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There's a lot of heroes coming out of this city and also a lot of villains.

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A bustling coastal city and home to the Coastalia Hero Training Facility.
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There's a lot of heroes coming out of this city and also a lot of villains.


Coastalia is a part of Origin Stories: Heroes and Villains.

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Chloe Anders [7] Blue Angel
Lily Moore [7] "Omnitech Industrial is the future of labor!"
Dillon Black [6] "You can't kill what you can't touch."
Gillian O'Malley [5] "C'mon dude, stop ruffling my hair! It don't give good luck."
Alex Lancaster (Ink) [4] "Just do what I say and we'll get along fine."
Myron Sanders [2] Quiet high school student
Vera McCarthy [1] "This city is like a dirty plate. The dirty spots are crime. And some day, I'm going to wipe out the dirty spots in this city, if you know what I mean."
Elle Woods [1] "Sometimes in life you have to feel your way through a situation!"
Jampa [0] "Hi! I'm Jampa! Wanna go a round?"

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Character Portrait: Dillon Black

0.00 INK

Dillon went to the address on the card he had found slipped under his door this morning. It seemed as though this was nothing more than an old abandoned high school in the middle of nowhere. He walked to the gate and saw an old intercom system which was the only high-tech looking thing here. It actually looked out of place as though it had been recently installed. There was a a single call button, a speaker and a camera. Dillon pressed the call button and there was a beep. He held the card he was given up to the camera.

"Hello? I was given one of these cards and I came to this address. I was wondering what this was all about. Is anyone there?" Dillon asked.

There was another beep followed by a robotic computer generated voice.

"Please place your card to the speaker and stand clear."

Dillon did as instructed and pressed the card to the speaker. There was a low pitched beep this time followed by the gates opening. Dillon got into his car and drove through the gates and there was a strange glimmer effect as he did so. On the other side of the gates was a huge facility that looked nothing like what he had just seen. The outer view of this place was all just a hologram.

"What the...?" Dillon asked as he parked his car near the entrance. He got out of his car and looked around the advanced campus with awe. The robotic voice came over a speaker near the door.

"Mr. Black, please proceed inside and go directly to the administration office to complete the enrollment process."

"Enrollment? What the hell are they talking about?"

"Please don't linger, Mr. Black, security is of vital importance here and you haven't been added to the whitelist yet." The voice warned. Once again Dillon did as he was instructed. He went inside and followed the signs on the walls to an office not far from the entrance. He knocked on the door and waited.


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Character Portrait: Chloe Anders

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Chloe was awoken by her phone buzzing. She let her eyes wake up before she looked at the text....

"Hey Angel got a job right up your alley... Meet at the normal spot."

Seems Chloe's latest fence had another client for her. She threw on a pair of faded jeans and a black T-shirt that in bold white said I'm no Angel. Over that came her hoodie. Dressed and ready she left her humble apartment and took to the streets. It was quite the walk to the meeting site but she didn't want to catch the attention of every Five-O in the city. As she got close to the spot she saw her fence a man about thirty and looking nervous. When he saw Chloe he muttered "Sorry Angel...I...I had no choice..."

"What did you..." Chloe started.

"It's not what he did it's what YOU did bitch! 5K of my goods stolen by a blue haired punk."

Chloe turned to see a drug lord known as Drak. A man she had only a few days ago stole from for a rival.

"Now I know you are one of those freak show types so I came with some friends..."

Chloe soon found herself surrounded by twenty armed goons not counting Drak and the fence.

"How you have two options here Miss Anders... One you tell me who you sold my goods to and I don't have my boys kill you. Or two you refuse me and die right here."

"Or three I kick your ass."

The next few moments in that little alley was filled with the sounds of fire, bullets and screams as Chloe became a Blue Angel of Death. As the smoke cleared Chloe stood over the trembling form of her former fence.

"Only me and you now.." Chloe said darkly

"Please Angel....no!" The fence begged.

"You shouldn't have betrayed me" Chloe said as she aimed her gun emptying the clip into the man she once trusted.

As the sounds of sirens drew close Chloe took to the sky. How the press would spin this one who knew.


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Character Portrait: Gillian O'Malley Character Portrait: Dillon Black

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#, as written by Byte
Superhero. Me? Pssh, who’re you kidding.

