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Give Me Your Love

New York, New York


a part of Give Me Your Love, by .euphoria..


.euphoria. holds sovereignty over New York, New York, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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New York, New York is a part of Give Me Your Love.

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Adrienne DeLuca [3] "I'll believe when I see it..."
Claude Barker [3] "Follow love and it will flee, flee love and it will follow."
Robyn Simmons [3] "Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand."
Dominic Carver [2] "All this crap about love is making me more annoyed that I haven't found it myself yet."
Maeve Gallagher [2] "Everything is worth a fight if you believe in the cause."
Greyson "Grey" Kellington [2] "Pleasure is all mine."
Iyla Noor [2] "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."
Astrid Chamale [0] "Here's an autograph - Want to go hang out?!"

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Character Portrait: Iyla Noor Character Portrait: Robyn Simmons Character Portrait: Claude Barker
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Time: 11:15 AM
Date: 18 September 2013
Location: Manhattan, New York



Time: 6:45 AM

Speckles of extravagant ambers and crimsons painted the dark azure sky. From his back patio, Claude watched the serene magnificence of a simple sunrise as he did every morning. The tepid cup of Earl Grey in his hand shrouded him with a sense of calm as the crisp air of the oncoming fall engulfed him in its temperate vigor. The horizon was no longer dotted with dinky crayon colors, but colors of unexplainable grandeur that have no known name. When the sun rose, he found himself once again in awe. He has seen almost one million sunrises just like this one, however it did not deter him. There was a simple elegance to the start of another day that even Claude couldn't comprehend, not that he tried to understand. He finished his tea in comfortable silence, an ambiance of heavy morning traffic overlapping nature's call. It had taken him a while to get used to the hustle and bustle of New York when he become so accustomed to the quiet majesty of a simple farm life. Now he cannot see living anywhere else. Then again, he did have a little over a century to adjust to it.

At the sudden vibration of his cell-phone, Claude placed the empty mug on the patio railing. It was a text message, a simple request to 'Call me' in the event that he was awake. He shook his head, having checked the identity of whom the message had been sent. It was Cupid, the only man who knew Claude better than himself. Of course he knows I'm awake, Claude mused as he dialed the number of his mentor. The phone rang only once before he heard a chipper voice against his ear.

"Claude my boy!" Cupid greeted, "I didn't interrupt anything, did I?"

"Nothing of import," Claude replied in a somber time.

"Good. Meet me in my apartment. I want to have lunch."

He wouldn't bring up the fact that it was barely breakfast. Instead, Claude responded with a curt, "Alright," before hanging up the phone and sauntering back into his apartment with the mug in his hand. As he made preparations to leave, he made his way to Iyla's bedroom door. Rasping on her door gently, he listened closely to what was on the other side of the door. When he heard no response he gently pushed the door open, peeking inside. She was fast asleep in her bed, huddled up underneath the heavy comforter. He smiled, making his way inside with little to no noise. Claude had no intention of waking her, not this early in the morning. He simply bent down at the waist, kissing the top of her head fondly before taking his leave. He did so every morning before he left, reawakening the sliver of his own grace inside of her with the simple kiss goodbye. With just a simple gesture he could be sure that if she were ever in danger during the expanse of the day, he'd sense it, just because he'd given her his grace.

He left out the back patio door, locking it behind him before he slowly transfigured himself into dark grey vapor. The mist pooled over the edge, slipping between the railings as it crept along the dark brick walls of his building. It was by far, in Claude's opinion, the fastest way to travel.

"Has anyone ever told you that you are absolutely dreadful when it comes to interesting conversation?"

Claude looked over at his mentor from the corner of his eye, watching the deity's psychosomatic limp with an open mouth smile adorned his features. Claude walked with perfect posture with his hands delved into the pockets of his slacks as Cupid slouched forward slightly with one hand on his cane. Despite the taller man's obviously longer stride, the two men walked in step, a symbol of their unspoken connection which had adapted over one thousand years. "Is that so?" Claude chuckled, "Forgive me for wanting to focus more on my job than two elephants fornicating in the distance." He opened the door to the nearest coffee shop, cocking a brow as Cupid paused in front of him.

