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Chronicles of Cre' Est

Chronicles of Cre' Est


The continent of Cre' Est has come a long way since the day of its founding. This RP is an experiment in chronicling some of the major historical events which helped shape how the continent and five nations came to be.

4,709 readers have visited Chronicles of Cre' Est since KumoriRyuu created it.


Chronicles of Cre' Est


Welcome to Chronicles of Cre' Est!

My story, Assassin's Pledge, has grown a lot in the last couple years. And for the purpose of enjoying "what came before" the story, I figured it'd be fun to create a role-play on it covering a series of historical events and important historical figures.

Examples of who we'll see in this RP include (but are not limited to):

1) The original founding of the continent of Cre' Est by the Mar' Valoan settlers
2) The various splits between Cre' Itians and those who would later found the other four nations
3) The monks who would later evolve into the Assassin organization known as Te'i Sai
4) The origin of the various cults and how they found ways of getting glimpses into the Nether Realm to summon malevolent spirits to this world
5) The first Industrial Revolution, courtesy of Cre' Est
6) The second Industrial Revolution, courtesy of Veilbrand
7) The cultural development of Shaharan

This RP idea was largely inspired by recent real-world events which have sparked a demand for major social and political change the world over. However, that's about as far as we'll get with real-world politics here.

This RP is going to be all about the social and political history of Assassin's Pledge. Each section of this RP will feature a different central historical figure which will be portrayed by yours truly. Everyone around these figures who help shape their life experiences, their social and political views and the inner workings of their hearts will be played by YOU!

So while my characters are the central pivot point, you are the ones driving the direction and intensity of said pivot. Make sense?

Hopefully that made sense. I'm not exactly known for my awesome communication skills.

Anyway! If this idea appeals to you, please feel free to drop me a message in the threads or a private message! I'll be happy to discuss the RP, the history of Assassin's Pledge (which will also be laid out in the threads once I get around to writing them), and how you can expect to create a character based around the figures I provide for each section of the RP.

Also, if you would like to negotiate portraying a central historical figure rather than a different and more custom character, I am open to such negotiations. Please wait to talk to me about this until I have created the threads which detail who these central figures are. It may help you to determine if you really want to take that role.

Thank you so much for visiting! And I hope to see you inside!

~ Kumori

Toggle Rules

1) Please introduce yourself before throwing a character at this RP. A little courtesy goes a long way with me. And if you just throw a character at me without at least saying "Hi" in the General Discussion thread or in a PM about the RP, I won't accept the character. I consider silent character drop-ins to be very rude and disrespectful. So please don't give me that impression of you. Thanks!

2) No God-Modding, Meta Gaming, or Power Playing.

God-Modding - Cheating your character into an un-killable, or even un-damageable position where nothing can hurt them and they seem to preternaturally ignore and/or avoid any danger without ever being caught in a vulnerable position. A single violation will get you a one-way ticket out of the RP.

Meta Gaming - Using your real-world knowledge about what's going to happen in the RP to determine how your character reacts instead of letting them react dynamically. This will be a 1 warning infraction. Twice gets you ejected from the RP.

Power Playing - Writing actions or words for player-controlled characters that don't belong to you and without the permission of the character's owner. This is another single violation and you're out of the RP.

3) Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. If you engage in any kind of toxic arguments or verbal assaults on another player, you'll find yourself out of the RP and reported to the Moderators/Admins of this website before you even realize I was watching the event unfold. I take the comfort and emotional safety and health of all those who join my RP's very seriously.

Do not cross me on this.

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A red spray erupted on the side of the ship as a cannonball ripped through the torso of one of the crew near the railing on deck. He was trying to prevent an enemy from swinging over after using a grappling hook to grab the mast. Instead of resistance, he swung over neatly and landed in the puddle that used to be a human being.

"Aye! How now ye bleedin'-"

Tora slid in front of him and slammed his sword up through the bottom of his chin through the top of his skull, meeting the man eye to eye while he was still momentarily alive.

"Be gone." He growled.

Tora ripped the sword downward, pushing the blade forward at an angle so it sliced through the remainder of the brain on its way out. Blood pooled around the man's crumpled body as Tora looked left and right to assess the situation.

The Captain was by the wheel firing his pistol into the head of the first man to dare landing on that part of the upper deck. Afterwards, he tossed it aside and drew his sword to engage all comers in direct combat.

To the left, the crew were holding their own surprisingly well. While normally uncoordinated and somewhat hostile to each other, when under pressure they came together as a solid unit. One man watched for those swinging over, and another backed him up with a pistol or a sword. When someone made it onto the deck, they tag-teamed them two to one for a fairly easy kill.

"Not bad."

Tora looked ahead as planks were lowered so the enemy could run across. Manning the middle plank, Tora kept his blade tucked to the side ready for a single draw and slash across the belly of the first man rushing him. However, the enemy managed to block this with their own blade at the last moment.

Hmm... This one's fast. He thought.

Tora had to take a step back to avoid getting struck by a follow-up attack. And as he did so he let the enemy's blade slide off his own towards the deck before thrusting forward into a stab. His blade pierced the enemy's side just below the ribs, and upon retracting the blade and kicking the man he fell over the railing into the waters below.

The next man across made it before Tora could turn quickly enough to stop his bull rush, and Tora was sent sprawling to the deck by a shoulder bash as the man then drew a sword and aimed a slash downward in his direction. Tora's blade came across his body and caught the majority of the blow, but the tip managed to slice into the flesh of his shoulder where it met the traps. A little blood, a sharp zing of pain through the shoulder area, but otherwise non-lethal. Tora slammed his boot into the man's nether region to get him to drop his blade and back off to tend his family jewels before rising and stabbing swiftly in and out of his throat to open his arteries and slash the wind pipe.

With another down, Tora noticed the deck beginning to fill with bodies. Some their own crew. Some the enemy crew. The only thing separating the enemy from their own crew in terms of appearance were the presence of black bands around their arms at the bicep.

This will get messy. He thought.

On the upper deck, Captain Lohran was having a whale of a time. He thrust his sword into the belly of the man he was tangling with and grabbed the throat of another with his free hand as he tried to rush up the stairs.

"Ye scurvy rats think ye can take over the Silver Moon? Pride and joy of Captain Armadeus Lohran?!" He screamed.

The blade was pulled free and pushed downward to spill the mans guts before being thrust into the belly of the other who then met the same fate.

"I'll send ALL OF YE ta meet yer maker beneath the crushing depths o' the sea!!" He roared.


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The Battle in Korrin’s mind, was hectic. The bodies of both ally and foe began to pile around him, as well as for a moment, his fear. He swapped from his bow to his sword letting the familiar feel of it’s leather wrapped handle touch his grip as he then cut into an invading buccaneer in the side before slashing the man’s throat. He could feel it now. The Flame crawling up and taking stock of the situation.

Yes. Now his fear was being burned by the flame as it began to flare in his mind. It just needed one more thing, as Korrin began to fight off the enemies with his sword. Just one thing to be set loose. Korrin knew what it wanted. He didn’t want to give it, but he gradually was running out of options as he saw more coming from across the planks, and Lohran’s shouting was also a factor. He took in a deep shaking breath, as his teacher once taught him. From his teacher, he also was told if this Flame in his was indeed living thing in his mind, give it a reason, a thought even, to let him try to have control. Now was a good time as any. ”I’ve got to Protect Cretas and Lemnia. I’ve got to live so I can protect them. Let me protect them!!!!

With a bellowing yell he allowed the locked away fury of the Flame to envelop his mind like a cloak thrown onto his back. Then came the rush of adrenaline as Korrin rushed at an enemy combatant, who he figured was wearing a black band on his arm as he swung his sword, slashing the man on the right side of his stomach before slashing his throat. Turning an almost fiery jade glare at his next enemy he leapt at him and gave him a resounding kick to the face before delivering a stab in between his ribs for a fatal wound.

Kicking that one off his blade, Korrin looked around and noted Tora manning one of the planks to try and stem the flow of enemies coming onto the ship. Before he could do anything another enemy leapt and gave him a kick to the face. Korrin barely had time to parry the following attack which thanks to it’s path, rewarded him a fine clean line of blood on his cheek. Bellowing with rage he began engaging the man as the enemy and allied bodies piled around him.

”This one’s just as skilled a fighter as I am. I just have to overpower him and terrify some of the oncoming enemy with this kill.” He thought in this fury-filled state he was in. He engaged the enemy in front of him for a time. Exhchanging slashes and parries that eventually gave Korrin two wounds; one to his shoulder, another that was a mistimed parry which gave a cut across his left pectoral that mingled with a scar from an animal attack years ago. Had he not parried that blow when he did, Korrin very well could’ve lost his leftmost eye.

He locked blades after what felt like an eternity fighting this individual and began to push the man towards the left plank. Then with a yell of fury, pushed the enemy blade upward then sliced downward, carving into the man’s thigh. The man screamed in pain which was magnified to a howl when Korrin slashed into his left side, slicing into the stomach, before he then stabbed into his right side and upwards into his liver.

Withdrawing his blade he gave an almost animalistic glare in the direction of the enemy ship. ”Who’s Next?!” He stated, half growling as he got into his ready stance.

”Got to maintain... what little control... over the Flame I got... for Cretas and Lemnia” Was the only sane thought in his mind at the moment.


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The gaping hole left in the hull from the cannonball explosion flashed briefly as another cannonball flew through and out the other end of the hull into the open sea. But a shadow flashed by a moment later as someone, not known to be either friend or foe, fell into the water.

A few moments later, a water soaked hand slammed down on the floor boards and a burly man with a black band around his bicep hauled himself to his feet and drew his sword taking a look around to asses his new environment.

Collen was still hauling the ammo, sweating heavily as the physical work was snipping his energy and strength a little by little. As the ball from enemy crashed through the hull, causing more splinters to spread everywhere, Collen swallowed. The two fights he had seen previously had been nothing like this.

"Ey, boy!"

Collen was about to hurry to bring the ammo, as from the corner of his eye he saw movement. He turned to look towards it. "Enemy aboard!" he shouted.

