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The fact that you're prying into my personal life like this is really, really, really infuriating and I kind of think that maybe you're pushing just a little bit too hard for information and that's definitely a bad thing because if you keep digging around like this then im going to have to get really nasty with you to make sure youre not going to keep rooting around in my space and dont think i wont do it because i most definitely will andwhyareyoulookingatmelikethatimnotinsanewhatthehelliswrongwithyouareyousomekindoffreak?!
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The Adversary
In my own mind. Arguing with myself.
Insanity. Sheer, crippling insanity.
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Majora's Mask
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Anything that isn't anime.

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Calisma Completed

A fallen king places a realm on the brink of chaos. Like vultures to prey, outside forces circle the crown. With an heir ready to ascend, and as many enemies as friends, Calisma struggles for balance as it teeters on the edge...

Universes Created

And the Stars Revolted

You are a citizen on the planet Dahl's Cradle, a world on the border of alien space. At least.. you were. When a ship comes crashing through the atmosphere, you couldn't have imagined the cargo it carried. Or what had followed it.

From Ashes

This is the place, this is the time. Bring us up into the light; up through the ashes. Let the one who will rule be born. Let us serve the Lord of the Ashes!

Beyond the Doors of Darkness

You've slipped out of reality. You escape, but only barely. Fortune, for you, shows no favor. The darkness hunts you, still. What you know means nothing in the realms of the infinite horrors. Faith. Certainty. All will be strained.

Winter's Bounty

There are treasures in the world, some grander than gold and silver. To seek these prizes is to invite grave peril upon yourself. If only pirates weren't accustomed to such stakes as it were...

Wolves Amid the Lambs

Nothing lasts forever. Yet nigh on a century after his death and the god Macchus somehow seeks to prove this wrong. The scourge that was born from his corpse pervades the planes. Affliction reigns, and all are drenched in its maddened mirth.

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Imperial Waltz made me do it.

"Okay, look. We both said a lot of things that you're going to regret. But I think we can put our differences behind us.. for science.. you monster." ~ GLaDOS, Portal 2