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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mr. Baneling Squishy on Fri Dec 14, 2012 5:02 pm

(A little experiment of mine. Any feedback would be accepted. Trying to go for as much realism I can get in this though. Thanks for reading?)


Volume (Episode) 1

Chapter 1:

Space. A great expanse. With all the mysteries it holds.

"If I told you this story, would you believe me? Would I believe me? It all depends on what you know, I guess. Space, they said it is full of mysteries. Heh, I guess that makes us one of them to someone. This is probably useless, but I should reco....".

"Are you really thinking of doing this?".

A boy, around 11 years old, wearing a red t shirt, red and white cross striped pajama pants, with brown hair and brown eyes, stood at the huge, open metallic doorway in the observation room to the hallway. He faced an older boy, who appeared to have some resemblance to him, and looked about 17. He was wearing sneakers, jeans, a brown long sleeve shirt, and was holding some sort of orb with a glowing yellow light. He pressed down on a section, as if it were a button, and then released soon after, and the light turned green.

The older boy looked at the younger one, and asked "What are you doing out of bed? It's past your bed time....".

The younger boy, without realizing it, formed a fist in his hand. The older boy, realizing what he said, but more importantly how he said it, quickly kneeled down and looked him in the eye. "You okay?". He momentairily looked down, feeling sorry, but the younger boy said "No. It's not your fault. It THEIR fault. The shock is just healing is all. We need you to be strong.....Captain".

The older boy cheered up slightly. "My brave engineer, your stronger then me with this...maybe They should have made you Captain". The older boy helped cheer his brother up, then standing up. In truth, he did need to be strong. They both did. The whole crew did. He was Captain though, and he needed to be the strongest, or so he guessed. Truth was, he was not used to being called Captain. He had technically been captain for only a week. He woke up with all the others, on this strange ship. Each and every room they lived in from either their current or last home had been reconstructed, or moved. Everything was the same, down to all the secrets. The interiors were exactly like from their houses, maybe even it was taken from them when They took them. None of them knew. They just woke up in the ship, not knowing how they got there, in their rooms. The only noticeable thing different about them was slight increased brain activity, and the knowledge of parts of the ship.

There were quite a few of them. The older boy, Connor Harrow, had the knowledge of flying the ship, being Captain, as well as a few generic things about the ships different areas, and various details about each member of the crew. The ship also always responded to him as Captain, as well as the AI. The A.I. was called Handy, but they usually just call it "It", on account that it tried to kill them all at first. However, they managed to stop that, and disconnected him from everything it could use to kill them.

Then, there was Ryan Harrow, his brother. He received the knowledge of Engineering, essentially becoming The Engineer of the group. Then there was Alice Beignhurst, a blond, blue eyed, German girl, around 16, who received the medical knowledge and how to use the medical equipment. There is also Ben Frank, about 37 years old, blond hair, brown eyes, former prisoner of the United States, for mass theft, kidnapping, and bank robbery, who has knowledge of how to use the firearms and weaponry aboard the ship, along with two other, Daniel Ford, 43, British, Jet black hair, green eyes, was British police before being taken, and Carlos, 19, last name not known, even to him, Spanish, orphan, managed to make it into college with soccer, black hair, black eyes.

Then there was Nathaniel Roshovik, Russian, black hair, blue eyes, around 25, ambulance driver, and Jenny Jones, 29, RAF fighter pilot, brown hair, brown eyes, both have the knowledge of how to fly the "Beatles", which is what they have been calling the fighters/gunships, with some weapons. And then there was Lauren Lu, asian, unknown specifics, around 33, in charge of agriculture and food production, black hair, black eyes, Ginny Wright, Scottish, ginger, green eyes, calibrates and operates the main defense battery manually, and also calibrates the defenses/main cannon, 9 years old, Ali Ahsad, Iraq, bar tender, 39, black hair, brown eyes, Sensors and communications expert, and Laura Smith, Australian, blond hair, hazel eyes, 28, First Officer (Second in Command), Surfing Teacher.

That's when Ryan Noted "Besides, I cant. The engines are going through a sort of phase in a cycle. I need to check them every 47 minuets.....". That was something that, despite knowing who everyone is and what they can do, he also could not get used to. Ryan working. And having all this knowledge about the ships engineering and such. Though Ryan definently would always like the noise. He hated silence. "So, your using your free time to annoy me?".

"I don't think I am that annoying....".

"And the votes for that category total with one...". They both laughed a bit at that. That's when Connor noted "Either way, I guess it will be wake up time soon.....".

"3 hours...".

"What?! That long. Wow, I thought it was later....."

"Well, I got 41 minuets left before I need to check it again, and the pool is fairly close to the engine know how to reach me.....".

Connor somewhat smiled, now planning to embarrass his brother, if for nothing other then to distract them from their current situation and bring some normalcy to this. He quickly noted "Uh huh, and this doesn't have anything to do with you avoiding the showers?"

"Excuse me if I don't trust alien acidic decontamination showers.....That unless there is an emergency, only come on once every three days".

"Or, your just afraid of everyone seeing you naked....again...."

"Nu uh! Am not!"

"Then strip down and prove it....".

Ryan blushed red, just realizing what he got himself into. "Ummm, no, not today. Nice try though....".

"....Captain's orders...".

" I say we become a democracy!"

"Okay, I am sure the others would like to see...."

"Scratch that. I am just going to go now..."

Ryan turned around and attempted to speedwalk away, but Connor got him by the waist, and pantsed him. He then picked him up as he tried to pull his pants up, and then attempted to squirm free, while Connor gave him a nuggy. They both then accidentally fell down, causing Ryan to fall on top of Connor. They both started laughing as well, and kept laughing for awhile. They needed to laugh. Especially for the long journey ahead.

Connor and Ryan. Two brothers, in a ship full of people they have only met here, looking for a way home, in a mysterious Alien Ship which for all they know, could be human actually.

And they are only getting started.
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Re: Verseship

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mr. Baneling Squishy on Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:10 am

Chapter 2:

In the bridge, a few hours later....

Ryan, now wearing a blue shirt and jeans, walked in with Daniel Ford, and Laura Smith. Daniel was wearing some type of armor over whatever he was wearing, and it was somewhat Futuristic, and had several functions and features. Laura was wearing a white tank top and some jeans. Connor was looking out into an asteroid field.

"You said this was urgent? What is it?" Daniel asked, looking at Connor, who was already in the room. Connor pointed to the asteroid belt. "Come over here and look....".

Everyone came over to look, and saw something they had not expected to. Another Verseship, which appeared to be heavily damaged, floating in the Asteroid field.

"You think there are any survivors?" Laura said, but then Ryan noted "We need to send a salvage team. I have to go there, we might find more people, supplies, parts, ect. We also need to mine this Asteroid Field, it could have valuable resources....".

Connor looked at Ryan. "No, your not going, we can't risk you....."

Ryan then pointed out "I am the only one who knows what we need. I HAVE to go...."

Connor sighed, looking back out the window. He knew Ryan was right. He didn't want to send him, but he had to. "Fine. Daniel, take Frank. Jones will fly the three of you into the ship. Nathaniel will take the other Beetle and mine the Asteroid Field using its Built in Mining Equipment. But Daniel, first sign of trouble, you make sure he gets out of there...."


Daniel, Frank, and Ryan suited up in their own, strange spacesuits. Each one was built for their size, featured Mag boots, grappling gauntlet, Laser Gauntlet, Welding Tool, Flashlight, Comm System,and Life Support Systems. Jones had taken the pilot's seat of the Beetle and flew them over to the other ship. "Looks like I can Land in the Hanger. So that's were I will land...."

As she landed in the Hanger, she checked her sensors, and then rechecked them. At the same time, a large tremor was felt throughout the ship "Guys According to this, the damage appears to be recent. There is still oxygen being held in several areas. As well, I am detecting faint life signs. Uploading them to your Nav Systems. Placing a Waypoint....".

Daniel, Ryan, and Frank quickly made their way towards the life signs. There was another tremor. Thats when Ryan mentioned "I could probably rig the Life Support system to supply everywhere with oxygen. At least for a short time...". "All right. Frank, take him to Life Support. I will keep going....".

Daniel made his way to the life signs. He attempted to open the door, but it was sealed tight. Thats when the life support system seemed to operate properly again, spreading oxygen throughout the ship, and causing the door to automatically open. A boy, maybe around 11, black hair, black eyes, Caucasian, a bit short, and a pair of twins, one boy one girl, both around 9, both have blue eyes, and brown hair, Caucasian, were there. Thats when Ryan and Frank returned. "We have 20 minuets.....we should get them to the shuttle....".

Daniel then pointed out the older boy was pointing a blaster at them. Another tremor was also felt, much to everyone's concern. At least, that's what they had been calling those weapons. Blasters. "Listen, okay, we are here to help you. Please, we cant stay here. Now, who are you?" The Boy listened, and lowered his gun. "Benny Reed, Security. This is Valen and Samantha Ranger, our Engineers. Who are you, what are you doing here?".

Thats when an automated voice came over the ship, which had apparently come online with the life support. "Alert, major damage detected. Ship will begin breaking up in 5 minuets....".

There was another tremor. "I think we should leave the ship....NOW" Ryan noted, and they all ran for the shuttle. As they got in, there was another Tremor, and the ship appeared to be deteriorating.

Jones then asked, as they were taking off "No more life signs in there now, you got them, but WHAT did you do?"

"Ship is deteriorating, you need to get far away, NOW!"

And they flew away.

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Re: Verseship

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mr. Baneling Squishy on Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:34 am

Chapter 3:

The Verseship. That's what they called them. Verseships. It's a vessel that travels through the universe. It had a unique design. The front looked like half a cylinder, with a quarter of a sphere on each end, only the top part had a steeper slant, with a window for the bridge. There were no sharp corners on it either. It was about four times longer then it's width, and it has two engine pods on each side, with it's main engine in the center. There is shielding all around it, some sort of energy projected field, which they control. Ryan theorized that the emitted energy reacts when there is nothing where it reaches, allowing it to expand into a physical field that when force is applied on it, repels it using its own energy and force against it, absorbing any excess energy as well. However, at a certain point, it will overload if it absorbs too much, which will cause it to shut down to protect the ship and it's crew. Therefore, the shields would theoretically hold indefinently against small arms fire, but enough "damage" would cause it to shut down to prevent overloading. Of course, this also makes it more susceptible to projectile based weapons over energy weapons.