The enemy's head snapped to Collen with a sickening, nearly toothless sneer.

Mister Figg was the first to see the enemy.

"Aye! Enemy aboard mates!"

He drew his sword and stopped manning his cannon to engage the man in combat. Thorpe, on the next cannon over, yelled to Collen.

"Bring me the ball boy! Quick! I can git one more shot off!" He yelled.

Collen, trying to avoid the now fighting men, hurried over with the ammo to Thorpe. He was trying to tell himself to focus on his task and not let the intimidating man get to his nerves. Certainly Mr. Figgs would deal with it swiftly.

He took another glance at he gaping hole of the ship, there wouldn't be any more, right?

Figgs found the man quite the handful. The men were about even in size. But this man was something else. Fast. Precise. He knew how to handle a blade. There could be no doubts about that. Only three clashes of their swords and Figg already had two small cuts on his left arm.

Thorpe loaded up the cannonball and quickly lit the wick which began a roughly five second countdown to the cannon being fired.

"Boy! Start helping the others! I'm gonna help Figg!" He roared as he drew his own sword and sprinted towards the action.

But as he did so, a shadow appeared in the opening of the hull.

The boy was feeling even more fearful as Thorpe joined the fight, hurried over to their pile of cannon balls. Even that seemed to be going down quickly. He was picking up one more as a sudden reflection of sun light caught his eyes and looked up. The shadow, that was another man with black band on his arm was pulling out his sword.

"Another one!" He shouted over the sounds of cannons exploding and Figgs and the first enemy clashing swords.

Figg and Thorpe continued their fight against the brute who'd let himself in. And unfortunately their combined skill would not be enough on its own as Figg received a blade through the stomach followed by a slash across the throat before Thorpe was able to do much the same to their enemy and finally take him down.

With Figg dead, Thorpe looked up too late to see the next enemy crawl up into the ship and throw a knife into the meat of his shoulder causing him to scream in pain. Several members of the cannon firing squad looked over as more began to pour in, and most had to abandon the cannons entirely and engage the enemy in swordplay. First it was one, then two, then three, then four, then five...

Before long, there were no men on the cannons at all. And the inner belly of the ship had become a battleground much the same as the upper deck.

As the fight continued, Collen started backing away towards the stairs. His eyes were full of fear as the man he had spent time with was faced with his death. The boy had never killed a man or even held a sword in his hand. The only thing he had was his fish knife on his waist. The boy looked between the stairs and the fighting men, the promise he had made to Cretas still in his mind. He had to get out of there.

The battle continued ferociously with men on both sides managing to get lethal blows against each other. And for a time, it seemed Lohran's crew held the edge. Two enemies remained to four of the friendly crew. But luck just wasn't on their side this day.

A new cannonball breached the hull practically vaporizing one of the crew, and leaving another with half a dozen massive chunks of wood now firmly buried in his body. One such giant splinter went straight to his head, dazing but not killing him instantly. But the and fell to the floor in a heap nonetheless, twitching and writhing until finally going still a few moments later.

Now two versus two, the final fight commenced. But while it seemed an even battle to begin with, it didn't take long for the tide to turn once more in favor of the enemy. All of the crew save Collen, Cretas, and Lemnia had been killed. And only one enemy remained. Eyeing Cretas and Lemnia for a brief moment, he turned his head and locked his eyes on Collen.

The man was easily twice his size and three times his weight at least. But beaten and exhausted as he was, he was a far cry from the burly beast which had first infiltrated the ship.

Nevertheless, he stumbled towards Collen and tried to thrust his sword into the boy's chest.

Collen was frozen in fear in place as the cannonball hit the ship. He could only use his arm to cover his eyes as the splinters flew around, couple of smaller ones scratching him as well. As he looked at Cretas and Lemnia, he felt a wash of guilt inside him. There was no way for him to protect them. There was nothing he could do. He fought against tears in his eyes. He didn't want to die like this.

"Someone help!" He screamed desperately to upstairs even if he knew it was pointless. With the fight going on, no one would hear him. The man locked eyes with him and the boy gulped. His instincts took the charge as his hand reached to his dagger and as the sword came at him, Collen managed to roll out of the way and used his knife to stab him in the leg.

The blade sailed just over Collen's shoulder as the boy's knife dug into the man's leg.


The man tried to grab Collen's throat with his free hand and brought his sword up, ready to stab through the boy's skull.

The boy yelped as he was grabbed by the throat and desperately stabbed the man's arm in hopes he would drop him. The man let go off the boy and as Collen hit the floor he groaned, but the desperation drove him to get up and dive his knife into the enemy's stomach over and over.

"Gurgh!" The man gasped.

Blood pooled down from each new wound inflicted. He tried one last time to get a hold on Collen, but his strength failed him and his hand was batted away. Again and again the blade punctured his stomach, chest, and sides covering both him and Collen with blood.

The man slumped forward, his head falling against Collen's upper chest and leaning back so their eyes met. The light and life within those eyes slowly faded as the pupils dilated and grayed out. The sword fell to the floor. And the man slid to the ground in a heap at Collen's feet.

... Dead.

Collen stood still. He couldn't move. He could only stare the man in his feet. The man he had killed. They boy started shaking, the knife falling from his hand and hitting the floor.

"No.... No... Nonono..." he whispered, shaking even more, tears gathering in his eyes. It was as if the whole world around him got lost. He only saw the lifeless eyes and darkness around him. It couldn't be true. He wasn't a killer. He wasn't on this ship. No. He would wake up home from his own bed. It all was nightmare. It had to be.

"Mom", he called in scared whisper wanting to wake up from the nightmare. Wanting to just feel her warmth as she hugged him. Collen fell on his knees and broke down in tears. "Mom..."


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Korrin slashed the throat of another enemy, sending the man’s blood spraying on the deck as Korrin flicked the blood off the blade. His rage filled mind had to take stock of the situation. ”This battle is too hellish.... if it starts to settle down I need to calm myself. Teacher always taught me how to control it in a fight. She never taught me to calm down afterwards...or she did and I just never took it in or believed her.” he thought wildly. ”Shit, don’t think about Teacher or anyone from back then! Worry about the now, or you’ll be either dead or gone!

As he thought this Korrin began to engage another enemy who was wielding a wooden club. Korrin made the mistake of rushing this opponent, causing him to receive a blow from the club that knocked the wind out of him. It was at this moment, Korrin felt the world slow down as he took small, deep breaths to get the air back in his lungs. He felt as if Desmiel gave him this moment to make him regret his decision and reflect on his life before joining this adventure. Why did he even join this expedition? To have the chance of being his own man like he always should’ve? To prove something to a Father that never loved him? But in the midst of all the noise and battle, he thought he heard someone cry for help. Teacher’s Words came flooding back to him.

”You want to be better then your Father? Care for all those who need your help.”

The moment ended, and Korrin’s breath returned. The Flame returned as well, it’s wrath tenfold as he barely dodged another swing from his opponent’s club. He let loose one more guttural roar as swung a parrying strike at the next blow, sword edge digging into the club as he then kicked the man in his groin. The man went down on one knee, as Korrin’s knee rammed right smack on the nose, giving a resounding and satisfying crunch. Well, satisfying to the rage-filled Korrin who was probably going to have a bruised stomach and a bruised knee to show for fighting this fool.

After removing his sword from his opponent’s wooden weapon, Korrin finished the man off with a stab into his chest. ”Tora! Need a hand over on your end?!” He called out to his fellow swordsman, actually wondering if he needed help. He was certain the Captain was handling himself just fine.


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Tora managed to bottleneck his central plank quite well. In fact nobody was trying to use it anymore and instead were flocking to the outer planks where the crew, tough and scrappy as they may have been, were having difficulty containing the remaining enemies who tried to force their way on deck.

Tora dashed to the bow where the first plank was guarded by two fellow crew members fighting for their lives against a pair of rather slender enemies Tora could only assume to have been thieves more than pirates before joining the crew. They were giving Tora's allies a run for their money and had gotten a few choice cuts in on them already as well. Tora forced his way between the warring brutes and shoved the thieves back over and onto the plank where they nearly lost their balance. Tora hopped onto the plank and held his sword nearly vertical with the blade perfectly aligned with the first enemy's head.

"Get back on your ship." He calmly growled.

The two thieves sniggered and charged at Tora who had but to drop the tip of his blade for the first thief to run himself through on it. But the second had tilted his body sideways to avoid the blade coming through the back of his companion and shoved the man into Tora causing both to fall off the plank and to the deck of the Silver Moon. Tora tried to get the first man, who was still very much alive on his blade, but the second was already above him and preparing a stab downward into Tora's chest. However, he'd forgotten Tora's allies who each gripped the man by one of his arms and proceeded to pull until both were horrifically wrenched from their sockets with a sickening 'POP'. The man was thrown to the ground and stabbed several times until he moved no more.

Tora stood up, withdrew his blade from the first man's chest, and stabbed down through the thinner section of the skull at the temple until he felt his blade hit wood beneath. The man twitched several times, and then was still.

Tora pulled his blade free just in time to see the central plank now being overrun by two new enemies. Heaving a breath and shaking his shoulders he dashed over to intercept. Korrin was handling things on the other end towards the upper deck which gave Tora the room he needed to engage and quickly dispatch these last two intruders. When finished, Tora noticed that the Silver Moon's crew had prevailed as they were rushing the enemy ship, now all but deserted, and cheering with swords pumping as everyone breathed a collected sigh of relief.

Tora had been so focused on his task that he barely noticed Korrin had called out to him earlier. But thankfully it hadn't been necessary.

Sheathing his sword with a heavy exhale and wiping the sweat from his chin, Tora slowly leaned on the railing and sat on it with a hunched posture.

"That was tiresome." He mumbled to himself.

The chaos of the battle caused Lemnia to tremble in her mother's arms. The entire time, Cretas had her hands over Lem's ears to mitigate the amount of sound she had to take in while keeping her own eyes closed for the majority. But when Collen screamed for help, her eyes shot open. She saw Collen tangling with the man and immediately tried to pick Lem up to put her down on the side so she could help. But Lemnia wouldn't let go. She clung tightly to her mother refusing to leave her spot.

