The Academy for the Supernatural

The Academy for the Supernatural

{Remake} Deep within the furthest parts of Japan lies a school where supernatural beings attend. Many know that because they attend there will be school years chocked full of drama, fighting, romance, and much else. How will you survive it all?

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Many years ago the boarding school named Supernatural Academy was established for children of supernatural creatures or for those turned into suprnatural creatures. Now yet another school year is beginning only this time things have gotten more complicated as it is because children to royal families are attending now. There's just one thing for right now no one knows who's part of the royal families. With new students coming in and royals possibly being at every turn what is any student to do but go along for the crazy ride that is yet another year at Supernatural Academy.



  • Vampires do not sparkle but will burn to a crisp if exposed to direct sunlight without wearing a charm that prevents this.
  • Only Noble-blooded or Pure-boods can reproduce.
  • They are immune to garlic, curcifixes, and holywater.
  • Animal blood can never be the only thing vampres can live off of as it's only little than half of what they need to survive.
  • Vampires do have extraodrinary abilities but royals are stronger thand nobles and turned ones.
  • Are most attracted to the blood of royal vampires, witches, and Fae.
  • The most common seen ones are Noble or turned vampires meaning that Royals are very rare.
  • Descend back to thousands of years before.
  • Must be invited to the home of someone whom is not of their species (Including the dorms.) and can have invitations taken away.


  • Have many powers and are naturally born spellcasters
  • A human can't be turned into one and one must be born with both parents as witches to gain all powers
  • Are one of the most sought after by vampires because of the way their blood tastes.
  • Royal blood witches are much stronger than ordinary ones.
  • They are ones that create the charms for the vampires to wear in order to walk around in the daytime.
  • Descend back as long as vampires


  • They are weakned by iron.
  • Can choose to or not to be seen.
  • Have multiple abilities
  • Are one of the most desired blood by vampires.
  • Are known to be mischevious and menacing at times
  • Half-lings are weaker than full Fae as regular fae are weaker to the royals.


  • Allergic to silver.
  • Can choose to be either a full fledged wolf or partly.
  • Can turn humans by biting them.
  • Can kill vampires by biting them and are weakened by a vampire bite.
  • Are faster than vampires but are weaker.
  • Regular ones can match royals on certain levels of strength, agility, and speed.


  • Often mistaken for vampires
  • Some survive off of blood others survive off of other things.
  • Prefer the blood of royal vampires, witches, and fae as well.
  • Can transform into different things depending on the demon.
  • Royals descend from Statan himself.
  • Can turn into an utterly grotesque form most of time if they have another form.
  • Exorcisms can weaken or even kill them along with holy water that can burn them.

So which of these races are you? Oh and dont forget the school uniforms:

Girl's uniforms 1:

Girl's uniform 2:

Boy's uniforms:

Well that's about it so we hope you have a wonderful time attending SA!

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Toggle Rules

1: This is meant to have cursing, mentions of sex, and mentions of drugs and alcohol but sexual scenes are meant to fade to black after a certain point.
2: Fighting is of course allowed between characters but it is not to be taken to OOC so be respectful to everyone.
3: No Mary/Gary Sues!
4: Humor is of course allowed but some dark topics aren't meant to be humored in ooc.
5: Please let me know in either a pm or in ooc if you are not able to post for a while.
6: Be as literate as possible! I'm not asking for each post to be five hundred words as long as there are no one-liners and it is descriptive I'm fine with post-length. Password to join is you're favorite flavor of ice cream.
7: Anime pictures only please.
8: Commited roleplayers only! Do not join if you're gong to disappear right after.
9 : Have fun!

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Character Portrait: Delilah Rose Elbaum Character Portrait: Ebony Aiken

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Would be one heck of an understatement if Amaterasu said she didn’t feel bad right now for butting into a conversation she had no part of. Back at home with her friends she rarely did it no matter how her klutzy self would sometimes make her trip on her friends whenever she’s not paying attention to her surroundings. That’s the price she paid for having her head on the clouds.
The look the older brunette gave her almost made the young girl want to hide behind her dear cousin. But how would that look? Obviously first expressions is always important. Sucking up the uncomfortable feeling she had at the pit of her stomach, she smiled softly at her cousin who patted her head.