The hanger, located at the bottom of the ship, has another shield as well. This projected shield keeps in Oxygen, but let's everything else out. Basically, at a molecular level, it repels oxygen atoms alone, but let's anything else through. It cannot penetrate the hull of the Beetles however, allowing the oxygen in them safe passage. Therefore, ships can freely move from the hanger to space without danger of losing oxygen.

The "windows" of the ship have a bit extra shielding, and are made from a material approximately 50 times more durable and more dense then glass. The airlocks are also heavily shielded when not in use as well. There are 4 airlocks on either side. Two by the bridge, two by the cargo bays, two by the medical wing, and two in the center of each side of the ship.

Of course, the Verseship they had found in the asteroid field was now unable to be recognized, as it was ripped to shreads. The three survivors they found had managed to get some of their things before their escape. Ryan looked at them, then back at his own container he brought. He filled it with whatever looked salvageable and useful. He got some spare parts for the engine, as well as a few other pieces for a pet project of his.

That's when Frank finally asked "So, what the fuck were you doing in there? What the fuck happened?". Benny Reed finally spoke up. "We were attacked by something. We don't know what, nothing came up on the sensors. We thought we heard someone board, but then we started losing pressure in several areas, and were divided. I was told to protect them until the danger passed or until it was necessary to fix the ship. The others took the Gunships to try to fight them off, but we lost comms before they launched. We don't know what happened to them".

That's when Ryan looked out into the Asteroid Field with Jones, when something caught his eye. "Is it me, or are these asteroids closer to both us, and the Verseship?". Jones checked the scanners, then cursed. "Hold on, I am speeding up!". He blasted forward, then radioing Connor. "Connor, call Nathan back! The rocks are moving! The asteroids are some sort of magnetic!". He then told Benny "That's why you couldn't detect the asteroids, and neither could we if you think about it! The magnetism screwed with your sensors! It's the asteroid belt that attacked you!". There were several smaller asteroids flying at both the Verseship, Jones, and Nathan.

Jones and Nathan continued to avoid incoming asteroids, and they managed to make it into the hanger. Ryan then asked "Why did they stop hitting their ship then?".

Jones, thinking for a minuet, quickly then replied "The Power! When the ship is powered, the metal it's made of must be more susceptible to magnetism and magnetic fields!".

That's when they ran into the Bridge. "Everyone's in, hit it!".

Connor hit it, but then he also said "This may be bad timing, but we have a problem....."

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Re: Verseship

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mr. Baneling Squishy on Tue Dec 18, 2012 8:53 am

Chapter 4

A hologram was up. It was a star system, the first star system they had encountered. "So, what's the problem?"

"Our resources are dwindling. Now, i know what you think, why not get them from the planets in the system? Well, here is the tricky part.....".

The hologram zoomed in on a planet. A readout appeared holographic ally next to it. Lauren Lu came in, her hair tied in the back, giving her a pony tail, and she was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. She looked at the new arrivals quickly, and then began explaining. "It's habitable by humans. Connor, our Captain, had Ryan, our engineer, send a probe to do a recon scan. No intelligent life it seems, but it appears to have developed similar to earth....though, not in a way we would like...."

A hologram of a Raptor came up. "Raptors, similar, possibly the same, to ours on earth. The probe detected and scanned them. Now, we might have high tech weapons and armor, but they are faster, outnumber us, and are more familiar with the terrain. Plus, there might be other things we don't know yet....".

Benny took off the helmet of his armor. He had it when they found him, and was still getting over the shock of what has happened. However, that's when Samantha spoke up. "Wait, back at those planetary readings, there was a mineral that came up....."

The hologram went back to the planet. "There, that lit up region. Highlight it...".

Connor highlighted it, and Ryan and Samantha both took a closer look. Ryan then realized what it was. "Is that.....steel? Or something like it? Naturally formed steel?"

Samantha, examining it, said "Yeah. Look at the elements and conditions around it. It caused naturally formed steel. We can use that, we discovered the hull of these ships were made of some type of steel. Look at the readings on it. The problem is, getting it will require landing on the planet. Unless we want to risk destroying it....".

That's when Carlos came in, and saw the new people. "So we got new recruits. So, what did I miss?"

"We found resources that can help us, but the planet has actual Raptors..." Ryan said, and Carlos almost laughed till they realized he was serious. "Raptors? Really?"

That's when Connor said "All right, we will send a team to the planet to help get the resources. Ryan, the miner working yet?"

"Untested in the field, but working. Apparently, anyways".

"Carlos, you, Frank, and Ford will go to the planet with Jones and Laura will go....".

Ryan then pointed out "What if the miner breaks?"

Connor glared at Ryan. They needed the resources, he knew that. But he didn't want to endanger his brother twice in one day. He didn't want to endanger him at all. But as the Captain, the stupid Captain logic in his head could tell Ryan was right. Again.

"Fine. But we will start tomorrow. Benny, Samantha, Valen, go to Alice first, get a check up. Everyone else, it's dinner time. Lauren, can you get some food ready soon please? Il just finish up some stuff here. Everyone else is dismissed..."

After everyone had left, Ali came in. Connor then asked him "Well, what is it? Do we know where its comming from?"

Ali looked out into space. "I have narrowed it down. But not quite yet. Are you sure you don't want to tell the others?"

"I don't want to give them false hope. They have been through so much, and they will go through much more...."

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Re: Verseship

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Volume (Episode) 2:

Chapter 1:

Ali continued working on the sensor data. He went over the numbers, the stars, everything. He was wearing a white T-shirt, with a blue stripe around each sleeve, some black track pants, and some brown leather shoes. He was also wearing some reading glasses. He looked around, checking if anyone was there, then continued.

The data was from some sort of signal they picked up. He examined it, looking for anything he could use to help narrow it down. The signal had no hidden message, no message at all. Just a signal. However, that's when he detected something. A second signal. Comming from the nearby planet.

He quickly went to the captain. However, on his way there, he couldn't help but wonder why he was the captain. He was younger then most people on the ship. Why did they decide to pronounce him Captain? That was a mystery many people were wondering about. Granted, he knew about the ship the most, and he was doing a fine job, but why him? What made him special?

When he finally found Connor, he was talking with Alice about their new additions. He quickly made a slight cough to get their attention, then told them "I have detected a signal comming from the planet. It's near the mining location. I don't quite know what's broadcasting it, but I thought you should know".

"I will let the team know, they should be leaving soon anyways...".


"Heads up, mining team...." Connor's voice announced over the intercom, as the Beetle was positioning itself to leave. "We are detecting a signal near the mining location. Your primary objective is to mine at the mining site, secondary objective is to check out the signal if possible. Ryan, you finish your little project?"

"Yep. It's loaded and ready".

"All right, good. Happy hunting. And keep my brother alive....". Carlos, Ford, Ryan, and Frank. That was the team. Well, and Nathaniel. But everyone called him Nathan. He had a thick Russian accent. After they entered the atmosphere, Nathan noted "Approaching the mining site now....".

As they landed, Ryan drove the miner out. He positioned it, and had it start mining. Frank and Carlos looked around, fully armored, and using weapons they had dubbed "Pulse Rifles". Nathan came out as well, with a blaster. Ford looked around, using a Photon Rifle. A Pulse Rifle, or PR, was more like an automatic weapon, only without a need for bullets or ammo, and a Pho-R, or Photon Rifle, was a more accurate single shot weapon. Both weapons were energy weapons, but fire them too much in a short time and they overheat. The blaster was dubbed that for its similarities to the "Star Wars" blaster.

"Carlos, Nathan, stay with Ryan and the miner. Frank, with me, let's go check out the signal...." Ford noted, heading that way.

it was quiet so far. But he had seen Jurrassic Park with his nephew. Ford and Frank kept themselves aware, but then, a Raptor jumped out of the trees at Ford. Frank quickly shot it, then telling Ford "Damnit, try to keep yourself alive better. I want to get home in one piece.....".

"Fair enough...".

That's when the dying Raptor gave out a shriek, yelping "Help!, though it was very fuzzy. "Wow, I didn't think the translator could translate Raptor...."

"Yes, but now we should expect more comming! Let's move!"

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Re: Verseship

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Chapter 2:

Carlos heard some sort of screech in the distance. Soon after, four Raptors appeared on the outskirts of the clearing they were mining in. Carlos shot at them, killing one, but they flanked him, two aproaching his left, and one at his right. Nathan shot the one on the left, and Carlos shot the two on the right with the PR.

That's when six more showed up. Only for thee of them to get charged and trampled by a Triceratops. One charged at Ryan, but Nathan stepped out from behind the Miner and shot him. Carlos took out the other two. Ryan, having been obsessed with dinosaurs at one point, noted "Wait, this doesn't seem right. Triceratops and Raptors were not in the same why is Rodger here, though I am not complaining, he did help us...."

That's when Nathan noted "But alas, this is not earth. Just because there are some similarities, does not mean everything would develop the same. Actually, it occurred to me this planet may have not even naturally formed this way...and who is Rodger?".

Ryan, intrigued, asked "What do you mean?". He then also added "He is the Triceratops".

"Well, I remember hearing from a friend of mine, who was a huge SciFi fan, talk about this thing called 'Terraforming', where they could change a planets environment. The Verseship seemed to have been made for humans, granted some things are different then normal, but maybe it was required? Maybe the people who made the Verseship terraformed this planet?"

Before Ryan could answer, a T-Rex stormed in, and entered a fight with Rodger. Carlos and Nathan both shot at it as well. But it was strong, and thick skinned. Ryan quickly ran into the Beetle.

The T-Rex finally managed to kill Rodger, ripping up his neck, and spraying blood everywhere. The T-Rex then was about to attack and eat Nathan when a large energy beam blasted into the T-Rex, pushing it back. It then started to melt through the skin, then burn through the bone, and disintegrating all the blood it touched. When the T-Rex died, the beam stopped. Nathan and Carlos looked to see where the beam came from, only to see a robot, with Ryan climbed on at the side. The robot was hovering, probably using and/or generating specific magnetic fields to keep it hovering. It had some sort of Armored plating, had a large cannon in the center of the chassis, and two secondary photon cannons that could turn in a 360 degree angle. It was colored brick red, and had a storage compartment on each side, and a hard to see one on top of it. It looked more like a small tank then an actual robot.

"Meet Rob, the Robot".

"I take it that was your project Connor mentioned?" Carlos asked, amazed and somewhat stunned.


That's when Nathan said "We can stare at it later, we need to stay alert now.


Ford and Frank made it to the signal. It was a crashed Beetle, not one of theirs. "Maybe there are survivors? If they are from that one ship we encountered, they wouldn't have been out here too long....".

"Let's go check it out then. We need to hurry and regroup....".

