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[Multiverse] Darshendros' cast of characters

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Post all character profiles here.

[Multiverse] Darshendros' cast of characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Darshendros on Fri Apr 13, 2007 1:33 pm

To save from having to make multiple topics to make profiles for all the characters I wish to use here, I'm going to post them all in one topic. All characters will be [Multiverse] unless stated otherwise. I've been roleplaying for... a really long time... so some of these characters may give off the impression of being a bit on the overpowered side, but rest assured that they're balanced and are played fairly.


Name: Drako Wildfire
Age: Mid-20s
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon/Seraph
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Appearance: 7' with fair skin, crimson eyes, and long flowing white hair, with a lean, athletic build. He weighs about 250 lbs. His clothing varies, but he commonly wears dark robes or kimonos.
Weapon: True Dragonblade

Special Attacks: Breath weapon, Burn, Create/destroy fire, Fire mastery, Spell-like abilities, Spells

Special Qualities: Alternate form, Damage reduction 10/magic, darkvision 60 ft., Finder, Immune to acid, petrification, fire, magic sleep effects, paralysis effects, low-light vision, resistance to electricity 10, Teleport Without Error at will, Tounges, Weak against cold

Background: Wildfire is the son of Darshendros the Eternal (formerly a red dragon) and Rivkah Wildfire (a (non-biblical) fallen seraphim). Due to his berserk nature and uncontrollable power, Darshendros sealed him away in suspended animation, in a pocket dimension somewhere. He was somehow released many years later and had gone on a berserk rampage. His rage is driven by his hatred for his father, and the sadness from being abandoned by his mother.

Sensing his power growing even more out of control, Darshendros transported Wildfire, against his will, to the chaotic plane of Pandemonium, and left him stranded there. Not only did Wildfire make it out of Pandemonium, which took him quite some time (read, years), but he also harnessed control of his powers and picked up some rather epic gear along the way. He escaped Pandemonium with the help of Dragonblade, a sentient sword that actually belongs to Darshendros. How it ended up in Pandemonium and why it allowed Wildfire to wield it freely is still a mystery. Now he has returned, stronger and more focused, and in possession of Dragonblade.

Wildfire possesses both draconic and angelic traits.


Name: Chaszmyr T'sarran
Gender: Male
Age: 420
Race: Drow
Class: Rogue/Assassin/Hand of the Winged Master/Shadowblade
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Appearance: 5'4" with ebony skin and stark white hair, cropped short. He has blood red eyes, a scar running over the left one, and the typical elven figure; lean but cut like a rock. He wears black leathers, along with a dark, hooded cloak. He wears a black ring on his right middle finger and carries a small arm-crossbow on his left forearm, with a quarrel of bolts (10) attached to his belt. Two belts loop around his waist, from which the sheaths of his two shortswords hang from behind his hips. Elven boots cover his feet, with a concealed dagger tucked into each one.

Weapons: Shadow Striking Drow Short Sword, Dagger of the Leech, Arm Crossbow w/ poisoned bolts, Throwing Knives x6, Boot Knife

Special Attacks: Crippling Strike, Death Attack, Dragonfire Strike, Last Stand, Poison Use, Sneak Attack, Unseen Weapon (unerring strike)
Special Qualities: Draconic Senses, Drow Traits, Evasion, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Light Blindness, Spells, Spell-like Abilities, Trap Sense, True Seeing (left eye)

Spell-like Abilities: At will (when wearing Ring of Shades) - Shadow Walk; 1/day - Dancing Lights, Darkness, Faerie Fire

Assassin Spells Known: (4/4): 1st - disguise self, feather fall, jump, true strike; 2nd - alter self, invisibility, pass without trace, spider climb

Languages Known: Elven (Drow dialect), Undercommon, Common, Goblin, Draconic, Shade

Bio: Chaszmyr was the Weapons Master of House T'sarran before it was destroyed by a rival House. Miraculously, he survived, at the loss of his left eye along with some other injuries. He was nursed back to health by a mysterious group of drow assassins and wizards, known only as Dal'harouk D'oloth - the Sons of Darkness. They even replaced his lost eye with a new one able to see things that were invisible or hidden with magic. Chaszmyr became a member of the group, becoming an assassin and murdering various key figures in the city's heirarchy. He even dabbled in the art of Shadow Magic, which was the specialty of the group's wizards.

