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Durandel, Mydnyte, Summanus, and Fang

"Well, it's not a fabulous palace, or even a nice hotel like the one back in the Aven territory, sure beats the heat!" Fang spoke as he turned and looked around. It was the most pleasant of sights and heck, these Wolves look like they've seen some better days. "I just want some water, hey, you two over there, do you know how long it takes to get some water around here?" Mydnyte asked. The Wolves just shrugged. "Thanks for the info." The Kamarian grumbled. "I'm sure it won't be long, after all, we are like honored guests or something right? The wolf they sent will be back with some cold water in no time! For now, lets just rest easy for once yeah?" Fang suggested as he went into the next room looking for a place to sit.

"Hmph." And with that Mydnyte just nodded and followed his friend's lead. The rest of the company decided that would be best as well. In the next few moments, a couple of Resistance fighters came with bowls of cold water. "Here you are, it's mineral water from a nearby spring. So it's fresh." The Wolf spoke as they turned to leave them to their privacy. "Good." Mydnyte spoke as he readily drank his bowl. The group felt some relief, having been able to quench their partched tongues. As they continued to lounge, or at least seem somewhat at ease, a rage of thoughts swirled within Durandel.

He thought he would feel comfort being back home, even in it's current state, but all he's felt was a growing unease. It was quite unsettling but he couldn't help but feel that something bad is going to happen. Of course it's ridiculous to think that a feeling can tell the future but a wolf's sense of danger is hardly wrong. Yet, Durandel is not alone, the mentality of the whole group could be summarized as unsettled.

It was then some Wolves showed up as they asked the group to come along with them. Their momentary reprieve was about to end, for our most, weary and troubled heroes, they were about to meet the leaders of the Resistance, and with it, learn of a whole world of troubles.


The group was lead down darkened hallways with only torchlight and their Wolf host to guide them. Before long, guards started to show themselves, tense looking wolves who seemed to be quite on edge. Perhaps not the stuff real guardians are made of but there was quite a bit of them along the way. They must be nearing. "Alright, were here." The Wolf spoke as he opened the door, it was an old conference room, used by the managerial staff to hold their meetings. It's now a war room for the Resistance as a table with the map of the Tenneth territories are laid bare. Gathered around this table are the Resistance leaders but one in particularly astonished Durandel. "You! I-I recognize you! You're...You're...CASTOR!!!" He said aloud.

Castor raised his head to see Durandel and then smiled, "Didn't believe the reports at first, never thought I'd be seeing your muzzle again." Castor chuckled. "You know this Wolf?" Mydnyte asked. "Know him!? We both worked on the Council together! Though, I'd never believe he would be apart of the Resistance! I figured he'd be working for Prometheus right now." Durandel explained. "Well, technically, I am, but in truth, I'm working in secret for the Resistance to provide them with any information I can get." Castor explained. "It's true, without Castor's help, we wouldn't have an eye on Prometheus's government like we do now." An older voice spoke from within the shadows. Soon an old Wolf stepped forth, an introduced himself as, "Ezekiel, I'd say it be a pleasure to meet you all but this isn't some pleasant social call now is it?" He spoke as he walked up to the head of the table.

"Sir Ezekiel and I, formed this Resistance after Prometheus took the power of Alpha for himself and transformed our once, great country into a police state!" Castor barked. "Yes, it was...horrible, what happened." Ezekiel muttered. "Sir Ezekiel was at Alpha Cendrillion's home the night it happened." Castor spoke up. "The Night what happened?" Fang asked. "The Night the coup occurred." Ezekiel spoke. "Prometheus did not acquire the role of Alpha, the honorable, Tenneth way! He betrayed Cendrillion, by suddenly attacking him in his own home. Without warning and without mercy, he and his goons killed the Alpha, his family and then proceeded to desecrate his memory by destroying everything they ever owned!!!" Ezekiel barked, followed by a sudden coughing fit.

"Sir!" Castor gasped but Ezekiel waved it off. "To make matters worse they then disposed of anyone who continued to support Cendrillion OWN SON!!!" Ezekiel's cough grew even worse. "Please sir you need to calm down, it's not good for the cough to be over-excited." Castor pressed. "I know, I know, I'm sorry for losing my composure, a leader should always remain rock steady, but we are here to change the state of things. And with you all here to support us, we might just pull it off, assuming you'll help us?" Ezekiel posed.

"Well, we haven't come here for a vacation, we also have our business with Prometheus we wish to settle." Mydnyte spoke. "Good, perhaps our goals are aligned after all." Ezekiel responded. "Well if you are to be of any help, you'll need to know of our plans, right now we are discussing how best to hit a certain refinery that's underneath Prometheus's control." Castor said as he drew his paw over the map. "It's deep in the industrial sector of Hephaestus City, problem is it's such a densely populated area, it will be difficult to move in a sizable force without drawing attention." Castor continued. "So, I suggest we send in small groups in waves, that way constant stream will be there to reinforce each attack." Ezekiel added. "Thanks to the majority of the Tenneth Army being sent to invade the Cliffs, there defenses should be at their weakest."

