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xxxxxxxxxx T R I N I T Y xx W A L L A C E
xxxxxxx Daughter of Ares | Outfit | #461f4b


“Over here ugly!” Wes hollered at the pig, diverting its attention to him.

Trinity dove for it, knowing it would charge and swiped at air, meeting the ground. She even made a desperate second lunge for its tail or hoof, or whatever she could grasp at but to no avail, the creature far swifter for its size than anticipated. “Shit!” Trinity punched at the ground in frustration but laying there she also found she was sore, sustained more cuts and bruises than she thought and felt, and her muscles were turning stubborn.

When she pushed herself up to her knees, she saw the boar and Wes entangled in an almost bizarre and wild wrestle for control, and for a moment it looked like anyone could end up on top, but when Wes wrapped his mechanical arm around the pig, slight relief washed over Trinity. But it was short-lived as sparks began to run along its tusks.

“Wes, let go!” she told him. She propelled herself up too fast, catching on a root and collapsing back to her knees. Whether he was stubborn and decided or couldn't hear her over their intense tussle and the pig's squeals, Trinity watched volts course through Wes, his veins bulging, his skin frying all the while he maintained his iron grip and gave the final force to snap the boar's head back. He jumped up briskly and discarded the scorched mechanical arm while she lowered her head and sighed out.

He was on her in a heartbeat almost startling her. “Are you ok?”

She climbed to her feet properly with his help, torn between biting his head off for being an idiot or biting back and being nice. The night had been a lot already for many campers. “I'm good bu-”

Wes didn't let the subject shift on him, or even her eyes really to give him a once over, quickly changing to the next matter at hand. “You need clothes. Wait here.”

Well...he was just lucky it was valid and half important. She slowly folded her arms over her bare chest protectively, the chill of the night hitting her skin and her vulnerable state rising to the surface and priority list once again. He wasn't gone that long but what was realistically seconds felt like some long agonizing minutes drifting by, Trinity standing there alone in the middle of the night half starkers, glancing over her shoulder and every which direction.

He returned handing her some clothes. “Put this on.” Happy to oblige she shimmied out of his boxers to put the new clothes on while he got some cover on his privates back.

“Ok,” he said next. With a moment's thought he carried on, “We need to get you to the infirmary before that gets infected.” Wes had entered boss mode and no-nonsense giving further directions for them and took her hand and led the way without awaiting a reply. Clearly it wasn't up for discussion.

Figuring it to be easiest and in no mood to be hard on Wes after what he did, she obediently let him lead hand in hand. “It's fine,” she said, as if she had been bitten by a boar and treated a hundred times before with no problems. Trinity squeezed on his hand. This night was...a bit beyond a coincidence and now costly. “You know I'd blame Daniel but I don't think he can conjure earthquakes.” Rather than converse and try to make sense of the hectic night, Wes started to slow and released her hand, while Trinity winced slighlty as she wandered a couple steps ahead, thinking she had said the wrong thing and reminded him of his ruined cabin.

“Go... I'll be right behind you.”

She glanced over her shoulder at him, where she could finally see the state he was in, the injury he sustained and the blood seeping down his leg. Trinity's lips tightened before she walked back to his side and ducked under his arm slinging it over her shoulders. Of course a part of her wanted to scold him - now for lying and putting himself second, but that wouldn't be doing anyone any favors. “I'd rather you beside me right now. Plus, we've watched enough horrors to know the rules.”

She walked at whatever limping pace Wes could manage, even if it became just one foot after the other. Trinity kept side glancing at him. “Make sure you tell me if you need to rest.”

Somebody shouted out something abrupt and incoherent but panicked. Trinity snapped her head in that direction to see a demigod and giant snake hot on his heels. “Protect me” echoed in her mind. An instinct came over her and she knew she needed to help...but another pull was to Wes to the point she physically crossed ankles and stumbled in her two mind sets.

Her lips twisted almost like she was in pain, until she succumbed to the demand in her head. “All right, we’re pulling over.” Trinity leant him against a tree. “I'll be right back, I promise.” She couldn't promise him enough. She looked him over one last time, even looking around the camp for some last glint of hope, someone to shield him or transport him. She would tell him to stay but if moving was the right idea during this invasion then by all means, don't stay in the one spot. She gave him a quick kiss and all but tore herself away from him.