Cretas pleaded with Lemnia to let go, but the girl wouldn't hear of it. And, too late, Cretas looked up in time to see Collen stabbing the man several times, caking them both in blood, as the man died up against Collen.

The look on the boy's face alone...

The sounds of war all around them came to a stop all at once. A few cheers and the sounds of their allies running onto the other ship were all that crept through the hull's openings. Collen dropped the knife and asked for his mother. And Cretas's cheeks were stained with tears as she whispered to Lemnia that it was over. Lemnia looked up and asked Cretas if she was all right, to which Cretas replied that it wasn't her who needed help right now.

She was finally able to set Lemnia down and approached Collen. He seemed in a daze, almost. Not really acknowledging her approach. But nevertheless she knelt down in front of him and, without saying a word, gently coaxed him into her arms as she placed her cheek against his, stroked his hair, and started humming.

Collen was still deep in his own mind, not registering it was Cretas hugging him. However he replied to the touch and moved ever so slightly closer to her. He was sobbing quietly, tears running down his cheeks as Cretas kept humming. Even with his eyes closed, he saw the lifeless eyes staring at him.

Cretas accepted Collen's subtle move towards her, and wrapped her arm around him slightly tighter as she continued humming and stroking his hair.

Lem came up behind her mother and held onto her sleeve while looking up at Collen. She couldn't say anything. She didn't see what happened. She saw a lot of blood and all the guys laying around not moving. But... Mommy would help her understand later. For now, she buried her face in her mother's sleeve and refused to move.


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At last, the wretched battle, was done. Korrin was slowly trying to pull his mind away from the flame. It did its work, it’s fury was no longer needed. But it still latched onto him, like a snake grasping it’s prey in it’s coils. Korrin was horrified at the thought of the flame finally overtaking his mind permanently. Panting, he moved to find a spot to sit down himself and did so, keeping the leg with his bruised knee straight as he knew the moment the flame would disappear, the pain would come.

”I can feel it even now as it starts trying to hang onto my mind. But I got to calm down and bear with the pain.” Thought Korrin. He had to think of something, anything to both pull him out of the flame, as well as bear with the pain. Then the memory came to him, the memory of running in the woods at a young age, wasting his last arrow in winter trying to kill a simple rabbit for his meal. He remembered how he was in pain then. Pain of hunger, pain of abandonment by the one he once called ‘Father’ and shall never call him that again. He recalled how his younger self wept in the cold.

He then recalled the first words he ever heard from the woman who seemed to appear from nowhere, but in truth was trailing his tracks for three hours, along with strong yet gentle hands picking up his younger self. ”And what has come into these woods and scaring away my supper? A young cub too young, and too foolish to fend for himself. Come then, let us see what recompense I should have you do.”

”Teacher...” Korrin muttered softly in pain, ”Beloved Second Mother, my Teacher.” Yes, this memory was a happy, pleasant one, and it was enough to help cause the flame to die down letting the young fighter regain some semblance of control of his own mind again. As well as fully feel the state of his tired, bruised and cut body.

”Hey Tora? It’d be really great, if we didn’t run into trouble like that again for awhile.” He said with a sarcastic pain filled chuckle.


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Tora glanced over towards Korrin and chuckled.

"I must agree. This voyage was supposed to be a peaceful one."

He hopped off the railing and rolled his shoulders with a grimace. All those falls were starting to make their impact known.

"Those are going to be bruises tomorrow." He grunted.

Walking over to Korrin, he gave the boy a once over.

"You should get some treatment for those wounds. Do you have anything for them? I'm afraid I don't have anything."


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Korrin smirked and chuckled as Tora agreed with him. It was nice that he had at least some friends amongst the passengers. The crew he was unsure of as of yet, he hoped he at least earned some of their respect by fighting off the enemy with them.

Hearing Tora’s question he grunted and groaned as he sat up straight. ”I believe I know where the crew keeps the medical supplies below deck, but if they’re going to be in use by the doctor for those worse off, I think I might have a small kit where my cloak and bedroll is. Don’t quote me on that, though. Hopefully It’s enough for the two of us.” Korrin replied to Tora as he used his sword to help him stand up slowly before sheathing it.

”Think Ms. Cretas is going to give us hell at the sight of us in such a state?” he asked as he tried tried to take a step foward but grunted a bit as his knee was still aching from striking a man’s nose with it. He looked at Tora slightly embarrassed but trying to hide his pain. His mind was thinking on the stairs to go below deck and how what he suggested might be beneficial for the two of them.

”Teacher always said ‘Ask for help when needed’. Tora, do you mind giving me a hand to get down to my stuff? My Knee’s deciding to snark about the pain I put it through today.” he said, grunting again as he took a small step backward, his knee protesting yet again. He hissed this time from the pain. ”Goddamn it, gonna have to take it easy and not move around too much for a day or more.” He sighed at the end of the statement. How he wished for a Cold Breeze right now.


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On deck, the Captain's blade slid free of the torso of one who dared oppose him on his own ship. And before he was thrown unceremoniously into the watery depths, the Captain gripped his lapels and held him against the railing, leaning him back to put him off balance.

"Ye honestly thought ye could seize this ship? Fool. Ye shoulda quit the moment ye saw her flag. But take this to yer watery grave... He pulled him in close.

"Ye were sent to Hell by the greatest pirate the world's ever known."

The Captain them pushed him over the edge and into the water, smiling broadly as the waters turned red and a single shark fin cut through the surface before promptly disappearing.

And that's the end of that. He thought to himself.

Looking out over his ship, he noticed quite a number of his crew had been hurt or killed.

"Hmph... Looks like it's time to resupply."

The Captain made his way across to the deck of the opposing ship and faced those who were left alive, now tied to the mast so they couldn't harm the Captain or the crew of the Silver Moon.

"So, ye scurvy rats. Ye got one chance. Join me crew, er be sent ta the bottom o' the sea. Whichov'ya will join?"

Two out of seven agreed to join. And the rest promptly had their throats slashed and their bodies dumped into the sea.

This is still a skeleton crew... We'll need to make a detour if we're going to finish this little journey of hers.

The Captain returned to the deck of the Silver Moon with the others and stood at the wheel.

"Well done lads! Those ov ye who're still breathin', get to cleaning and repairs. We're gonna need ta make a little detour. And I want this ship lookin' ship shape when we get there. Ar har har har har!!"

The crew all laughed. Some nervously. Some genuinely. However...

"Oh. Before I ferget... This crew of miscreants did quite a number on tha Silver Moon. And that's... Not good, me mateys. Not good at all. When we make it to port, all of us're gonna have a nice long chat. Now get ta work!"

The crew's faces drained of color as they shouted "YES CAPTAIN!" and got to the cleaning and what repairs they could make. The Captain, meanwhile, returned to his quarters to sit quietly and check his charts.

Hmm... This'll set us back at least a month. But the Silver Moon will never make it to this so-called 'new world' of hers in the shape she's in now. Still, this could be beneficial in more ways than one. Once we're at port, it'll be easier to get that fox alone for some... Intimate conversation. He thought with a slowly spreading grin on his face.


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Collen Merah

After the battle had ended most of Collen's day had been wrapped in haze. While the rest of the crew was cleaning and repairing the ship, the boy was mothered by Cretas. She was making sure he got a fresh set of clothes and cleaned up, fixed his injuries and told Collen to get some rest.

However the sleep came with restlessness and nightmares as every time he closed his eyes, Collen saw the dead eyes of the man looking back at him. After waking up sweaty yet from another nightmare, he sat up and looked around him. It was nightfall, most of the crew was asleep and snoring, most likely too exhausted from the battle and the work to stay awake any longer. He spotted his knife someone had found and cleaned up and placed it on a barrel next to him. He slowly reached at it and wrapped his hand around the familiar handle. Had he really killed a man with a fishing knife?

Collen left out a sigh as he placed the knife back down and walked up to the deck. The scent and sounds of the sea usually calmed him down and helped to clear his thoughts. He rested his arms on the railing, looking at the horizon. A crescent moon peeked behind a thin layer of clouds that slowly moved through the sky. The night was silent except for the waves hitting the side of the ship.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. For whatever reason the gods of the sea had spared him today but not without teaching a lesson. Until now he had been surviving by staying invisible and doing as told. But it wasn't enough. If he truly wanted to survive, he would have to get stronger.

As he opened his eyes again, there was a hint of unusual determination in his eyes. He wasn't going to be scared anymore.


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When they got below deck, Korrin had gotten the necessary supplies to help tend to both his and Tora’s wounds where needed. After this was done, the mutual need for rest as the chaos of the ship getting repaired raged on took both men at once.

After a full two minutes of silence, Korrin heaved a long tired sigh. ”So much for the honor and fame Eh?” the young man said with a chuckle before staring up at the ceiling of below deck where he sat at his resting spot, cloak nearby to wrap himself up in like a blanket if needed. ”At least Ms. Cretas is busy tending to someone else for the time being, less time to scold us. Hehe.”

After another moment in silence and contemplation he looked at Tora. ”Hey Tora? I got to know something. Is it normal for a warrior to feel fear before or during a battle? Cause I’m gonna admit, things got a little too scary, even for me. I never saw that many dead men in a short amount of time like that.” The young man queried, shaking his head. ”I’m too old to be called a boy yet too young to be called a man. I was pretty terrified today. But there’s...something inside my head that’s refused to let me be afraid. Some sort of... Flame that stubbornly refuses to let me express my fear, but instead channels it to anger. Is that normal or is there truly something broken in my head?”


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Tora, who was without his usual attire and instead only wearing a set of semi-baggy white pants with no boots and no shirt or tunic, sat in a small cot with his upper body bandaged as he lifted his head to look over at Korrin.

"I don't know if I have any good answers for you, Korrin." He bega.

"I'm afraid honor and fame mean nothing to me. At least not compared to the obligation I feel to protect those who can't protect themselves, or who at least seem unaware of the threats surrounding them."