It’s nice to have someone she knew around.

"No, not at all. Nice to meet you,"

The girl spoke, Amaterasu smiled a shyly at the woman while she spoke she listened. Witches, the thought was still foreign to the child. She did her research all she could find was something about Wicca, she wondered if it was the same.
“Hi, Delilah-san I’m Amaterasu Aiken, i-it’s nice to meet you.” She said in a polite yet cute tone before she bowed lightly in respect. That was how she was taught to do when introducing yourself, the Japanese culture made an imprint in the child’s life. She turned back to her cousin before smiling a little nervously. “Etto…. Ebby-chan what was president-san’s announcement again?....” She asked.

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Character Portrait: Loki Mystara Character Portrait: Eris Mystara Character Portrait: Luke and Casper Elbaum

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Three colorful projectiles followed each other into the air one by one like some odd version of a gun-salute while Casper Elbaum licked his fingers clean of the sticky, sugary mess that now clung to him. He was laughing— hardly a rarity— and while Luke had managed to keep a straight face for a minute and a half, he, too, was beginning to crack a smile at the sight of his brother dancing around like a madman covered in popsicle juice— in the school colors, of course. Red cherry, white coconut, and the almost-black grape stuck to his cheeks as well as the smock Luke had tied around his neck last-minute.

Firing popsicles from a popsicle cannon was... well, it was sticky business. Luke snorted a little trying to hold his laughter in at his own terrible joke. Everything Casper did was sticky business, literal or not. And of course, he got dragged in, too.

Well. Dragged was hardly the right word for it. He'd certainly followed of his own accord this time and every time before. He was the one who let Casper stand on his shoulders to get up onto the top of the bus, after all. It was a shame, though, that they'd had to stuff the Black Beauty up on top of the bus to get it here. The driver hadn't let them lug the thing on board. While Luke could somewhat see his logic, he thought it was a bit of an overreaction. They only would have had to tilt the barrel to get it through the doors. After that, it could have stood upright in their seat. He and Casper had planned it all out before they left only to have their dreams dashed by one crotchety bus driver.

Then again, Luke couldn't exactly call him crotchety and old when the man had done them the favor of letting them take the thing in the first place. He'd sensed the glint of mischief in the old man's eyes when he'd gotten on the bus, and he'd hoped it would make their plans all the easier. It didn't, but they hadn't failed, either, which was fine by him.

It was Casper who was pissed about the scratches, anyway. But he was too busy dancing around with popsicles to care, at the moment.

Luke reached into the cooler and pulled out an orange popsicle. "Let's load it up again," he said, taking Casper by the shoulder and turning him around to face him with a grin spread far and wide across his face. "You up for some target practice?"

Casper only whooped and dove into the cooler, drawing out another three popsicles: lemon, lime, and some unidentifiable blue flavor.

"Alright. Here, let me at the sight," Luke whispered as he leaned right over his brother. He balanced himself out by firmly clamping his hand over Casper's crouched form. The shorter, paler man didn't mind, and he continued stuffing the barrel with popsicles.

When he was finished, he turned to his brother with a pink one in his mouth. "Mmf tarfsggh?" He tilted his head, words completely unintelligible around the sweet. When Luke quirked an eyebrow at him, he bit down sharply and downed half of it in one bite. "I said, 'have you got a target?'"

Luke smirked. "Depends. Easy or pansy?"

"Fmlf gnnfah," Casper replied. He took another bite of the popsicle and paused. "By which I mean, 'fuck you.'" He punctuated it with a light punch in the stomach that turned out to be a lot harder than he'd expected. Luke shoved him back, nearly toppling his brother over.

"How about the sparkly one?"
"Sparklmph one?"
"Really," Luke pointed at Loki, "He's covered in glitter."
Casper hopped into a higher crouch to get a better view. After examining for a moment, all he had to say was, "Nice!"


Casper didn't even wait. Smiling as the popsicles exploded into the air towards the boy and the girl the Black Beauty had aimed at, Luke couldn't help but whisper an honorary, "Now, let's get this year started."