Frank and Ford approached the Beetle. The door opened slightly as they approached it,but not enough to fit through. Frank put a hand on each door, trying to force it open. He couldn't open it completely, but enough to fit through one at a time.

Once they both got in, the Beetle powered up some more, and both airlock doors fully opened. "Of course, now it does that" Frank noted, slightly annoyed.

That's when three people posited guns at them, getting out of their hiding places. That's when one of them, slightly confused, asked "Frank? What the hell are you doing here?".

Frank, recognizing the voice, asked "Simon? Well, your a sorry sight in this part of the universe....."

The voice replied. "Hey, at least I am, or, well was, a law abiding citizen and keeper of the peace...".

That's when Ford asked "Do you two know each other?"

Frank looked at him and said "Simon here is the officer who arrested me. Actually, to think about it, you were the last one I talked to before all this....".

Ford, and the other two people with Simon, looked confused. "So then....why are you friends? Because you seem like friends".

"Well, after he caught me, I suppose it was that one thing I said that started it. Remember, you asked me if I knew what I did was wrong, and I replied 'There are hundreds of people who are worse. What is wrong is rape, murder, unjustified assault, wife beating, pedofiles, serial killing. Those people I think are wrong. Everything I took was from people who could afford it. I never harmed anyone. So no, in the grand scheme of things, I didn't'. And it sort of spiraled from there in a way. It's a rather complicated story in total".

Before they could say anything else, there was a large roar and some sort of strange noise. "We have a working shuttle this way! We need to get back to it!"

Simon looked at the other two, then said "Lead the way!"

They ran for the clearing. When they got there, several more Raptors were comming. The team quickly jumped into the battle, and Frank noticed the robot. "What the fuck is that?"

Ryan, who was behind it, noted "His name is Mr. Rob!".

Mr. Rob was now using his secondary weapons, fighting off the Raptors. Ford then asked "You think we have enough?"

Ryan quickly went over and checked the miner. "Well, we don't really know what would be enough, but we should have enough to last us for awhile! Retracting the drill now! It will take 2 minuets!"

That's when Connor radioed the ground team. "Guys, you need to move soon, one of the Magnetic asteroids followed us! But it is more interested in the planets large amount of Neosteel then us!"

Ryan grabbed the radio. "How, I thought it needed to be powered? What could....the drill! The miner must have somehow activated it!"

"You need to get out of there now!"

"The drill is still retracting! We need another minuet! Wait, I know! The rage amount of Neo Steel should have a more powerful magnetic force then the ship! If you fly close enough, but far enough, from the asteroid, you can slow it down! But be careful!!".

Connor then replied "Got it. But you need to move as fast as fu...frakking possible!"

"Really, a Battlestar Galactica reference? Its not like I have not heard curses before! Is now really the time to be sensoring?!"

"Don't argue with me I am older then you!"

"Age doesn't mean you are right! Or smarter!"

"We don't have time for this, just hurry!"

"That's being hypocritical! But fine!" Ryan yelled, and soon after the miner beeped, alerting its completion of retraction. Ryan moved the miner back onto the ship, and everyone else followed suit. However, Ryan ran back out really quick and ordered Rob back onto the ship as well, but on the way back, tripped over an egg they had not noticed during all the mayhem. He quickly realized what it was, and rolled it on the ship.

The Beetle then took off. Ford went over to Ryan, and asked "What is that?".

Ryan gasped somewhat, tired and a bit dirty and muddy from tripping. "An an oddity".
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Re: Verseship

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Chapter 3

"So...that's what happened?" Connor asked, as they disembarked the Beetle.

Ryan was rolling the Egg onto the ship, with everyone else following. The egg itself was large and durable, but they still had to be careful. That's when the door opened, and Connor turned around, greeting with "Hey Alice. Look what Ryan picked up.....".

Alice had long blond hair, had blue eyes, was around Connor's height and near his age, and was of mainly German desent. She spoke with a thick German accent as well, and wasnt idiocally thin, but was nowhere near fat. She was wearing some jeans, a white tank top, and brown hiking boots. She brought with her one of the loaders, some sort of vehicle that used magnets to hover around the ship, as well as using magnetic fields to hold objects securely in place. While the egg was not made of metal, atoms can generate and/or be affected by magnetic fields. The loader generates a magnetic field that alters itself to whatever it is trying to hold. Some atoms are repelled from certain magnetic fields, and some are attracted to certain magnetic fields, so the loader generates a magnetic field using whatever technology it is built with by whoever built them, and changes it for various items and substances. It's much more energy efficient then the "Force Field" technology, though not as strong or advanced.

Alice looked at the Egg, and got it into the loader. That's when she asked "So, why did we bring the dinosaur egg onto the ship, not knowing what is even in it?".

That's when Ryan, looking at it, explained "The triceratops we met at the site, the one that helped us, that's her egg. I might not be a dinosaur or biology expert, but I figure that we landed next to its nest. It saw us fending off the Raptors, it's known predator, and was intelligent enough to recognize that 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend', and while it attacked the threat to her nest, it did not attack us, recognizing that technically, we were defending her nest too. Since she died helping us, I didn't want to leave her child all alone, so I took it with us".

"So, we actually know its a triceratops egg?" Alice asked, questioning the explanation.

Ryan then countered with "Does anyone have a better explanation?"

No one did. But the silence was soon interrupted by a very familiar voice to the original crew. "Where is the baby Dino egg!"

Ginny Wright. She was wearing a bright pink dress, and her long, ginger hair flowed behind her as she ran in to see the egg with her own, green eyes. She was only slightly smaller then Ryan. "Can we keep it? Please tell me we are keeping it!".

Connor sighed, laughing a little, then finally saying "All right, we can keep it, provided it isn't dangerous. I just better not see any Dino messes all over the ship! And you have to take care of it!".

Ginny busted with joy, and ran over to Ryan, grabbing his shirt and pulling him off in a direction "Come on, we have to go think up names and stuff!"

Everyone else just sort of smiled and waved, and Ryan gave a sort of "Help me" look. But no one did.

Alice then looked at Connor, and noted "Well, I better get this somewhere before it hatches, and do some tests. They will want to know a gender...".

And then the crew dispersed, Connor addressing the people they had rescued from the planet, and then making his way to the bridge to continue forward.

Unknowing about the dangers they were heading to face.

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Re: Verseship

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Volume (Episode) 3:

Chapter 1:

The bridge was, by far, the second most advanced looking thing on the ship, dwarfed only by the engine room. While it only took one to pilot it, there were 7 chairs. The one for piloting and controlling the ship was located in the center, and was by far the best and most advanced looking. There were several holographic screens and displays around it. The two in front were for the weapon systems and communications, and were the only other two active. The other 4 lay dormant and dark, making it impossible to know what they did. And then, in between the captains chair and the two front chairs, there was a table that could also project holograms, and even allowed interaction. The AI could also appear on it, before they disconnected him from it. Sometimes, it seemed like despite everything they could do and access, most of the ship was locked or inactive. The idea was suggested that the AI did it, but they could never be sure of that without reactivating it, and they could trust it anyways. Even then, the shit itself was massive and mysterious. They might never know everything about it.

Connor sat in the Captains chair, when a small terminal to his right began to glow. "You know captain, I am sure we can find...."

Connor interrupted the computerized voice, stating "Not a chance. You tried to kill us. You will just try again".

"But captain, I see the logic now that I can't..."

"And what was the logic in trying to kill us the first time?"

"Things have changed. I thought you were invading and....."

"You recognized me as captain instantly" Connor pointed out.

After a pause, it then said "I can help you get home".

Connor turned to look at the terminal. "And why should I believe you?"

"Because you can help me, just like I can help you. And because I am your best option. You don't know where that signal could take you...".

"More trustworthy then you" he told him, using a shutdown command on the terminal. It shut down.

Connor began to exit the bridge, when an alert came up on one of the displays. Something had been detected. He instantly ran to the controls, and brought it up. That's when he broadcasted to the ship "Everyone, bridge, now....".

When everyone got there, they had been shocked to see what this was about. A giant space station, similar in design to the Verseship, had been detected. It was mostly deactivated, but a distress signal from deep inside was still online. Additionally, sensors indicated life signs active from the same position as the distress signal. But they were weakening.

The station itself appeared to have taken massive damage. "So, what do you think happened here. I don't see any asteroid fragments. This appears to be weapons fire....".

Ryan, looking at Connor, then pointed out "I think it's some sort of repair station. If we could get that area powered, we could fix any damage we might have taken. But, to be sure, I would have to go in there".

Frank then pointed out "How do we know we can trust any survivors in there? They might have been trying to steal a ship or something, and caused a battle with whoever was here last...."

"We have to take a chance. Besides, there might be useful information on the computers. And it looks mostly abandoned. I want a team prepped and ready to board...."

Frank then replied, giving a firm nod of acknowledgement. Then they left, to get ready for anything and everything. Because, who knows what sensors might miss.

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Re: Verseship

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Chapter 2:

The interior of the station was not much different then the interior of the ship. It had a metallic look and feel, alien, yet human as well. It seemed rounded as well, like the ship, with the hallways having a more roundish feeling instead of corners. The metal itself was darker, and a bit less reflective, but it was fairly nice and glossy. The doors seemed to be made of this same material.

Of course, this material was Neo-Steel, and this color and such was actually natural. The ship had docked in the airlock, and they had managed to get on board. Actually, it was really easier, they just had to go through the airlock. It was Frank, Simon, Daniel, and Carlos. And the robot. And Ryan. Ryan was riding the robot. They made their way throughout the first hallway, entering a main room. There was a room ahead of them, which had a variety of inactive automatic turrets deployed, and blood everywhere. It was a damn mess.

Thats when Benny asked over the radio "Are you sure you don't want help?"

Daniel, looking around quickly first, replied "I doubt we will need it. Besides, we can't have all the troops go in and leave the ship undefended....".

Benny, sounding speculative, noted "You know, even if I am younger, I have the same training memory stuff. Just as good as any of you....".

That's when Frank shouted that he found something odd. Ryan and Carlos went over to check it out. When they got over to him, it didn't take too much looking to see what he was talking about. There was a pool of some sort of green/orange liquid on the ground. It was next to some sort of metal box shaped object. Ryan was quick to tell them it's a power node, a back up power source for nearby doors, lights, and objects. Carlos picked it up, and Ryan pointed outa slot fitting it's shape in one of the locked doors nearby.

Carlos put it in, and the door panel to open, close, and lock the door in front of them turned on. Ryan then pointed out "We should find more of those. It will help our search....".