The Sons of Darkness met an untimely, messy death when they attempted to steal a powerful magical artifact owned by the dracolich, Darshendros. Darshendros spared the life of Chaszmyr T'sarran though, for reasons unknown, and more or less forced him into working for him. The drow didn't mind who he worked for as long as he didn't have to put up with the drama and web of lies involved in drow society. After some time, Chaszmyr grew complacent with doing jobs for The Dragon, becoming his personal spy and assassin in places that Darshendros could not venture in without risking his cover.

When the Dragon vanished, Chaszmyr found himself on his own again. Using his experience, he put himself out as a sword-for-hire, or an assassin, selling himself to the highest bidder and killing those he was paid to. When he's not spending his nights in an inn, he travels back to the caverns he dwelled in when in the Dragon's service. Someone has to ensure all that treasure stays put.

Chaszmyr hates everyone, including other drow. He takes joy from torturing people before killing them, moreso if he's being paid to do it. He believes that perfecting one's combat prowess is the only true path in life, and trusts no one.

When Darshendros ascended to godhood and came to him, asking once more for his services, the drow expectedly agreed. He knew that he would only benefit from serving the Dragon, and he was right in that assumption, as he has been made into one of Darshendros' Chosen, and powers have been revealed to him that he only heard whispers of during his time with Dal'harouk D'oloth.

The arts of shadow.


Name: Afro-sama
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Truenamer
Alignment: Lawful Good
Appearance: A man of fair skin, with a large black afro. He stood about six feet tall, and wore a multicolored coat, red slacks, and leather boots. A gold chain hung around his neck, and black shades covered his eyes. The grin on his lips depicted a mischieviousness about him.
Weapons: Katana and wakizashi
Special Attacks: Utterances
Special Qualities: Knowledge focus (3), Known personal truename, See the named, Sending, Speak unto the masses, Say my name and I am there

Utterances Known (CL 20th):
Lexicon of the Evolving Mind: 1st - Inertia Surge, Knight's Puissance, Universal Aptitude; 2nd - Speed of the Zephyr, Strike of Might, Temporal Twist; 3rd - Energy Negation, Incarnation of Angels, Seek the Sky; 4th - Breath of Cleansing, Spell Rebirth, Word of Bolstering; 5th - Eldritch Attraction, Sensory Focus, Ward of Peace, Word of Nurturing (Critical); 6th - Breath of Recovery, Greater Knight's Puissance, Singular Mind, Word of Nurturing (Greater)
Lexicon of the Crafted Tool: 1st - Keen Weapon; 2nd - Agitate Metal; 3rd - Suppress Weapon; 4th - Suppress Item; 5th - Seize Item
Lexicon of the Perfected Map: 1st - Shockwave; 2nd - Energy Vortex; 3rd - Master of the Four Winds; 4th - Anger the Sleeping Earth

Utterances (Sp): A truenamer has the ability to speak utterances, powerful combinations of truenames that can alter the world around him in fundemental ways.

Knowledge Focus (Ex): As a truenamer, you spend a great deal of time studying the world around you in an effort to learn new truenames.

See the Names (Su): You have the ability to see a creature from afar whose personal truename you know from a great distance.

Speak Unto the Masses (Su): You have the ability to affect a number of creatures of the same creature type with a single, powerful utterance.

Say My Name and I Am There (Su): You develop a truename - not your personal truename, but a sort of true nickname - that is invested with cosmic power such that others who speak it can conjure you forth.

Background: Afro-sama is a multiverse-renowned scholar; a knower of everything, including truenames. Where he comes from is unknown. His mission in life is to help those less fortunate, whether it be training them to defend themselves, teaching magic, or helping old ladies across the street. He stands up against injustice and will do all in his power to rid the world of the evils of bullies and the like.

Equipment: (stored in afro) Katana, wakizashi, Mach-10, M-60, RPG-7; (worn) Glasses of Eye Protection (nulls blindness), Prismatic Coat (creates a prismatic sphere effect), Pants of Fire Resistance (resists fire effects), leather belt, leather boots, gold chain.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Fri Apr 13, 2007 1:53 pm

If you'd like to be able to link to each profile individually, but not post a new thread for each, you can dedicate a post to each character within this thread, and then just label the topic something like "Darshendros' Characters".

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Valas, Kaiser, Jin

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Darshendros on Fri Apr 13, 2007 2:24 pm

That works too.