"It's part of the job, my friend." Claude shook his head as the older man chuckled, walking into the popular coffee franchise with a grin, "In fact, if you want my honest opinion, it's the best part about the job. The art of lovemaking has always been my favorite past time." It was well approaching lunch hour by this time; people packed into the little cafe with full intentions on getting their coffee and leaving before succombing to claustrophobia. Unfortunately for the businessman standing in front of them in the line, he's heard exactly what the God of Love had said. Cupid locked eyes with the young man in front of them and smirked, nudging him playfully, "Am I right? Eh? Eh?"

"Leave that poor man alone," Claude nagged, "Why have you brought me here, anyway?"

"A father can't take his son to enjoy a nice cup of coffee?" To that Claude responded with an incredulous stare, one that always brought a smirk to the God's stubbled face. With a sly finger, Cupid gestured to a young woman with flaming hair at the front of the line, "I'm introducing you to your new charge."

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#, as written by Vix
“Alright, guys! Good job, just make sure to rehearse for tomorrow's exam. And study!” A young woman called after students leaving her class, a bright smile on her face. Astrid adored her students and honestly had a hard time leaving them, but she would not be teaching after the semester was over. She couldn't be a full-time teacher and pursue her career in the entertainment business at the same time just yet. A light sigh came from her as she grabbed her keys and purse, leaving the room and locking it up behind her before heading outside to her beloved deep purple '69 Charger. She knew nothing of cars, but she loved the classics. They looked And it was a gift.

She made her way through the city, away from the upper East end and down into the more...urban area. She didn't look too out of place, as the other young women walking around were dressed rather fashionably and she herself had chosen a pink ensemble of Uggs, Capri denims, and a white t-shirt under an unbuttoned pink and black plaid shirt. Her matching pink hair was pulled into a high a seemingly rushed ponytail as she did her best to not draw attention to herself any more than she normally did. Though, as she parked and got out, heading into the Corlione garage, she did seem out of place among the grease, oil, and sweat covered men and women there. One in particular noticed her first, raising his head with a grin as he tossed down his rag after wiping his hands.

“Well, well. Miss Hollywood graces us with her presence. What brings you down today, teacher lady?” The man had an accent that was a mix between Italian and New Yorker Bronx. Astrid's face brightened as he spoke, delivering a tight hug. “Nia is making this weird knocking sound when I drive...and I wanted to make sure we were still on for tomorrow night.” She glanced over at her car before looking back at him as he nodded. “Tell y'what. Leave Nia here with me overnight and I will pick you up tomorrow for practice in her.” He gave her his most charming smile before blushing softly as she wrapped him in a hug. “Max! You're the best!” She released him to fully enter the garage, taking a seat in a nearby chair as Max's brothers addressed her.

“Hey, how's that new song coming?”

“Yeah, when you gonna sing it?”

“How was that tour?”

“When y'gonna stop teachin'?”

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Iyla was never fond of mornings, despite all of the mornings she has faced in her lifetime, she never grew accustom to the oppressive shine of sunlight beating down on her face. Groaning the Archer twisted onto her stomach, burying her face in the soft downy pillow, disdain for the burning star evident in the way she huffed. She reached out, pawing at her nightstand in an attempt to shut off her blaring alarm clock, to which she was successful. After doing her daily morning ritual which consisted of her basically lounging in bed until the will to actually get up overtook her, Iyla dressed herself in a pair of black slacks, a white button up blouse and a plain black blazer. As she scurried out of her bedroom and meandered into the kitchen to fix a cup of tea. Upon completing said task, she settled down onto couch, sipping gingerly on her tea and basking in the silence of the apartment. She enjoyed these moments, for within her entire day it would be hectic with reports, criminals, and phone calls. Long story short, the life of a detective was not her ideal job, but it was necessary. This job simply made it easier to keep a close eye on her charge, Isaac—the classic workaholic—and ensure that he was on the right track. Iyla warily glanced at the wall clock as the minutes ticked by, sighing she finished that last of her tea and as she stood up from her perch, her amber eyes fell on a dark blue mug abandoned on the kitchen counter. She smiled fondly, knowing that Claude was probably called away by Cupid, for he never left his mug unless he was summoned and was in a hurry. She knew of his undying devotion to the deity and she couldn’t help but admire this fact as she meandered to the counter, picking up his cup along with her own and placing them both in the dishwasher before grabbing her pocketbook and leaving the apartment.