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Character Portrait: Katherine Goldsworthy Character Portrait: Katya Holly Alderglenn

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Katherine was becoming annoyed with the girl. Didn't she know that the last thing either of them needed was to be sighted? She ignored her sarcasm as Katherine was far from religious. She sighed now ignoring her al together and began to stary from the girl. If she wanted to get caught by loudly singing in a church filled with things that could cause excrutiating pain to her so be it it wasn't of Katherine's concern. She headed elsewhere to find the priest whom she could tell by his scent wa a hybrid of sorts. A fae and a witch. Only as she got closer she came to figure out she actually knew this priest. 'Just great.' she thought.

Only as the sarcastic thought hit her it actually could be a good thing. Her mother was more demented than her and so picked up catholic religion and forced Katherine to become baptised and have her cmplete all her communions. It was pathetic in Katherine's opinon as one now Katherine was far from being innocent or a saint and Katherine would never wed certainly not in any church. The priest standing before her was the one to officiate her batism and communions. Once the priest eyed her it was surprisingly not a look of utter disgust but one of content. "It's been such a long time Katherine." he stated and steeped closer to her.

"Yes it has father and I must sk what made you want to bring about such a place here with many sinful students including those who are literally the spawn of satan." she asked him in her usual sweet facade. The look he gave her was expected as he knew she would ask that. "I wish to give the students a choice in their religion despite their species." he replied and Katherine could've actually laughed at his patheticism. His church back in the regular society was in need and so here in Supernatural academy she guessed he was offer a pretty hefty pay for bringing religion to the students here. His ignorance is what humored Katherine as she was sure he didn't know the church was a means of intimidation. It would be only a matter of time before she'd convince him to forget about a church here and trying to force religion on students who probably don't really care too much about it.

"Father I'm sorry but what you've been offered to do is not what is the truth." she stated and expected the look of surprise and questioning. "You see father this church is a means of intimidation by the supernatural council so that they can solidfy their control over the students. They have no interest in what you are trying to accompish." her words were honest and if her tone wasn't as kind as it sounded she would sound harsh, almost cruel in a way. I wasn't lie she care about that but the church could pose a problem to her and others if not rectified as soon as possible. The priest's expression of fury was aso expected and predictable of him and when he stormed off to the headmaster, presumably, she smirked and made her way back to the church. She didn't go inside she simply yelled out, "Hey girl whoever came with me I suggest you leave before the priest or nuns catch you." she stated lowly so no one else would hear except for the girl she came here with.

Katherine had begun walking back onto the normal campuse which was a good distance away from the church. SHe had business to attend to and she was sure now the church wouldn't be a problem anymore.

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Character Portrait: Loki Mystara Character Portrait: Eris Mystara Character Portrait: Luke and Casper Elbaum

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Loki and Eris Mystara

Eris tugged at them hem of her skirt, attempting to preserve at least a portion of her modesty. All the important parts were covered, but most of her long legs were left bare and exposed. She nibbled on her bottom lip as her brother consulted his cards, awaiting his prediction for the year. It was so exciting to be at a new school in a new country, so far away from the people who made her life Hell. She looked around as she waited, wide-eyed and curious, drinking in her surroundings. Japan was breathtaking. She had never traveled much, besides the occasional trips to magical sites in Europe, and new scenery was always refreshing. "This is going to be an interesting year."

The dark haired girl turned to her brother, a small smirk tugging at the corner of his lip. Eris quirked a brow, slightly confused. "What does that mea-" Her sentence was cut off by the sight of a blue blur soaring towards her and- WHAM! Her head snapped back as the sticky treat made contact with the middle of her forehead and splattered all over her face. The force of the blow was almost enough to knock her off her feet and she stumbled back several steps. Eris blinked at looked around, extremely confused. Where did that come from? Who would shoot at her with a delicious frozen dessert?

Her eyes welled up with tears as the shock wore off and mild pain settled in where the popsicle struck. "Ouch." she groaned, looking over at Loki, whom (judging by the green and yellow stains on his shirt) had been hit as well. His previous smirk had melted away and been replaced by a fierce scowl, which only intensified when he saw that Eris had gotten hit in the face. He angrily spun around, his eyes instantly locking onto the two boys (whom, in other circumstances he would have considered very good looking) standing next to a- Was that a cannon?