Name: Valas Zauviir
Gender: Male
Age: 1,000+
Race: Demilich
Class: Wizard 25/Archmage 5
Appearance: He wears velvet black robes decorated with various runes and sigils sewn into the fabric. His once, proud drow features had long ago rotted away, leaving behind a dark skull with high cheekbones, an angular jawline, and a pointed chin. A pinprick of light glowered from the depths of his shadowy eye sockets, and a jeweled circlet rests on the crown of his skull, just above the browline.
Weapon(s): Staff of the Lich King, Shadowstriking Dagger
Equipment: Robe of Bones, Headband of Epic Intellect, Bracers of Epic Armor, Amulet of the Planes, Cloak of Displacement, Belt of Storm Giant's Strength, Epic Ring of Protection, Ring of Force Shield, x2 Major Ring of Spell Storing, x4 Ring of Elemental Command (Air, Earth, Fire, Water)

Special Attacks: Arcane Fire, Arcane Reach, Trap the soul, fear aura, paralyzing touch, 21st-level wizard spellcaster, Perfect Automatic Still Spell, spell-like abilities
Special Qualities: Keen Senses, Low-light Vision, Master of Elements, Magic immunity, phylactery transference, turn resistance +20, DR 15/Epic and bludgeoning, undead traits, acid resistance 20, fire resistance 20, sonic resistance 20, immune to cold, electricity, polymorph, and mind-affecting attacks.
Spell-like Abilities: At will - alter self, astral projection, create greater undead, create undead, death knell, enervation, greater dispel magic, harm (usually used to heal itself ), summon monster I-IX, telekinesis, weird; 2/day - Greater Planar Ally, Greater Teleport, Meteor Swarm; 1/day - Darkness, Faerie Fire
Spells Known: The demilich can cast any spells it could cast as a lich. Being a Chosen of Darshendros, Valas knows all spells from The Player's Handbook, Epic Level Handbook, and Magic of Faerun
Wizard Spells Prepared (9/9/9/9/9/7/9/7/8/7):

Fear Aura (Su): Demiliches are shrouded in a dreadful aura of death and evil. Creatures of less than 5 HD in a 60-foot radius that look at the demilich must succeed at a Will save (DC 19) or be affected as though by fear as cast by a 21st-level caster. The DC is Charisma-based.

Paralyzing Touch (Su): Any living creature a demilich touches must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 36) or be permanently paralyzed. Remove paralysis or any spell that can remove a curse can free the victim. The effect cannot be dispelled. Anyone paralyzed by a demilich seems dead, though a successful Spot check (DC 20) or Heal check (DC 15) reveals that the victim is still alive.

Perfect Automatic Still Spell (Ex): A demilich can cast all the spells it knows without gestures.

Magic Immunity (Ex): Demiliches are immune to all magical and supernatural effects, except as follows. A shatter spell affects a demilich as if it were a crystalline creature, but deals half the damage normally indicated. A dispel evil spell deals 3d6 points of damage (Fort save for half damage). Holy smite spells affect demiliches normally.

Phylactery Transference (Su): Headbands, belts, rings, cloaks, and other wearable items kept in close association with the demilich’s phylactery transfer all their benefits to the demilich no matter how far apart the demilich and the phylactery are located. The standard limits on types of items utilized simultaneously still apply.

Undead Traits: Immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, death, effects, necromantic effects, mind-affecting effects, and any effect requiring a Fortitude save unless it also works on objects. Not subject to critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, ability drain, or energy drain. Negative energy heals. Not at risk of death from massive damage, but destroyed at 0 hit points or less. Darkvision 60 ft. Cannot be raised; resurrection works only if creature is willing.

Immunities (Ex): Demiliches are immune to cold, electricity, polymorph, and mind-affecting attacks.

Background: Valas was House Wizard for House Zauviir, before its untimely demise at the hands of a rival drow House. Valas had been a lich long before that had happened though, having been under the tutelage of a death god he was secretly worshipping, and saw that event as the tool that finally broke his bonds. Taking his phylactery and his most valuable magical items, scrolls, and spellbooks, the lichdrow moved to Necropolita, a necropolis in the Northernlands of Gaia, where he was welcomed by the god he had been secretly serving. He took up residence in an abandoned tower, turning it into the Nightlund Tower of Necromancy, where he has been for the last four hundred years.