By the time eleven o’clock rolled around, Iyla was lifting a cube of grilled herb chicken to her lips with practiced grace. “I still don’t understand why you and I can’t go to McDonald’s or grab some quick Chinese food, Noor.” Luther mused with a quirked brow as he absentmindedly stabbed into his sautéed green beans.
“I prefer my meals to not be stuffed in paper or plastic bags, Isaac. Besides, I think you deserve an elegant lunch every now and again. You work hard, pamper yourself.” Iyla looked up from her plate, giving her charge a friendly smile, reassuring him.

Luther smiled meekly, “I guess I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”
“Tis how the saying goes,” Iyla nodded. “What you should be looking at is Carmen. I think she has her eyes on you, my friend.”

Luther froze, looking up from his vegetables to give Iyla a wide eyed stare. “Carmen, the secretary?” Ilya responded with a nod. “She’s not interested in me, besides even if she was, I’m not the type to do relationships, you know. I’m married to my work.”

Iyle frowned, disappointed in Luther’s response. She didn’t want to push him too hard, but she was aware that this was going to be a difficult charge to handle. With his strong will and obsessive working, Iyla was sure he’d be a real challenge. However, she didn’t expect him to immediately jump at the idea of falling in love, but the seed had been planted and with a little more nurturing, she was positive that sooner or later he’d ponder giving the lovely Carmen a little more than a friendly wave at the police station. Iyla said nothing else about the subject and the two co-workers talked, sharing stories about their previous cases—Luther’s were true and Iyla had to make some up as she went—and ate their meal in comfortable idly chatter.

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Adrienne sighed as she turned the shower off, wrapping her fluffy towel around her soaked body. She walked over to the sink and splashed her face with cold water, a shiver racing through her body as the cool liquid hit her warmer skin. She brushed her teeth quickly before going to her room. Another day, another dollar. That was kinda what was going through her head when she woke up. She loved her jobs, don't get wrong. Being a barista and a bartender enabled her to talk to people. If she didn't have this job, she would probably be the most antisocial person ever.

But who truly was happy to wake up in the morning?

Not this girl.

Once she was dressed for day, Adrienne walked down the stais from her bedroom into the living room. She hurried into the kitchen where she began to brew some coffee. After working as a barista for as long as she had, she came to the conclusion that there were only certain coffees she wanted to brew at home and Folgers was definitely one of her favorites. As that was getting ready, she pulled a few strands of her hair back and braided them to keep them out of her face. With that done, she went to getting a decent breakfast.

Her morning routine went by as usual, nothing changed in her proceedings. She had her coffee with a sugar-free vanillla flavoring and skim milk. She had her bagel from the bakery around the corner that was always soft. She cleaned whatever dishes she might have left the night before. Everything was set and the apartment looked decent. For only a split second - because she would never mull over something this small - a small pang hit her in the chest as she realized that this was the exact same thing she used to do at home. Make coffee, get toast or a bagel, clean house, go to school. Except...there was no school and no Dad and -

Nope, she told herself mentally. Not today

As she walked out her door, she slid on her shades and hurried to work, nibbling on her bagel and sipping her coffee along the way. Work was about a five minute walk from her apartment, enough time to eat and walk. By the time she reached Karen's Cafe, her coffee was almost done and the bagel was gone. Karen's daughter, Tanya, was in today and was currently giving a new girl a tutorial. At first, the blonde ignored Adrienne as she walked in. Adrienne didn't mind. But then, the bitch did notice her.

"And this is Adrienne. Make sure to come to her whenever you have a question," Tanya said quickly, threw off her apron, and grabbed her purse, which was under the counter. "I gotta go. Take care of everything, Adrienne! And don't forget, Mom's coming by later!" Tanya was off before Adrienne could get a word out, leaving the poor new girl alone. Adrienne rolled her eyes for a second before glancing at the girl.

"For the record, don't let her smile fool you. She can be bitchy," she warned the girl. The girl in response - Carmen, Adrienne realized, as she took in the girl's nametag - smirke knowingly.

