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Eltz Academy

Moselle Valley, Germany


a part of Eltz Academy, by Écrivain.


Écrivain holds sovereignty over Moselle Valley, Germany, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Moselle Valley, Germany is a part of Eltz Academy.

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Alice Ender [34] The pain won't kill you but it might make you wish it would.
Riles Ruth [30] "Some see the glass half empty, while others struggle to see it half-full."
Lucinda Delouse [27] "I didn't do it. It was them. I would never"
Astrid Horn [23] "Something tells me you aren't as strong as you say you are."
Jeremiah Raimin [22] Not to be rude ...but would you move your slowing my progress
Vassi Yurriovitch Novikov [22] "Life is a broadcasted illusion, all we know is how we feel."
Kian McKinley [20] "You look red. Literally."
Eleanor Sinclair [19] "You sometimes can't chose what happens in life. Sometimes it's written in the stars."
Quinn Hall [17] "Are you happy?"
Jimmy Lawson [16] "Why spend so much energy hating someone when it takes much less to love them?"

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#, as written by Agent

Alice hadn't be sure Quinn would accept her offer of help, as closed-off and stubborn as he seemed to be, so she was surprised but not unhappy when he conceded. It wouldn't have sat well with her if he had strained his injuries more while trying to manage them simply because he had allowed pride to get in the way of assistance. As he set of briskly ahead of her Alice shook her head with a smirk and then quickly followed after.

He seemed to know his way around rather confidently and for the first time Alice realised he might not be a freshman. She hadn't really thought about it before. She mulled over her thoughts in silence since Quinn didn't seem like keeping up conversation. They soon arrived at his room anyway, and Alice glanced about the space curiously. From her experience, it was pretty tidy for a guy's room, but clearly inhabited as his belongings were already set out. She briefly considered the contrast with her own unpacked luggage and sparse room.

As her thoughts returned to the matter at hand, Alice shifted her weight from one foot to the other restlessly. She felt a little awkward just standing there, and when Quinn turned to face her she wasn't sure what she should be doing. He seemed to be managing the situation better however, and without further ado, proceeded to remove his shirt.

Under different circumstances Alice may have admired the view, but the situation didn't really lend itself to such things. Still, she couldn't help but observe the numerous pale scars that traced Quinn's torso. They put the few she had to shame. The largest lay across his ribs, it was surgically neat with the tell-tale pattern along its edges that indicated it had been sutured. Others were less neat; some were still pink, more recently acquired. No wonder he endured his currently injuries without complaint, it seemed that getting himself hurt was not an uncommon occurrence.

"Remember, you asked."

Alice was beginning to wonder exactly what it was she'd gotten herself into. Her mouth was set in a grim line as she tried not to jump to conclusions. She noticed the smears of red on his hands where he'd handled his shirt.

"It's bad," he said, then turned to show his back.

'It's bad.' No kidding! Alice hissed in a sharp breath through her teeth and breathed out a colourful four-letter word. Despite her experiences, her bedside manner was somewhat lacking. Multiple gashes cross-crossed the flesh of his back, the skin around them was swollen, red and angry. Many of the wounds themselves had started to scab over only to have broken open again; his back was wet with blood.

It was one thing to know he was injured, and even feel that pain, but the sight of it was something else entirely. She took an unconscious step forward her hands clenching into fists and opening again with anxious energy. This was wrong. She knew what gravel rash looked like, and the pattern of a dog claws, or even barbed wired scratches. This wasn't any of those. Her mind buzzed rapidly grabbing at thoughts as quickly as it rejected them. If someone had done this to him, she'd kill them. If Quinn had done it to himself, she fix him up, then she'd kill him. Alice's head felt light yet she still had the sudden craving for a cigarette. No, smoking was bad, she wanted alcohol. Yes, alcohol. And cotton swabs. And plasters... She muttered another four-letter word that would have earned her a dirty look from her mother if she'd said it in front of her little brother.

"Where-" Alice's voice cracked and she cleared her throat. Her words came more clear, authoritative, and carrying an undertone of quiet anger. "Where's your medical stuff, Quinn?" Please, for the love of god, don't need sutures.

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After they had gotten to Jimmy's room and he had taken his medicine. She just watched with worry in her eyes as she watched him. Almost automatically, she could tell that everything was getting back to normal. She sigh and smiled towards him before being pulled into a hug and wrapping her arms around him. She nuzzled her head into his chest before sighing. "thank you for helping me, I know it was probably strange and pretty scary." Eleanor nodded her head before speaking to him. "It's fine. Jamie. Don't even worry about it...I just wanted to make sure you were okay." When they moved a part, she looked up at him as he looked down at his watch. "Shit,"

"What time is it?"She went on her tiptoes a bit to see the time before she began to get worried. She was never late to a class and she didn't want to start now. She didn't have time to react before Jimmy reached out and grabbed her hand once again and rushed towards the door. She quickly grabbed the bag from his bed that she had sat down once they entered and rushed to walk at the same pace as her best friend. It didn't take long for the couple to get to their class and when they entered, Eleanor turned her attention from Jimmy to the other people in the classroom, seeing how many new kids there were.