Besides running the magical sect of the Cult of Darshendros, Valas has been spending the last four hundred years collecting eight rare and highly valuable gems of perfect cut. They were turned into soul gems, placing one in each eye socket and the remaining six embedded around the crown of his skull. After a long ritual that spent nearly all of Valas' magical energy, he underwent the process of becoming a demilich - a powerful, evolved form of a lich. His corporeal body vanished except for his skull, which now floated freely in the air. All of his belongings, magical items, gear, and weapons, have been placed around his hidden phylactery for him to use freely.

Valas is one of the Chosen of Darshendros.


Name: Kaiser Holdem
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Race: Human
Weapon(s): Deck of cards, magic dice
Appearance: 5'9" with light blond hair and blue eyes, fair skin, slightly toned build. He wears a leather duster over a vest, long-sleeve dress shirt, and leather pants, with boots on his feet. He used to have a cowboy hat, but lost it somewhere. Around his waist is a gunbelt, with a .38 revolver holstered at his hip. He doesn't use it very often though.
Abilities: His powers are completely random, depending on which card he draws or what he rolls with his magic dice. For his cards, the card number will determine how powerful the attack is; face cards amplify the effect ten-fold. His dice (2d6) deal random status effects determined by the roll. The list is as follows:

Hearts: Fire attacks
Diamonds: Cold attacks
Spades: Electricity attacks
Clubs: Acid attacks
Joker: Random area of effect (determined by 1d4 roll)
Face cards amplify attack x10.
Aces include a secondary effect related to the element (fire, immolation; cold, slow; electricity, stun; acid, poisoned).

Dice (2d6)
Snake eyes: Effect backfires, deals damage to Kaiser
1 - 3: Daze
4 - 6: Stun
7 - 9: Sleep
10 - 12: Confusion
Doubles double duration of effect from 1 round to 2.
Double 6: All effects for 2 rounds.

Special Moves
52 Pick-up: Kaiser throws all of his cards out at once, simultaneously inflicting acid, cold, electricity, and fire damage, along with the secondary effects of each suit and respective element. This can only be used once, and only with a full deck.

Hit: One card is randomly drawn out and immediately takes effect.

Ante Up: Kaiser holds his cards for an additional round, increasing the potency of its effect by double. The effect continues building up with each round he holds the cards. This can only be used after Deal Me In.

Deal Me In: Two to five cards are drawn out randomly, but only the highest card takes effect, unless one of the following hands are dealt. Deal Me In does not need to be necessarily used to draw any of these hands.

Pair: Two cards of equal value are drawn, sending both elemental attacks at the target at once. (Deal Me In) If there are two pair, the higher pair takes effect.

3 of a Kind: Three cards of equal value are drawn, creating a pair of illusionary copies of Kaiser that mimic his every movements. The effect lasts for however many rounds is the value of the card, with a maximum of 10 rounds.

4 of a Kind: Four cards of equal value are drawn, sending all four elemental attacks at the target at once. The effect is different with face cards, however, which are listed below:

- 4 Jacks:

- 4 Queens: Reflects spells and spell-like abilities for 10 rounds.

- 4 Kings: Summons four knights to fight by your side for 10 rounds or until they're all defeated. Each knight wears plate armor, wields a magical longsword, and carries a shield.

- 4 Aces: A magical force field surrounds your body like a suit of armor, granting you an armor bonus the equivalent of wearing full plate armor, without the weight or bulkiness of it. Since the armor is made of force, ethereal creatures cannot go through it like they can regular armor. The effect lasts for 10 rounds.

Full House: Kaiser draws five cards - a pair and a three-of-a-kind - and erects a magical barrier around himself that is able to absorb all incoming spells and spell-like abililties, similar to a spell mantle effect. The barrier can absorb 1d8+8 spell levels before collapsing, with a duration dependant upon the value of the highest card, maximum 10 rounds.

Straight: Kaiser draws five cards of consequetive value, granting himself a Freedom of Movement effect (immune to any effects that cause hold, immobilize, or slow) for the duration of the lowest card's value.

Straight Flush: Kaiser draws five cards of the same suit and of consequetive value, doubling his movement speed and reaction time for the duration of the value of the lowest card.

Royal Flush: Kaiser draws a royal flush hand of whichever suit still has the cards available. The cards combine together to inflict an area of effect attack with maximized effect and damage.