"Trust me, I noticed. She looked like she was gonna kill me if I didn't compliment her shoes." Adrienne laughed at that, getting her apron from the back door leading into the kitchen.

"She does that," she replied and grinned at Carmen. "Something tells me we're going to get along. How about you just go check on tables and try out a coffee while you're at it. You're going to need to be able to recommend stuff. I can man the register and machines until Kevin comes in." Carmen beamed at Adrienne and Adrienne turned to a customer that came to the register. "Hi, welcome to Karen's Cafe. What can I get you?"

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Maeve let out a yawn as she sat up in her bed hitting the snooze button on her alarm clock. Stretching, the red head began to rub her eyes as she shuffled out of her comfy covers after a few moments of gradual acceptance over the fact she wouldn't be able to sleep any longer. Handing to her dresser as she began to repeat her daily routine with great ease. Of course, there would be a slight change to them. She'd still bring her clothes to the bathroom, still change once her shower was over and she would still dried off, fix up her hair, and change. However, unlike how she'd normally have milk to sip due to her strong distaste in coffee, she'd head over to the little coffee shop down the street from her apartment.She knew her charge, Greyson Killington, liked coffee and would most likely go there today as always. Or at least, Maeve hoped he would. Her sticky note stating that information on the fridge seemed to have a lot of dates and methods scratched out...

Thinking like this sped up the time of the routine Maeve was already dressed and now heading out the door and down her three flights of stairs to get to the great outdoor city. Sure it was a bit chilly today to be wearing a dress and sandals, but the cold air just helped Maeve awaken from her tired state, more so then the hot shower. Maeve continued to dwell on her previous charge even as she walked though, unable to let the women go so easily. She could only assume... She could only assume the women she helped had forgotten her already. It ate away at Maeve quietly, her eyes zoned for quite awhile as her body continued to walk on autopilot. She had been forgotten so many times before, nor did she have closure from the past.

She was still pretty distant from the coffee stop as Maeve stumbled over to a bench, nearly tripping over her own two feet as she began to fix her sandal and the sleeves to her dress before realizing she was wasting time, as always. So many useless thoughts about the past would only distract her, and her nervous habits of tugging on articles of clothing was becoming a pain as well. For all she knew, she could of missed her charge. Speed walking, Maeve prepped herself to not get flustered and to just stay calm and cheerful when meeting the man.

Just like before, this time Maeve didn't just stumble over her own to feet from not paying attention, she tripped over uneven concrete just outside the shop, nearly landing on her face as she gave her legs a few scraps here and there. Nothing she wasn't used too. Groaning, Maeve rubbed her hands which she had used to brace her impact into cold floor. Today wasn't going to be a "fun" day, that was for sure.

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Grey Kellington

Grey was out of bed and showered before the sun was out. His roommate, a kind girl named Hannah who was 16, was still asleep, like a typical teenager, but he was used to having to be quiet in the morning. Not like he wanted to be loud at the crack of dawn anyways. Sliding the comb through his hair, he glanced at himself in the mirror. Tired, cold, and only wearing a towel, it was easy to see the toll that early morning and late nights took on him, but he was still doing fine, and that's what he cared about. Grey slipped some gel into his hand then into his hair, pushing the front part up. He really couldn't care less about how his hair looked, but the choreographer preferred it that way, and it helped keep sweat out of it.

Making his way to his room, he sent a quick text to his friend Mike, telling him he'd be a bit late. He changed into spandex-like shorts and then sweatpants, and a tight fitting v neck. He grabbed his beanie, putting it in his backpack, and left the apartment. A quick check of the phone revealed it was 5:38. Without looking, Grey reached back and pulled out his nickel board from his backpack. He placed it in front of him, falling into the normal feeling of cruising on the sidewalk, avoiding the other early risers he came across.

He arrived at the studio around 6:05, picking up his board and sprinting inside the rotating doors. Nodding to the lobby man, he skipped the elevator and took the stairs up four flights. Grey dropped his bag on the ground, walking to the dance room while taking off his shoes. As he entered the room, no one look up at him, all eyes on Karren, the lead choreographer who was speaking about her knew ideas for the next showcase.

The next three hours were spent doing grueling run throughs of the new dances, and there was a lot of criticism coming everyone's way.