"Where the hell did they get a fucking cannon?" Loki growled, tightly clenching the deck in his fist. Normally, he would have just laughed it off and planned to get them back (whoever they were) later, but something about the popsicle smashed on her face unnerved him. The young man pulled a card from his deck and brought it to his lips, still glaring at the other boys. "Unbind your chains, Clair Eyesnatcher." A flash of light flew from the card's image and a strange woman appeared in front of Mystara siblings. "Clair." Loki said with a mischievous smile. "Would you be a dear and bring those two over to me?"

Clair smiled as a long chain formed in her hand and she turned towards the boys next to the popsicle cannon. With a flick of her wrist, the chain snapped towards the taller, dark haired boy and wrapped around his legs, then, from what seemed like a scene from a horror movie, he was forcefully dragged to her feet. "You missed one." Eris said, a small grin forming. Clair chuckled as she whipped the chain, catching the blonde boy and bringing him to the floor next to his brother. Loki narrowed his eyes and smiled evilly."Why hello there."

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Luke was halfway through reloading the cannon when he noticed the chain creeping toward him like a silver snake in the grass. It was only a glimmer, however— a blinding flicker of sunlight in time— before tendril was winding up his legs. Luke had never seen chains move of their own accord before; in fact, for someone who, in theory, had the ability to give objects a mind of their own, he'd seen surprisingly few inanimate objects sail through the air of their own free will. Before he felt the tug, Luke was thoroughly fascinated by the chains. His fascination, however, was abruptly cut short when, suddenly, they tightened and began to drag him forward.

The chains hadn't made it all the way around his legs, but they bound him around in just the right places so as to leave him hobbling in the direction they pulled in an attempt not to fall down. As falling down, in addition to slighting his pride, would likely solve nothing of this newfound problem, Luke simply went along with whatever it was that was happening and wobbled to the end of the chain. In all practicality, it was his only option. After eighteen years spent with his brother at his side, Luke had long since learned to stop questioning the strange and seemingly random events that near-constantly plagued his life.

Casper glanced up at Luke, popsicle stick still in his mouth even though its frozen flesh had long since melted. He was walking— or was he wobbling?— through the bushes. Intrigued, he spent a moment throwing his precious popsicles back in the cooler to prevent them from melting before setting off after Luke. He'd left so suddenly, which was odd, considering that Luke was usually so calm. He was moving quickly, too, though it was nothing the model-legged Casper couldn't catch up with in a few steps.

Those few steps, however, proved to be his downfall in quite the literal sense. Before he could even comprehend what was happening, Casper was on the ground being dragged through the dirt. There was something cold wrapped his ankle, and because of it, he was beginning to feel extremely uncomfortable. Surprisingly, his discomfort had nothing to do with the fact that he was being dragged backwards and facedown through the dirt.

No. His discomfort had everything to do with being touched. As he came to a rest before the very spot where Luke had managed to land himself gracefully on his feet, Casper was already clawing at the chains around his ankle. He didn't particularly care why they were on there; no, all he wanted was for them to be off. The shorter twin let out something between a groan, a squeak, and a growl, which, surprisingly, failed to catch the attention of the normally-observant Luke. As Luke wasn't giving him any attention, Casper just went back to feeling uncomfortable by himself, slightly miffed that his brother hadn't even glanced over to him.

Luke, on the other hand, was simply offended. Indignant. His brother was lying prone in the dirt next to him, and he was bound at the knees like a child's cloth doll. Luke, who could easily pass for a woman— and quite the beautiful one, at that— if he let his hair down and bothered to try, did not enjoy being treated like some little girl's 'dolly.' He kept up a placid front, but inside, rage was building. This was just... embarrassing.

"Why, hello there," came a voice that could only belong to whoever had just demeaned him like this. Luke's head snapped in the direction of the voice's source to come face-to-face with Glitterboy himself. Mentally, Luke rolled his eyes. What this what this was all about? Someone couldn't take a joke. Through his cynical irritation, however, Luke could taste a hint of semi-righteous anger in the air, cracking open his more sensitive side if only a little. He opened his mouth to speak, but, as usual, Casper beat him to the point.

