive axe, chuckled with the sound of grinding stone, and called back to the bandits. “Yeah? You’re outnumbered, whelp. Scurry back to the rocks and leave us be.”

The bandit leader laughed again. “You’ve no idea what you’re starting, mountain man. FIRE!”, he roared.

Two arrows flew from the surrounding rocks and took out two mercenaries immediately. The others charged, but were cut down by the other bandits before them and a few more arrows from the hidden archers. Saru used Slipstream to fly at one of the archers, nearly decapitating him as he flew by. He dispatched the other one in a similar fashion before hunkering down behind some rocks to watch the others be disabled or killed off outright. Kae managed to cut down two others before finally falling unconscious from blood loss. The mercenaries kept an eye out for Saru before closing on the caravan. The caravan leader, trembling, began to babble incoherently as they approached. Theatrics? Theatrics, thought Saru as he used Slipstream to close the gap between the mercenaries and the caravan, stopping between the two parties.

“Hey, freak. Move. You’re in the way.” The leader and his two cronies readied their weapons and advanced on Saru.

“Mmmm. Don’t think so, boss.”, Saru replied. “Take another step, and you’re a goner. Last chance, boss.” Saru began to form three small Aero Blades behind his head as the bandits closed on. He sighed, and released the spell. The winds tore through the throats of the bandits and they dropped like puppets cut from their strings, gurgling as their lives slowly ended. Saru went over to Kae to tend to his wounds before he returned to check on the caravan leader. “Oh, by the by, my rate just doubled.” The caravan leader, now completely white, furiously nodded his head. The remainder of the trip stayed rather uneventful, with only a broken wheel that was hastily repaired as the only event of note.

Saru finished his second bun, relishing the memory. He reached into the folds of his jacket and retrieved his pipe, lighting it with a strike-anywhere match and savoring the taste of the smoke. He thought about what to do with the rest of his day, squatting by the wall watching the smoke rise from the end of his pipe. What to do… what to do…


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Character Portrait: Méiguī

0.00 INK

#, as written by Zetsuna
The next day...

Méiguī woke this morning around noon in the world with only three hours to spare before listening to the speech and guarding the high priestess. She felt a little off when she felt and saw the sun beaming through the window frame due to the fact she usually had to be up equivalently four hours ago at the shrine. Sleeping in the nice beds of the palace with quarters separated from the busier parts of the building was different. In addition, the travel here was never easy. Nights of the carriage rattling and her ears, toned to be sharp while only letting herself fall half asleep never helped. It had only just been then when the woman realized how exhausted she really was. The warrior priestess lifted herself up before lifting her right hand to rub her eyes while making a usual morning groan. Her left hand gripped the sheets as she then began to hear the birds chirping from the outside. A sigh came from her lips before her hands and fingers moved from her eyes and it was only when her hand went down that she realized her Priestess was no where in sight. She didn't feel worried, a bit at least but it did strike her interest in knowing where she was and why she was not woken in such an unfamiliar place.

Méiguī swung her legs over to the side of the bed and then rose herself up remembering her clothing and equipment was in the dress across the bed. Immediately did she took her time on dressing herself and equipping her sword directly in back of her. As a guard, for her priestess, she was granted approval to be armed among the palace. After that she immediately, opened the door. Suddenly it seemed like she could hear the rest of the palace or at least the section they were in and down the hall was a familiar voice followed by another female's voice. This new voice felt powerful yet at the same time pleasant, it was only then when the two revealed themselves. It had been high priestess Shizuka and surprisingly the new empress who stood a few inches above her. The two immediately noticed Méiguī, who had been standing passively looking towards them.

"Good morning sleepy-head, Its nice to see you're finally awake." Shizuka said.

"Morning, Warrior-Priestess..--" The empress stopped midway noticing she had not caught her name. Méiguī gave a wry smile as she as she noticed this before quickly replying as soon as she had the chance.

"Méiguī, my lady" She said with respect although, her mind was really wondering why the priestess was with her in the first place. Suddenly she was interrupted.

"I only met Shizuka moments ago, as she was in the palace gardens. I made sure the palace guards watched over her as you were not present." The empress spoke.

