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A golden planet, a war, and a group of young adults living far away from home.

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During their explorations of nearby planets, Roman Argenti and his wife Laurel found themselves on a deserted and unknown land. The ground was dirt and rocks, the skies were cloudy and gray, and the planet seemed to be consumed by darkness. Despite how long they searched, there seemed to be no signs of life ever having set foot there. The young couple set up camp, wanting to explore a little more before moving onto the next sphere. During one of their impromptu hikes, the two came across something they never imagined would be there. Specks of gold covered a large portion of the ground they walked on. Using their limited resources, they decided to dig a little deeper and came to find that underneath all the rocks and dirt lay nothing but pure gold. They’d never seen anything like it before. Their three days stay turned into months, which turned into years. They used their gift of light to breathe life into the abandoned planet, and before they knew it, they had built a city which slowly expanded into many. While settlers with different abilities came from other planets, their legacy continued to grow.

Thousands of years later, the founding family’s legacy still stood proud, watching over Aurum just as they had. King Castiel Argenti and his wife Adeline began their reign when they were very young. With time, they had three boys; Casper, Axel, and Oliver who grew into very handsome and lovable princes. The king then appointed a Duke. Isaiah Amador. He, along with his family, was to help watch over Aurum with care. The rest of the light district was made up of the wealthy. The families that kept Aurum’s economy alive and prospering. Despite not having the Argenti name, anyone that held the founding family’s power of light was considered to be a very important and powerful being. All members of the Light district are even rumored to have a very special, spiritual connection with the planet itself, making them the ideal candidates for the throne.

After years of living on their own, the Argenti family and its new-found city of Light was visited by a small group who claimed to have control over life’s most important substance; water. Though a bit skeptical, Roman and Laurel allowed them to stay on a trial basis. As time passed, they came to realize that these beings could not only be trusted but were also a very big asset to the planet. Ever since then the water district has remained the foundation of every living creature on Aurum. Despite this, and being the second oldest district, they remain the most humble. Their council is run like any other. Seats are appointed by those in command to the people they trust most. Much like most, they encourage independence and growth within their district, but never forget to remind their citizens that were it not for the Light district, they wouldn’t be there.

Time is a very wealthy district. The Tempala family has been around for generations, working hand in hand with the light district. The head of the family name always made up the council. They worked personally with the Argenti family and spoke on behalf of their district. Annita and Markos Tempala were the head of the Time Control council and they personally picked out staff members to assist them with their many duties. Their daughter, Demetria Tempala, was groomed to take over the position as well as fulfill her own responsibilities. Throughout Aurum, there is a rumor of ‘The Oracle’ and many seek her counsel, especially the Royal families within the light district. The Time Control district prided themselves on encouraging independence and growth within their own people but never stepping out of line. They put the people of Aurum above themselves and are here on this planet to aide the Royal family.

One of the oldest districts along with Light, Time Control and water. Like every other district, Ice has their directive council, usually run by a handful of family heads. And like most. The council themselves choose who is to take their place after they step down. The majority of the districts in Aurum are taught to be independent, save the Light district who is taught to put Aurum and its citizens’ well being above all else. The common ideals are that women are equal to men in every aspect, and young children have just as much of a say in important matters as adults do. The Ice district, however, is a bit more traditional in their ways. They believe the men should be the bread-winners while the women stay home and train to be good wives and mothers. This ideal was once a common theme throughout the planet, but as time passed and generations grew, it slowly disappeared. The Ice district, however, thought it safer to stick to old ways and continued to teach their children this way. Among all the districts, they’re easily the quietest and most reserved and are hardly ever talked about.

With the growth of the planet came the need for an army, the fire district was founded with the sole purpose of protecting Aurum and its people. Young men and women are trained from their teen years into becoming the best warriors they can be. The fire district is known for being impulsive and a bit short-tempered, but they are loyal to the very core and will do anything in their power to protect the Royal family as well as the people of Aurum. Their idea of justice may sometimes be a bit dramatic, but they more often than not mean well. Their council is run by Christopher Bellum and those he appointed at his side. Though he rules his district with an iron fist, deep down he’s got a kind heart and would very willingly give his life to protect others. The majority of the Fire citizens feel the same as him.

The Thunder district wanted to run their section rather differently from the familial hierarchy that the planet is used too. Like everyone else, they had the district council, but it wasn’t based on the wealthy families. The council was always voted on. Seats on the council lasted about 500 years and another vote was done. It was not unusual for the council positions to be within the family or to have one person at the head for a long time, since that is who the people trusted. Rafael Magnus and his brother, Damian Magnus, were the first in the Magnus lineage to lead the council. Rafael was just and fair and was starting on his 400th year in his position. His wife, Leona, and his son, Leonardo, were always seen at his side. The rest of the Thunder district lived humbly. Not one family was more wealthy than another. However, there was unspoken hatred and jealousy for the power that the light district. The Thunder District felt as though they deserved the same royal treatment and equality in power.

