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Completed Stories

The Order of the Seven Seals Completed

When a powerful evil arose, it was banished. Millennia have passed and it is up to a new team of arcane warriors to thwart the evil, and ensure peace.

Universes Created

Half-Life: The Xen Incident

An experiment on Xen goes horribly wrong, triggering a Resonance Cascade, which causes creatures from the planet Earth to invade. The events of Half-Life, but played in reverse.

Cops vs. Criminals; The Story of Fantasy

(Open)A not-so ordinary story of cops and robbers. The future, where technolagy, magic and mutants exsist. Will you maintain justice, or destroy it for your own greedy desires

At Our Feet

We humans are too busy with the constant flow of our lives to look down and notice the constant flow of other lives. In fact, at our feet, there are many stories to be told.

Portal 1.5

Deep underground, running for miles, is the Aperture Science Testing Facility and Enrichment Center. Could you believe that Cores were the ones that kept it safe? Open, finished, and accepting.

An Evanescence of Fantastic Random Happenings

Gensokyo, the land of paradise, where Humans, Youkai, Fairies and Gods co-exist. Here, something fun happens every day, just as each day fades away.

Drug 24Ω

When the mafia kidnaps 25 scientists and forces them to make poison drugs, they are created, but instead of poison, it is a lot different. (Under Construction)

In Our Footsteps

[CLOSED] adventure, frontier, steampunk, western, cowboy, colonization, aboriginal, convict, monster, guns, alternate universe, gunslinger, wilderness, outlaw, rogue, character driven, bushranger, schizo-tech, tribes, drama, epic, gadgets, culture clash,

The War That Never Happened

CLOSED. Now the construction site for Denouement of a Fantasy Era.

Denouement of a Fantasy Era

In an era of great change, Japanese Youkai run rampant in a haunted land. The humans uphold a tradition of combating them. Where do you stand, and will you be forgotten?

Gods? Here?!

Gods are real, and they walk among us, but only for one reasons, Mykeishah.

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