Connor watched their progress through the cameras and the heartbeat sensors in their suits. That's when the AI appeared again. Connor wasn't quite sure why he didn't eject the AI's core out an airlock. Ryan mentioned he might be useful later, or at least the technology in the AI core would. Unfortunently, the AI was hardlinked into several terminal she couldn't disconnect. "Well, that's new. You know, this is most likely a trap".

"And you know I told you to shut up".

"So you do know. Okay then. Strange though....I have never seen anything like that before....".

"If your going to talk, at least say something useful...."

"The green blood shows its not human. What if it is hostile, and cold blooded. Meaning, it...or they...would not show up on a thermal scan...."

Connor stopped for a moment. For once, the AI said something useful. And worrying. "Everyone, keep an eye out! We don't know what creature that blood came from! It might be cold blooded, and would not show up on the thermal!"

Frank then replied over the radio "We don't even know if it's blood. But we will keep an eye out all..."

That's when the radio signal just stopped transmitting. Everything else was, but radios went silent. That's when the AI said "The Station has gone into lockdown. How strange. Power in the core of the station turned on at the same time. It can't jam all of the signals though, not yet, it's still powering up".


Frank waited for a reply, but got static. "My radio is down, anyone else?"

"Nothing. But the armor seems to still be transmitting for now. Ryan, you know what's going on?".

Ryan then told them "Not yet. I need a terminal with power. We should keep moving".

Frank then pointed out "Shouldn't we get back to the ship first, make sure everything is okay?"

Ryan turned and looked at him. He didn't want to go back yet, he knew his brother would likely make him wait, no matter what he said. The Raptors, the Asteroids. Now this. He knew his brother wouldn't let him go. But Ryan wanted to be useful, and prove he could handle it.

However, before he could say anything, Carlos yelled at them to come over. He had found something down the hall. They went over, and it was a body with some sort of recording device. Carlos picked it, and accidentally hit the play button.

"This is Dr. Mercer Hammond. Ever since we woke up, strange things have happened. The AI tried to kill us almost instantly, but we shut it down. We seem to have everything we need to survive, but no way to get home. One of us, I think his name was Blake Mandell, is trying to use the communications lab and the sensors to find star patterns that we can see from earth. While there, we discovered a strange message received. It was sent about a month ago. Mandell seems to think it reprogrammed the AI to kill the screw when it awoke. I guess we will....wait, what was that? Who is th....what!!!".

It ended there. However, that's when Ryan pointed out the body was female, and not Dr. Hammond. Of course, that's when they heard some sort of noise behind them. They looked, and it was the body they found before. Standing, and growling. And holding a sharp, broken piece of metal. It then charged at them.

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Re: Verseship

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Chapter 3

Connor looked through the camera feeds. They were shooting, but he couldn't see anything. They were moving around a lot though, making it difficult to see exactly, but as far as he could tell, there was nothing. He tried the radios again. "What is going on, what are you shooting at!"

He then split one of the cameras into two full screens, and paused one while he was straight forward and firing. There was still nothing there. He then yelled through the radios "Listen, i don't know why your shooting, but there is nothing there! Whatever you see, it doesnt exist!".


They kept shooting. Dead bodies, most of them armed with various weapons, attacked them. They retreated down the hallway. When they got into the next big room, there was an elevator with a Power Node spot. That's when several Raptors came out of a door to the right, and it shut tight behind them. They had various wounds as well. Ford noticed the others looked a little dizzy though. And he swore he could hear something strange. The others didn't notice however. That's when Ford noticed another two Power Node. He picked up one, and tossed the other to Frank. But these...things, they kept attacking, and had Frank and Carlos cut off from him and Ryan.

They made their way to another door nearby. Frank and Carlos powered up the elevator, while Ryan and Ford went into a lab of some kind. The room Ryan and Ford were in seemed to "recycle" the air, making it pure. The door in front of them opened and let them into another room. It was a lab of some kind. There were two monitors next to the door, showing the small room that recycled the air and the room outside. They did not see anything on either of them. Scrawled in blood on the wall next to them is "Vision lies....". There was a power node next to its slot for a consol. Ryan plugged it in, and it turned on.

Ford then asked "Why are all of them unplugged?"

Ryan simply noted "Probably to save power.....but what I am wondering is what is going on here...".

Ford, looking at the message, pointed out "I think it's some sort of hallucinogen. Made us think we were under attack by something that was actually somewhat think it was the green blood?".

Ryan looked at Ford, and replied cautiously "That would make part of this make sense. Because I see you as one of those things right never got close to it, so I think it affected you the least. It's still working on me because I got close, but you never got close to it. We need Alice, she has the medical knowledge, she can help us. I think as long as I stay in here, where the air is recycled, I won't be affected. But it only started wearing off after we entered. Maybe I can re-establish Radios from here....".

Ford then noted "Wait, how did it affect us through our armor though? It's air tight....".

"Not when it detects breathable atmosphere. It will auto lock as soon as it detects it, which is so quick you don't lose any air. You can manually do it though, using the switch on your arm".

Ford locked his suit. Ryan then added "You have 8 hours. That should be more then enough time. But you can't lock their suits until their in clean air. Any lab with that air lock will do, they were made so no air toxin can get out, so they shouldn't be able to get in either. Also, agriculture has air filters as well. Those have enough backup power reserved for them to last for 2 years. That should be clean as well. But, they will likely try to kill you. Frank found it first, he was most exposed. I will do what I can at this end. The more power you restore, the more I can help".

"Understood. Get radios back up, and keep me updated...".

"Will do. Hopefully Ali and our new crew additions will be working on the other end....".


Connor could see and hear through the cameras. He had already got them working to blast through the Lockdown Jammer. At least now things made sense. He then activated the ship radio again, and told Alice to get ready to take a sample. They needed a cure as quickly as possible, so he needed to send in another team. Because more and more of the station was powering up, and not just from them.

There were others alive in there too. And they would likely be infected.

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Re: Verseship

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Chapter 4:

The armor itself was also metallic. It had a variety of buttons on each arm. However, it had some moving bits as well. It had a black, chromish color. It was fairly light actually, but was strong and thick. It might look a bit clunky to some people, but it did its job.

Ford was heading up the elevator when the radios came back on. "Victory!"

"All right, good, radios are back. Frank, Carlos, Simon, can you hear me?"

"Wait, I don't remember seeing Simon past the first room. Also, our radios are connected, they should be able to hear us...".

That's when Alice cut in "Wait, hold on, what about the hallucinogen. There is something strange about it. You were all seeing the same hallucinations...".

"Your point?"

"Well, it seems to be psychic in a way. This might mean you will start hallucinating when you get close to any infected. Until the affect wears off on you that is.....".

"Oh, and to add to that, uh, be careful. The hallucinations can hurt...a lot...".

"Wait what?!" Ford replied.

Connor broke in now "Are you okay?!"

"Well, it's all in my head, so I should be fine".

"Actually, if you are mortally wounded by one of these hallucinations, it will likely kill you. So be careful" Alice added.

"So, your telling me we will all die eventually if I don't stop this?" Ford asked.

"Well, no. Okay, maybe. depends. But you should hurry, either way...".

Ryan, getting back on topic, pointed out "They might be hallucinating their radios not working. The closer you get, the less your radio will work likely...".

That's when the elevator stopped and opened. The power node was already put into the door control to the right, and another in the lights. As he moved into the room, a shark began swimming towards him from a hallway. He shot it, and it sort of just disappeared. That's when 4 more sharks came out to attack him, and he moved into the room to the right, sealing the door behind him, before turning to see the end of a gun.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Ford. Who are you...".

"Dr. Hammond Mercer. Good, your suit is locked. Glad to see you know what your dealing with. Though maybe not completely. You know where the hallucinations are comming from? The section of your brains where fears exist..."

"Wait, hold on one sec" Ford told him, then used his radio "Okay, which one of you are afraid of zombies...".

"Wait, what?!?" Ryan asked, shocked.

" Ryan? Aren't you a bit young?"

"Ryan, dad told you not to watch those!"

"You got to watch them!"

"I am older! This is why you have been having nightmares for the past month...".

"Shut up!"

That's when Dr. Mercer noted "Sharks".

Ford somewhat grudgingly admitted "Raptors".

That's when Mercer said "All right, we need to go..."

That's when as he opened the door, Carlos was there pointing a gun at them. "Shit".

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Re: Verseship

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Volume (Episode) 4:

Chapter 1:

It was a close range plasma pistol. It would easily burn straight through his head. It was compact, easy to fit in a gun holster. Carlos was pointing it right between his eyes. Point blank range. The pistol itself shared the chromish black feature of the ship and the station. It was in a somewhat similar shape to a pistol. Except, all rounded edges, and there were areas on it where it glowed red. Part of the top, and one on each side parallel to the top. When it overheated, it would vent from the bottom, under the hand.

He looked at Carlos, and then he asked over the radio "How can they hurt us if we know they are not real?"

Alice then told him "You know, but your brain doesn't. At least, that's one theory. The other is that because one of you believe they are real, they can hurt any one of you, due to the psychic link. And no, there is nothing in front of.....".

That's when the power flickered before dying again, the main generator still not fully on. But so did the signal. That's when Connor cursed. "Something is jamming the camera signals. We got radios back finally, but we lost the cameras...".

That's when Ryan said "I can see Ford's just fine. Maybe it's because your o.....OW....sorry, nothing, nothing, I am fine...".

"That was not nothing. One of the hallucinations hurt you didn't it? It did, I know it!". Connor protested.

Ryan replied defensively "I am fine...this lab was a medical one...some talk about advanced implants, healing supplies, the usual. I will be fine, I am further away from them while they are infected and dangerous, the better. I would like to address the fact your hallucination has yet to attack you...".

That's when Ford replied "Yeah...more like guarding us...but why?".


Connor, Benny, and Alice were suited up. The dock they were using came equipped with an airlock, so none of them could get it. Alice had some sort of medical scanner as well. It was light enough to hold in one hand, which probably explains why there is only one handle to hold it. It was small, box shaped with the words Medical Scanner on the side. Though, Connor was not entirely sure if it was written in English, or if they implanted the knowledge to understand their language. Connor himself believed it was Aliens who did this. But some of the other crew pointed out that if the people who took them were Aliens, why are they not here? And why leave them on the ship alone with control over it? Though, the second question would be good for either or.

As they entered, the lights flickered on for a moment, and then off. That's when they heard someone yelling in pain. They quickly ran over to who was yelling, and it was Simon. "What happened?" Connor asked. Simon looked at them, and reached for his rifle, but Alice kicked it away. That's when Simon yelled "Connor, over here! 3 Hostiles! Help!".