Sweating and bleeding from a few places on his feet, he exited the studio, his shoes now back on, speaking to Mike and his girlfriend. He would never admit it, but Grey was slightly jealous of their relationship. They just got each other, but it didn't effect him very much. Right now, he was focused on making money and dancing.

He waved bye to his friends, and made his way to the coffee shop down the block. That was his number one habit, caffeine. Arriving at the shop, he went right in. He didn't even need to wait in line to order, simply nodding his head to the barista to signal he wanted his usual. it was ready quickly, and he grabbed the jumbo drink and the paper bag with coffee cake in it, sitting at a table near the window and beginning to people watch. He didn't see anyone particularly interesting, there was this one girl, red headed, and pretty, but he wasn't planning on anything. He sighed, leaning back in his chair a little and pulling out a book from his backpack. It was a random one he'd brought at a tag sale about a week ago, the cover worn so much you couldn't read the title, but it was interesting. He sipped his coffee, pulling out his pen and beginning to read, pausing once to underline something he found interesting.

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"Can I get a venti mocha frappuccino with an extra shot of espresso, pretty please?"

"Sure thing, that'll be five, ninety-three." With a nod, Robyn reached into her hoodie, pulling out her wallet, handed six dollars to the cashier, and insisted that she keep the change. The cashier smiled, thanking the fiery headed young woman on the other side of the counter. "What's your name? I'm afraid there's going to be a little bit of a wait."

"Oh! Don't worry about it. Um-..." Robyn sucked in her lips, running through a list of quirky names she could use, seeing as she never gave the people at Starbucks the same name twice. One name rang out above all others, for no discernable reason whatsoever. "Bonnie. My name is Bonnie."

Robyn waited on the sidelines along with several others who had yet to receive their cup of Joe. Seeing as it was lunch hour, she couldn't really hold it against the baristas for her having to wait, so long as they did it right. She remembered fondly coming here with her roommate Eli about a week ago and nearly falling to her knees because the coffee was so delicious. She had immediately turned around claiming she was going to propose to the young man that made it. She had been kidding of course, but the guy was pretty cute. If Eli hadn't been there to pull her away and promise to take her to Mr. Peanut Man, she would've honestly considered it. She was idly scrolling through her Twitter feed when a limping silhouette caught her flittering attention. Robyn glanced up, seeing an older man who was possibly in his late forties struggle to walk through the crowd with his cane. No one seemed to want to budge, which disgusted Robyn. How could people be so rude? Pocketing both her phone and her wallet, she rushed to his side, giving dirty looks to the people who had cast their own cynical stares upon the older man, pushing one of them out of the way. "Hey, do you need help?" she crooned in his ear gently, locking her arm with his.

"Why thank you, sweetheart. That's very kind of you."

"It's nothing." Robyn gave him a gentle smile, walking him over to where she had once stood, pulling up a chair for him so he could take a seat. She sat him down, taking a seat on the floor so he didn't have to look up to talk to her. The way she wrapped her arms around her knees resembled that of a child, as did the grin and overall exuberance in her dark brown eyes. "So did you come here by yourself?"

The older man chuckled, "My dear, are you trying to seduce me?"

Robyn's laugh rang clear in the small coffee shop, "Totally." She responded with a playfully flirtatious wink.

"I couldn't take you on a proper date on good conscience, young lady. I'm much too old for you I'm afraid." He sat back, his mouth falling into an agape smile as a shroud of enlightenment crossed his features. "I'll tell you what. I didn't come here alone. I came with my son. He's just about your age from the looks of it." Robyn followed the man's line of sight as well as the tip of his finger as he pointed to the younger man in a tailcoat currently ordering at the counter . "There he is over there."

She was awestruck at first, her eyes widening comically as her chin dropped. The guy was all tall, dark, and cheekbones. As is common practice with Robyn, she ended up spewing her thoughts out loud before it went through her mental filter, "What does he do, sharpen his cheekbones in his freetime?" Silence fell between her and the older man for a moment and Robyn could've died of embarrassment as realization at what she'd just said fully sank in. Her hands clasped over her mouth as shock and humiliation set in on her face, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry! That was so rude of me. Oh my God, no, he's a very attractive guy. I was just-..." She stammered, dropping her hands to her hoodie, toying with it as she rambled, "What I mean is-....he's, like, seriously the handsomest guy I've ever seen." She practically whimpered in dejection. her face beet red from blushing at a high intensity, " I am so not helping."