It’s when you sit on the park benches that you get the littlest of niggling doubts in your head, and you realise considering actions and the consequences thereof wasn’t everybodies strong suit. Well, maybe not a park bench. But the local facility’s many designated brooding seats (or that one proper bit of chest-high wall that leans so damn nice) were a good a place as any to decide for the third time today whether or not becoming a superhero was a good idea.

Then again, Gillian had never considered an awful lot in her short life. But when life give you lemons and all that. So in hindsight, perhaps she’d done good knocking on the best superhero academy for advice.

Okay… She just happened to run into a couple of supers who were kind enough to guide her into the nearest facility.

She chewed thoughtfully on some candied ginger and watched the spectacle of a couple of younger trainees flinging the superhero equivalent of magic fireballs and the like for want of killing some boredom. From a safe distance, obviously. Gillian had quite enough of playing frogger with heroes-to-be who created a tornado if they so much as sneezed, so she usually took a backseat when the instructors weren’t around to resolve any issues.

That, and having one of these fellows walk up to you screaming your last name like it’s some freaking curse -- All the while having to explain to them she didn’t pull a whammy on purpose -- you kind of start having a fondness for the quieter places. Less chance of your powers setting off any unpleasant business.


Serendipity indeed.

A giant of a man, one of the campus guards, had not so subtly edged closer towards the much younger woman, a scowl on his face that said there wasn’t a lot of room to muck about with this one today.

In the short year Gillian had been in the facility, she found there was very little trust with anyone who wasn’t a certified badass or other such status of hero. Trainees were often glared at and watched with hawk-like vision by a set of supers who’d taken to menial guard duty jobs. Usually big lumps like this one, too.

“That’s… me?” Gillian had a knack for talking to these guys like they were the most disturbing thing on the facility grounds. Some of them were, clearly, and she didn’t fancy a tumble with this hulking monstrosity.

The man jutted a claw-like finger in the direction of the head office. “You’ve been called for.” He said with a grunt.

Gillian’s mouth opened for a moment, wanting to object, but thought better of it and reluctantly headed for the office; making sure to bite very very hard on the tip of her tongue. As soon as she had turned a corner, Gillian managed to catch a glimpse of a young man waiting in front of the office door. Couldn't place the face, and she was sure she knew just about everyone in this place. If not by name, then definitely by appearance.

“A new face, huh?” She offered for want of greeting, stuffing her hands in the pockets of her hoodie rather awkwardly. “Welcome to superschool.”


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Character Portrait: Lily Moore

0.00 INK

#, as written by Sepokku
Thought the ASURA project was shut down, what Lily learned there was invaluable in starting her empire. Now Omnitech Industrial was one of the largest manufacturer of robotics, military weaponry, and experimental technology in the nation. As Owner, CEO, and President in the company, it kept her busy. In order to keep her free time, well, free Lily put together a board of directors, which she was regretting wholeheartedly right now.

The meeting was to discuss Omnitech Industrial robots going on a crime-spree and what to do about it. The official press statement said the robots were stolen from a shipment by an unknown third-party and had been hacked into and reprogrammed, in order to hurt the company's reputation. Super-powered crime was on the rise, and these automatons were supposed to keep the public safe.

Lily knew it was a lie, she had released the drones herself. The damage they caused would be repaired, of course, by Omnitech Industrials, and the bank data they retrieved would be used to route money eight-different ways until the trail was untraceable before being re-deposited in one of Lily's private off-shore accounts. Plus, it was excellent combat data about how they could be improved.

One of the board members stood up screaming, "Twenty-two were murdered by a Super just last night! Our Drones could've prevented that!" He slammed a hand on the table, emphasizing his distress.

Having had enough of her own facade, Lily stood and addressed the board.

"Board, the solution is simple. We send hunter-drones to deal with the stolen units, all at our own cost, and reap in the good publicity. If you have any more pressing concerns, please find me in my workshop. Don't call me up here for trivial news stories anymore. Things get stolen, people die; we live in a world of super-powered weirdos who think they can live like they aren't one of us, it's inevitable."

She then took her leave, much to the chagrin of the board. Down in her lab, she found a report her computer had finished compiling. One that proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that people with powers were being recruited as heroes, by special training facilities.