He slowly and carefully hoisted himself up, grimacing the whole way, until he was in a more upright seated position so he could look right at Korrin.

"As for your fear... That's perfectly normal." He said with a smile. "Everyone has their own scale or criteria for measuring the worth of a man. So my explanation may not mean much to you. Nevertheless, I was raised to believe a man is no man at all if he can't accept his fears and prove he has the will to overcome them."

Tora slowly turned and let his legs hang off the edge of the cot. His feet touching down softly on the wooden planks beneath him.

"Having said that, my masters taught me also to be wary of pride and the blindness which can often result from it. From day to day, the consistency of any human being to overcome fear will fluctuate. And this is also normal. We can't expect to be a hero every day for our entire lives. It just doesn't work that way. But when the moments are critical our ability to accept and harness our fears into rational judgement is crucial."

His smile faded, and he took a deep breath and looked Korrin dead in the eyes.

"Korrin... Would you stand alone against an army for the sake of honor and glory, whether or not you knew it would follow you afterwards?"


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Korrin listened to Tora, soaking in his insight. He then listened to what Tora felt was better then honor and fame, or even glory. That statement echoed in his mind and made him reflect on the thought that kept him from being totally lost in his rage as he looked down using his eyes feeling chastised for still having thoughts about such things, but listening to be wary of his own pride. Korrin then looked and saw Tora staring him dead in the eyes and asking him directly would he stand alone against an army for the sake of glory and honor regardless of if it followed.

He took one deep breath. Then another as he mulled over the question. Over and over he thought about his lifestyle as a hunter, and then he looked at the boar skin cloak and how he got it. He recalled the thought that grounded him during the fight, then the memory of his first encounter with his teacher. He smiled ruefully and chuckled. ”A whole army alone, with fame and honor at stake only with no other reason and not knowing if it will follow me?” He asked to both tell Tora he caught up and making sure he heard the question right, ”I’m sorry Tora, I can’t answer that with a simple yes or no. What reason would I fight an army alone just for those? If it’s for those sakes and I don’t know if it will or not, then I want to fight for something I know is real, something I know is there. All throughout that fight, I wasn’t thinking of myself.”

Korrin looked up at the ceiling again. ”I was thinking of Lemnia and her mother. Of their safety if you or I fell. Now in my reflection of it all I feel ashamed for learning how to help others, and taking the lesson for granted. My Teacher would’ve kicked my rump if I took any of her lessons for granted. I recall her helping a young boy, when he had nowhere to go after his father, for whatever selfish reason, sent him to the wilderness with nothing but a bow and a month’s worth of rations, expecting him to never return to his household. He preferred daughters I guess. Daughters. . .”

Korrin gripped his arms with his hands. ”He preferred his daughter over his own son. A son who wanted nothing more then to do his utmost to provide for his family and please an ungrateful man he once called father and the mother and sister he loved dearly.” He was smiling from the flow of memories, but tears began flowing down his face. ”Teacher took the boy under her wing and care, expecting nothing in return until the boy wanted something in return. If Teacher can help someone like that boy. No, if Teacher could help someone like me, then I’ll be damned if I stood alone against an army for the sake of Glory and Honor alone Tora. Give me something to protect, something real to love and protect instead of those. For that, I’ll fight without a care in the world for Honor and glory.”

Korrin wiped his eyes with his thumb. ”There is my answer Tora. Along with the story of Korrin Arzan. I tell you the latter because I firmly believe, no declare you are my friend. For that, I forego the usual charge of a mead for the story.”


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Tora closed his eyes, and his smile returned.

"Korrin." He said quietly.

A candle nearby flickered from a gentle breeze blowing through the still damaged and in-need-of-repair ship.

"You are indeed a man. A young man, to be certain. But a man no less."

His eyes opened, and he grimaced as he made his way to his feet and walked over to Korrin and looked down at him with a confident, knowing smile.

"The wisdom of my masters was passed down for tens of generations going back to the founding of Mar' Valoa and beyond. So, Korrin, allow me to share a piece of that knowledge which I believe will serve you well..."

Tora closed his eyes once more, and spoke calmly. 'One's mind can wander. One's body can be weakened. One's spirit can break. In an almost ironic defiance of these truths, for one to open the mind, trust the body, and release the spirit brings the miracle of oneness. When the mind, body, and spirit merge, one's limits are summarily shattered... The journey to oneness is long and perilous. But come what may let yourself face it with honor, dignity, and pride in check. For that which leads to a path of ruin can, in the right hands, lead one down the path of enlightenment.'"

Tora opened his eyes and extended a hand to Korrin.

"Take these words to heart, my young friend. And may they serve you well on your own journey as a warrior."


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From the gloom of the night behind Collen a silent figure emerged. With but a few short steps, they were standing beside him.

"So, my lad. I heard you killed a man today?"

Collen didn't move as he kept looking at the sea. "Yes Captain." He stated simply as he wasn't surprised he had heard about it.

"Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, my lad. He said, putting a hand on Collen's shoulder.

Were you scared?

The boy glanced at Lohran and then nodded. "I was, at first. But I don't remember much after."

"Well, get used to it lad. On the seas, you won't stop at one. But it will get easier the more you do it."

Lohran gripped Collen's shoulder more tightly.

"Now, my lad. Tell me of the crew down below when it happened. Who fought bravely? And who died a coward?"

Collen's fist clenched slightly at the question. What did it matter anymore when everyone, the men he had spend months on the sea, were already dead? Couldn't the Captain just accept that everyone had done what they could?

After thinking a while he answered what he thought to be the best answer as not to tarnish the name of the dead. "Mr. Figgs and Thorpe were the first ones to attack the enemy, Captain. Others joined as more climbed aboard."

Lohren nodded slowly.

"Mm... So none turned tail, then. That's somewhat surprising."

He let go of Collen's shoulder and turned around, hands behind his back.

"Some of those on deck weren't so brave. So I'll have to have a chat with them tomorrow."

He began walking away, but halted after a few steps.

"Lad... We'll be making a detour to a nearby island to resupply the men we lost today. But you'll have a special job."

He looked over his shoulder at Collen.

"You're going to make sure miss Estallamos doesn't leave the ship. In fact, once the others have left to replace our lost crew members I want you to escort her to my quarters yourself so she and I can have a chat. Understood?"

Collen felt a slight relief as Lohran seemed to accept his words, but still felt disgusted from his words. If he hadn't killed that man, would he have been a cowards in Captain's eyes as well?

He was slightly confused about the request. "Couldn't you just ask her yourself?" he wondered but then said "Yes Captain" and nodded.

However, before Lohran could leave Collen looked at him, facing the man. The boy had made up his mind. "Captain? I would like to learn to fight."

Lohran raised en eyebrow.

"... Do you now?"

He turned his head and let out a sigh through his nose

"Fighting can wait, lad. We'll be at the island in a few weeks. I'll teach you once we've restocked our crew and supplies and are on our way again. Until then, continue your daily duties and help with repair efforts. Understood?"

Collen nodded with determination. "Yes Captain." and then after a pause added "Thank you."

Lohran nodded with a slight grunt and returned to his quarters.


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Korrin listened to Tora affirming that while he was young, the young hunter was definitely a man, and not a boy. In his mind, Korrin assumed that meant he was on the right road of manhood. A gentle breeze from a part of the ship still under repairs was felt as he listened to Tora share some wisdom from his own teachers. He listened and stuck on the idea of oneness.

Does that mean I need to also find a way to master the Flame to achieve it? he thought. That sounds harder then thought up...

He snapped back to focus when Tora extended his hand to him and told him to take this wisdom to heart. Jade green eyes flicked between the hand and the gentle smile Tora had. Korrin knew that this wisdom and what he relearned this day would help guide him moving forward. So, with a quiet smile of acceptance, he reached out and grasped Tora’s hand with a firm grip and gave it a confirming shake with his own.

”I will. I’ll do my best to keep it at heart and follow this journey of oneness wherever it leads.” He confirmed. Then he let go of Tora’s hand and tried to shift where he sat. ”We should try to get some rest Tora, before someone comes along and makes us. This day has had enough of me.” mumbling the last sentence he pulled his cloak over his body and tried to get into a comfortable position, before closing his eyes to try and sleep off the pain.


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Cretas sat on one hip against the bow's railing, looking at the landmass ahead with a subtly furrowed brow and tight lips. Lemnia watched from nearby hiding behind the forward mast. Her little eyebrows were oblique and there was hesitation in the tiny shuffles in her feet as she inched out from behind the mast and began approaching her mother who was now in the middle of taking a deep breath and sighing through her nose.

Lem's tiny hand gripped the fabric of Cretas' shirt giving it two soft tugs. Cretas' eyes closed, her brow softened, her lips relaxed, and she smiled as she looked down at Lemnia.

"Momma? Are you still mad at the giant hat man?" She squeaked.

Cretas' smile weakened ever so slightly as her own eyebrows faintly furrowed once again. She reached down and picked Lemnia up, kissed her forehead, and set her back down in the same spot before as she looked back out towards the landmass.

Lemnia backed away a few steps, clasping her hands in front of her chest before turning around and going to sit down against the mast with a heavy sigh.

A moment later, she felt a tap on her shoulder. And as she looked up she saw Tora, long since back to full strength and health, leaning down and smiling at her.

"What's wrong, Lemnia?"

"Momma's still angry."

"Oh?" He asked as he scooped her up in his arms. "How can you tell?"

"She only doesn't talk to me if she's mad about something."

"Ah, I see. I'm sorry."

Lemnia leaned against Tora and closed her eyes.

"Torrie. Is momma okay? She won't tell me what happened."

"You mean after she went to see the Captain that night?"

Lem nodded.

"Well, um... It's... Ah..." Tora took a deep breath and rubbed Lem's back. "It's complicated, little one."

"What's comlicpated?"

Tora chuckled slightly.

"It means it's hard to explain. What happened that night... Well... I remember what you said about your family history. I think it brought back some bad memories for your mother."

"Oh. Memories of daddy?"



Her little hands gripped his shirt more tightly, and Tora looked over at Cretas who was still frozen like a statue staring at the ever growing landmass that served as their temporary destination for repairing the ship and filling out their crew.