"The handsomest, huh?" the man chuckled, before turning his attention to the front of him. "Oh Claude. Excellent timing as always."

Robyn looked up, instantly captured by the multi-colored torrent of oceanic hues staring back at her. "Here's your coffee, father." The young man said, handing the hot cup to the older man, all the while looking at Robyn. She felt herself smile, not so much at the deep resonant voice that oozed sex appeal or the stoic demeanor, but the comforting feeling that followed his attention. She'd never been so attracted to someone one minute just to immediately feel secure. It was strange, something she couldn't shake. And as he spoke again Robyn knew that this man wasn't going to be easily forgotten. "Who is this?"

"This is the sweet young woman that helped me to my seat,"

She was stared down as she stood, seemingly unable to keep herself from smiling in his presence. "So your name's Clyde?"

"Claude," The man corrected.

"Shh-..." She put her finger to his cupid's bow lips, no small feat considering he was about a foot taller than she was. "Let me have this."

"Bonnie?" a barista shouted over the crowd.

"See-..?" Robyn sauntered over to the counter after flashing him a smile, she practically skipped through the crowd, taking a sip after a quick thanks before groaning in appreciation, giving the barista a thumb's up. She meandered back to the tall man named Clyde and his father, "Bonnie. Clyde. Coincidence-..?" She took a sip, stopping right in front of them, looking up at Clyde as if she were a little girl looking up in curiosity at the stars. "I think not." A moment passed between them, Clyde having simply cocked a brow and his father eating it up. Robyn's eyes traveled down the length of Clyde's lanky yet solid frame, impressed with what she saw but pouting when she didn't see a Starbucks cup in his hand. "What? No coffee?"

"I prefer tea," said Clyde.

Robyn lowered the straw from her lips, uttering a muffled, "That just won't do," before she practically shoved the cup in his face, "Try mine."

"No thank you,"

"Oh it's okay, I don't have diseases. I've got papers." She shook it a little, the straw brushing against the man's lips, "I've got a clean bill of health, not even a sniffle. Don't even worry about it. Just try it." Robyn stared up at him with an unwavering gaze, relentless in her silent prodding as the taller man just looked at her. Eventually Clyde relented, closing his lips around the straw and taking a small sip. He mulled over the taste, nodding in approval and Robyn accepted it with a smile though he said nothing. Her phone vibrated in her pocket and she could only guess that it was either Eli or Sean telling her to hurry up or they'd all be late for work. "Well I've got to go," This she said as she rifled through her hoodie pocket, sipping on her frappuccino without qualm. She pulled out her fine tip Sharpie pen and grabbed for the man's hand. She laced her fingers with his, ducking around her arm to write her cellphone number on the inside of his wrist. When she finished she smiled, dropping both the pen and his hand before she gave Clyde's father a peck on the cheek. "Nice meeting you Clyde's father," she grinned, making her way out of the shop "Tell your son to call me, okay?" She returned his wave and his friendly smile before she hopped into the backseat of the Camaro. She was still grinning as she plopped down, even as Sean nagged at her for taking so long.

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Today was not a great day for Dominic. He awoke to the noise of the city, something that he should have been accustomed to by now: yet here he was, yelling at the honking car on the street below him to shut up. After getting and returning the finger to some random person, Dominic pulled his window shut and heaved out a sigh. It was too early to be awake, especially for a guy like him: he liked to be awake by roughly noon, while it was still morning. See, Dominic easily adapted to the culture and lifestyle of the people he lived with, which was why he was stuck downtown in a standard appartment instead of Claude in a condo. To Dominic, he liked to keep the illusion that he was just an average joe in the world: it just somehow made his work with his charges easier. He couldn't do the mysterious like Claude, or the caring like Ilya, so he opted to be the normal yet odd goofball type instead. Not that it mattered much to him, he still hated his job, regardless of how much he worked at it some days.