She saw the last of the predator’s tail disappear into a cabin and pursued it. Inside, the cabin was tipped upside down and the snake was writhing, for a split second she thought she was too late wasn't devouring, it seemed stuck. She conjured a blade, eyeing its strong body, having to get to the mid section at least. She took one step, heard the snap of wood that she mistook for under her, its wriggling body bumped her foot and, then the snake whipped around quick as lightning, jaws wide open for her. She sidestepped and sliced up at least she should have sliced it but she was off balance and the snake reared up for another strike. The other demigod pierced it, its whole body suddenly changing aim for him, knocking Trinity aside and disarming her as it rushed at the one she needed to protect. Without losing a beat, Trinity picked up her sword and swiped at it, cutting deep but not decapitating. Sick of the to’ing and fro’ing it resulted to hurl a bile of acid at Lochlan and wrapped Trinity up in a blink. It clenched its enormous body and muscles and squeezed tightly, coiling all around her, and it seemed the more she struggled the harder it squeezed. Soon the head reappeared in the cluster of scales and floorboards that she could see. She couldn’t suck in enough air, she couldn’t move her body and she quickly grew on the verge of seeing spots, but the one thing she did was never lose grip on her sword and point it forward…if it took her it was going to swallow some steel as well. It made the final lunge – then she was released with nothing but ash clouded around her. She wheezed, taking in huge and grateful gulps of air. She didn’t feel impact, and her eyes sought out the only other witness to see if it was some trick of the creatures or perhaps he defeated it.

Without a word to him, she got to her feet with a groan that ought to be stifled and left the turned cabin. She left Wes. How could she do that? She was…satisfied in completing her task of protecting Lochlan – it would’ve been impossible not to, but at the same time, he shouldn’t have been prioritized over Wes who was in quite a state. Trinity was confused. Even as Andy's voice rang out from the intercoms, it didn't snap her out of her funk. She heard it all but as background noise. What was she thinking? Wes was the priority.

When she caught up with him, she hugged him, tainted with extra concern as the med hut was ruined. But if all the demigods gathered in the arena, maybe he could get some help with the children of Apollo. She nuzzled into him with furrowed brows. “I don't know what I was doing.” She would never leave Wes...and that's when it hit. They probably had another serpent among them. Trinity huffed out her frustration, putting it aside for now until everyone got better. For now they weren't even sure how many demigods were injured or deceased.

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xxxxx T R I N I T Y xx W A L L A C E
xxxxxDaughter of Ares | Outift | #461f4b


"Trinity, there's always room for you," Mason assured her, which was just as well because her patience was running thin with her bullshit luck. "You're my number one girl and I wouldn't replace you, not like others do."
Was she being replaced by the others? Number one girl? It felt good but empty at the same time. She glanced to his hand coming to rest on top of hers then up at him.

Rather than give him the questionable look she had intended, she was distracted by his gaze elsewhere and Trinity followed it to Wes and Alex. "You and me, we got to look out for each other and I mean that." Trinity inhaled with a prepared pain in her chest. Mase and her had had this kind of talk before. "Andy's a good girl, we both like her and count her as a friend but if we were dying in the field of battle, she'd choose Ajax. Love of her life. Ajax would sooner let you bleed out too. No one is gonna pick us. Not your brother, Wes, Theo." Hearing it verbally brought that sting back. Her gaze washed over all those that she had grown to trust and would do as good as betray her on the battlefield, and the worse part was she couldn't argue against it. Because tonight, if some beast ambushed her and cut her open, they wouldn't save her. All too absorbed in their booze and hormones and several of other people. Who would prioritize saving a daughter of Ares?

Trinity's jaw clenched, her cold gaze resting on wolf boy as her thoughts went on auto-pilot. Images flooded her head of her wounded and those 'friendly faces' passing by and leaving her there. Trinity didn't fear death but she didn't want to die alone. “It’s a good thing I can fight for myself then, huh?” she told Mason.

"I'll always have your back."

Trinity smiled a little. “Thanks. And I'll have yours.”

