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What wasn't seen

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What wasn't seen

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Fishbucket on Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:08 pm

The following is one of the later chapters from a book I have written. Some of you may be familiar with the characters present in this narrative, most notably the character Ean Falcor, a ship captain I use in roleplaying on this site.

Some context. Prior to this chapter, Ean Falcor's ability to see the future showed him and all his crewmates going down with the ship in an explosive fireball. He has reached the threshold of this event, and intends to have his crew abandon ship, as a final attempt to save them.

What Wasn't Seen

The gaze of all the crew stood upon their captain, his words having struck them silent. They might have stayed like that some time, but he wouldn't let them. "What? Didn't you hear me? I gave you an order! Get off my ship!" Ean said, his eyes wild and red with pain.

All about the Glaive a war raged, enemy vessels clashed and were shot down, even as the allied ships who brought them down were in turn blown apart by yet more enemies. It was an untenable situation, despite all the forces arrayed, all those gathered to defend the existence of our homes, the god of nothing was simply too much, too powerful.

But none of that mattered to the crew. They stood where they were, even as Ean began to rant and rage at them. "Have you all gone deaf? Or are you just trying to piss me off now? I set GET OFF MY SHIP, get lost! All of you! Get to the life boats and to the imperial vessels, get out of here!"

"Fuck you Captain."

The voice, strong and determined, caught Ean off guard. It had been so long that he had actually forgotten what she sounded like, which for some reason seemed funny to him. Someone so close to his heart and he forgot their voice? Maybe I really am going mad, he thought to himself, even as he turned to face her. "Emily....You-"

"No, you be quiet and listen to me, to all of us. You think we don't know what your trying to do?" She stepped into the light, her black hair was ragged, her eyes showed signs of crying, but there were no tears to be found there. "The Captain goes down with the ship, right? Well not without us."

He tried to speak, and her look killed the words even as they formed in his throat. "Each and every one of us here owes everything, EVERY THING, to you."

"When we were lost, you found us."

"When we were forgotten, you remembered us."

"When we were abandoned, you came for us."

"When everyone who loved us had given up hope, when even we had given up on ourselves, You took our hands and led us back to the light. You NEVER gave up on us, you never stopped believing in us. Every one on this ship looks to you as a father, if not more than that."

She gestured around herself, and Ean could not help but let his gaze cross all those who stood upon the bridge, everyone was standing now, and looking to him. In their eyes he could see the truth of her words, the truth he had not, in all his foresight, had not seen.

"You were there for each and every one of us, you stood up for us all, and saw to it we had a home and a place and a purpose! And you can go right to fucking hell if you think for even one god damned second that we're going to leave you now, when you need us most. This ship might be yours, but it's ours as well. Its our home, our lives, our whole world!"

Emily had stepped up to him, Ean realized. He had not even noticed she was drawing closer until she had embraced him in her arms. It was like a signal, as the whole crew stepped forward, each and every one placing a hand upon either him or her, or each other, forming a living web connecting them all. Maybe it was his imagination, maybe it was something more, but he could swear he felt their hearts beat, all together a cacophony of throbbing emotion that swept him away with it's strength.

She whispered, but to him it sounded like a chorus of voices all at once. "You were there for us, we are here for you. To the very last, to the very end."

And that was it, he could hold back no longer. Tears fell from his eyes as his legs grew weak. Years upon years of always carrying the burden of knowing that at the very end, at the very last, he would lead all he loved to their deaths. But his tears were not of pain or sorrow as he had always felt, but of an unbridled joy, the joy of a man who has labored all his life in heavy chains, but finally walks free and breaths as he has never breathed before. What he hadn't seen was that, in this, the very end, he had not led them to doom, but they had followed him with faith in their hearts.

It was several moments before he could speak, when he did, he realized he was on his knees, and that Emily, no... That Amanda was there beside him, her hand held out and waiting for him to take it.

He did. With her help he rose from his knees and stood tall, the smile on his face could not be any wider.

He tried to speak three different times, and failed, which made him laugh. "Well then..." He finally managed, "If that's how it's to go, then we might as well get going."

Without any further adieu he marched to the captains chair and, standing, turned to face the bridge. "All crew to stations, engines to full! The Glaive is going straight into the heart of the enemy!"

"AYE CAPTAIN!" was the resounding, reverbating reply, sounding not just from the bridge but all over the ship. Every crewmember in that moment had shouted their readiness. The ship itself seemed to answer his call, and he imagined that it lept to life under their hands and moved almost without need of their guidance.

The Glaive began to shift into it's flight formation, the wings pulled tight and secured into the iconic blade of the ship. The wings retracted, and the engines flared to life. The gun crews blew apart enemy craft even as the glaive soared forth into the throbbing mass of enemy ships, diving straight for the target, the dark world of Agger, where the calamity that would end all they knew was taking shape.

And yet, Ean stood silent as the final moments of his life raged around him. He couldn't speak, and almost couldn't breath. There in front of him, he saw them. His wife, and his daughter.

His astonishment quickly turned to a smile of amusement. "I'm coming home."

The imperial flag ship, Roran's Dawn, stayed close to the tail of the cobalt glaive for as long as it could, the Emperor refusing to abandon the Captain and his crew, but alas for the glaive was made for speed in that shape. He watched as the rear engines became the flaring light of a shooting star, and he saw as that star struck the planet of Agger.

"So he really was a madman after all." Acherus stated in a matter of fact tone, as though he had always known.

"No" Roran said. "Or perhaps yes.... Maybe one has to be mad, to stand so firm, so resolute in the face of insurmountable odds. To have faith that, despite all the evidence otherwise, everything will end for the better. To believe that good shall prevail, even when no one else will believe it."

"If that is madness, then I should like to be mad as well, I should like for us all to be so mad as He was. Maybe then such things as what he believed would be true, and we would finally have peace."
The best stories do not have just one or two characters, but all sorts of characters. You might not see them that often or know them that well, but the fact that they were there is what makes the story seem real.

After all, Life is full of characters, is it not?
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Re: What wasn't seen

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Absenthia on Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:00 pm

Hey fish, I've moved your topic out of the MV forum and into the writing area.

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Re: What wasn't seen

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Fishbucket on Wed Jul 26, 2017 2:06 pm

theres a writing area?

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