Hearts = Melting Point
Diamonds = Absolute Zero
Spades = Lightning Storm
Clubs = Acid Rain

Refresh: At the end of every match, Kaiser's cards refresh themselves, regaining all the cards used during the match. This is a full-round action that can be used once per day.

Background: Kaiser is a gambler. He grew up around casinos, around gamblers. He was gambling himself by the time he was a eight years old. After getting bored of winning against kids his age, he started hustling adults. So close was his relationship with playing cards, that he began developing certain abilities associated with their values. The first time he discovered this was when someone tried to cheat him in a game of Texas Hold 'Em Poker. He had a pair of aces, giving him four in total with the two other aces already on the table; the man across from him also happened to have two aces, which he had taken from his sleeve. In a fit of outrage, Kaiser threw his cards at the man, which suddenly exploded with elemental energy - a lightning bolt with the Ace of Spades, and a giant fireball with the Ace of Hearts. He discovered to have similar abilities with dice, but they weren't elemental in nature, nor as potentially destructive.

Then Lady Luck decided to turn her back on him, and it all went downhill from there. Kaiser became addicted to gambling. What was worse than being addicted to gambling was gambling with money one didn't truly have, and then losing it all. He had gotten himself into some pretty heavy debts, which naturally had his collectors sending people to look for him. Kaiser went on the run, taking his cards and his dice, looking for a way to pay back all the money he owed, or somehow get rid of his collectors.


Name: Jin
Apparent age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Psychic Vampire
Appearance: Standing a little over five feet tall, with short dark brown hair and eyes, fair skin, and the typical skinny, boyish features. He wears a black school uniform typical of Japanese high school students.
Special Abilities: Psionics, Psychic Drain
Weapon: Mind over Matter - Jin's mind is his weapon.

Background: Jin was once an ordinary Japanese high school student, dealing with ordinary Japanese high school student things. He was a social outcast, had few friends, and was generally tired with life. Inevitably, he got mixed up with the wrong crowd. He went to a party once and met an older girl who seemed to understand him completely. She took him home and made love to him all night long.

The next morning, she was dead. Doctors couldn't explain the cause of her death, and there didn't seem to be aby foul play involved, so the police couldn't charge Jin with any crime. He was still traumatized by the experience though. That night he couldn't sleep. He kept seeing the girl's face in his mind, alive and then dead. He heard a knock on his door, and he screamed when he looked through the peephole. It was the girl! The door opened of its own accord and she stepped inside his apartment.

She said, "Do not scream, my love, for you are already dead."

Thirty years later...

A string of mysterious deaths begins plaguing a Japanese high school. The causes are unknown, but sources close to the victims reported them appearing constantly tired, mentally drained. The victims all seem to be young girls, nothing between them related whatsoever besides going to the same school, except that they had all been in a destructive romantic relationship with a certain student at one point or another.


However, there is no evidence to build a case on, so the police are left stupified by these deaths. One thing is apparent though: Jin was involved somehow, and he's either incredibly good about covering his tracks, or they're just missing something.
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Gus, Blargh, Shade

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Darshendros on Fri Apr 13, 2007 3:12 pm

Name: Gus Stoneskull
Gender: Male
Age: 76
Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter/Geomancer
Alignment: Neutral Good
Appearance: 4'3" with reddish brown hair, thick eyebrows, a long, thick beard, and blue eyes. He is stocky, built like a tree with corded muscles and strong legs. He wears a steel breastplate over a chainmail shirt and skirt, leather pants and boots, with a leather belt around his waist. He often wears a steel skullcap on his head.

He carries a dwarven waraxe in his right hand and a medium-size shield in his left, which he can use to defend his entire body like a tower shield. Sometimes he will also carry throwing axes, which would be carried tucked under his belt.
Weapon(s): Dwarven Waraxe, Throwing Axes (x3, optional)
Special Attacks: Power Attack, Shield Bash, Geomancy, One With Nature
Special Qualities: Dwarven Traits, Nature Empathy, Resistance to Elements

Geomancy - Gus can manipulate his surroundings to attack, defend, or boost his own abilities. The types of abilities he can do depends on the type of environment he is in.

Nature Empathy - Gus can attune himself to the environment around himself, tapping into the raw elemental nature of the environment to manipulate and use to aid him in battle. His natural element is stone, which means he does not need to focus when in rocky or cavernous environs in order to manipulate it. In other environs, such as forests, he has to spend a full-round action in order to fully attune himself to the environ's elements. Each round that passes, that link grows stronger, thus enabling Gus to manipulate more of his surroundings more easily.