"It seems I was right to keep my powers hidden... Can never be too careful..."

She mused in her private workshop for a while, mulling over the situation she found herself in, while sipping on coffee late into the night.


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Character Portrait: Myron Sanders

0.00 INK

"No you idiot! Stay on the point! On the point! STAY ON THE GOD DAMN POINT!" Is what Myron shouted into his headset as he played an online shooting game. His parents were out late doing... well something. He never really knew or even cared for that matter. He just laid on his bed, back against the wall as he transformed from a scrawny nerd with no friends to a brutal, bloodthirsty general. That's what he loved about video games, you could be whoever you wanted to be. He would continue playing for several hours, stopping only once to use the bathroom after holding it for most of the day. He sometimes wondered if it'd be beneficial to just get a toilet right in his room.

After a while, he decided to give his wrists a break and watch the news, his one consistent outlet to the outside world. Of course you had the light hearted stuff, famous actor won an award, someone selling bottled helium to make your voice funny, and numerous food ads which made Myron really wish he had money to blow on some food right about now. But then came the grim reminder of how shitty the world was, namely muggings and murders. What really caught his eye was a story of twenty two guys dead, with one having been repeatedly shot, as well as a story of several drones going out and killing another batch of over twenty people.

Myron wasn't a sadist or anything, but he found the stories of murders and things interesting, it created a small sense of fear in him, as well as resentment for a world that would dare allow this to happen. Ever since these "Supers" have come around, nothing in life was simple anymore. Superpowers may make one individual's life easier upon use, but it seemed to him that they made the life of everyone else that much harder. With this in his mind, he turned off his TV and decided to pass out.


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Character Portrait: Gillian O'Malley Character Portrait: Dillon Black Character Portrait: Alex Lancaster (Ink)

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"Yeah, I guess I'm the new guy here. I found this card under my door this morning, so I came to the address." Dillon said as he held up the card.

Just then the door to the office opened and Standing in the doorway was none other than the legendary super hero Ink.

"Oh my god! You're Ink! It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm a big fan." Dillon started gushing before shaking the man's hand.

"Please, the pleasure is all mine. Come into my office and let's talk about your enrollment."

Dillon followed Ink into his office and sat in the chair in front of his desk.

"So here's the deal kid, I've been watching you for a while. I was on my way to take care of those thugs the night you got your powers, but you took care of them for me. I've watched you figuring out how your powers work and how to control them and I think you have the potential to become a great hero. However, to do that you need the proper training and you can get that here. So what do you say kid, wanna become a hero-in-training?"

"Oh, yes of course!" Dillon didn't even need to think about it before answering.

"Glad to hear it. How about you go take a look around the campus while I get the forms ready for you. And while you're out try to think of a costume design. I'll call for you over the PA when I need you to come fill everything out."


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Character Portrait: Gillian O'Malley Character Portrait: Dillon Black Character Portrait: Chloe Anders Character Portrait: Lily Moore Character Portrait: Vera McCarthy Character Portrait: Myron Sanders Character Portrait: Alex Lancaster (Ink)

0.00 INK

#, as written by Mackamp

As Elle walked the card back and forth between her fingers, she stopped and reread it again. There was simply an address, no event, no name, no RSVP. Initially she threw the card away, but something about it compelled her it. So, there she sat in her car, pointed in the right direction, but not moving. She thought back to how she got the card. It was really quite mysterious given the fact that she had never told a living soul about her enhancements. Yet, this card came to her as though the person knew of her powers.

A few nights ago, she was awakened, by a whispered voice calling her name. At first it was startling, no one had said her name out loud since her family died, then she was curious who was calling her. With hushed precise motions she darted between outbuildings and sheds, through a hay field and beyond into the forest. The last time she heard “the voice” it gave her a riddle.

Beyond the woods
Over the creek
Spy a Red Oak
That’s where it’ll be

Nearing sunrise, she entered a field of sleeping daisies, and in the middle was the biggest Red Oak she had ever seen. High up in the tree and deep within was this card.

