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Wolf Blood

Wolf Blood Lore

a part of “Wolf Blood”, a fictional universe by Sanarith.

Two packs of werewolves fight to keep their secret safe... But can it last when mysterious killings keep on happening in the woods, and it looks like the only thing that could be doing it is one of them, how can they keep it secret for much longer?

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Wolf Blood”.
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Wolf Blood Lore

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sanarith on Sat Oct 04, 2014 4:29 pm


Hello and welcome to the Lore section of this roleplay! Here I will specify pack ranks and their roles within the pack, how the werewolf gene works, how a human may become a werewolf, and things such as Imprinting and the like. If anyone has a question, I will also post the answer here!



Alphas are the leaders of the pack. They make the decisions. They are the ones in control. It is a large responsibility, as they must control their packs while also communicating with the other Alphas in the area. Most other Wolfbloods feel that the male and female Alphas should always mate, but it is commonly refused in modern times. The alpha has to always remain cool and calm in front of the pack. They also lead any hunts the pack might do.


Betas are second in command - they have less power than the Alpha, but more than the rest of the pack. They enforce the Alpha's decisions, deciding on how the pack would do it, and sharing their ideas with the Alpha. If the Alphas are leaving for a little while, the betas are in charge.


Scouts are normally the pack members that are small and quick. They are the members that mark out the pack's territory, or find the other pack members, or other packs, using both Eolas and their own tracking skills to the max. They are also very observant, and will report back to their Alphas with news of anything out of the ordinary. They also tend to make maps, and record the layout of the land.


Although few in number in the new generation, there are a few Guardians in the new generation. This is because Guardians are normally in charge of the younger members of the pack, and make sure they can follow on with the pack. They take care of any sick or injured members, and in general just protect the pack and make sure everyone is okay. Any secrets are entrusted to then, along with any relics or items of great worth. They are the members to look after it.


The changing of a Human to a Wolfblood is not easy, for anyone. Wolfbloods who are born with the gene often struggle with the fact that they are a Wolfblood for the first few months of knowing it, and will generally be able to hide it in public if they are before the age of 14 or 15. After that, their gene emerges a lot more, and it gets more and more difficult for it to be hidden. However, Born Wolfbloods are able to deal with this very well.

A Changed Wolfblood must be Changed by someone who wishes them to be Changed; it cannot be done by mistake. This is purely because of the way it is done. If a Wolfblood is willing to Change a Human, it is required by Law to tell them what it involves, although this is normally not done as most Wolfbloods that are wishing to Change someone are either New Mooners or are furious and cannot control themselves. A Wolfblood will then cut him or herself somewhere and bite the victim, before transferring a significant amount of their blood into the victim's wound. This can take a little while, but in some cases, if the Wolfblood is dying, it can be extremely quick. Changed Wolfbloods will then have to go through rapid mood swings, ear aches, tooth aches, strange sights (as in super sight) and many other things in super speed, until they Change. This can be done with younger members of Born Wolfbloods, which is normally done in Wild packs because of the movement they normally carry out. Changed Wolfbloods are known not to cope very well with this, and so a maximum effort from all other members of the pack are required to give them aid.

Imprinting is when two Wolfbloods commit themselves to each other and fall in love.

It does not begin when two Wolfbloods first see each other, but when they first greet each other. As wolves greet each other by licking, Wolfbloods follow this and normally greet each other by kissing each other's cheeks. When a pair that will be Imprinted meets, when they greet each other, the male (or in rare cases, the more dominant female) will feel a connection and claim their counterpart as their own. This is often unknowingly or unwillingly, but it can happen. This does not mean the pair is necessarily in love, though. It takes a bit of work. Although the pair are romantic interests, they may not be in love, so to speak. However, the more dominant in the pair (male or female) will most likely begin to make advances on the female, and when the pair are comfortable with it, the more dominant Wolfblood will mark his counterpart with a specific mark on either the other's neck or wrist, which signifies that he or she is theirs. Each Wolfblood has their own mark, and will appear as a tattoo once the mark has healed. The pair is then imprinted.

Wolfbloods can also have multiple Imprints, and can be Challenged for an Imprintee. If a Challenge is issued, Wolfbloods will fight almost to the death. Once upon a time, they fought to the death, but as Wolfbloods are scarce in numbers, the other members of the pack normally do not allow this anymore. If a challenger wins the fight, he or she gets the imprintee. If she or he has already been imprinted on, he or she will mark their counterpart again, and the previous mark will fade, being replaced by the new mark. The Challenger will have to win the Imprintee's affections again, if not already in love. A Challenger will only normally come forward if they had feelings with the Imprintee before the first Imprintee came along. This also happens in terms of power - if an Alpha Female has been imprinted on, other Wolfbloods may Challenge her Imprinter for the power it comes with. THIS DOES NOT MEAN ALPHAS MUST IMPRINT ON EACH OTHER, just that it does sometimes happen.
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