"Hey. I have an idea."


"Go over to your mother and say "I'm sorry life is so complicated." It might cheer her up a bit."

Lem snapped upright.

"You think so?"

"Yes. I think so."

Lemnia smiled brightly and turned rapidly in his arms as he struggled to set her down safely against her struggling. The instant her feet hit the deck she was sprinting back towards Cretas before... THWAM!!... Face plant.

Tora winced, but smiled with a soft chuckle.

She trips over literally nothing... And I don't know why I've come to find it amusing.

Lemnia straightened up quickly and rushed over to her mother grabbing her pants and tugging mightily to get her attention. When Cretas finally glanced down at her again, she beamed.

"Momma. I'm sorry life's so comlicptaed."

Cretas's lips parted slightly as her eyebrows turned upwards just so. She stifled a laugh, and then burst out laughing as she reached down to pick Lemnia up and held her close with a kiss to the forehead.

"Thank you, my love. I needed that."

Lemnia's beaming smile softened as she felt he warmth of her mother's body against the cool mid-morning air. Slowly she closed her eyes and snuggled against Cretas' chest as the latter stroked her hair and kissed her crown before resting her cheek atop Lemnia's head.

Watching from nearby, Tora took in a satisfied breath and looked out at the horizon.

That landmass was all but upon them now. A large inhabited island a few hundred miles from Mar' Valoa. It had set them back a little over a month to get here. But after that attack at sea the ship would need the repairs and the new crew if she was going to make it to the new world Cretas spoke of. And Tora could see the port coming into view through a subtle haze nestled above the ocean's surface.

Suddenly, Tora got a chill. He subtly turned his head just enough to see the Captain had emerged and was standing beside the helmsman at the wheel and looking out at the landmass ahead like most of the others on deck... Except...

No. He wasn't looking at the landmass. Tora followed his eyes and was led directly back to Cretas and Lemnia. Glancing back at the Captain he could see a subtle smirk on the man's face. But he also clearly saw the cut below his left eye. That cut gave Tora a tiny hint of joy and satisfaction. But other unseen marks left his joy and satisfaction fleeting, and very soon after replaced by subdued rage and determination to redouble his efforts in fulfilling his oath.

This ship, and more importantly her guests, would see no further misfortune so long as he was alive and on board.

About an hour later they made port, and the skeleton crew began disembarking as Tora remained on board despite the crew's insistence he come along. A silent glare from Tora was all the crewman needed to know to back off and go about his duties on the shore. Tora had lost sight of Korrin during this time, but he knew he was somewhere nearby.

Meanwhile, Tora kept a firm gaze squarely centered on one man standing on the upper deck who was now looking down at Collen who'd just emerged from below.


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Korrin’s recovery was one of hesitation rather then slow healing. It took about a week for the young man to feel confident to put his full weight on his leg once the bruising on his knee healed and faded away. Then it took him a day longer to feel confident in moving about the ship, albeit more guarded then ever since the ship was not only in need of repairs, but the crew number was only barebones so he tried his best to avoid getting into trouble.

Then the day came when they arrived at their temporary destination to repair and resupply to continue their journey to the new world. Korrin slowly emerged from below deck during the hour before the ship made port, quietly observing Lemnia’s interactions with both Tora and her mother. What he didn’t know was what was worrying Cretas, or making Tora have a look of quiet determination. He held back a chuckle when Lemnia fell once more. So the flame flickered at the back of his mind as he pondered with his thoughts.

Should I stay on the ship or should I see where we’re going has to offer? he thought in debate with himself, It’d be good to have a leg stretch on solid land. But what troubles my friend? And what troubles Ms. Cretas? There are strange circumstances where clearly I can choose either choice.

His mind pondered, and wandered, going through every scenario he can think. Some that made him unworried, some that did. Some that made Korrin fearful of even deciding, and some that drove him further down a rabbit hole of questions. So he pondered, and pondered all the way to port. Korrin finally resolved his debate by that time.

If I do explore what Port has to offer, I am not to stray too far from the ship, or out of earshot of the people aboard it. Desmiel only knows what this tense feeling I’m getting is. Worry? If so, I must banish it from my mind. Try to achieve this ‘oneness’ Tora told me about. He resolved, So one more time, if we do walk off, stay near the ship or within earshot of anyone onboard who’s got good lungs. If Tora or Cretas calls for me, I’ll run back onto the ship as fast as I can. This is a good plan.

He assumed it was a good plan, but Desmiel only knows what on earth Port had to offer. So as the Barebones crew walked down from the ship, Korrin stood near where they exited, trying to get a view of what was available close to the ship that he could explore real quick and return to said ship just as quick.


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Collen had kept working just as Lohran had told him to, making sure to pull his weight and even more to cover for the missing crew. It had been a tough couple of weeks but Collen didn't let himself give up. After all the Captain had agreed to teach him sword fighting if he'd kept working.

As they closed the shore, he prepared for the usual supply run. Since this time it also meant properly repairing the ship and getting more crew, it was no time to rest. For him getting on dry land wasn't a huge deal as often times he felt more at home on the sea. But if there was one thing that tempted him on the shore, it was the taste of sweet, fresh fruit.

However Collen had one more task to do before joining the others. He still didn't understand why he had to be a message boy but knew better than to question Lohran's orders. He walked around the ship looking for Cretas, eventually finding her on the deck. He also noticed the Captain but paid no further attention to him as he headed over to the woman.

"Miss Estallamos? Captain wants to talk with you." He told her in a neutral tone. He then glanced at Lemnia realising Lohran had never mentioned anything about the girl. "And….Uhhh…. I guess I can keep her company?" He rubbed his neck as he remembered the previous encounters with the girl that hadn't turned out well for him.


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Cretas' eyes landed on Collen as he approached, and she gave him a knowing smile as he relayed his request to have her go see the Captain and offering to watch Lemnia. Setting her daughter down beside Collen, she stood up and gave Collen's shoulder a light pat as she walked by him towards the stairs leading to the upper deck. She cast a quick glance to Tora whose eyes were locked firmly on her the entire time.

As she approached the Captain, he greeted her with a smile and a light bow.

Thank ye fer accepting my invitation ta chat, miss Estallamos. Come on inside.

Cretas nodded in silence and followed him into his chambers, and Tora was quick to jog up the stairs as quietly as could be and stand beside the door with one ear planted against the wall.

"Have a seat, miss Estallamos.

"Thank you for the offer, Captain. But I'll stand."

"Suit yourself, milady." He replied as he poured a glass of wine and offered it to her, which she politely refused with a shake of her head.

"That was quite the setback we encountered, wasn't it?" he asked as he took a sip from the wine glass and sat down in his chair.

"I wouldn't call it a setback so much as a tragedy. You lost quite a few of your men, didn't you?"

"There's always more men willing to join a vessel like the Silver Moon if you know where to look."

Cretas' eyes narrowed beneath a furrowed brow.

"What did you need to see me about, again?"

"Ah, yes. I don't believe we ever settled firmly on a form of compensation for this voyage, did we?"

"I thought I laid out the terms quite clearly. We both take our place in the history books as the discoverers of a new world."

"You see," he began as he stood up from his chair and faced the sea through the window behind him. "That's nice and all, miss Estallamos. But I've never been one for history or reading. And you can probably tell that from the lack of books or paper in this room."

A cursory glance around the room proved him right. Not a book or paper to be seen other than maps of the ocean which he'd plotted from his years of sailing.

"I'd like something a bit more concrete, you see."

"Such as?"

"Something I can feel." He said, taking a sip of wine. "Something I can taste."

"Would you like some sort of drink or food named after you?"

The Captain laughed heartily as Cretas took a slow, silent step back towards the door.

"Nothing like that, miss Estallamos." He said calmly.

"Then what is it you want?"

Slowly he finished the wine and turned around to set the glass on the table.

"My men and I call the sea "home," miss Estallamos. And as you might well be able to imagine, even if we enjoy our own company in song, dance, gambling, and chat, the sea becomes a very lonely place as time passes."

Cretas silently gulped a lump gathering in her throat.

"You've a daughter to take care of. And I've seen how attached to the boy you've become as well. You're a fine maternal specimen. But you're past your prime now that you're, what, almost thirty now?"

"I'm not comfortable with where this is going, Captain."

"Your comfort isn't a requirement, miss Estallamos. Think of this as nothing but what it is. Compensation. In exchange for finishing this journey, I want you to give yourself to me and the crew for a single night on deck. Your girl and the boy can stay below deck with that troublesome lad and that robed warrior who constantly watches you all."

She felt a bead of sweat drip down the back of her neck.

"It's not asking much, miss Estallamos. You're a beautiful woman in many, many ways." He said with eyes trailing to her chest. "Neither myself nor my men who survived the journey so far have felt the warmth in over a year at least. And those who'll be joining us today likely are no different."

"Like I said, Captain. This is making me uncomfortable."

"And I'll say again, miss Estallamos. Your comfort is not required. You just need to agree to meet us all on deck tonight around midnight, get on your knees, and enjoy the festivities. I'll make sure the men know that no harm is to come to you. Just a nice night of passion to celebrate the soon-to-be discovery of a new world. You can have all the things named after your and your place in the history books. We'll take the pleasure of your company as payment. Deal?"

"I must refuse, Captain."

"It wasn't really a question nor an offer, miss Estallamos."

"I won't repeat myself, Captain Lohran. You have my answer."

"Then I'm afraid your daughter will have to do for a substitute."

Cretas' eyes exploded to the size of saucers.

"You wouldn't dare..."

"She's a bit young for me and the men. But her body is essentially the same as yours, just in a smaller package. So it's either you or-"

Cretas launched forward slamming her hands into Lohran's throat before he could react as they fell to the floor with Cretas straddling him and pushing down with all her might. Her eyes burned with fury. Her teeth bared and clenched tight. Her nails sunk into his flesh resulting in small rivulets of blood seeping to the ground against his choked gasps.

Lohran struggled beneath her. Despite being an average sized woman she held a shocking amount of strength. He couldn't get his feet into position either as she shifted her hips every time he tried to get a leg up to buck her off.