So Dominic got a shower and got out just as fast to stare at himself in the mirror. He wasn't admiring himself, just thinking. His rugged features still looked the same, his dirty blond hair was the same, his stubble half-beard was the same; yet he felt different all the time. Why was he still on this rock of a planet, anyway? He should have been dead years ago, when he finished his first charge. So why hadn't he moved on and been free of a job he hated? Dominic couldn't answer that question honestly - there were too many things that he didn't understand. Like how he hated death, yet also hated his job, which caused his first problem. How he hated the idea of being tied down to another, yet was a closet romantic at the same time. Just who was he? Dominic kept staring at himself, hoping to find an answer, until the steam from the corners of the mirror cleaned up completely. Even then he kept staring at himself with skeptical eyes before shaking his head and muttering a bit before briskly walking out of the washroom.

Getting dressed before grabbing his wallet, phone and keys, Dominic headed towards the door to leave. His first stop? Coffee - sure, he was a kid of England and they drank tea, blah blah blah no. Dominic was no kid of England, he was an adult of nowhere; he had his own tastes, and his own way of life. Granted, his Cornish accent still lingered so he had to tell people that he was from Cornwall, but other than that he kept no ties to his past. Besides, coffee helped him function as a human being in the mornings. So he shut his door behind him and locked it, coffee his clear intention.

In truth, he was quite fortunate. His apartment was near the hear to downtown NYC, where a Starbucks was just on the corner. Sure, he had to deal with crazy drivers honking and screaming 24/7, but it was a minor inconvenience - even if he didn't make it sound like it was. He finally exited through the narrow corridor onto the busy street into the sun, and began his short walk. In truth, it was quite hot for a sweater and pants, but Dominic was a little odd that way. Sure, a few people had tried calling him greasy for it, but he just laughed at their apparent methods to bring him down. Besides, the temperature of the world rarely affected him in a large enough way that he had to care about dressing for the weather. So he finally made it there after a short walk, and turned to enter the cafe.

He watched as a girl with fire red hair exited into a camaro, and continued on unfazed. Life kept going, why should he stop for anybody else? So he got in line and played the waiting game, until he finally got to the front. Of course, the irony was the fact that Cupid and Claude were both there, but Dominic didn't know that: heck, he liked to keep interaction with those two knobs to a minimum on good days. So oblivious to their presence, he got to the front and ordered to a barista with the name Adrienne. She was cute, but he really didn't care much right now: if he was to find Cupid and get his next charge, he needed to be focused. Getting sidetracked just made the annoyance just that much more long.

But he still gave her a smile as he walked up to the counter before speaking. "I'll have a venti mild, nothing in it." Yes, he knew it was weird to ask a Starbucks - famous for their expensive and confusing coffee brands and blends - for a straight black coffee. Thing was, that was his drink of choice. He really didn't need much in it to be happy. Now, granted he did have a second favourite, but that was when he was feeling absolutely fantastic: and the name of said blend was ingrained in his mind, yet was more confusing than ever. If Dominic had to explain, it was a double sugar caramel cappuccino with extra cream, foam and double espresso shot. A mouthful, but delicious all the same - it was like a sugary, caffeinated explosion.

Regardless, he simply waited for the girl to respond by pulling out his wallet and getting ready to go.

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"Venti caramel machiatto," Adrienne called out and the blonde customer she remembered from earlier appeared. Adrienne smiled briefly and bid her a good day before going back to making drinks. After sampling a few drinks, Carmen began to feel bad and wanted to help. So, a quick lesson on the register, and Carmen was taking orders. She was even managing with the food and was a big help to Adrienne, especially seeing how one of her co-workers were late.


"Okay, switch," Adrienne called and she and Carmen switched places. Carmen was still new to the drinks, but the only way she could properly learn is if she had more practice, so there she was. She made the first drink quite alright if Adrienne was going to be honest about it. As she was finished with another order, she heard - above the noise - another customer come up the register.

"I'll have a venti mild, nothing in it." Adrienne looked up for a split second at blue eyes before going back down to the register, typing in the order. She was unfazed by his ordering a black coffee. Plenty of people did that. Now, how he could stomach black coffee without any type of sugar or even cream, Adrienne couldn't fathom.

But she wasn't about to question him. She glanced over her shoulder at Carmen, "Venti mild, Car." She turned back to the male with a smile, noting his attractiveness with the quickest of glances. "2.25 please."