Snapping back to reality Elle put her car in gear and drove west towards the mysteries address. At first, she thought the GPS was leading her in the wrong direction (since she was in the middle of nowhere) when suddenly a massive building appeared in the distance. The abandon building looked like a warehouse or factory, but it didn’t look like anyone had been there in years. Elle drove up to the gate pressed the call button. She was actually surprise that there was a beep but then nothing. She pressed the call button again and this time held up her card for the dusty camera to see. Another beep was followed by a robotic computer-generated voice.

“Please place your card to the speaker and stand clear.”

As Elle drove through the gate a strange glimmer lite the sky and the once run down warehouse, was now a full running facility or some sort. A man dressed in black approached her.

“Miss Woods we’ve been waiting for you. Please park to your right and go in the double doors to the main office to finish your enrollment procedure.”

"What....what the hell is he talking about? Her confused facial expressions said everything her unspoken words did not.

"Miss Woods, do you understand me?" as he pointed to the parking at the right.

Mentally weighing the possibilities"I have two choices here......I could hit reverse and get the hell at of here as quickly as possible or park the car and see who has invited me here and what they know about my powers.

Although, the latter was clearly the most dangerous, Elle decided it was more dangerous that someone could know who she really was?


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Character Portrait: Chloe Anders Character Portrait: Lily Moore

0.00 INK

#, as written by Sepokku
It's nice out here.

It was always nice in Lily's backyard, as far as she was concerned. Come rain, sleet, hail or snow, she always managed to relax back here; curled up with a book and a cup of coffee, it was impossible for her not to enjoy it. Her enormous estate had indoor gardens, but the way the outdoor flora perfectly framed the infinity edge pool that dropped seemingly into the ocean, there was no view that compared.

She sipped on her coffee, reading a few different books all at once. Six books about Action at a distance had been laid out on a table in front of her, she only moved the paperweights and flipped the pages of the books after each page had been thoroughly digested. Quantum pseudo-telepathy would certainly make her career a lot easier but it seemed like, for now at least, it was still out of her reach. A gentle sigh into her mug sent a cascade of steam rising into the air.

It's cold out...

Her thoughts were interrupted as a mechanical crow landed on her shoulder. The machine was Vantablack, virtually invisible against the dark night's sky. The little birdie had come to tell her what had transpired last night; that it saw a girl with shimmering wings of blue, ruthlessly murder a little over a score of people.

Perfect. I knew we couldn't all have been picked up by these so called "training facilities." Find her, give her this message.

Lily had found another at last, a super who hadn't been picked up by the enemy. The crow faithfully downloaded her message, cawing in agreement before taking off to spread the message to the other machines in its flock. One of them would see Blue Angel again, and when it did it would deliver the message in a carefully synthesized voice, as there was no sense in taking risks and using Lily's.

That message would read:

"A little birdie told me you were the Blue Angel. It's a shame one such as yourself should be bogged down in petty crime. If you'd like, I have something more suited for your talents. If this interests you, come to the Coastalia Transit Center at one in the morning. This job pays top dollar. If you're content dealing with drug-dealers and pittances of money, feel free to ignore this message."

The wind howled ominously, making Lily shiver. Her electric blanket clicked on with a thought and she cupped both hands around her coffee, taking a long sip and enjoying the warmth spread through her body.

Very cold out, indeed...


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Character Portrait: Chloe Anders Character Portrait: Lily Moore

0.00 INK

Chloe sat on the roof of her apartment building staring out at the city before her and sighed. Today had been rough... betrayed by someone she trusted... She had killed a Drug Lord... what the fallout of that would be she didn't know. it would be safe to lay low for a while..but sadly her current funds wouldn't allow that....

That was when Chloe noticed the odd bird. The creature came closer an odd move for such but then Chloe noted that this was no animal at all but a robot. About that time the bird bot spoke...

"A little birdie told me you were the Blue Angel. It's a shame one such as yourself should be bogged down in petty crime. If you'd like, I have something more suited for your talents. If this interests you, come to the Coastalia Transit Center at one in the morning. This job pays top dollar. If you're content dealing with drug-dealers and pittances of money, feel free to ignore this message"

Chloe wasn't sure what to think as the robobird spoke. "Who sent you?" She asked but the bird just flew off. Chloe didn't like this...who would be able to have such robots? But what other option did she have?