"Not... Your first... Rodeo... I see." He choked out.

Cretas only growled like a feral beast in response as she continued pushing down against him for all her worth.

However, moments later she felt a sharp pain in her left side which earned a shriek of pain. Lohran had reached for his dagger and slammed the side of the blade into her oblique. He'd held back enough for it not to be fatal or in any way crippling. But the message was clear as he turned the blade, point-first, towards the now open wound and pressed the tip into it.

"Time... To get off me... Miss Estallamos..." He choked.

Cretas refused to move.

"What would she think... If she saw you now?"

Cretas' eyes widened, and in the momentary lapse of focus Lohran finally bucked her off. As she landed on her back on the floor he flipped himself over and on top of her, blade to her throat, and his hips nestled between her legs as he used his own to force them apart.

"A little prelude to tonight, miss Estallamos." He said in a somewhat hoarse voice. "You made a wise choice. I doubt her little body would withstand our lust."

Cretas' snarl returned, but she remained still.

"Midnight, miss Estallamos. Don't be late. And keep this to yourself. Otherwise... Well... You have an imagination, don't you?"

"Desmiel will burn you for eternity, Lohran."

"Good thing I'm not the religious type then, isn't it?"

Lohran cautiously stood up and smiled down at her.

"I look forward to my payment, milady... You may leave now."

Cretas made it to her feet, keeping her eyes locked on him the entire way as she backed up towards the door and opened it. Stepping through, she snarled one last time before slamming the door and smashing it with her fist.

Tora, standing beside her, immediately knelt down by her side to inspect the wound.

"Get away from me!!" She shrieked.

Tora was taken aback, as was Cretas whose eyes once again became as wide as saucers.

"You're not... I..."

Her eyes began welling with tears as she brought her hands up to cover her mouth and nose, and Tora was instantly on his feet and calmly embraced her.

"I'm so sorry." She squeaked in a muffled tone into his chest.

Tora stroked her hair and took a deep breath.

"We need to have a chat of our own." He whispered.

Cretas nodded, gripping the lapels of his robes as she cried into the crook of his neck.


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Collen watched as Cretas left to meet with the Captain, and to his disappointment, Tora soon behind them. Collen had hoped to get some help from the man to watch over Lemnia. With a sigh he turned his focus back on Lemnia, trying to think something to do with her. Despite the girl being almost the same age as his brother, he felt lost as he had rarely spend time with him.

He rubbed his neck. "So... Want to go to the shore? We can stay close the ship so your mom can see us." He eventually suggested offering his hand to her to lead her off the ship.


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After debating and deciding that Tora has a better chance at keeping watch of the ship without him, Korrin donned his cloak whilst keeping his hood down, made sure he had his sword and bow on hand if he had to defend himself, and left the ship, at least to spend some of the day stretching his legs on solid ground. He told himself he wouldn’t be gone long.

After all with Tora watching over things, Korrin was sure nothing would arise to threaten Miss Cretas or Lemnia. So he stepped off the ship and began his exploration of the area that the expedition would be staying at for the time being. The first thing that greets his eyes are several stalls of fish and other assortments of food. He browsed them for a time. Only browsed as he knew one thing that was obvious and he did not deny. He was short on money. Desmiel must have an awfully wicked sense of humor today. he thought. This thought was made even more clear when as he dared to explore a little bit further, still keeping the Ship in sight, he discovered a stall selling what appeared to be decent clothing. He looked down at his own attire then back at the stall before mentally shaking his head.

”They look nice, but none of them has the hunter/fighter look mine have.” He muttered to himself. ”If only the Flame could talk, it’d give its own opinion. But it doesn’t. Just crawls around and makes my anger all the worse.”

His eyes flickered to a sign with that seemed to indicate a place that sold weapons and armor. That seemed more his alley. He wasn’t going to give into temptation though, just wander around and explore Port. That was his plan.


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Lemnia watched her mother as Collen offered to watch over her. She glanced at him, and then back to her mom who blew her a kiss before disappearing into the Captain's Quarters.

Turning towards Collen, she gave him a sad stare.

"Why did momma wanna leave me behind, Lubber Boy? What's mister Scary Face want to talk to her about?"

Collen sighed deeply with the nickname but let it pass this time. "No clue" He shrugged. "But your mom comes back just in a moment I'm sure."


Lemnia kicked a spec of slivered wood left behind from the attack and somehow nobody managed to clean up, and as it skidded off the side of the ship into the water her eyes were caught by something on shore.


In a blink, Lemnia was halfway down the plank leading to shore before spinning on the ball of her foot and waving at Collen.

"Come on, Lubber Boy!!"

And she was off again.

Collen stared at her running off before snapping back and ran after the girl. He'd be damned if he lost her from his sight.

"Hey wait up!" He shouted as he caught up with her. "You can't just run off like that."

Almost the instant Lem's foot left the wood of the plank and touched dirt... SPLAT!!

Skidding to a stop on her stomach, somehow keeping her face up this time and getting a tiny scrape on her chin, she pushed herself up and brushed herself off before continuing her sprint over to a nearby market stand with a lot of beautiful abalone and coral jewelry.

"Oooohhhh..." She gawked while staring at the beautiful array of items.

".... Really?" Collen shook his head as the girl once again tripped on nothing, even on solid ground. He caught her at the stall and grabbed her by the shoulder. "Hey. Stay close to me now, okay?" He said annoyed and then looked at the jewerly stall.


Lemnia blinked and immediately returned her gaze to the beautiful-


Lemnia bolted off like an arrow towards another stall a little ways down. Skidding to a halt, she paused in front of a gorgeous tribal clothing stall with scarves, coats, tunics, and more with beads and intricate woven patterns.

"Haaahhhh!!" She chirped with a sparkle in her eyes.

"Lemnia!" he shouted at the deaf ears and cursed under his breath as he run after her once again. This time he grabbed her shoulder more firmly, forcing her to turn to face him. "Hey. Stop running. We can look at the stalls but you HAVE TO stay with me. Got it?"

He looked her in the eyes. "Otherwise both of us are in trouble with the Scary Face."

Lemnia was startled by Collen's sudden and forceful turn, and with large puppy eyes that immediately began watering she blinked a few times before a new hand gently sat upon her head.

Turning to look up, she met the eyes of a beautiful young woman draped in traditional clothing similar to Mar' Valoa's but slightly different in the thickness of the trim and the color choice.

"Good morning, young one. I think the young man's right. It's not safe to dash about a busy port like this by yourself."

The woman knelt down and smiled at Lemnia.

"Promise me you'll keep that in mind, okay? You're a beautiful young lady in the making. And it wouldn't do to have you get hurt or lost." She cooed while gently rubbing the area around Lem's scraped chin.

"Sniffle... Okay."


Lem nodded, and the woman smiled sweetly before standing, giving a bow to both, and walking away.

"I'll stay close, Lubber Boy. I promise." She sniffled, wiping her nose.

"Shit." Collen tried to think something to do to calm Lemnia down. Something that maybe he had seen her mother to do? But before he managed to figure out a solution, a woman approached them.

Instinctively his fist clenched, as he was preparing for a trouble, but to his surprise the woman managed to calm the girl down. "Thanks", he muttered quietly as she left and then turned to Lemnia.

"Okay, let's go explore?" He tried to smile to help her feel better, offering his hand to Lemnia so she could hold onto him.

Lem smiled back through her still somewhat tear-stained eyes, sniffled, and grabbed his hand.

"What's shit mean?"

Collen blinked realizing his mistake. He rubbed his neck embarrassed as he walked with her to the next stall. "Umm.... It's a bad word, you really shouldn't say."

"Then why'd you say it?" She asked with a tilt of her head.

"Uhhh... Because.... I was stupid?"

"Oh. Well, don't be stupid anymore okay? Bad words are bad."

Collen looked at her and then chuckled. "Okay, I promise."


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Korrin looked about the stalls, browsing as he went. For a moment, he thought he heard Lemnia scream and face plant again, which lead to him shaking his head with a small smile. ”Oh Lemnia. What is your mother to do with you?” He muttered with a grin. He was looking at the armor stand and trying to imagine himself in it. ”Hm. If I had the money I’d buy at least something for better protection if that fight proved anything.” He muttered, as he then wandered back to the clothing stand to see if he could find anything with his favorite colors.

Is there any colors that makes me feel like... a bit of the me I left behind all those years ago? He wondered, and heaved a sigh at the thought of his younger self. Since laying it bare for Tora to see that night, Korrin felt like a weight lifted off his shoulders for the first time since he was allowed to make his own way when Teacher finished teaching him all he needed to know to survive both the wilderness, and any settlements, or towns.

Especially how to have good manners. For as he was browsing along, he felt his arm bump into someone as he was walking. ”Ah! Oh, I’m so sorry! I was looking at the clothing and not in front of me.” He said before his words almost stuck at his mouth at the sight of who he bumped into. She looked like a rare radiant flower sitting in a meadow of flowers. He felt heat rise to his cheeks momentarily before clearing his throat. ”Anyway, I’m very, very sorry about that.”


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The young woman was a bit startled at the bump, and a hand gently floated down towards her chest with fingers pointing towards the fold of her top. But they stopped when her eyes met his.

"Ah, I must apologize as well." She stated sweetly as her hand went back down to her front to grip the handle of her bag, which she now held with both hands.

"I was paying no more attention than you were. Please pardon my lack of courtesy." She said with a bow and a sweet smile.

Korrin blinked and returned the bow, trying hard to fight back the heat rising on his cheeks. ”It’s quite alright Miss. I suppose we both need to be a bit more careful.” he said, jade eyes betraying his embarrassment of the situation. His heart was pounding rapidly from nervousness.

”I’m Korrin, by the way.” he said finally, having nothing else to say because somehow to him, this woman’s smile seemed to be boring into his soul.

Her smile never wavered, and she softly released a chuckle which she tried to hide behind one of her hands.

"A pleasure, Korrin. If I may ask, what brings you to this place? I don't believe I've seen you around before?"