Trinity was in a different world entirely that was so toxic and vivid, she was half tempted drive her knee into them and right hook them in advance. Thankfully, and of all people, Lise snapped her out of it. "Xena, my love," she was saying, leaning towards Trinity and tapped her lips with her index finger, "You got something for me?"

Trinity's eyes trailed to the bottle's neck pointing at her then back up at Lise. Of course. Why did she expect she'd get away with it? Trinity leaned into Lise and planted a firm kiss on her lips holding it there for a good few qualifying seconds before pulling away. Trinity's brows furrowed then as her own kiss, coming from a place of impatience, annoyance and some recently pent up rage, was projected on Lise's lips. “Was that okay?” she mumbled to the daughter of Athena.

If she was a horrible kisser, she'd prefer to know before she - if she ever kissed Wes again or if some other bottle decided to land on her. And Lise and her ego weren't the kinds to divert from the truth.

Trinity scooped up the bottle. “Al!” she called sharply before Kalani decided to change the rules to Lise's version of 'whoever the bottle lands on spins next'.

Alex didn't meet Trinity with the haste she hoped for. She took another swig of her drink during the interval.

“Just take the spin, Trin,” the devil's daughter called to her.

“Hurry up,” another anxious player prompted.

She sighed out laying the bottle down and spun it around, eyes locked on the glass that chose who she kissed. When it came to a stop, she saw it landed on the son of Artemis. Her fists turned to balls and teeth grit. Still, Trinity leaned over, tugged Theo towards her, grabbed him in place with a hand and closed the distance with a kiss, crushing her lips on his. In time, she pulled away and gave his cheek a 'playful' pat. Such a shame he was a face that she couldn't depend on.

Trinity returned to her spot by Mason and ran her fingers through her hair and released a sigh. “Well, next time I join something like this, don't let me.” She went for her own beer bottle but found it was empty again. “That’s my cue to go. Good luck, champ.”

xxxxx H A R L E E N xx T H E O D O S
xxDaughter of Hermes | Outift | #51849C


She wasn’t sure things gleamed quite so bright and wicked as her own grin in that moment. She pivotted on her heel to bear witness to the participation of Trinity in spin the bottle and shot a glance to Elias. He didn't seem the overbearing brother type, but if Harley was drawn as the bad influence or something, she had to be ready to defend herself and make her claim.

Harley didn't have to wait drastically long for her dear dare to be complete to satisfactory as the bottle landed on Trinity and she went for gold like a trooper. Harleen's brow quirked up in surprise. She supposed she might have owed Wes an apology for that since he had some significant attachment with the blonde and in no circumstance was it easy to watch your person of interest lock lips with another.

But elsewhere, there was more entertainment that awaited her. More feathers to ruffle, more shows. It was a party right? So for her own sake of sanity, she needed to lighten to mood for herself and find amusement. A guy and modest girl were giving each other eyes and their bodies were drawing closer together. Harley made a bee line for them and breezed by as if she had places to be and the other end was compellingly intriguing. As she did, she reached around one-handed and squeezed the girl's butt. The daughter of a famous deity gasped, scowled and spun on her heels and left the boy standing there dumbfounded.

Harley chuckled to herself. “I’m not even sorry.” In fact she already felt better for it.

She took a seat in the sand and smiled watching the party. She could see herself liking it here.

xxxxx E V E L Y N xx M A S T E R S
xxDaughter of Nemesis | Outift | #a10b6d


“Uh... yes? Do you want something, or...?”

Her hand returned to her side. “Not at the present time,” Evelyn confessed easily. “I just thought to introduce myself formally. But if you were busy, and my presence is a nuisance I apologize for misreading the circumstances.”

Evelyn held McKenna's gaze, rooted in place. Of course, Eve acknowledged she could have been a nuisance but McKenna certainly wasn't busy and there weren't a great deal of compelling others to see and talk with tonight.

A few questions started to bubble to the surface with this intriguing young soul. “Do people often come to you for a favor?” she inquired. Since McKenna's first response was to assume Evelyn wanted something, she thought it was fair to ask. “Do you agree to them?” Then, she smiled slightly, ready to ask the most intriguing question of the night. “Do I look like somebody that wants or expects something from you?” Evelyn searched McKenna's eyes. She was sure the girl had no reason or restrain to lie, but she was curious to hear the youngest demigod's response. Maybe Evelyn appeared as venomous and using as a daughter of Hera. Or as deceptive as a child of Khione. The open floor of honest feedback would no doubt highlight her night, not to mention give her a better sense how she came off to others. Not that she was changing that any time soon.