She could point out a couple of new faces from the others she had seen around before. She may not be social but, she was observant when it came to knowing faces. The two took their seats that were right next to one another. And, when the projection of the cell came up, Eleanor was looking away. She only had time to catch a second or so of the places before it changing into something much more pleasant. She looked towards Jimmy before losing her smile a bit as she saw the small specks of fear in his eyes. She put her hand on his shoulder before whispering in his ear. "Are you okay? Are you having another migraine?" She asked with worry in her voice.

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Character Portrait: Eleanor Sinclair Character Portrait: Jimmy Lawson
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Eleanor called out to him but the fear had kept him rooted in his spot.

He had to bite his lip to keep from saying anything. Jimmy felt like screaming, punching, anything to remind himself he wasn't there anymore.

Jimmy had had a hard time adjusting. There were days where he would feel it again; the hopeless and utter desolation that had taken hold of him for countless weeks. The days had mixed together and his memory was a blur of cackles, the pain of forced transformation, and eating from the floor because they'd stripped him of his dignity and humanity. Trying to rid himself of that animalistic nature was the hardest part of coming back.

Jimmy shook his head and looked to Eleanor, giving her a small smirk. "No, no migraine. Just, the projection brought on a couple bad memories." It also reminded him how little Eleanor knew of his past. They met the year before he enrolled, when he would shadow Headmaster Ryan. They became better friends the more and more they hung out but he'd always had a crush on her. He thought her intelligence with such a laid-back attitude was very alluring. He liked to think that he could have been that way without his horrible childhood.

He decided not to say anything about it to the professor because he seemed genuinely apologetic. Since the professor seemed to be stuck in his thoughts, he designated a independent/small group study day. Of course, Jimmy was with Eleanor, which usually meant he transformed and she read to manipulate the landscape. The migraines had worn him out so he decided to curl up into the form of a kitten on Eleanor's desk and closed his eyes.

Being from Ruhig, Eleanor wouldn't want him to waste this valuable study time to work on his powers, but hopefully she would be convinced by the display which she'd experienced earlier that he needed to rest.

Late-comers where given the agenda on what they were doing today, and most of the head students were helping out the freshman. He transformed for a moment, telling Eleanor that she could help some of the freshmen since he was going to sleep, and transformed once again into the kitten form.

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"I believe that mans name is Quinn or something of that nature,"

"Quinn." Riley tested then name on her tongue silently. The name seemed to fit, somehow. Riley shook it off and continued to listen to what Jeremiah was saying to her. "Also sadly as much as I would enjoy taking you into town it getting quite close to first class. No worries you don't need a book for this class but just in case you need them I always take notes." Riley pouted in frustration. There goes her plans for the day. Oh she didn't want to go to class. She heard classes here were completely different from the normal ones you had at well, a normal school. Riley dreaded testing out her ability and she ached to slow down time to stop herself from getting to that certain point.

"Do we get our own schedule here or what?" Riley asked standing up picking up her cute puppy in the process. Her fingers were jittering again and what better way to control them than handling a dog? Riley started to walk off and paused and turned to look at Jeremiah who was still standing there. "C'mon I'm a freshman remember? I don't know where I'm going." Riley nodded her head towards the cafeteria entrance indicating that he needs to be the leader and that she needs to follow him. Once they started walking Riley let the silence fill between before she opened her mouth again.

"You must have experience in one of these classes? What are they like? Rate it on a scale from one to ten." Ever sense Riley stepped foot on the school all she can hear are people talking about what they learned in classes. That's a rare thing when it comes to teenagers because...well, teenagers hate school. With a passion. To hear them talking about it feverishly just points out that the classes are either the most interesting thing you'll ever encounter or the worst thing in history. Riley can only hope to find out. Personally that is.

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Character Portrait: Astrid Horn Character Portrait: Vassi Yurriovitch Novikov
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Astrid had never blacked out before and she assumed her powers had stopped working. So when Vassi yelled, quite angrily, to ask what she'd done to her, she was really confused and didn't like that he was yelling.

"I'm sorry, darling, I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't do anything." She growled, but only out of confusion. Astrid could be quite vicious when she's confused. After he answered her however, she felt like it was time for class: a head's intuition.

"Shit. We have to go, it's time for class." Astrid told him, extending a warm hand and a pretty smile. He had to be suspicious but she honestly hadn't heard anything of what he said. For her, it was a worry that her powers were changing and that she would lose the small control she had on them. For others, it was that power that was so hard to control that could make her dangerous. She would have to talk to Professor Lawrence, or even Headmaster Ryan. She would have to tell him about the diner ordeal soon enough.

On their way, she made sure to text Kian and Annabelle so they'd realize it was time for class. She also sent one to the rest of the heads, excluding Eleanor and Kyle, as they were usually in class before her. She took her time to show Vassi some of the castle on the way to the class. There was a large garden seen just out a window, and the mountains they were settled on were just about everywhere. Instead of independent study, she thought about hiking up to one of the peaks, but that would only be allowed on weekends, when they had free time. They strolled into the classroom, just missing the bell by a few minutes.