”I’m from Mainland Mar’Valoa, That much is true.” Korrin answered, ”The Ship my Employer acquired the services of for her expedition had a bit of trouble and we had to stop here for repairs.” he scratched his head. He knew it was the truth, he was hired by Cretas and thus joined her expedition to the New World.

It was then he realized two things. One, Lemnia was off the ship, and two, he didn’t even know this woman’s name yet despite introducing himself!

”I think I heard my employer’s daughter running about earlier so I know at least I have someone to corroborate my story around here somewhere.” he said with a chuckle. ”I’m a hunter by trade mostly, but I also do a bit of hired muscle on the side and other such odd jobs. Sounds a bit barbaric I know but... it’s how I make my living Miss...” he trailed off realizing he still doesn’t know her name yet.

Give her a moment Korrin! He scolded himself,
You’re an idiot when talking to women! You’re lucky talking to Miss Cretas is easy to converse with since she still thinks you a kid sometime! Maybe you should’ve asked her some advice for situations like this....

The woman's eyes seemed bereft of light until he mentioned he was a Hunter, after which point they sparked to life.

"Oh! A hunter, you say?" She asked, bringing her hand daintily up to cover her lips as a tiny smile graced them.

"Interesting." She whispered.

Her hand lowered as she chuckled once more.

"Apologies. My mind wandered a moment. I'm also a hunter, if you couldn't tell?" She asked, doing a slow 360 turn to show her outfit.

Korrin blinked in confusion at her words. She didn’t even tell him her name! But he simply decided maybe she didn’t want to tell him. So he decided instead to keep the conversation going. ”I couldn’t, actually... I don’t see a bow, or any sort of weapon. Just a...” He trailed off as he watched her do her turn. His face slowly turned red again. He swallowed nervously. ”Just a very pretty outfit on a very beautiful woman.”

He mentally slapped his forehead. Now why did he go and say that???

The girl's cheeks very faintly flushed as she smiled and turned her head away.

"M-my thanks for the compliment." She said as she cleared her throat and put her arms out to the sides after setting her bag down.

"This is a traditional Hunter's outfit here on the island. Or at least it will be once I make a subtle adjustment to the lower half. Watch."

She loosened the sash around her waist, and folded the side of robe off and over her hip before tightening the sash. The robe now sat on either side of her left leg, now bared to the world down to her slender ankles.

"Now I can move much more freely. When in town, it doubles as casual wear." She giggled while doing another spin. "Also, we don't hunt with bows or weapons. We hunt with our hands." She said while clenching and un-clenching her fists.

"Would you like to join me for a short hunting trip and see?"

Korrin blinked and his cheeks flared at the sight of her leg. But then he got genuinely curious about hunting with her hands instead of any weapons. He looked at the ship, then back at the woman. ”You’ve captured my curiosity. I suppose a quick trip wouldn’t hurt. Ship’s not going anywhere for the next few days.” he said with a chuckle, ”I’d Thank you for the invitation, but I’m a bit at a disadvantage. I don’t even know your name yet Miss. Forgive me, my teacher was a bit strict when it came to manners. I was such an unruly student in the beginning.”

He rubbed the back of his head at the mention of his teacher. He remembered how often Teacher scolded him and/or disciplined him. It wasn’t a fun time for the young Korrin Arzan in the beginning.

The young woman blushed a bit more deeply at the mention of the name, and cleared her throat with a deeper bow than before.

"Please, pardon my rudeness. I got so excited about meeting an off-island hunter I forgot myself."

She straightened up and gave a lighter, more proper bow.

"My name is A'hana Dundere. It's a pleasure to meet you Korrin. Now, shall we begin the hunt?"

Korrin gave a nod and a grin. ”A’hana. Very memorable name.” he said, ”As you said your full name, allow me mine. Korrin Arzan. It’s a pleasure to meet you as well Ms. A’hana.” Then he checked to make sure he still had his weapons on hand. After a moment or two with a nod of his head. He hoped nothing would happen to the others while he was on a quick hunt.

After a moment or two of checking, he nodded to himself in satisfaction. ”I’m ready when you are. Out of curiosity, what sort of creature only requires your hands to hunt?” He raised his eyebrow inquisitively to show his curiosity.

A'hana blinked.

"Fish, of course!" She said with a positive and self-assured pose of pride.

"Follow me!" She said as she started jogging steadily down to the docks.

Reaching the dock took but a moment, and she led him down to the water's edge.

"Oh, I almost forgot." She said more to herself as she turned around. "Before we dive, are your clothes water resistant?"

Korrin followed A’hana to the docks, wondering how one could catch a fish without a spear or net. But as they reached the edge of the water, A’hana stopped and asked him about water resistant clothes. To which he blinked almost owlishly.

”D-dive? Underwater?” He asked before looking at the current things on him. He couldn’t just take his sword or his bow with him thats for certain. And his Boar Cloak would more then likely weigh him down under the water. Affirming that in his head he looked at A’hana again.

”My pants are okay, I might need to put my sword, Bow, quiver, and my cloak in a safe place before we dive Ms. A’hana.” The question in his mind however, but decided to not ask as he might find out soon was only this; Just what sort of fish requires them to swim underwater for?

A'hana smiled.

"Okay. I'll wait here until you can store your belongings."

Korrin returned the smile and nodded before moving back up the shore a bit, and finding a good spot underneath the docks to put his things away properly. Wrapping his weapons in his cloak upon taking it off, he set it in a spot to where he knew it was dry, before running back to A’hana, with naught but his pants after kicking his shoes on top of his cloak, and his shirtless scarred torso on display.

”Right, I’m ready now. Shall we go?” he asked with a grin, curiosity making him eager to see what fish required hand alone.

A'hana blinked as a tiny pink flush swept through her cheeks.

"Oh my." She whispered, examining the scars.

"Um... Ahem. Right. Follow me." She said after composing herself and turning to the water.

Gracefully, she walked into waist deep water and leaned forward until only her head was above water. Using a simple breast stroke she propelled herself through the water with the aid of her outfit which, thanks to how the sleeves resisted the water, made for make-shift paddles.

"It'll be out a ways. I hope you have good stamina!" She called back.

The swim out to sea lasted for almost two minutes until the ship was about half the size it normally appeared from even just standing on the edge of the docks. If they yelled, it was likely nobody would hear them unless they were looking out this way and concentrated on it.

"Right about here. Ready?"

She took a few deep breaths to prepare her lungs, and then one final deeper breath before diving under the crystal clear waters. Down, down, down she swam towards a coral reef where hundreds, if not thousands of fish of all shapes and sizes were swimming about minding their own business. The coral shifted from reds to whites to yellows to blues and back to reds, and the fish seemed to follow suit with several of them being color-matched to specific sections.

A'hana paused a moment and looked up to see if Korrin was keeping pace.

Korrin was following close behind, swimming at a decent pace, though not as quick as A’hana. Truly, it is like she was born to swim. he thought. Upon following her down under the water after taking several deep breaths himself before following after her, he was amazed at what he saw. It was as if the fish were living in a world of their own.

He swam to keep pace with A’hana as she swam down. It’s... it’s beautiful. he thought, Will the new world have a place like this for the fish? Will I have a fish story to tell Lemnia when I get back? the questions swirled in his head as he swam with A’hana.

He looked around at all the changing colors and the movement of the fish. There were so many Korrin lost count! But which one was the fish they were after? Was it big? Was it small? Was it short or long?

A'hana waited for Korrin to float down face level with her and smiled as she glanced to the side. With rather shocking speed for being under water, her right hand shot out with her index finger, complete with her long nails, spiked the dorsal fin of a small fish and brought it up to show Korrin before flicking it off her nail letting it swim away.

She then turned part way to her right and pointed towards a deep groove in the reef and started swimming towards it.

A moment later, they were floating atop it. As they gazed into the darkness A'hana's eyes lit with fire and a confident smile graced her lips as she floated down closer while giving Korrin a "wait" gesture. Her feet touched the coral, tapping on it a few times, and a massive eel shot out from the darkness and just barely missed biting into A'hana's arm.

As it slithered by, A'hana's sharp nails dug into its tail sending a small trickle of blood into the water and urging the eel to double back towards her. As it did, she leaned her head off to the side and brought up her right sleeve allowing it to bite into the fabric as she then wrapped her legs around its body and used her other hand to jam her fingernails like spears into its gills.

The eel seemed to start choking and snapped at the open water which released A'hana's right sleeve and she repeated the action to the gills on the other side of its head.

With that done, A'hana swam back up to Korrin and indicated to rise to the surface. Quickly, but carefully, she reached the top and took in a big breath of air.


Korrin was visibly shocked at how fast her reflexes were at catching the small fish. But then he followed her to follow the dark groove she spotted as she seemed almost confident in trailing whatever was lurking in the darkness. Upon being told to wait he did so, but almost instinctively went for a sword that wasn’t there when he saw the large eel emerge and attack her.

He watched in awe of A’hana’s skills in fighting the large fish and jabbing her fingernails into it’s gills. He never saw a style like that before! Nor would he be likely to again. When she returned and told him to get to the surface he did so without hesitation, quickly and carefully.

When he took a breath of fresh air he gave a surprised laugh. ”That was amazing. I never saw fish that big before in my life!” He marveled, ”Little Lemnia will not believe the size of that Sea Serpent, or whatever it is called. And you Ms. A’hana! You were amazing! Never had I seen a style like that on the Mainland.” Korrin looked at her with a broad smile, whilst trying to get a strand of wet hair off one side of his face.

A'hana took a few breaths.

"My thanks, Korrin. Our hunting style might not be as intense as on the mainland with hunting larger predators and game, but the challenges of the deep offer their own rewards. And speaking of..."

She glanced down under the water for a moment before popping her head back up.

"The eel will be dead soon without its gills. Let's go collect our prize, shall we?"

As she descended she noted the eel was still alive and flicking about on the bottom of the reef. But the flailing didn't last long and it soon went still. A'hana swam down next to it and gestured for Korrin to grab it and haul it up, demonstrating that she didn't have the strength to lift it on her own.

