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Member Shoutout Thread

Tips: 5.25 INK Postby mombie on Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:08 pm

Do you have someone you want to thank for - well, whatever! It doesn't matter. Maybe you've had a great time roleplaying with them, or maybe they're a great GM. Send them some love!

First of all, I would like to thank nonconformingrole and partially-stars. Firstly, nonconformingrole has been making a valiant effort to welcome new members! Lastly, partially-stars runs some of the most successful Indy-Universes on RPG to this date.

I would also like to say thanks to ALL of Camp Athens II for still running strong and being home to some of my fave characters. To mjolnir and sparky specifically for being patient and cool with my super-duper weird characters and slow response times. Also, for some of my favorite collaborations. :p

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Re: Member Shoutout Thread

Tips: 2.25 INK Postby Maci-Care on Wed Jul 01, 2020 6:55 am

I love this, great idea to show case and give people some lime-light!

I gotta agree with you @mombie about nonconformingrole and partially-stars. And I might check out Camp Athens II a bit more.. I saw it the other day on Universes and saw how long ago it started and was surprised. Good to see ideas and Universes succeeding and gaining life.

Nonconforming role is such a great friend and people might think she hasn't been on the site as long as others, but she is a fine example of the number of years on RPG doesn't mean anything and she makes some of my favorite characters on in the Indie-Universes. I don’t like to play favourites, but she’s one of my favourite people to work and loving our 1x1 that we have going. Also the best person to get a necklace from.

Stars was one of the first GM's I came back to after taking a hiatus from the site a couple years back, and also helped introduce me into using celebrity Face Claims. She is so open and helpful with everything and is willing to walk you through the most minor things just to help you out as well as all the members of her RP, great to see her as a staff now. sort of feel like a proud parent seeing their little child succeed

Someone Else you’ll see by the sides of Star and Nonconforming, is Wolf’s Bane. Her RPs for some reason don’t get off the ground because of people leaving, but she’s a great member of this site, but her endless streams of ideas and plotting is something great to be apart of. She’s pushed me my mind when it comes to thinking of ideas and some of my favorite plotting has been in her DMs. So wanted to give a shoutout to my favorite LITTLE Wolf.

Another person that I'd like to say is someone who hasn't been on RPG in awhile and I miss dearly. xXxCryptic-AngelxXx Their RP's were some of my favorite and always think back to their characters and RP's and wanting to revive them, but feel like I wouldn't be able to measure up to her ideas and such. It's a sad thing that they would slowly die down because people wouldn't commit, but she was a great GM and great person of the community. One of my favorite and most missed RP's is her The Lost Treasure of Arimathea

But last but not least. mombie I don't really talk or interact with much of the staff members because until recently I was a little hermit who stuck to indie-Universes, and I apologize for this. But mombie has been such great person to talk to and get help from. Not just because she was a staff member, but because she wanted to see everything blossom, not just her ideas, but everyones. And more so recently she's been all over the site trying to make everything better and honestly sort of influenced me to try to become active in other areas I havn't been. So thank you to her.

Anyways, theres my little paragraphs. Really enjoyed talking here. And I apologize I’m mostly shouting out Indie-Universe people, hopefully I can get around and meet more of the amazing people of this site.

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Re: Member Shoutout Thread

Tips: 1.50 INK Postby nonconformingrole on Thu Jul 02, 2020 12:45 pm

okay, so, firstly i don't know how to act so i'm just gonna go ahead and give my own shout-outs.

the first person i want to thank is partially-stars. star created the very first rp i joined here on rpg, and welcomed me in with open arms, despite how questionable of a decision that may have appeared to be. i've grown a lot as a writer in the past year or so, partly thanks to her.

generally i feel the need to shout-out everyone i've written- or even just done plotting with- for putting up with me through it all. i have a surprising lack of thoughts in my head, so i can't imagine how frustrating trying to get any information out of me might be.

i also wanna thank everyone who joined my first rp attempt, especially mombie and mjolnir. the rp may have never really gotten off the ground, but your involvement really made me feel like i had the ability to make something that people could really enjoy, and i have appreciated that more than i think you realize.
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