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Call me Leo or Lelio, whichever is fine. High Fantasy kind of guy. All for PM RP if you want. Still ask myself to this day why I wasn't born a High Elf in the middle of a Fantasy Dark Age.
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Heroes of the past

Science has prevailed. However, with new science comes new threats. A new group of children have been adapted to carry the genes and memories of past heroes, myths and legends in order to prevent this new threat.


Seven servants and seven masters fight to gain the Holy Grail. Will you fight for your wish?

Ruins Of Magic

Welcome to Ahale Academy of Magic, located directly in the centre of Ahale City. Are you a Person of Grey? A wizard of Light? Or a Dark Magician? And are you ready for an adventure?

A war of a nine hundred and ninety nine men.

Three kingdoms at war. Three royal families in a fight that shall last a millenium. Eres. Sacoli. Westoriu. Who's side shall win?

The world of a tale.

In a world much like in medieval britain, Dragons roam free. Fairy tale creatures have come to life. But not all is well as this does not mean the demons and evils are not here. A band of unlikely heroes join together to defeat evil.

The story of Yokai

Welcome to the World of Yokai! A place where all can live in peace- or hatred, either one is fine. Who are you? What do you do? What do you want to achieve here? The destruction of Humanity? Or a drink of Sake and a few tricks on unfortunate souls?

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“Shindoi wa!” A tired voice called. With an ink smothered calligraphy brush in one hand and another resting against his temple, the Dog Yokai Itami Hiratake let out a groan. His white eyes glared at the mess created upon a document. Itami ran a hand through his blueish black hair and sighed, "Kusokurae." Getting from his knees, Itami brushed his kimono off and stretched. Straightening his collar and hair ornament, Itami opened the Fusuma and stepped outside.

It was dark, beginning of night. The Yokai were out. Folding his arms through his sleeves, Itami gazed around. A Futakuchi Onna ate timidly in an open shop whilst her second mouth stuffed itself. Two Nekomatas hissed at each other over an unjustly sale. A gaggle of Hannya laughed over a chat as the stood randomly in the street. A Kuro Bōzu watching through an open window of a human inhabited home- most likely taunting a young soul as they slept. Itachi ran amuck, messing and playing with one another. Smiling, Itami strolled past until he came upon the waters edge, where he crouched down and stared at. The water was peaceful, the occasional Kappa and Ryuto, but peaceful.

Itami had yet to find himself a true place to stalk as an Okuri Inu, so spent a large amount of his time awake in the village. "Who deserves to be annoyed today? Well, who'd let me annoy them without killing me, rather?" He pondered, chuckling at the plans he made.

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Umeko squeaked, fumbling the box before catching it in her arms once more. The sword on her hip pulled her sash slightly, Umeko acknowledging it for but a moment. She figured it was simply from the collision. Umeko smiled apologetically, the Fox soon a Tsubaki. The spirit would apologize, but the fox pleaded with the idea of playing along. Umeko looked behind her for a moment, seeing Kitsune search about.

"Of course..! I must get this to the Matchmaker, Touhou Gesshou." Her voice was hushed, moving forward so that the fox could walk with her. She looked forward once more. "I've always dropped off the box, but I thought it would be nice to deliver it in person."

A kitsune opened the door for the two, an assistant who pointed the two in the direction of Touhou's workspace. The young Tsubaki looked around in awe, eyes lit up with admiration and wonder. The decor was lovely, silks and paintings being things of elegance in Umeko's eyes. The humble Tsubaki could never have such beautiful things, but she could admire them all the same. It was the small comfort she held close to her. So down she went, passing rooms to the very end.

Umeko took the tea gently from her companion's hands, "Alright... Thank you very much for carrying this." She looked at the Fox, unknownst to her that it was the very one she needed to give the box. "Hopefully I have taken you far enough away, for my delivery must end here."

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Shiori lowered her head, bringing a finger up to rest on her chin with a soft hum. The Okuri Inu's words sunk in. It was quite a lot to take in for a first day.

"I couldn't pledge my loyalty to a clan," she murmured quietly, "Not without my owner's permission." She shot the stranger a cheesy, somewhat embarrassed smile, "And I haven't met them yet."

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Itami let out a breath after a while and stood up, cracking his limbs. He had probably sat there for a few hours and hadn't realized the area had become quite dry of other Yokai. "Another one? They're making this village soft with ideals of love." He chuckled upon the realisation of another ceremony. He didn't despise the idea of the celebrations- for one, they were older than him, so he knew they had become common practice- he just disliked what they did to the Yokai who were supposedly evil and ferocious. He had good reasoning behind this disliking, he knew all to well what happens to the Yokai who make the wrong decisions.

Yokai had begun refilling the streets. Most staid away from the young Okuri Inu, a natural occurrence. He closed his eyes and walked, knowing his way of by heart. He still pondered upon which clan leader would be his victim. This was soon answered as the white-eyed spirit spotted a certain fox. A devious smile danced on his lips. Itami walked up next to the Kitsune, "Tut, tut, tut, smoking those pipes are bad for your health, fox." He chuckled, raising a sleeved hand to his mouth.

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Itami lost the fox within seconds. He glowered at this fact. The dog lifted his head and sniffed. The scent of Fox tingled in with tea leaves. A smirk grew on his face.

"That old man still has a few tricks, shame I'm descended from wolves." He chuckle, skipping towards the scent. His white eyes followed a distinct trail. "He's gone home." He whispered, following the route. Itami followed swiftly, jumping onto the roof, the Okuri Inu bent down over the entrance which the fox had just entered. "And now we wait." He whispered, clear from anyone's view.

He closed his eyes, waiting patiently for the fox and Tsubaki to arrive outside.


Where has the time gone?
Of elves and druids,
Dragons and of knights.
A home to the limitless mind,
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