Korrin nodded and followed her down and saw the size of the now dead eel again and was awestruck by it’s size, before swimming in close and tried to measure it with his eyes before preparing to help her lift it. As he grabbed a portion of it, he felt the sensation of the Flame entering his hands as he helped A’hana grab it. He made sure the Portion he was carrying was over his shoulder before giving her a nod.

Don’t you dare scare her Flame. I think I actually like Ms. A’hana. He thought to himself, deliberately trying to make sure the Flame didn’t overpower his mind as he helped her haul the Eel to the surface.

With the eel in hand, the pair surfaced and made their way back to shore. With the weight of the eel it was quite the trip, though.

"We usually hunt these things in groups of two or three because of this kind of dead weight. But I figured you could handle it with me." She called through a slight breathlessness.

Once they made it to shore they hauled it to the docks and set it down. A'hana sighed and removed her sash, ringing it out before setting it down and removing her robe. Beneath the robe she wore basic bindings around her chest and nether regions for modesty's sake, but seemed to have no issue with showing this much skin as she wrung out the robe before donning it again and retying her sash as before without the leg showing on the side.

"Thanks for the help Korrin. Thanks to you..."

A group of children and a single mother approached.

"A'hana! You caught one!!" A little girl cried as she hopped up and down.

"Wow! Look at that thing!" Said her older brother.

"Thank you A'hana. This will feed the family for at least the next three days. May Desmiel bless you and your partner." The woman said with a bow.

"You're most welcome, Mrs. Lhaou. Please enjoy your feast!"

"We will! Thank you!"

The woman and her children hauled the eel away as A'hana watched them with a content smile on her face.

"Ahh..." She sighed.

When the eel was hauled back to the docks Korrin quickly grabbed the gear he left behind and was shaking his head to let the wind dry off. However when he saw what A’hana was doing to dry her gown he swiftly turned red and looked away momentarily. By Desmiel... is this how the Great God felt when he met his wife? he wondered.

He was about to return her thanks with his own for the experience when he saw the family approach. He blinked visibly and he almost felt for a moment he was looking at something from the past. He took a small breath as the mother gave thanks to A’hana before turning some gratitude to himself. He swallowed a heavy emotional lump in his throat before giving a gentle smile. ”You’re welcome.” was all he said as he watched the family collect the eel and leave.

He was still smiling, but there was a tear or two forming in his eyes as he watched them leave. He almost saw in that family, a reflection of a happier time. Something he felt he lost long ago. Something that he hoped to find again as he draped his cloak over his shoulders again, hood down. ”Thank you for this experience Ms. A’hana. I had a great time.”

A'hana seemed transfixed on the family as they walked away with their feast.

"Someday." She whispered, watching the smile on the children's faces until the very last second as they disappeared round the corner.

"Hah..." She sighed again.

She brushed her wet hair out of her face and took a deep breath while enjoying the warmth of the sun beating down on her. And it was about that time she remembered...

"Oh, I'm sorry Korrin. I was lost in my head there for a moment. Did you say something?"

Korrin blinked as he watched her soak in the warmth of the sun, admiring her beauty, as a young man is oft to do when he sees something that attracts his attention, like a colored stone, or the pink skies of sunset. He still kept that warm smile on his face from watching the family, he thought he heard her mumble something before turning her attention to him.

”It’s fine Ms. A’hana. We all get lost in our heads at times. I was thanking you for the hunt. It was quite an experience. I had a really great time.” he said, smiling still, with a small hint of pink in his cheeks. ”I uh, don’t know if I owe you for the trip or anything other than thanks...” He scratched the back of his dark, blue dyed ended, still wet hair, as it started to dry and take on a natural wave.

He gave a small embarrassed chuckle at having a loss for words.

A'hana's cheeks went a little pink as she chuckled.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. I did as well."

She gave a bow.

"We don't often get visitors from the mainland unless they're tradesmen. So having the chance to hunt with someone new was an experience I'll never forget despite its brevity. Thank you very much, Korrin." She said, giving him another bow.

"You're going to be here a few more days, right?"

Korrin gave a nod. ”You’re welcome.” he replied with a smile. At her question he looked back at the ship and the state it was in, as well as remembering how barebones the crew was. ”At least. Not sure how long repairs are going to go and the crew is kinda short handed. And who knows what My Employer, or the Captain of the ship she hired, is thinking.”

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. ”Why do you ask?”

Her hands slowly came together in front of her face as she held back a chuckle.

"Well, if you're available there will be many more hunts in the days to come. We usually have three to four hunts per day spaced out a few hours each. I'm in charge of hunting for the Lhaou family, the Guuta family, the Sahriel family, and the Pita family. Each family is quite large, so they have between three to four houses for each one which is why we do a full hunt for each house. Since I hunted for Lhaou today, tomorrow is the Sahriel family."

She folded her hands in front of herself.

"So, would you like to join me in the hunts tomorrow for the Sahriel family?"

Korrin stroked his stubble in thought of her question. He hoped he had enough time to spend with A’hana tomorrow, but he had no idea if he was going to end up being stuck on babysitting Lemnia again, or if something else came up. He was also wondering what was going on with Ms. Cretas and Tora, but he assumed Tora had everything under control for the day, and if he needed his help, Tora would’ve found and told him by now.

Giving a small smile and a mental nod to himself he looked at A’hana. ”If nothing else is going on tomorrow that requires my attention I will definitely be more then happy to join you A’hana.” He said with a smile, ”I’ll be looking forward to it.”

A'hana giggled.

"Perfect! If you're available, then come to that house on the hill with the red roof. If I'm not on a hunt already, I'll be there." She said, pointing to a small hill on the outskirts of the city just barely visible from their position.

"I hope you have a pleasant evening, Korrin!" She said with a bow before scampering off down the road towards the house.

Korrin gave a small wave as she left, the pink dusting of his cheek never leaving until she was out of view. She’s amazing. he thought to himself, standing at the docks as he got lost in thought once more of the events of his day.

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Welcome home, Promethean. Here, you can manage your universe.


Arcs are bundles of posts from any location, allowing you to easily capture sub-plots which might be spread out across multiple locations.

Add Quest » Quests

You can create Quests with various rewards, encouraging your players to engage with specific plot lines.

Add Setting » 1 Settings for your players to play in

Settings are the backdrop for the characters in your universe, giving meaning and context to their existence. By creating a number of well-written locations, you can organize your universe into areas and regions.


While not required, locations can be organized onto a map. More information soon!

Add Group » 0 Factions to align with

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By creating Collectibles, you can reward your players with unique items that accentuate their character sheets.

Once an Item has been created, it can be spawned in the IC using /spawn Item Name (case-sensitive, as usual) — this can be followed with /take Item Name to retrieve the item into the current character's inventory.


Give your Universe life by adding a Mob, which are auto-replenishing NPCs your players can interact with. Useful for some quick hack-and-slash fun!

Mobs can be automated spawns, like rats and bats, or full-on NPCs complete with conversation menus. Use them to enhance your player experience!

Current Mobs

No mobs have been created yet.


Locations where Mobs and Items might appear.


You can schedule events for your players to create notifications and schedule times for everyone to plan around.


Add and remove other people from your Universe.

The Forge

Use your INK to craft new artifacts in Chronicles of Cre' Est. Once created, Items cannot be changed, but they can be bought and sold in the marketplace.

Notable Items

No items have been created yet!

The Market

Buy, sell, and even craft your own items in this universe.

Market Data

Market conditions are unknown. Use caution when trading.

Quick Buy (Items Most Recently Listed for Sale)

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Character Portrait: Captain Armedus Lohran
Character Portrait: Cretas Estallamos
Character Portrait: Lemnia Estallamos
Character Portrait: Tora Lithenmiir
Character Portrait: Korrin Arzan
Character Portrait: Collen Merah


Character Portrait: Collen Merah
Collen Merah

Fisherman's son

Character Portrait: Korrin Arzan
Korrin Arzan

I hunt, you eat. It’s easiest thing to remember!

Character Portrait: Tora Lithenmiir
Tora Lithenmiir

"My blade is justice that the rest of the world refuses to enact."

Character Portrait: Lemnia Estallamos
Lemnia Estallamos

Mommy likes to explore, and I like to too! Do you wanna explore with me?

Character Portrait: Cretas Estallamos
Cretas Estallamos

I know it's true! There's a new world beyond the horizon! Untamed and unclaimed! Let it be ours!

Character Portrait: Captain Armedus Lohran
Captain Armedus Lohran

I sail with purpose, and tame the un-tamable. Nature's wrath bends to my whims.


Character Portrait: Korrin Arzan
Korrin Arzan

I hunt, you eat. It’s easiest thing to remember!

Character Portrait: Captain Armedus Lohran
Captain Armedus Lohran

I sail with purpose, and tame the un-tamable. Nature's wrath bends to my whims.

Character Portrait: Tora Lithenmiir
Tora Lithenmiir

"My blade is justice that the rest of the world refuses to enact."

Character Portrait: Cretas Estallamos
Cretas Estallamos

I know it's true! There's a new world beyond the horizon! Untamed and unclaimed! Let it be ours!

Character Portrait: Lemnia Estallamos
Lemnia Estallamos

Mommy likes to explore, and I like to too! Do you wanna explore with me?

Character Portrait: Collen Merah
Collen Merah

Fisherman's son

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Captain Armedus Lohran
Captain Armedus Lohran

I sail with purpose, and tame the un-tamable. Nature's wrath bends to my whims.

Character Portrait: Collen Merah
Collen Merah

Fisherman's son

Character Portrait: Lemnia Estallamos
Lemnia Estallamos

Mommy likes to explore, and I like to too! Do you wanna explore with me?

Character Portrait: Cretas Estallamos
Cretas Estallamos

I know it's true! There's a new world beyond the horizon! Untamed and unclaimed! Let it be ours!

Character Portrait: Tora Lithenmiir
Tora Lithenmiir

"My blade is justice that the rest of the world refuses to enact."

Character Portrait: Korrin Arzan
Korrin Arzan

I hunt, you eat. It’s easiest thing to remember!

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