Though the wind district emerged shortly after Thunder, their ideas and way of living differed greatly. While Thunder focused on power and strength, Wind focused on freedom and easy living. Its citizens are generally very carefree and find joy in the simple things in life. Initially, it was lead by its founder, Caleb Ventus, and his family. However, as time passed, new councilmen and women were added, positions were passed and leaders were replaced. After stepping down for a much calmer life, Caleb appointed Johnathan Kaze as the new head councilman. Johnathan has since been the district’s trusted leader.

Undoubtedly the kindest, most selfless district on Aurum. The district’s way of living is centered around putting Aurum and its people’s well being above all else. Kids are taught this from a very young age and often grow into very caring and kind men and women. Originally, Grannus Mundi was appointed the head of the council. He was a brave and kind man and a great leader, however, he also happened to be one of the most skilled in his district and was often needed elsewhere. Eventually, Grannus decided to yield his seat at the council to his wife Sinora while he traveled abroad to train and work. Thankfully, his wife was even more skilled at leadership than he had been. Grannus then focused on training other medics in tending to their perspective districts, including his son Apollo who had been training specifically to become the Royal family’s medic. Because of their abilities, the Healing district citizens are some of the ones that travel the most among other districts, alongside Water, Flight, Teleportation, Time, and Fire.

Much like the fire district, Flight citizens hold a very strong sense of justice. Their ideals are a bit more level-headed than Fire’s, mostly due to the fact that they are in charge of enforcing the law. Rather than acting on impulse and emotions, they are taught to act on facts and proof, their council works like any other. They are known for being fair and trustworthy, however, they can come off as a bit intimidating. Because their council’s position isn’t based on wealth or family, but rather emotional strength and abilities, the Flight district citizens tend to be a bit competitive amongst each other. They work hard and strive to always be the best in their district in hopes of always climbing up that power ladder.

The rules of traveling between districts are partly due to this district’s help. They helped formulate the guidelines for safe travels, and made sure to keep them. Like most other districts, this one is run by the wealthier families who then appoint those they trust to make up the council. The citizens of this district generally tend to be very socially graceful and polite, but firm. This is mostly due to their duties as border control. A Teleportation district citizen can be found at the borders of any of the districts. They help keep the peace and organization among citizens and make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be. Though they are stereotyped as very stoic and aloof people, they are not difficult to get along with. They tend to stay neutral within district affairs due to the fact that they work for all of them.

The know-it-alls. This tends to be the district’s stereotype. They’re generally known for being very intelligent but often love to show off their brain power. Its citizens are no strangers to bragging, but they have reason to. They are responsible for Aurum’s technological advances and are the driving force behind many of their machines. Telekinesis is run by the wealthier families mostly by coincidence. Money and social status aren’t what gets one into the council seat, but rather intelligence and problem-solving skills. Telekinesis is the second youngest district in Aurum and those that are not working on machines and technology design can be seen working hand in hand with the Force district to keep the Aurum buildings tall and proud.

This is the youngest of all the districts. It emerged last, not by the hand of settlers but rather after a surprising discovery. In every district, there were a handful of citizens born that were incapable of using their perspective abilities regardless of how hard they tried. Not only this, but they discovered that despite not having what should have been their birth-given power, they possessed something else. Something different. Their physical strength was unlike any other. It almost quadrupled that of the strongest Aurum citizens. As time passed, the number of people with this new ability continued to grow until they had no choice but to create their own district. The founders of this district set it up to be the most hardworking and diligent of them all, and they’ve managed to keep it that way for over a thousand years. Though they don’t have the riches that other districts do, they can still say they live well and have everything they need. Their council is done not by name but rather by vote. Citizens vote on who they want to keep in power, and who they think should step down. So far it has proven to be a good method.

ImageThe Argenti family has always thought it important for Aurum citizens to know their world and what goes on within it. For that reason, the average citizen is allowed to travel outside their district as often as they’d like, or rather as often as their money allows them. They may travel for work, family or a simple vacation. However, permanently moving to another district is not allowed. Those that need to stay for longer periods of time due to work need to have a special permit that allows them to do so. Members from districts such as Healing, Water and Time are often traveling the most and their stays can be for years at a time. Once their permit expires, they must return home to renew it. In the meantime, someone else from their district takes their place.

ImagePaper or digital identifications aren’t necessary on Aurum. Every citizen when born is given a tattoo-like mark in the shape of their perspective district’s emblem. Where the mark is placed differs for each individual, but each one is encrypted with a code. It contains the citizen’s basic information such as their name and date of birth. When traveling, these marks are scanned before entering and exiting a district. This is done mostly to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for, and that there are no outside threats hiding amongst the crowds.

ImageThough the citizens of Aurum often opt to learn other languages from around the universe, their official language is called Dicere. It is a variation of the Latin language. Aside from this, children are also taught traditional Latin during their school years.
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