Granted, if they'd walked a bit faster, they might have made it, but Astrid was in no hurry. The Treu guardian, Jimmy, had transformed into a cat and was sleeping, which was incredibly adorable, but also meant free time. She would have to go outside to use her power, and decided to spring out her mythology book. She would use independent study later to practice using her powers, and meet Andrei later. She pondered on having dinner with him, but she decided against it, fearing the friends with benefits would turn into something else.

Instead, she would grab a bottle or two of strong wine from the cellar in the castle and toast to the freedom of flings.

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"You can go if you need to," Lucy was confused. What was he talking about? Go where? she thought to herself. "I don't want to keep you." But he wasn't keeping her. She was willing sitting here trying to engage in some kind of conversation. Of course she was failing miserably due to the fact that she can't talk to people. It could be the fact that she was on her phone. That was a bit rude, but she was talking to Kyle. Despite all these other people, she cared about him the most. And then of course Robert. He was number two. "I don't have anywhere to go" she said simply. It was true.

Outside the door of Kian's room, people were bustling about. It was pretty loud. Lucy checked the time and sighed. Yay. Class time. she thought to herself. "We have to go to class." she said dreadfully. Sometimes Lucy didn't enjoy classes. Listening to other people. Being in the same room as people she hates. And not being able to do what she wants. Confined within four walls. It was terrible. Of course the lessons were fine, she just didn't want to deal with the people. Lucy petted the kitten that still occupied her lap before moving it gently.

Lucy stood up and removed her beanie from her head. She ran her fingers through her hair and put the beanie back on. She looked to Kian. "Come on" she said urging him to get up. Moving to the door, she pulled it open waiting for her friend before leaving.

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A Collaboration Post

"Shit. We have to go, it's time for class." Astrid told Vas, extending a warm hand and a pretty smile. He glared with suspicion at the girl who now appeared to be her normal self again and gently moved her hand away from him while taking a step back creating a considerable distance between the two. "Lead the way then." he said nodding in the direction of the hallways. Vas kept his distance away from her as she slowly lead the way to class taking what seemed to be the long scenic route.

When the professor said it was a free day, Ellie knew exactly what that meant. She would have to help the newer members of her house while Jimmy turned into a kitten on her desk and watched the moving picture that she used her power on. It wasn't long until her best friend turned to a kitten and fell asleep on her desk. She rolled her eyes before petting his back.

Eleanor grapped her notebook out of her bag and looked through the pictures for one that would keep him calm and relaxed. Once she found one of a large willow tree with a wind chime on it, blowing in the wind as the sun was setting in the background. She waved her hand of the picture to bring it to life before smiling back at Jimmy and petting his head softly one more time before a group of people came towards her and started asking her to help them. At first she told them that she busy and had something else to do but, she soon found herself roped into explaining the lesson to them while looking down at Jimmy and stuttering a few times.

"Eleanor, are you okay?" The younger girls asked if she was okay before looking at her in worry.
"I'm fine, I just need a minute." The girls nodded before turning around towards each other as Ellie took a deep breath before turning back to her desk,trying to hide her embarrassment. She was just happy that Jimmy wasn't awake to see her have one of her 'stutterfest'.

She started tapping her foot and her fingers in a pattern, trying to calm her anxiety. She looked up towards the clock which was right above the door right when Astrid and the boy she had seen earlier in the day.
She sighed sharply. "Of course." Knowing that Astrid probably already had him wrapped around her pretty little finger. Not that she was surprised, she was everything a guy wanted. She quickly turned her gaze down towards her book while trying to stop her cheeks from turning red with even more embarrassment. She was trying to calm herself down, but everything her therapist told her to try wasn't helping.

So, she quickly stood up and walked out of the room. She needed to get some air.

To Vas' dismay he and Astrid arrived late and had missed the lesson so again the Russian glared at the girl this time without her noticing his narrowed eyes on the back of her head. "You owe me some answers." was the thought rambling through his mind but as he glared at her he noticed a familiar face exiting the class room. It was the girl who had bumped into him in line.

Immediately forgetting his current disdain for Astrid he hastily attempted to catch up to the girl before she got to far with the intent to strike up conversation, but still realizing he was in his practice clothes Vas stopped a few feet short of the girl to see if he passed the smell test. "Hmm not too bad" His scent was that of a slight man smell, because the cold outdoor air kept him from sweating too much during his exercise. "Better safe than sorry" was his final thought before looking to find that the girl who was now no where to be seen.

"Just my luck, now which way did she go?" Vas was now at an intersection in the hallways, he looked to his left and saw nothing but the day light sun shining through windows of the halls. Next was the right and down the hall a little ways was the girl who was still walking and carrying her books. "Excuse me, Ms." he called hoping his voice would carry down the hall as he lightly jogged to catch up to her.

Upon reaching her he couldn't help but let out a smile of relief before saying "You walk quite fast, are you in Hurry? He paused for a second to see if her answer was yes before continuing "Im sorry i don't mean to bother you it's just I never got your name earlier before you rushed off, Im Vassi Its a pleasure to meet you."