“Can I get you a drink?” Evelyn shifted over to the coolers and rose her brows expectantly towards McKenna, prepared to dunk her hand into the lucky dip of drinks that were...what...90% beer. “Maybe something from home?” Eve challenged.

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xxxxxxx E V E L Y N xx M A S T E R S
xxxxxDaughter of Nemesis | Outift | #ffc300


Her kiss had been reciprocated which was always dangerous as Evelyn had a tendency to get lost in Sylas. Especially when this new side of his showed through being open and tender, and it beckoned to be explored mentally as well as physically. But somehow, willpower shone through with her keenness to have her answer in turn.

And while she apologized for the diversion, she was surprised to hear his own response hidden in her neck. "...Couldn't help myself." She closed her eyes a moment, inclined to better expose her neck to him , invite him to keep going, but she had already surrendered enough and been upset at the imbalance in dynamic between them. Plus, she'd be an absolute fool to let this moment for knowledge slip.

He sighed as pleasure subsided for business and she kept her keen and evaluating eyes on him as he drew back, his lips grazing her jaw and all, in preparation to talk about his own trial. It seemed he was thinking about it. Perhaps not about the event as much as word selection and how to phrase it. Evelyn sat there silently and patiently while he gathered his approach. She wished him luck, and wanted to be on his side, but...what would be, would be.

With another sigh, he began. "My mother has always favored my sister. Sloane is the prodigal daughter. She mastered her skills quickly..." Then there was a pause, a reluctance. "And she's more powerful than I am. She doesn't even want it. But no matter how much I try to prove myself, I will never be good enough."

She looked Sylas over who for once teemed with evident frustration and inadequacy, and even then it was mild. But he was part human. While she couldn't relate to sibling rivalry, she could imagine someone having unjust power and being stronger than her, who worked for and wanted it, could seep under the skin. And seeking parental approval and gratification, especially the Gods', was something well understood among camp. She stroked over her fingers, unsure if he was finished and otherwise, how to lift the certain looming heaviness of the fear he just confessed. "Contrary to what the others think, I don't actually want to kill everyone," he said, doing it for himself instead as he sunk back in the grass. "Well... Not you, anyway." Evelyn glanced at him to see a smirk.

She nodded to herself looking forward, a small smile on her lips. “What a privilege.” Then the cynicism hit, quicker than she could control. “Not even if Eris demanded it?” A brief pang of guilt came over her for potentially ruining his charm and newfound easy mood, but she stood by it, a valid question, quirking a brow at Sylas. It was in her nature to be challenging after all.

“I'll go easy on you one day.”

Part of her wanted to lay with him and just relax in nature. He made it look inviting and ironically zen too, like the green and skyward view had magical properties but she was sure her mind would be at unrest still. The closure had been done, however, she still wasn't sure what it meant for their relationship. Or more to the point, what she should do and make of Sylas. Still.
Normally one turned to friends or innermost thoughts, but she was limited with friends, not to mention the trust department, and with all the reflection in the world she still couldn't figure out whether to avoid Sylas or indulge him. Whether he was good or bad for her. She even got his opinion once or twice: to stay away, and as wise as it was, it didn't seem practical at this rate for he was too enigmatic, magnetic and stimulating.

She ended up laying back, because she may's well try it. Her hair sprawled out around her while her hands came to rest on her stomach, fingers entwining with themselves and watching time float by overhead to the darkening sky. “I still can't make heads or tails of you,” she confessed. “It's very frustrating. So if you could be simpler, that'd be helpful.” And oh boy wouldn't that be the day. “Alternatively, you could tell me what you want.” With that suggestion, amusement became visible in her features and tone. “World domination, to become a chef....?”

She turned her head to watch him. Would the devil crack a smile, keep his secrets, let her know a quick want? As fortunate as she was to get snippets of him opening up, she'd still never presume to know him, and that was part of his appeal. He remained a forbidden desire and would for some time yet, she hunched.