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Completed Stories

Bleach: A New Era Completed

After a few weeks of passing Shin'ō Academy, six individuals are now settling into their respective Squads. However that doesn't change the bonds they have formed in their time at the Academy but they will soon face the coming storm.

Universes Created

Undead Exorcists

Reboot of a roleplay that I really want to work. Original roleplay with dark themes and humor designed to be fun and character-driven more than anything else.

Tokyo Ghoul Alternate

A non-canon version of Tokyo Ghoul that takes place with original characters and an original story.

Into The Fray

It is time for the Legends to take shape and give rise to a new day. Regardless if thousands die in the process. Fantasy RP.

Undead Exorcist - The Boundary

Reboot of a roleplay that never quite took off. Beyond the Boundary, a world exists different from our own. From this the Undead Exorcists were created. To enforce that Boundary.

The Fallen Sky

Times were creating a world we could not catch up to, creating a society that was so different from what we had imagined. Do you think we can go back? Or is there no way to undo what damage we have wrought?

Mizark, Legend of the Athru

High Fantasy roleplay. You are an Athru, someone gifted with abilities to master the world itself.

Ikki Tousen Retold

Basically an alternate timeline to the Ikki Tousen anime series. I have a different take on it then what you probably saw in the show.

Lost Heaven

The sky opened, and the world ended... Sand, ash... the dead... our home became a graveyard. Lost Haven sleeps ahead of you, its nightmares filled with storms and echoes. Find your own path. New Heaven awaits.

Build That Wall

A Futuristic-Dystopian roleplay. It will focus heavily on the ideas of Transhumanism, Morality, and most of all being a fun and interesting roleplay. Its a reboot, but I'm doing it differently than before to make it more approachable.

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