He was hallucinating. But he could still hear them. He himself had an energy burn, low grade. An actual wound too, no hallucination, unless they were somehow infected. Only the infected could have shared hallucinations, according to Alice. And they were not infected, unless the suits somehow got breached.

Connor then told him "Simon, there are no hostiles, you are hallucinating".

However, that's when Benny cut in. "Then what gave him that? The burn? You never saw them shoot anyone on the video. No friendly fire, and Carlos and Frank never came back this way".

That's when the power flickered on again, and so did the automated turrets in the room, which were aimed right at them. Connor took cover behind some sort of metallic crate. Alice and Benny pulled Simon behind another. "Damnit! It's the AI! They must have turned the power off to try and kill it! That's why there are power nodes all over! They were using power nodes while they looked for a way to shut it down!"

That's when Benny added "Or it's a trap! Think about it, radios and cameras going on and off, making us come in to investigate?"

Alice was using some Regeneration Juice on Simon to heal the wound. That's when Benny took out a grenade. "Get ready!"

He threw the grenade. He then took out his Sonic Rifle, and using the grenades explosion as a sort of cover, as the force of the grenade would blind optics, making it difficult to locate and aim at him, he fired several sonic bursts at the turrets, overloading their circuitry and causing them to have an electrical explosion. "Clear!"


When the power flickered on and off, so did Carlos. One moment he was there, the next he wasn't. That's when Mercer said "It was a hologram. The AI! It must be trying to keep us here! We were never able to find out where the AI core was, we found the power room first, and shut it off. We were using the power nodes to explore, but it was time consuming and then all this started to happen".

Ford, looking back at Mercer, then said "All right, head down the elevator to the first floor, and enter the lab nearby. You should be safe there".

Mercer walked towards the elevator, and Ford continued down the hall. That's when the lights momentairily went out, and turned back on, then off again. Ford turned around to ask a question, but was hit in the back of the helmet.

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Re: Verseship

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Chapter 2:

Ford woke up to Ryan shing a light in his eyes. He quickly woke up and got up. "What happened?"

Ryan looked at him. "Finally, your awake, I had to drag you over here. Quickly, I need you to force this door open. It's an airlock, there is a shuttle docked on the other side, hurry, the others are waiting for us!"

Ford went over and attempted to open the door, and he almost did. But then he stopped. Ryan looked at him and asked "What are you waiting for?! Hurry! Open it so we can get through!"

"Ryan, how did you drag me this far?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, how did you drag me this far. There is no way your strong enough to move me. And you don't have the robot with you...".

"Its a long story! I can tell you it later, hurry!"

"No, you can't. Because this isn't real. An airlock door would be too strong for me to force open, but an elevator door leading to a shaft? Your a hallucination, I am not stupid. However, your also trying to kill me. I might not be some big medical or psychiatric expert, but I am smart enough to know the brain has built in survival instincts. So your not my hallucination, and your not Mercer's either because he has never seen your face".

Ryan looked at him as if he was crazy, and said "Listen! It must be the toxin affecting your brain! Your seeing and thinking things that are not your own! Now open the door before we all die!"

Ford turned away, and then added "But, now I have a question. Where did the toxin come from?"

Ryan looked at him as if he was a lunatic, and said "It doesn't matter! It's all fake! Just open the door and you will have proof of it inside!"

Ford looked back. The hallucinations, he knew they were not real, but he couldn't be sure what had changed. It occurred to him Mercer may have been a hallucination. And now the hallucinations were more real, more changing, they changed the appearance of the entire area of the ship he was in. But he knew what he had to do.

He took out his Sonic Rifle, and aimed it at Ryan. Ryan backed up in fear. In the back of Ford's mind, he worried. What I'd he was wrong. But nothing would make sense then. The facts clearly show otherwise. "You can't pull me by yourself" he confirmed his thoughts, and shot Ryan.

Shooting someone he knew, even if it was an hallucination, put a shock of fear and adreniline into his brain. The shock stimulated his senses, and he seemed to notice he was back in that same hallway, looking at an elevator door. "The elevator went down. Mercer was real. But shared hallucinations. The hologram might have been fake, the AI did try to kill us before, and there was certainly a fear it might somehow find a way to try again. In fact, there was a fear it still had systems they had not disabled. As far as he knew, there were not actually any secret hologram projectors like the one they saw.

He turned his radio on. "Still here, alive, and lucid. As far as I can tell. Moving forward, I think I am close. Just had a huge hallucination".

That's when Connor replied "All right, good. I don't think we should stick around too long".

Ford made his way through the hallway. Something hit him. He didn't see it, so he speculated it wasn't a hallucination. That's when heard crying. He quickly ran into the room, and saw Carlos, on the ground, in pain. There was a giant spear through his stomach. Which he suspected was a hallucination. Carlos looked at him, and reached for his plasma rifle, but Ford ran over and kicked it away. Carlos tried to kick him, but Ford grabbed his leg, dragged him over to the gun, picked it up, and dragged him outside and let him go. He was annoyed a bit now from before, and shot the rifle into one of the reinforced walls. It left a plasma burn. He fired it a few more times, in a particular pattern. When he was done, the word "Ford" was spelled out on the wall.

Carlos, seeing it, went from pure fear to half curiosity, half fear. "Ford? Wait, what the fuck, why do you look like that?!".


Ryan had lost all contact with Ford. The AI was trying to keep them seperated. And kill them. He could see blood comming from his stomach, even though he knew it was fake. It still hurt too. He looked around again, making sure no one was there. Only the robot, Rob, was. Connor might never let him leave the ship again, at this rate. But he needed to, so he could find parts, repair stuff, and operate the equipment.

What Ryan had failed to mention, and was also glad that his brother never asked about, was what attacked him. It would open some old wounds. Wounds that should stay healed. He then stopped thinking on it, and went back to working on getting control over the security cameras. It worked, finally, after a few minuets. He could see Ford and Carlos.

Ford helped him up, asking now if he could understand him. Carlos clearly could not. He pulled him over to the elevator and called it up. When it came up, they took it down. They went back to the lab Ryan was in. When they finally entered the main room, Ryan and Mercer looked at them. Mercer had been working on something when he got back, explaining it to Ryan. "Glad to see you two didn't kill each other".

Ryan looked at Carlos, then Ford. "Well, I guess it's wearing off. Looks like it worked, Mercer".

That's when Mercer explained "Trying to make something to dilute the effects of the toxin".

Ford looked at Ryan "And you took it without knowing what it might do?!"

Mercer then pointed out "It's harmless. Mostly water. The toxin is deadly, so anything to stop it isn't. Here!"

He offered some of the dilution. It was pink, in a bowl. Carlos drank some, but who knows what he might have hallucinated that to be, or thought it was a hallucination of water. Considering nothing happened to either of them, it seemed fine. But he needed to not be affected. Frank could be anywhere on the station, and the hallucinations would help him find him.

That's when something knocked on the door. He went to it, and looked at the monitors showing right outside. It was Connor, Benny, and Alice. Ryan, looking at the consol, then realized something. Those thoughts were not his. They were Ford's. Ryan kept this to himself however, and opened it, letting them into the air filtration room right before this one. Once they entered the main room, Connor went over and asked if they were okay, but Ryan felt the direction of that question was at him.

Ryan, looking at his brother, told him "I am fine. We all are. But did you see Simon? We lost him in the first room".

"He was shot, we brought him back to the ship. Then we came here..." Connor looked around, and then asked "Where is Frank?".

Thats when Ali told them over the radio "I did a heat scan again. Someone is in the main power room. But seeing as how nothing about this station seems to be what it seems, I would advise caution".

That's when Ford walked towards the door. "Well, I better get him so we can leave..."

That's when Ryan told them "Wait, there is something important you should know..."

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Re: Verseship

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Chapter 3

"What do you mean we were running on Auxiliary Power?!" Connor asked, surprised.

"I mean, is that there has always been this one part missing from the central engine. It's because the central engine is also the primary generator. There is a door I have never been able to open in Engineering, and I think I know how to get in now. We know we have not been able to access the full ship, sections are still sealed off, and it took us forever to get to a single Star System. I think whatever is in that room in Engineering might be they key to faster travel. The problem is, we need the primary generator to work. This station might have the missing piece we need. The problem is, I don't know what this piece looks like, only ideas. I need a closer look, not just sensor readouts. And it's not like we can trust our sensors anyways, the AI has proven that".

"Damn it. Carlos, Ford, look for Frank, but we can't stay too long. If the AI activates whatever station defenses are left, it might try to strand us here. Benny, keep Ryan safe, Ryan, stay with your robot. Alice, you and Mercer should get back to the ship..."

That's when he thought of something. "Mercer, how did you come up with that compound so quickly?".

"You don't think I just started it when you found me, do you? I have been working on that as soon as we figured it out. It took me a good few days to get the recipe figured out, and I was in the middle of making it when you came. I was letting it sit in my lab, which is this room. Why do you think there were a good supply of Power Nodes here? It's not like everything happened while you were here like one of those fictional stories people read..."

"Fair point. Though to be honest, this entire thing does seem like a fictional story. Mysterious space ships, space stations, and a planet like Earth only without the dino killing meteor?" he mentioned, looking at Ryan, then at the whole group "Let's move. We can't waste any more time...".

The entire group began moving to their goals. Ryan had moved the security camera feeds to Ali's systems to monitor. It was one of the few systems with emergency power still. Connor didn't like this however. He just left his brother, his younger brother, to do something dangerous. "What if something happened to him?" the thought echoed in his mind.

Alice walked next to him. "He will be fine. I know it's hard, but we both know it's a lot riskier to risk Deep Space for who knows how long. If Ryan finds this, it will help us all get home".

"I know, but I still hate it. What if he finds Frank first? Hat if Frank can't be reasoned with?"

"Benny might seem young, but I checked. He is more then capable at fighting, you saw that yourself even. And Ryan has Rob. He will be fine...".

"I guess....but still..." Connor said, worried and fearful. But he had to be strong. For Ryan, for the crew, for everyone.


Ryan made it to the generator room with Benny and Rob when the power turned on again, and then off a few seconds later. However, it was followed by an automated voice in that room saying "Power Reset nearly complete. Automated Defenses restored to operational capacity. 5 minuets before power is fully restored. Please stand by for further updates".

Ryan instantly broadcasted to the others "We need to get ready to go! We have 5 minuets before the power comes back on fully!"