One With Nature - When Gus achieves the maximum level of attunement with his environment, he can choose to melt into his surroundings and take complete control over his surroundings, molding and shaping them as he see's fit. In this state, however, he is unable to attack or defend himself, so usually he will surround himself with some kind of defense in case he has to extract himself from the ground.

Resistance to Elements - Being a geomancer, Gus gains a small resistance to elemental energy. If he has attuned himself to the environment he is in, he can become immune to the primary elemental type of that environment.

Background: Gus was a boy living in the caverns of Clan Stoneskull when he discovered his special ability to manipulate the natural environs around him. It happened where he became trapped from a cave-in. The stones were too heavy for him to move and he had limited oxygen. So desperately did he want out, that he found himself willing the stones to move for him, despite his doubt that that would even work. To his surprise, and everyone else who was trying to rescue him, the stone parted way for him, melting away and creating a passage through the stone. The effort drained him of his energy. When he came to a few days later, he was asked dozens of questions, all of which he had no answers to. Searching through the ancient lore of the clan, however, it was discovered that once every few generations, a dwarf may be born with the ability to bend and shape stone to his will. Gus was obviously that one.

It didn't stop there though. When Gus mastered his ability to manipulate earth, he discovered that, with some concentration, he was able to manipulate things of and from other natural environments as well. It took some extra effort though, a bit harder than manipulating stone, but he could do it. Later on in his life, when he left the halls of his clan to seek adventure, a scholar would inform him that his abilities are that of a Geomancer, a type of magic-user that can bend and shape the elements to his will, similar to a druid, but with the power coming from internally rather than externally, like a sorcerer.


Name: Blargh
Age: Eternal
Gender: Null
Race: Golgothan Shit Demon
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Appearance: Blargh is a Golgothan Shit Demon, a demon composed entirely of feces. It is quite possibly the most disgusting and vile creature in existence. It stands over seven feet tall and smells like hot, fresh dookie. Its body is in a constant amorphorous state, but often takes on a humanoid shape.

Background: Blargh is but one of many Golgothan Shit Demons - demons born from the waste of people crucified on Golgotha by the Romans in ancient times. They are the lowest caste of demons, able to be summoned by even novice priests, doing whatever they are told to do. They are also incredibly difficult to defeat, due to their amorphorous state and the vile, nauseous smell they give off. This particular demon, Blargh, was mistakenly summoned by a young mage in a magic duel, who thought he botched his spell when he suddenly retched instead of calling out the name of the demon he meant to summon, but instead called out Blargh. Dumbfounded, and becoming sickened by the fecal smell, the mage lost control of the magic and Blargh escaped from the magic circle, consuming the mage and then his opponent. Blargh has been on the loose since.


Name: Shade
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Shadowcaster 6/Master of Shadow 10
Appearance: He appears as a wizard, wearing black robes and a hooded cloak, face veiled in shadow and hands covered in black gloves.

Special Attacks: Shadow Cast, Empower Mystery (2), Extend Mystery, Master's Bidding, Maximize Mystery (2), Quicken Mystery (2)
Special Qualities: Rapid Shadow, Spells, Shadow Servant, Shadow Vision, Sustaining Shadow, Umbral Sight

Mysteries Known:

Master Paths
8th - flesh fails, greater (spell, 1/day)
7th - life fades, greater (spell, 1/day), summon umbral servant (spell, 1/day)

Initiate Paths
6th - shadows fade, greater (spell-like, 2/day), voyage into shadow (spell-like, 2/day)
5th - pass into shadow (spell-like, 2/day), unravel dwoemer (spell-like, 2/day)
4th - shadows fade (spell-like, 2/day), step into shadow (spell-like, 2/day)

Apprentice Paths
3rd - clinging darkness (supernatural, 3/day), umbral touch(supernatural, 3/day)
2nd - black fire (supernatural, 3/day), flesh fails (supernatural, 3/day)
1st - carpet of shadow(supernatural, 3/day), life fades (supernatural, 3/day)

0 - arrow of dusk (supernatural, 3/day), black candle (supernatural, 3/day), caul of shadow(supernatural, 3/day), mystic reflections (supernatural, 3/day), sight obscured (supernatural, 3/day), umbral hand(supernatural, 3/day)

Bio: His past, like his powers, are veiled in shadows and mystery.

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