Méiguī bowed in respect and thanked her. Before long they were engaged about the speech only with minor detail though and simple questions and answers while sitting at a table in what seemed to be a meeting hall. Nothing like a council table but something smaller scaled as if it were for guest. Méiguī in respect for her betters kept quiet for some of it only giving her thoughts and opinions when she felt it was right which they did not mind at all. Shizuka appeared to be only asking questions which some were avoided by the Empress. However she did do most of the talking in this hour before suddenly a attendant appeared.

"My lady, we have only a couple of hours to spare before presenting the high speech to the people of Xhiana. Also a few of the highest nobles of Yu, have requested your immediate appearance for diplomatic matters. Which I advise,you do quickly since we only have little to spare. Also Heishi, has made it back and is ready to present themselves before the speech. As usual, they're in their hall... I suggest, we pick up on the matters with little time to spare."

The empress nodded and thanked Shizuka and Méiguī for their audience before leaving. Méiguī turned before engaging with Shizuka in conversation. It began with wondering why she was not woken before which ended in a friendly reply and then went about discussing what she thought of the empress. It was only scary pleasant feeling. The warrior priestess nearly felt with such a quiet atmosphere she was being watched or overheard although nothing bad was being said. Suddenly with only an hour or a little less to spare the women were called to go to the public halls of the palace to attend the speech.

When the two arrived, they noticed quite a few people there already. A bit of nobles, guards at every door leading to forbidden areas of the palace and then five warriors who appeared to be in different equipment standing near the throne. The empress was not there yet. Aside from the warrior class and nobles, there were common follks and although not considered noble here and unknown to some, there were a few clans leaders among them with personal guards, like Méiguī and Shizuka. Some had two. The women found a secluded spot that could see the empress near the western front decorated pillar of the hall. The two were silent yet could the grumbling chatter of the hall. A little bit of Introductions, discussions of the recent rebels, some of the speech, etc etc. It had only been thirty minutes before the empress stepped out from a side door from the east front followed by a few guards. The room silenced slowly over ten seconds. Méiguī could hear the sounds of the empress's sandles clack against the ground as she walked before standing in front of everyone looking around.

"I thank you for attending the speech. Some in which a lot of you traveled far when receiving my invitation. Some of you are commoners which I happily allow to listen. Some of you are veterans which I called from the clan wars and the beastman wars. To this day, I commend you and wish to inform you of a new problem in Xhiana which has to come to an end...." The woman spoke loud and clear before taking a short breather. A sigh came from her mouth before looking around the room once more.

"The rebellion, has peaked over the four years and I stand to correct this. It was only fortunate that .... This man!!" She said unsheathing her katana and pointing towards a man who looked a bit roughed up, and beat with arms tied behind him. Suddenly dragged by one of the guards before being dropped in front of her.

"Was captured by Heishi... You may ask... Who is he? Why is he here? .. Well this man is the rebel's leader! Name will go anonymous... but... let this be shown that this is the price of rebellion..." She spoke before quickly slice across the mans chest before decapitating his head. Méiguī's eyes went wide in horror as she saw the Empress barbaric side not only that but the speed of the blade was quick and fearful. She could hear a few gasp in the room yet more clapping. The warrior-priestess wasn't sure if they were supporting this out of fear or if it was truly a righteous act. The woman looked down at the head of the man and began to even wonder if this was really the man... Suddenly the Empress's hand moved up as if she were about to speak again and the room began to go silent once more.

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Character Portrait: Méiguī
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Character Portrait: Saru Kaze
Saru Kaze

A hunted man even watches his own shadow.

Character Portrait: Kuan-Yin Feng (WIP)
Kuan-Yin Feng (WIP)

"No knowledge is forbidden, all must be revealed."

Character Portrait: Méiguī

"My name? It mean's Rose" WIP


Character Portrait: Saru Kaze
Saru Kaze

A hunted man even watches his own shadow.

Character Portrait: Kuan-Yin Feng (WIP)
Kuan-Yin Feng (WIP)

"No knowledge is forbidden, all must be revealed."

Character Portrait: Méiguī

"My name? It mean's Rose" WIP

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Character Portrait: Saru Kaze
Saru Kaze

A hunted man even watches his own shadow.

Character Portrait: Kuan-Yin Feng (WIP)
Kuan-Yin Feng (WIP)

"No knowledge is forbidden, all must be revealed."

Character Portrait: Méiguī

"My name? It mean's Rose" WIP

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