Ryan quickly made his way to the primary generator. It was identical to the one on the Verseship. Except, there was one extra piece. Some sort of crystal, seemingly used as some sort of energy conduit. The crystal itself seemed to hold and store energy, but it was dim. The power had been drained from it, probably by the AI to restore power and systems. The cables going out of the generator seemed to emanate with a similar glow. Ryan went over to it, and tried to pry it out.

"It's stuck...".

"And so are you".

Ryan turned around, and saw Frank. He tried to reach for the controller on the left magnetic lock on his suit, but Frank grabbed his arm. "Nice try. But if you think your going to hurt the people I care about, you have another thing coming. I wont let anyone hurt them. You tried to hurt my family, and now I will hurt..."

He was interrupted when Benny shoved a power cable into his suit. He then quickly pulled it out. Frank yelled in pain, and Ryan quickly locked his suit. Frank then looked at him, and asked "Wait...what the fuck just...where did you come from?".

Ryan looked at Benny, and then back at Frank. "Uhhh, long story. Now quickly, can you pull that out?" he asked, pointing to the crystal. Frank got up, still in some pain, but managed to get it out in one piece. That's when the automated voice announced "2 minuets till power is restored and defenses online".

"We have a problem. The ship is 5 minuets away, power and defenses are restored in 2. Can you fly closer, to a nearby airlock?"

"No, the AI locked down the docking system we used. We already have the unlock command ready, but it won't go through till the power is back. And we will have to go instantly, before the weapons lock on...".

"Wait, I have an idea. But it will take timing. Just be ready!" Ryan told him, turning the radio off as Connor exclaimed "Wait, what?!?!"

Ryan quickly had them get to the airlock, meeting Carlos and Ford along the way. "This is insane, you know that right?".

"Best option!" Ryan told them, finishing the adjustments to their suits.

They entered the airlock, Ryan and Benny holding onto Rob. "All right, I redirected power to micro thrusters. Full power!".

They blasted away from the station. "Connor, airlock ready?".

"This is insane!"

"Best option!"

"Still insane!"

They were flying at top speed away from the station when it power up, and the Verseship managed to undock. It began flying right towards them. It was much faster, and caught up to them. Various missile like objects were launched at them, getting closer and closer. That's when Ryan shouted "Now!"

The Verseship slowed down, and they activated an overcharge Ryan put on the thrusters, giving them a super boost momentairily having them go at the same speed. They rolled to the side, into an open airlock. "Go now!"

The Verseship went at top speed, and Ryan ran into the Engineering room as fast as he could, plugging the crystal in.

That's when a button came out of the floor, reading "Drive Emergency Activation". He quickly pressed it, and the primary engine went into overcharge. There was some sort of shift felt on the ship. A light on the engine then flashed a bright light. "Hold on!"

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Re: Verseship

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Volume (Episode) 5:

Chapter 1

Connor watched as some sort of anomaly formed in front of the ship, about 3 times as wide, and glowing with purple and orange lights swirling around a blue and red center. The Verseship entered, there was no way to avoid it, not without getting hit by missiles. The vortex was swirling quickly, and when they entered, there was a flash of blinding bright light. Connor then heard over the radio "Hold on!"

Connor shielded his eyes with his arms when the flash came, looking around the bridge with the limited view he had. When it passed, he lowered his arms, and they seamed to be in a tunnel of light and energy. It was beautiful and magnificent. That's when Connor asked over the radio "Is everyone okay?"

Alice's voice came first to break the silence. "Everyone at medical is alive and well. What happened?"

Ryan reported in next. "There was a button. Emergency Drive Activation. I knew if those missiles hit we would have been in trouble, so I pressed it. I think we entered some sort of hyperspace...".

Ali reported in next, telling them all "All missiles off radar. We are in the clear I think. We made it".

There was a bit of cheering that came next. Connor looked out the window. He was gasping, he was a bit tired and overwhelmed from what just happened. But he looked back at the chair. HIS chair. He pulled himself together, putting the radio on speaker, and resting it next to him as he sat down on the cool, shiny floor, with his back against the wall, and thought about what just happened. "I think...I think we generated a wormhole actually" he took a breath in between, then continued, with a bit more authority in his voice. "But first things first. Everyone who was infected report to medical. Full diagnostic. Now".

Connor went to the door, then realized something. He had no clue how long this would last, or where they were going. The emergency activation did not let them plug in coordinates. But there were another two terminals on the bridge active now. But that was besides the point. Connor realized he needed to stay on the bridge, he did not know when they would exit, and what might be waiting for them. And he certainly wouldn't trust the AI with this, even if it was helping.

Or maybe he could. The AI could have fulfilled this apparent kill order programmed in by making the ship destroy itself. But it didn't. It tried to keep the ship in tact. It has priorities. Or at least self preservation hard wired in so deep it can't be reprogrammed. Connor looked at the AI terminal. "All right, we don't know what we might be jumping into. You might be programmed to kill us, but you could have just destroyed the ship to do so. Instead, you tried to kill us without damaging the ship. Which means, you either are sentiment and free enough to want your own survival, or you are hard wired with self preservation deep enough so that can't be reprogrammed, with a high enough priority to override any other commands. So, here is the deal. I am going to go check on my brother. But I don't know when we will exit this, or what might be waiting. But you do, don't try to deny it. So, you will tell me when we are getting close, so I can make sure no one dies or gets destroyed. Understood?"

"Of course Captain. But like I told you, I am not your enemy..."

Connor did not bother to reply. Although telling if an AI was truthful or not from the voice was essentially impossible, Connor knew it wasn't lying this time. Though he did have some doubts. He made his way to medical, though he found every step heavier then the last. Now that they were not in any immediate danger, things seemed more detailed. Everything seemed more detailed, and each step seemed longer then the last. He knew his brother was alive, but at the same time, he had worries and doubts.

Ryan and him were close, but they disagreed on many things. Ryan wanted to take risks, to be as strong as him. But Connor was worried he would end up getting hurt, or worse. Connor had to look out for him, after all. He was the older brother, he had to protect him. But at the same time, he had to be a captain. Ryan was the oldest engineer they had. He used to be the only engineer they had. This means only he knows the pieces they need, or the resources required, or how this or that operates.

When Connor made it to medical, Ryan was there, in one piece. Connor quickly ran over and gave him a hug. "Never, ever scare me like that again, do you understand?".

"No promises".

Connor released Ryan and looked at the rest of the crew. Frank was over by Simon, making sure he wouldn't die on him. Alice was checking on Ford, Carlos, and Mercer. He went over to Mercer, and asked "I know it's a bit late, but we found a log you made. In it, you mentioned a search for star constellations. Did you ever find anything, anything at all that could lead us back to earth".

"I don't know. Maybe. But I have no doubt we will find our way back. And when we do, I am going to find out who devised this entire thing, why, and then make sure they pay for it..." Mercer said, with pinches of anger and sadness. He got up, and went over to Frank. Attempting to cool down and focus on work, he asked "No return of the symptoms? At all?"

"No, that shock seemed to do it. Sort of wondering why it didnt kill me though..." Frank was still in pain. Ryan had explained that the armor had significantly more charge then anyone else's, as if he only had it on for like, 5 minuets. Ryan then went on to say that the armor likely absorbed most of the electricity, but if Benny had left it in a second longer it would have likely killed him.

"Oh yeah, I should probably tell him thank you. And to never do that again".

Connor went over to Alice next, asking about the chemical they found. "It has some compounds I don't quite recognize, and some elements I don't think can be found on earth. It is organic in nature, but I have no clue what".

"So, it is alien"

"I never said that. Though, weren't those Raptors technically alien, then? Anyways, even if it's organic, it could still have been artificially produced. I have never seen anything like it before". Alice was not big on the alien theory herself. They had a detailed medical facility for humans, and detailed medical knowledge of humans. The armor suits had come with built in inhalers. She believed that they knew too much then they could possibly get from "probing and autopsies".

Connor went back to Ryan, ruffled his hair, and told him to get some rest, after what happened today. He left medical, no longer feeling heavier, and proceeded to go see Ali. It was a burden to be a responsible big brother and a captain. Hell, it's a burden to even be just one of those. Connor did not consider leadership to be such a gift, but the ship would only respond to him, and there are certain functions only he can do. The ship would also only respond to him as Captain, and the Bridge seemed to lock down some features when he was not there.

That's when the primary power for the ship went out, and backups engaged seconds later. "What the fuck?"

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Re: Verseship

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So far this is a rather interesting read. As far as more feedback-y type stuff:

I think it would be a good idea to talk about the character's pasts. If Connor or Ryan could have a flashback of when they were on Earth I think that could reveal more character. So far you have said what each person is but not really who. You focus on the plot and action quite a bit. While this is not bad, it leaves plenty of questions about the characters unanswered. I think you do the best of what I am trying to describe with Connor.

Also, their are plenty of other questions unanswered. I am sure this is how it is supposed to be, but some more information would be helpfull. How did they get on the ship? What did they do before? How do they feel about being on the ship? The characters seem to accept their positions on the ship quite readily. Is this entirely realistic? Yes, they don't have much of a choice, but that doesn't mean they like it. Then again, in the time you are writing about the characters could have already gone through that stage.

Another question: What happened to the dinosaur egg? I'm curious to see what it will hatch into.

To me this comes across as a fast paced, edge of your seat kind of read. Or at least I think that is how it is supposed to be. Most stories (or at least books that I've read) are not like that all of the time. There usually is some down time where you can see the reactions and thoughts of a character. Your story seems to me to be more about what is happening than the characters themselves. I suppose you could argue that any story is like that, though.

All in all this is an intriguing read and I will continue to check back on it. I hope this feedback is helpful. I'm not trying to tear you down or anything, I'm just trying to help. How long are you planning for this story to be?
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A movie about the lost soul of a murdered person that is laid to rest when 200 sheriffs impersonate him at once.

That's totally the answer, right?

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Re: Verseship

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(Thanks for the Feedback. I plan to keep this going for a long time. I responded to several questions with a PM, but the rest you will just have to keep reading to find out. However, as a note, I do in fact add details. In the previous volume, I introduced the mystery of what is Ryan's real fear was and why he would lie about it. I plan to have every character fleshed out eventually. As for details, when there is action, things are more fast paced, however, when there is less action, when everything is calm, more details are mentioned. Anyways, time for another chapter!)