Chloe several hours later took to the early morning sky on blue wings until she got within a block of the Coastalia Transit Center. 12:50 am her phone's clock read, plenty of time to reach the Transit Center. As Chloe got closer she cast a shield over herself just in case this was another trap.


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Character Portrait: Chloe Anders Character Portrait: Lily Moore

0.00 INK

#, as written by Sepokku
It was late in the afternoon. Lily was reading, in her backyard while enjoying the view, like she almost always did. Until one of her scouting robots landed on her shoulder. It ruffled its feathers, relaying what had happened in an instant.

Excellent, thank you.

The clock struck one in the morning, a nearby clocktower alerting the world to this fact. A stray bus, way after hours, pulled up to the transit station. The bus had at least two dozen vantablack crows sitting on it, and its sign read 'Blue Angel Express.' When it approached the stop, the door churned open, an android manning the bus blankly greeted the girl at the station.

"Greetings, Angel! W-w-we're expecting you!"

Four people sat inside, rows of seats between them, and all covered in metallic armor. They almost seemed robotic, an annoying synchronized breathing punctuated the air. When one inhaled, the others inhaled. When one exhaled, it was an annoying cacophony of modulated exhaling. None of the people moved, waiting for Blue Angel to take a seat.

It didn't take long for the first armored person to address Chloe. "You've seen the news, surely. We're the Deus Ex Gang, and this city is going to fall under our grasp soon enough." A second member of the gang approached Angel, continuing the pitch. "It's real simple, our hijacked drones assault a bank vault, tearing it up and blowing a hole in the roof." The third gang member sprinted from the back of the bus, throwing an arm around Chloe.

"Finally! You fly outta the vault, with millions of dollars. You get half of whatever the heist yields, no risk to you. We meet you outside the city to split the loot. Sound sweet?" All three of the people pitching the idea to Angel fell to one knee, belting out their last statement in unison. "What's more, we're prepared to offer you two hundred Gs as a down payment. We expect this job to pay WAY bigger dividends." All three gang members sounded alike, a weirdly modulated voice. The fourth gang member sat in the very back, staring out a window.

Try as Chloe, might, it was hard to remember the fourth person. Not that they were hazily in her memory, rather, when she tried to formulate that memory, it never took. The last person sat in the blind spot of her mind's eye, quietly listening to the deal being discussed.


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Character Portrait: Gillian O'Malley Character Portrait: Dillon Black Character Portrait: Elle Woods Character Portrait: Alex Lancaster (Ink)

0.00 INK

As Dillon walked around the school he saw a woman in a car and another person directing her where to go and what to do.

"I didn't get someone to direct me, I just got a speaker voice." Dillon muttered. He walked around the campus for about an hour and learned where the more important areas were, such as the cafeteria and the various training areas.

"Mr. Black, please return to the enrollment office." Ink's voice came over the PA system. Dillon walked back and was given a stack of paper work with a bunch of little tabs sticking out to indicate the places he was supposed to sign.

"Okay, I just need you to sign in all these places, standard stuff really. Then at the back there's a page for designing a costume, you have a week to get a design turned in and it can be edited later, if you like, to suit your abilities."

Dillon began signing all the paper work as quickly as he could while Ink explained everything he was signing.

"Alright, now that you're enrolled, here's the key to your room. All the students enrolled here live on campus until graduation and it's two students per dorm room. You can return to your home to get your stuff, then the school will provide storage for anything extra that is too much for the dorm. We also provide a moving service to help get the job done quicker."

"Thank you, sir. I'll do my best here." Dillon said as he took the key and his copy of the paper work. He looked at the room number on the key as he walked to the dorms.

"Room 419. I guess that's my new lucky number." He found the dorm room and unlocked the door. The room was sparsely furnished. There were two of pretty much everything; beds, desks, nightstands, dressers and closets. There was a living room area with a large flat screen TV, a couch and two matching chairs. everything was pretty bland and plain in color. He checked the all the dressers and closets and everything was empty.

"I guess I don't have a roommate yet." He smiled as he looked around.

"Still better than the tiny apartment I was living in."


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Character Portrait: Chloe Anders Character Portrait: Lily Moore

0.00 INK

Chloe raised a brow as the bus pulled up. Full of robot birds and some armored people calling themselves the Deus Ex gang. They went into a spill about a bank job making it sound like something so easy... Too easy....