"Hi! Nice to meet you," Casper replied, every bit of bubbly, earnest innocence pushing its way into his tone. "So are you having a nice day?"

There he went again, completely missing the point. Luke almost snorted with laughter, and even he couldn't hold back a tiny smile— though he tried to, which ended up skewing it to one side. Luke could feel the malice in the short man's voice, but Casper, even as he laid sprawled out at his feet, looking very much uncomfortable with the chain violating his too-sensitive sense of personal space, couldn't help but spare a friendly introduction.

Casper just grinned, the popsicle stick still caught between his teeth.

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"Well I think it's around time Saph and I find our dorms. Phae, you should head to yours soon too." It having been a while since anyone said anything, and both Jasper and Sapphire having finished their drinks, stood up. They walked out, and made their way back to the schoolyard. Jasper lead them inside and started for a map. Luckily their parents taught them how to read maps and he was able to find both dorms. There was one problem, the boys and girls had different dorms. That was probably usual, but for a pair of twins who were never apart this was devastating.

"Jasper I don't want to be in a dorm." Sapphire whispered, poking him. He ignored her and just walk in the direction of her dorms. Family members were allowed in the dorms as far as he knew, so he decided to check out her room with her. Mainly he wanted to know who and what her roommate is. Most would say he's overprotective, but he has no reason not to be. Not only that but she didn't want a dorm, which just caused him to worry over it more.

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Cameron Howell

Cameron had been walking for some time. She was alone, in a new place and had no idea where to go. This is usually when she needed Serenity. Cameron sighed and looked at the different students. She walked down a hall and took a right, she then took a left and took another right. She ended up right where she started, she took a deep breath and tried to calm down. Cameron looked around for some people to ask, she then saw two people, one was a girl, and the other was a boy. Cameron thought they looked nice enough to talk to, so she walked up to them and said, '' Um, hi. My name's Cameron Howell. And you are?'' She said with her hand stretched out for a hand shake. She looked at the boy and blushed, even though he wasn't her kind, she thought he was cute.

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Character Portrait: Cameron Howell Character Portrait: Sapphire Greenleaf Character Portrait: Jasper Greenleaf

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Jasper looked over at the girl who was holding out her hand. She looked nice. Jasper shook her hand.
"I'm Jasper, this is my twin Sapphire. You look a little lost." Jasper said, and Sapphire shifted her feet next to him. Being around this many people was hard on her, and Jasper knew it. It's hard for him too, the only people either of them ever knew were their parents.

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Character Portrait: Cameron Howell Character Portrait: Sapphire Greenleaf Character Portrait: Jasper Greenleaf Character Portrait: Serenity Pruitt

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Cameron Howell

Cameron looked at Jasper and smiled, she shook his hand and her hand fell back to her side. ''I'm Jasper, this is my twin Sapphire. You look a little lost.'' Cameron heard Jasper say, Cameron smiled sheepishly and said, '' Yeah, I am. I just can't find my dorm. My friend might need help finding the dorm later as well.'' She said as she rubbed the back of her head. Cameron straitened her stance and said, '' So, where are you two off to? The dorms as well, I guess?'' Cameron said as she looked around for Serenity, she still couldn't see her, so she only sighed and looked back at Jasper and Sapphire. And waited for a response.

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"Yeah, I am. I just can't find my dorm. My friend might need help finding the dorm later as well." She says, and Jasper smiles. So I was right, well they could help her and her friend, they can read maps well. '' So, where are you two off to? The dorms as well, I guess?'' Both nod and notice her look around.
"Yea, we can help you. We actually grew up with maps so this should be easy." Jasper adds smiling. "Here it's this way. The girls and boys seem to have different dorms but I can help you and Sapph to reach the girls first." He says walking in the right direction, or at least he thought.
"Jasp it's this way." Sapphire says pointing and decides to take the lead, most unlike her. He runs to catch up with her and pokes her arm.
"I knew that!" She rolls her eyes and keeps walking without adding a word.

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