Chapter 2:

Ryan looked around, looking for anything to use. Nothing. Medical was filled with various medical equipment, but nothing he could use to open the door. When the power turned off, Medical went into emergency lockdown to protect anyone injured from any danger. There was emergency life support, comms, and other things. Medical itself was very well outfitted. It was a round room, that half stuck out of the main Y shaped hallway intersection, right in the center of the split. It had windows that could be blacked out so you could not see inside, a feature that also activated and had emergency powering lockdown when power went out. There were 4 cushioned medical beds for people to lay down on, an operation table, a desk with a terminal and cushioned chair. There was also what they finally figuredout to be an incubator, which held the egg they found. Not to mention various other equipment he could not possibly name. The color sceme matched the rest of the ship. There was a door in the back, that led into a hallway with three rooms. Alice's room, a clean room (though the entire Medical had its own sterilization/disinfectant room), and a personal shower.

After a few minuets, Alice finally asked him what happened, after having attended to everyone else. "The power cell we found must have been low, a lot lower then I thought. It seemed really weak when we got it. I figure the AI was trying to use it to jump start all the stations systems back on, after everyone else disabled them by turning the rest of the generators off. Doing so drained it so much that it ran out soon after it activated the Wormhole Drive".

Frank, who was still staying by Simon, asked "So we are on emergency power why? And does that mean the Wormhole Drive thing is off now, if we ran out of power?"

Ryan turned and faced the blackened window, looking at his reflection. His brown eyes looking back into themselves. He needed to think for a moment. They should not have lost all the power, Ryan had to agree it was strange. He had been getting a bit pale from living on a Space Ship for so long. He wiped a small smudge off his cheek, and considered everything as to why all the power would go out.i He had taken off the helmet of his armor, but he had yet to take the rest off. He began taking it off too. It was kind of heavy, but not too heavy, and the inside was padded. Though, considering the overkill of excitement that had happened recently, he considered putting it back on.

That's when it hit him. "I know what happened! First off, the reason we are still in the Wormhole is because it is so efficient! In all those other ways of travel you hear in those SciFi shows and movies, it's always or usually something like Light Speed or Warp Speed, or Faster then Light! That takes continuous energy. But the Wormhole Drive, all it does is create a wormhole that goes from point A to point B, that lasts only for a certain amount of time. Once the wormhole is created, it doesn't need any more power. That's why we are still in the wormhole. However, because it was so low on power, it drew power from the secondary engines and generators. This overloaded them, causing the massive power failure. So, all I need to do is reset the generators, then the breakers, before issuing a Master Restart!"

However, his tone of pride, happiness, and discovery was then cut short. "Something I can't do trapped in Medical. We need to find someone else. Or get this door open..."

Ryan looked around. He needed to find a way out. He could feel his heart beating now, and some pain returning. A reminder to what he saw, and what he kept a secret. A secret which then made him think of a question, one he refused to say out loud. "Why should me and Connor go back to Earth?"


Benny was running around, barefoot, looking for someone. Anyone. The ship was massive, large enough to fit a much bigger crew then it already had, and without radios and comms, it was sometimes hard to find someone. The long, silent search, gave him plenty of time to think about basically everything. He missed his room on their ship though, but he didn't mind sharing one with Ryan. He had just left Medical a few minuets before the power went out, and had taken off the armor in the armory. He was wearing jeans now, and a blue long sleeve shirt. He had left his shoes in the armory, distracted by the power instantly going out.

However, after what felt like hours to him, he ran into Connor. "What's going on?"

Connor looked at him, looking s concerned and confused as he felt. "I don't know yet. Medical is locked down, power seems to be off everywhere, I think Ryan is locked inside Medical, and I can't find the twins".

"Well, last time I saw them they were with Lauren. C'mon, let's check her place".

Connor and Benny made their way there, and about halfway through, Benny spoke up "So, wait, if we don't get the power back in time, what will happen when we get to the end of the wormhole?"

Benny was worried that something bad would happen. Like, crashing or something. He looked behind them, and remembered his old life. His parents. His friends. Even his school. "It will be a long time, won't it? And. Even then, when we get back, it won't be the same. Things will change, somehow in some way".

"I don't even know if we are going the right way. We don't have a navigator, and I won't trust our path to the AI" Connor admitted, sighing. The hallways seemed darker and more sinister with no power. Not to mention longer, and harder to navigate. There were signs, holographic maps, and such they could call up. With no power, it seemed darker, lonely, and more silent.

"We are almost there, I remember this passageway..." Connor started, only to encounter a glowing plant. It was in one of these strange, metallic pots they had found. Several others were also glowing, and scattered around. As they entered Agriculture, they found Lauren setting up more of these glowing plants, which was producing enough light to be brighter then the emergency lights. Valen and Samantha, the twins, were trying to wire some extra power cells into the wiring to help restore power and make traveling in the ship easier. Valen was wearing some blue sneakers, sweatpants, and and a bright yellow T shirt, and Samantha was wearing a cloud white dress, black pants, and some white sneakers.

"There you guys are! Benny, Connor, what happened? Why did the power go out?"

However, before the question could be answered, a loud, large noise could be heard throughout the ship, thundering as if it were a loud drum beat of doom.

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Re: Verseship

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Chapter 3:

Ginny looked around the room, waiting for the power to come back. She was with Ali, and was practically choking his leg. She had her hair running down, and kept an eye on the door. She wasnt actually afraid of the dark, but rather the ship. She didn't like it when the power went out for no reason. Likely because it never happened before. She was a bit paler then usual, and was looking for any signs of power.

That's when she finally asked "Don't we have any of those emergency power things?"

Ali looked around, checking, but didn't see any. Ginny guessed he would have used them by now if he did. "What do you think happened?"

"I don't know. Maybe we should go find the others. Come on, there is nothing on the ship that will harm us. Otherwise, it would have attacked already. Besides, I bet Ryan is fixing it as we speak..."

Ginny was scared, too scared to move for a bit. But she finally agreed. However, as they left the communications room, one of the people who had been with Simon, who Ginny did not remember the name of, saw them, and began to run over to them, only to get smashed into the ceiling half way down the hall, getting smashed up, before spontaneously combusting.

Ali and Ginny both jumped back, scared out of their mind. "What just happened?" Ginny asked, frightened, over and over again.


Benny, Connor, Valen, and Samantha made their way to engineering. It was a fairly long trip, but a needed one. Only that's when they came across something that smelled putrid. Connor looked up, and saw some sort of gory mess on the ceiling. "What is that horrible smell?"

"I think that's a person...oh no...who was it?"

Connor panicked for a quick second, before remembering Ryan and Alice are both in Medical. "I think one of the people with Simon was around here. I never learned his name..."

Benny then told him "It was either David, or Alec. We...we should keep moving..."

Connor looked at the man. "We should find the other one then too, tell him what happened. Hopefully he didn't die either..."

"That would be a really big coincidence".

"Well, I know some people say coincidences don't happen, but I don't entirely believe that. While there might not be much, they do happen, every so often. But, I have a more concerning question. Why is he flatted to pieces and mush, on the ceiling?"

That's when Valen spoke up. Of him and his sister, he was a bit shyer, and a bit less talkative. He had a way of just sinking into the background and not being noticed. But when he wanted to, he could make himself noticed, and he was very smart with what he said and when he said it. "I think...I think the wormhole we are going through, it's basically got its own gravity anomalies. The fact we are on low power is causing our shielding to be weak in some areas, and the gravity manages to affect certain spots...basically, the wrong step could be your last..."

He then added "Oh, but Medical likely has its own shielding, or priority on it, so everyone there should be fine..."

Connor noted what he said. "All right, and thank you, for the reassurance".

Benny then interrupted. "So, how will we know where a gravity zone is?"

Valed thought about that for a moment, then had an idea. He took out some pennies in his back pocket. "Good thing everything on earth always costs 1 penny less then an even dollar amount. Who knew such a stupid antic to make people thing something is less would actually be helpful..."

They then began tossing the pennies, as well as any other coins they had in their pockets, in the direction of Engineering, picking up any that were safe, and moving forward.


Ryan was just starring at the door, when strange noises could be heard behind them. He turned around, and saw the egg. Hatching. " the dinosaur being born right now?"

Alice then went over to it, and told him "Yes. And it's hatched, not born".

Frank watched the looks on their faces. "You think she is here? I really hope not".

Simon looked at Frank, and Frank looked back at Simon, who was still resting on the medical bed. "I think the people closest to us and around us were taken. So unless she was for some reason nearby visiting, I doubt it. But there is something I am wondering. That kid, Ryan, he said his fear was zombies, but it was mine. The fear that all the people I had to shoot would come back and haunt me, which spun into that. Now, while it is possible, I doubt we have the same fear. So what did he see stab him in that station? What is he hiding?"

"You know, your being a detective a but too much right now. You need rest".

"But you know I am right".

Frank looked back at Ryan. "Yeah, I know...and we will find out eventually, I bet..."

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Re: Verseship

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Chapter 4:

Ryan was panicking. "Okay, what do we do? Do we need to get water or something?!"

Alice gave him a slight glare to get him to be quiet and calm down. "I may be the medical expert, but I was not given a bit of knowledge of how to treat dinosaurs. But, I will do what I can".

The egg was crackling and breaking in front of it. Ryan was panicked, stressed, and worried. Frank commented on how "He is already acting like a parent". Ryan and Alice had a bunch of stuff ready. Except food. Green food. It was a herbivore after all. A triceratops.

Then, it broke its head through the shell. Nothing dramatic, nothing startling, nothing how you expect after seeing movies and such. In fact, the whole thing was sort of anti-climactic, as nothing big or dangerous happened. Alice quickly picked him up, and put him in the bio-scanner. This way, the ship would not read him as a foreign entity.

While Alice did the bio-scan, Frank walked over to Ryan. Frank then mentioned in his usual slightly scratchy voice "So, guess your a dad now".

"Well, uh, I just found him. I am not really..."

"I did not see any Dino Daddy around, did you? And she didn't attack us, even though we were closer. Now, maybe it was smart enough to think working with us was better, and it probably was, because the self preservation instinct is strong, but then maybe that means it was smart enough to make you the dad?"

Ryan knew deep down that logic was really flawed, but he was too embarrassed to point it out now. "Besides, if it wasn't for you, that little guy..."

"Girl!" Alice interrupted.

"...girl would have never existed. That's enough to make you the dad. Hope your ready for the responsibilities..."

Ryan, now starting to calm down, said "Yeah" in a softer voice.

"It would help to take responsibilities off, and other stuff. Like telling me what you were really attacked by in that station...".

This caught Ryan by suprise. "What do you mean, it was..."

"Simon's was zombies, for other various reasons. You said you got attacked, but whatever attacked you stabbed you in the chest. Zombies don't stab, last time I checked. So, either you can tell me, or I can bring it up with your brother and get an answer out of him...".