Chloe could use the money sure but something seemed off to her. This was all sounding like a too good to be true type thing... Also something about the one in the back that didn't talk troubled her...she couldn't place it but something was off about that person...

"Sounds too good to be true...and in my line of work I don't trust too good to be true..." Chloe said. she then looked to the quiet one in the back. "And something..about you... No Deal until I know I can trust you... I'm not getting burned again."

Maybe this was foolish after all...


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Character Portrait: Chloe Anders Character Portrait: Lily Moore

0.00 INK

#, as written by Sepokku
Blue Angel was smart, smarter than the average street thug, which was nice. Lily needed smart people if this was going to work, Lily didn't need tools, she needed kindred spirits. And she definitely didn't need these idiots who couldn't get results. With a click of a button, three hundred volts of electricity rendered the 'Deus Ex' gang unconscious.

The figure in the back stood up, her visage suddenly becoming clear and crisp. She was wearing a long black trenchcoat buttoned all the way up and a matte black helmet that obscured her head entirely. Her silhouette was only vaguely feminine, and when she spoke her voice was so heavily modulated as to sound almost entirely inhuman. "trUSt iS a TWo wAy StrEEt."

The figure stuck one hand into a trenchcoat pocket "mY naME is TECHnocRacy. F0R reaSoNS BeTTer leFT uNSAId, I CanNoT reveal My true NaTuRe to YOU." Then the bus-driver spoke, turning around to address Chloe, and taking his eyes off the road, but continuing to drive quickly and efficiently.

"We planned to have one androids do it, but we can let you in on the real money. Plug this USB into one of the bank's backroom computers, it will steal all the information the bank keeps on it's clients. The USB will be inconspicuous so you can escape quietly into the chaos. This electronic information is worth more than one can physically haul out of a bank, and as such we're willing to pay you two hundred thousand untraceable American dollars. Return to the same bus-stop to drop it off once you get it, and we'll give you a half a million more for your efforts." The android held a flash drive into the air with one hand, then turned back around, pretending to drive.

The vaguely female person in the black mask sat back down, not far from Blue Angel and gestured for her to sit next to her. A long moment of quiet passed, as the city raced by through the windows. Then the modulated voice started back up without warning. "AlsO, YoU cAN'T bE SeEN, aS I ExPecT to emPlOy You AgAIN. The figure cocked its head and inclined it slightly towards Chloe. wE CouLD Save ALOT of PeOPLe, aNd GeT rICH doiNG iT. ConSiDeR ThIs A T-T-TeST. MiGHt be WoRTH YoURE Time. Silence pervaded the bus for just a few seconds, then the bus lurched to a stop, right outside the same closed Transit Center.

The androids voice piped back up, splitting the silence, "Th-Thank you for riding Coastalia Express." It moved one of its hands, clenched around a USB in a robotic wave.


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Character Portrait: Gillian O'Malley Character Portrait: Dillon Black Character Portrait: Alex Lancaster (Ink)

0.00 INK

After a day or two, Dillon had gotten all of his things moved into the dorm room. He still hadn't been assigned a roommate, but he was okay with that. He was used to living alone and this was a much nicer place than his old apartment.

The training facility/academy was beginning its first semester of training programs to get the new hero recruits ready and prepared for the life of a hero. Younger people in the academy who were still of high school age and younger, were also given typical high school classes such as math, reading and all the basics required of a public school. Adults were offered the option of college level courses if they wanted. Dillon declined and preferred to work exclusively on hero training.

The first class was at 8:30 in the morning and he dragged his way to the room with a large cup of coffee in his hand. He wasn't used to waking up so early as his last job had been working nights. He opened the door to see a number of new faces and two familiar ones. One at the desk in front of the class and the other sitting in another seat waiting with everyone else.

"Ah welcome Mr. Black. Glad to see you didn't oversleep on your first day." Ink smiled tauntingly at the sight of Dillon.

Dillon didn't reply with actual words, but rather let out a muffled groan through a forced smile and raised his coffee cup as if to give it credit for his arrival.

"I see. Don't worry it's only the first day, we won't go over anything too difficult and your sleep schedule will adjust."

Dillon took the first empty seat he could find and hoped he'd be able to stay awake through the class.