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AphoticDreams member of RPG for 2 years

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I am the lightless dream. A nightmare you may call me.
I'll mess with your head. Get under your skin.
I'll keep coming. Till you heed my warning.
For I am Aphotic Dreams and I'm coming for you.

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All the final fantasy's
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Universes Created

A war of a nine hundred and ninety nine men.

Three kingdoms at war. Three royal families in a fight that shall last a millenium. Eres. Sacoli. Westoriu. Who's side shall win?

Heroes of the past

Science has prevailed. However, with new science comes new threats. A new group of children have been adapted to carry the genes and memories of past heroes, myths and legends in order to prevent this new threat.

The story of Yokai

Welcome to the World of Yokai! A place where all can live in peace- or hatred, either one is fine. Who are you? What do you do? What do you want to achieve here? The destruction of Humanity? Or a drink of Sake and a few tricks on unfortunate souls?


Seven servants and seven masters fight to gain the Holy Grail. Will you fight for your wish?

The world of a tale.

In a world much like in medieval britain, Dragons roam free. Fairy tale creatures have come to life. But not all is well as this does not mean the demons and evils are not here. A band of unlikely heroes join together to defeat evil.

Ruins Of Magic

Welcome to Ahale Academy of Magic, located directly in the centre of Ahale City. Are you a Person of Grey? A wizard of Light? Or a Dark Magician? And are you ready for an adventure?




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World Builder

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Person of Interest

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~The lightless dream
Everyone has to have nightmares.
Even those big scary monsters that hide under your bed.
And you wanna know what the big scary monsters have nightmares of?