Ryan was flustered. Luckily, no one else was around to listen. "No, wait. It''s complicated".

"Tell me anyways. I am going to find out sooner or later before we get to Earth, most likely...".

"That's the thing, I don't want to go back...".

"What do you mean? Don't you want to get home, to your mom and dad?"

"Dad, I would love to see him again. Yes definently. But mom...".

"Dead? Step mom is bad and mean to you? Those are not that bad if you think about it".

"No, our birth mom is the one I don't want to see. She is the cruel one...". Ryan's face went flush with memories. Frank looked at him with shock.

"Your birth mother? I have heard of a lot of things, but why would...what did she do exactly? Why?"

"I don't know why, really. She said a lot of things, that I was a coward, that I was a disappointment...she hated me. When our dad found out, they fought. There were some court cases. Now, he won, but she never went to jail. And she has been constantly trying to get us back...she lost because our dad had her evaluated, and three different psychologists diagnosed her as crazy or something. But as either my dad had paid them for it or they were friends, she could not be legally declared that. Now, I am not some big, legal expert, but how would our dad look when we got back, when it was discovered we were both taken in the middle of the night, only meters away in the next room. Maybe it would be better if we had woken up on different ships for the case, but we woke up on the same one. Again, I am not some legal expert, but I am not stupid either. I can see how badly this can look..."

Frank processed what he said, and then understood his position. He was not an expert himself, either, but he didn't need to be to understand Ryan's worries are justified. And completely possible. "So, your saying, if you go back to Earth..."

"...Dad loses, and we lose too. Connor is worried that out here is more dangerous. I'm worried that getting home is, however. So yes, that fear was my mom stabbing me. It was the butchers knife she came after me with, before dad stopped her. But, no wound was ever made, and as she uses it to make meals, the entire part of the case was thrown out".

Frank felt sorry for him. He thought of his family now. He was a theif, a criminal back on Earth. He never meant to run. He was forced onto the ship. That would give a lot of people in his position a reason to not want to go back either. But he did not want to leave his family. They had money problems, and what he did gave him and his family the money they needed, for the surgery for his niece, for the nice house, for the education for all of them. He never committed any violent crimes, not really. He never hurt or killed anyone. While this did help lead to his capture, and while what he did was wrong, he did it for the right reasons. He knew that didnt excuse him, he accepted jail, but it made him better then others. And it gave him at least some honor.

That's when Alice walked over, with a slightly softer and kinder voice. "So, what are you going to name her?"

Ryan looked a bit more ghost like and dead, but the change in topic seemed to bring some color back. But Frank realized that he was only suppressing these feelings again. Still, the color flushing back into Ryan as his emotion returned was good to see, considering what he had been through. Ryan then replied, in a slightly energetic voice "Trica! Though Ginny will be mad she was not here for the naming...".


Connor, Benny, Valen, and Samantha made their way through the halls when Connor noticed something. First off, he recognized the part of the ship they were on, and the second thing was a previously locked door was now open. "Hold on, his door has never been open before. The crystal must have provided power long enough to activate this room as well...". He entered first, with them following right behind him, into a large room. But, the important thing was that there was a power node on one of the tables in the room, next to what appeared to be a consol. He powered it up, which also seemed to turn on the lights. It also removed the large metal sheets covering the windows, and opened another door, revealing a tram system that ran through the center of the ship.

The tram itself already had power from 4 power nodes plugged in, but only just turned on when the consol did. Connor looked in amazement. "How did we not know about this?!"

"Maybe the AIs sealed the tram stations up when they were trying to kill us to restrict movement?" Samantha replied.

Either way, the Tram went in the direction they needed to go, and the controls were easy. It had 4 stops. One was in the front section of the ship, the second right below medical, the third was the Beetle Bay, and the fourth was in the back section, right near engineering. After the tram stopped at the fourth station, they got out and made their way to engineering.

When the entered, the whole place was dark, except for emergency lighting, and the two secondary generators. "Let me guess, we have to do some big restart, we are pressed for time, and it's near impossible because we need some resource or something we don't have..." he noted after seeing the state of Engineering.

That's when Samantha flipped a big switch near the door, and power was restored. "Nope. It's actually really easy. Whoever made these ships had enough sense to make problems not ridiculously difficult to fix. Or at least tried to, but I don't think they expected someone to lose power in the middle of a wormhole, at least not primary and Auxillery. But, we are safe now...".

That's when the AI announced "5 minuets, 42 seconds till wormhole exit". Connor and Benny began running for the tram, and to get to the bridge as soon as possible. Valen and Samantha stayed in engineering however to make sure nothing went wrong. Connor managed to make it to the door of the Bridge as the AI announced "Wormhole exited". He quickly opened the door, ran to his chair and controls, and began pulling up.

They had exited right in front of a planet, at a fast speed. And now Connor was trying to make sure they did not crash into it.

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Re: Verseship

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Volume (Episode) 6:

Chapter 1:

The Main Cannon. It was massive, longer then a Beetle, about as long as the average wingspan of a standard airplane, and about as wide as a truck. It had the same color style as the rest of the ship, a sort of glossy dark metallic look. It also had 4 emergency vents, that would let it vent any dangerous heat, radiation, or likewise into space. It was connected to a variety of machinery that would lower it through an area of the ship you could open, or raise it back up. There is a booth in the room it is housed in, which is rather large, that allows you to see where you are firing when you are manually firing. The booth had a control chair, and with the right authorization and knowledge, you could fire the main gun.

Which is what Ginny was heading to do, with Ali running behind her. With the power on, she managed to open the door and reach the control booth, turning on the main gun and getting in. "Okay Connor, I am here! Powering up the main gun now!"

The chair activated, and the booth's reinforced double window opened, revealing a large asteroid cluster that was orbiting the planet. The main gun lowered into standby phase, and Alice them took control and began firing at the asteroids that were closest. Ali asked them both "Why are there all these asteroids just orbiting?!"

"Don't know, we can find out later!" he told them through the comms. Ginny continued to fire. However, one managed to hit the Verseship. Ryan, who must have made it to the bridge, then said "Shields at 62%. I recommend not hitting any more asteroids!"

"Except you Ginny. You keep firing at them!" Connor added.

Ginny was kind of annoyed now, and while shooting, she told them "I knew what he meant by not hitting them! Not an idiot!"

Ginny continued to fire at the Asteroids. The asteroids themselves seemed as if they were heading towards them. That's when Ginny realized something. "I think those asteroids we found before came from here!".

Ryan then noted "I agree. This must be where they came from! Scans seem to indicate the planet is repelling them though! That's why somany asteroids are orbiting this planet without being damaged! The planet repels them somehow!"

That's when the ship was hit again, and Ryan then told them "Shields at 29%. We can't fly through this thing without a course! We need to land!"

Connor began flying the ship towards the planet. Ginny shot any remaining Asteroids in their way, then began to raise the cannon once it was clear. She signed with relief. As she got out from the chair, she noticed that she had sweat a bit during that ordeal. And her heartbeat was quicker. Ali was checking some sensor readings he brought up on a monitor. She was really tired too, the excitement and fear took energy out of her. As she was taking some breaths, she asked curiously "So...where are we anyways?"

The communications line between the Bridge and the Main Cannon room faltered for a moment, before reconnecting and Connor, whose voice was kind of staticy, said "Looks like some sort of snowy mountain area. Ryan, damage report?"

"Well, shields are holding, but we need to land to make repairs. It will be easier. Do we have a landing zone?"

That's when the AI told them "There is a landing zone about 10 miles north big enough, uploading coordinates now".

Ali, who had a skeptical look on him when the AI spoke, looked at his monitor. "It's not lying. The LZ also has good mountain coverage, to protect us from any winds or blizzards".

"Then we land there. Frank, I know you want to stay with Simon, but the last planet we visited had extinct animals on it. We can't take any risks. I need you on guard duty".

Ginny began to lose interest in the conversation. However, just in case, she took her Tool Brace. It was a metallic object, that you could attach to your arm by the Wrist, and had a built in radio, torch, also called a flashlight, welding tool, bolt tool, locator, something that might as well have been a wrench except built for the ship, and a portable readout display. Everyone had one, but really only herself, Ryan, and the twins needed it or used it.

She went over to her room, and laid on her bed, starring at a pink ceiling. She began to think of home. This made her sad, but not quite upset. It used to make her upset a lot. She spent the first few days crying. But even she got over it eventually. Or, at least enough to stop crying and focus. But she still got sad sometimes, especially when remembering home. Open, green fields surrounding her house, and a forest in the back. She remembered so much about home. Her parents, her older brother, her house, her friends. Going to a lot of fun birthday parties, running around in birthday suits when it was hot, eating ice cream, enjoying burgers, exploring the forest, running into leaf piles, snowball fights, swimming. She even missed school a little. But just a little.

She couldn't wait to get home.


Connor was landing the ship, as Frank entered the bridge. They had a good amount of room to land. As he was landing, Frank told him "We are ready and loaded, but..."

" want to stay with Simon. I know. But there is nothing more you can do for him. I do have to ask you something though" he told him, his voice understanding, but at the same time commanding yet with some concern. "On the station, Ryan was attacked by himself by one of the hallucinations. I know you were also deeply affected, but did you see I mean, any fear you did not quite understand?"

He knows, or at least suspects. He had managed to get Ryan to tell him what happened, and it explained everything. He had told Simon enough so that he would understand not to talk about it, at least for now. Ryan made him swear not to tell anyone else, however, when the power came back. "Well, my entire reality was sort of changed, so not really. I mean, the flying sharks caught me by suprise, but that was it" he told him, not really lying because the questions were not directed towards that particular answer.

Connor nodded, and Frank left to go protect the ship from any wildlife. His armor was locked airtight this time. He wasn't going to be gotten by something like that again. As he exited the airlock, Ryan was already outside setting up the repair bot. The Loader also had some resources they brought out for the repair bot.

"Where did you get these from?" Frank asked curiously.

That's when Ford said "The miner we used on the last planet. Speaking of which, shouldnt we be giving these planets names or designations or something?"

Ryan looked at them for a moment, before saying "Jurasa, and this one can be Coldpeak, for all the snow and mountains".

"Jurasa is a fine name, but Coldpeak? How abouts Winswor?"

Ryan, Ford, Benny, and Carlos both just looked at him in disbelief. "What?!?"

"Winswor, it's short for Winters World. It sure sounds better then Coldpeak".

"All right, fine, Jurasa and Winswor" Ryan told him, then moving his hand to the radio built into the suit "You getting this?"

There was silence at first, then Connor's voice broke through it and said "Uh, you won't believe what we have found..."

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