"What's so important about this refinery that you would risk lives to destroy?" Fang asked. "As you will come to know, the Tenneth army uses alot of metalwork in it's arms and defenses and since we have a natural source of heat strong enough to melt metal, we've built alot of them. Of course what makes this one important is what they're creating inside." Castor explained. "Our Intel has been inconclusive as to what they're building inside but one thing is clear that it is a weapon, a weapon capable of conquering Stonehold." Castor revealed. A hush fell over the room. "Wait...that doesn't make sense." Summanus spoke up. "You just said the majority of the Tenneth forces went to invade the Cliffs. Why would they do that and leave behind the very weapon that would garner them victory?" Summanus asked. It was an excellent question poised but not without response.

"I would agree that does seem rather irresponsible on their part, but, we have suspected that misinformation is being passed around in replace of the fact. We do not know who is responsible but we have launched discreet investigations into our ranks. What I do know, from our most trust source, that whatever is being built in that factory, is extremely important. Round the clock surveillance, restricted information, passwords, codes, and the factory never seems to close. They are up to something and I do not like it. Regardless if it's a weapon or not, they are keeping it closely guarded and if we take out that operation, we can derail them from further tyranny." Ezekiel finished.

"Right now the Boraks have taken up guarding the factory, since many Tenneth have gone to attack the Dimitrios. So, we've had to adjust our plans some but I think we might be able to go with our original strategy if, you Kamarians wouldn't mind lending a paw?" Castor asked. Mydnyte eyed the Tenneth and with a raised brow, "What do you need?" He asked. "To put it simply we need cover, cover that can move. The Borak element has better range than a Tenneth fireball could cover. Not to mention they are using some, odd light that's powered by their lightning rather than our traditional oil and fire lamps. It seems to be brighter and it makes it difficult for us to get a large number of us close without raising their notice. But if you could create an impressive shadow then we could move in and catch them unaware." Castor then brought out a blueprint of the factory in question. "We've marked were all of the guards are and their patrol routes." Castor said as he placed his paw over various parts.

"We've noticed this, this here is their weakest point. If we can move in our Wolves here, then we can get in close and take out the guards before they could raise an alarm. Then inside we will overwhelm the soldiers there, and remove the workers and then we destroy whatever is inside." Castor finished. "Well, that's all well and good, but even though we can make a large shadow, this building is quite big, judging from the measurements here on the side. You must need alot of wolves to take it, and well, I'm not sure we can give enough cover to enough Wolves for this operation." Fang spoke up. "Yeah, and I'm sure from up above seeing a large shadow that's only in one spot moving would seem weird." Mydnyte added. "What if I could provide more darkness?" Summanus asked.

"What do you mean?" Ezekiel asked. "I know of the lights you speak. There powered by electricity running through wires from a generator. It's all technical but the Boraks must not have been here for that long, so I'm sure there lighting set up was a bit rushed. "If you could just get me inside, I can find the generator and shut it down. It will give them less vision and more room to work your element." Summanus suggested. "Hm, if it can be done, then we can have more of our wolves enter other points of interest." Castor said. "And our shadow will look a lot less conspicuous." Mydnyte added. "Alright but you can expect us to let you go in alone do you?" Ezekiel asked. "I would prefer it that way." Summanus answered. "Out of the question! This not the time for the lone wolf act. Going in alone without any support is just reckless!" Ezekiel objected. "Besides what would happen if you got captured or killed? It would put us at a severe disadvantage, they would know we are coming!" Castor added.

"I understand all of your concerns, but, I am asking you to have faith in me...I know what I am doing." Summanus said with dead seriousness. "The only thing I ask, is for you to wait until I'm finished shutting down the lights to enter. I don't need Wolves getting antsy and thinking they need to be some kind of hero." The room fell quiet after Summanus's request. "But what if the worst does happen? Wouldn't you want someone to come in after you?" Castor asked. "Yes, I'm not so sure about this either." Fang spoke up. "Look, if the worst does come to pass, then if I do not have the lights down in thirty minutes, then proceed with entering the factory. As for now, I only ask that you'd let me in your storeroom? I need some things first." He asked. Ezekiel nodded. Summanus was then led to the storeroom where he disappeared for a few minutes before coming back. Afterwards the plan was set into motion.

Summanus would be snuck in first to disable to lights. After that, the Kamarians would create a shadow, to further provide cover to the invading Resistance. Then their perimeter guards would be dealt with before the Wolves inside are dispatched. Then when the danger is passed whatever Prometheus was working on would be destroyed. Hopefully, this could be the victory that helps push their cause towards toppling Prometheus's regime. Ezekiel then proceeded to ask the group who would join in this mission. if they do not wish to, then they may stay here. As for the heat, well it dies down significantly at night, which is when they will enact their plan. To those that join, you will find yourselves underneath the cover of dark, in the back alleys of the Tenneth city. The Resistance members made good use of the back streets, that seemed to twist and curve into some sort of wolf-made labyrinth.

Soon enough the smell of smoke and metal seemed to permeate the air, more so than usual. It would seem they have found themselves in the industrial district. At this time of night, most of the factories are closed or closing. Yet one, shines brightly as if a lit torch in the middle of a dark cave. There the light was not like of fire and the sounds of industry roared into the night. Smoke and fire bellowed from the chimneys as Wolves seemed to patrol it's grounds every which way. The Resistance quietly encircles the factory waiting for their moment to strike. The group that did decide to join looked on from afar, as the Resistance member leading this operation spoke, "Well, we shall wait here, I suggest you take this time to prepare yourselves, once the operation begins, there is no turning back." With that you are left to your thoughts.