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Just your average drunken dirtbag; call me daddy and watch me disappear.
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Dealing with narcissistic manchildren on the daily.
Ethical Egoism, Rock Music, Fantastical Creatures, Mythology, Religious Studies, Classic Tropes.
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07 Apr 2002
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Blades In The Dark
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Gods Among Us: The Godslayer

For longer than anyone can remember the Gods have been a staple of everyday life in our world. The ultimate gift upon a human would be to become a God and with that gift came the vastly familiar human emotion; jealousy.

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Crispin usually liked the Great Hall in the mornings. Usually up and out of bed first thing in the morning, dressed in his robes and with his wild mane of hair tamed back into a bun. He would tuck a book beneath one arm and head out towards the promise of breakfast gratefully. He tended to arrive earlier than most did. Taking a seat at the Ravenclaw table and cracking open his book of choice. This one was something written by a muggle about witches, it was interesting to see the muggle interpretation of witches, if not downright hilarious at times.

It wouldn't be long though until others began to filter in. Today was a particularly important day, with the promise of a Gryffindor Vs. Slytherin Quidditch match later in the day it was bound to get all kinds of crazy. Crispin didn't think he had ever seen the Ravenclaw team get nearly as excitable about their matches as those two did. But that was to be expected. Those two houses were on a whole different level.

Soon enough he was joined by others of his house, including his friend Kiara.

"What's your bet on the Slytherin and Gryffindor quidditch game today?"
She asked with her eyebrows raised.

"They've both got strong line ups," he shrugged, glancing over towards the Gryffindors table, where Kit was making a game out of throwing orange slices in the air and catching them in her mouth. He shook his head exasperatedly, returning his attention to Kiara. "but I'm obligated to cheer on Gryffindor." Though if he were being honest, he could easily see Slytherin taking the win.

But Quidditch wasn't really his forte anyways, that was Kits territory. His place in the stands, cheering on his sister had always suited him just fine. One athlete in the family was plenty enough. He didn't want to seem rude - especially towards his good friend - so he placed the book to his side, but his capacity for conversations in the early morning always seemed to be far less than at any other point in the day. His natural quiet left him grasping for anything else to say about it, but it didn't seem to matter as he was saved by the arrival of Seong-Min to their table.

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Kit always woke before the sun could even begin to crest the horizon. One would think that this would give her plenty of time to be productive. Get some schoolwork done or maybe even read ahead in some of her classes - that would have been the perfect use of this time. Hah. As if. Instead she raced to get dressed, ignoring the way her hair flopped messily into her face as she made an unbearable amount of ruckus in her pursuit. In her haste she nearly tripped over Callie, the little tortoiseshell cat yowling her displeasure at the rough treatment. One of her dorm mates groaned, another growled at her to 'shut up Kit!' but Kit wasn't chagrined in the least.

"Sorry!" She whispered to the darkness, scooping up Callie from the floor and dashing out of the dorm room. She waited until she was fully out of earshot in the common room to peer at the cat with a mock frown, "You'd think they'd be used to me by now, right Cawwie" The cat in question did not seem to enjoy being baby-talked, as she began to struggle from Kit's hold. Kicking her back feet until the girl finally opened her arms and let the cat jump down. Running away to curl up in a nearby chair before Kit could further interrupt her rest.

Kit didn't know what possessed her in the mornings, but the amount of energy that pulsed through her system was almost unbearable. Maybe it was the promise of a new day, or perhaps the excitement of the upcoming Quidditch game. And truly she was very, very excited to kick Slytherins ass. No doubt in her mind about it.

It was still a bit early so she decided not to go to the Great Hall right away. Instead, she headed towards the courtyard. Noting that the morning was finally beginning to set in. She took a deep breath of the fresh air and leaned forward to ensure her shoes were properly tied. Nothing like a quick run to get her blood pumping. Besides, she needed to let off some of that excess energy before it drove her absolutely mad. She was on her third lap before the sun had fully risen and the growling of her stomach could no longer be ignored. She wondered if Crispin was already at the great hall - if he was there then he'd have his head buried in some dinky old book. Kit would never understand the appeal.

The great hall was already fairly packed by the time she made her way there. As she moved towards the table she spotted the origami otters at the Hufflepuffs table, scampering around, and laughed loudly. That was adorable, and absolutely brilliant. Kit couldn't wait to carry out some of her own plans, but for the moment she had to focus on today - there would be plenty of time for pranks for the rest of the year. She had many plans, and all the time in the world to carry them out.

Finally, she settled herself at the Gryffindors table, a bit down the way from Cassie and the group she was with, her hunger overtaking her for a moment as she greedily reached for the plate of bacon. Stuffing a fair amount in her mouth as she listened to the nearby conversations. Most everyone was discussing the upcoming game, wondering who would win. Kit wanted to chime in that, 'Gryffindor of course,' would be the obvious choice but was too busy stuffing her face to let that bit of egoism slip through. Though she thought it would be fun to stir up the growing crowd a bit.

At some point she noticed Crispin glancing back at her as she tossed an orange slice into her mouth. She grinned, standing up and heading towards the table where he sat. She slid into the nearest open seat, nearly elbowing a first year in the face as she did so. "Sorry kid!" her sincerity completely squashed by the laugh that followed. Crispin shook his head, though she could easily see the slight twist to his lips.

"Hey guys! How's it going?" Though she was intent on Crispins attention she looked passed him to Kiara and Seong-Min. She wasn't particularly close with either of them, but Kit had a tendency to be overly friendly with just about anyone.

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Despite the insistence of the risen sun beaming directly into the tower Isabeau did not dare to open her eyes just yet. She was deeply exhausted from staying up far too late. It was an impulse she seemed incapable of committing to each and every night. It had begun to weigh on her, visibly even. But the night was far more peaceful than the day, and it felt as if she achieved nothing - not classwork, not reading, nor any particular hobbies - unless the moon was fully settled in the sky.

To say the least, she did not want to get up. The very thought of dragging herself from the bed brought an angry grumble to her lips. She blinked, squinting against the harsh light. But the day wasn't going to just wait for her to start, she knew that much. So with a lot of huffing, puffing, and curse words slipped under her breath she managed to wrestle herself from the bed and into her clothes.

Looking into the mirror was a mistake - she looked more like a ghost than usual, which was absolutely saying something. She spent the next few minutes doing her measured best to brush the frizzy mess of her hair down and apply as much makeup as it took to bring some warmth back into her appearance. In the end, she at least looked as if she hadn't spent half the night awake, and most of her morning bedraggled. Small victories.

Isabeau took the stairs two at a time on her way to the Great Hall, a little more energetic now that she wasn't so entrenched in sleep. She was excited for the game later. Quidditch was the most therapeutic way of getting all her aggression out. The days after a game, whether they won or lost, always left her feeling a more peaceful than usual.

Though she wanted very little to do with the idea of breakfast she knew how radical her teammates (Or rather their Captain) would get if she skipped out on the most important meal of the day. As she gnawed on some toast she scanned the hall, noting that everyone seemed to be just a bit riled up. Whether by the game, or the upcoming tournament, or the ball that was being held as well. Isabeau dreaded the idea of any sort of formal dance. Give her a party any day, sure, but the whole concept of the ball gave her more anxiety than she could account for - and she didn't have a date, which in and of itself wasn't problematic for her. She was more than happy to go stag, but it still felt like more effort than she was willing to part with.