Rise of the Milanos

Rise of the Milanos

It ain't easy being in a mafia family. You never know who's trying to take you down - an enemy or one of your own...[MALE + FEMALE CHARACTERS OPEN] (REMAKE)

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The Milanos were never a perfect family. When the three siblings were young, their father was hardly around and when he was, he was only a strict patriarch that cared nothing about his children's well-being. Their mother left them to their own devices, choosing to attend lavish parties and drinking to her heart's content. Any of the people designated to watch them weren't doing it to be their friends; it was because they were ordered to. So, the kids learned to fend for themselves. And that was hard considering that the older two were always at odds and the youngest child just wanted to be left alone. That was what happened when you grew up in a mafia family.

Now, the setting is late August of 2013 and they are about to celebrate the youngest child's sixteenth birthday. The Milanos have risen up in the organized crime world since the former patriarch's reign with the help of the suave and determined older Milano son. His perseverance along with his bitter brother's assistance increased the popularity and notoriety of the family name, putting them back on top in Los Angeles. However, life still isn't perfect for them. Both siblings still seem to argue and it has only grown worse since their father picked the eldest instead of his loyal second-born. The now crime boss has a family now; a wife that doesn't trust his morals or faithfulness, an elder son that wants in on the action, a middle daughter who's confused about life, and a younger child that just wants to have fun. But at the end of the day, they are family and they fight as one.

And they are going to need that mentality now that the federal government is even more on their case.

So, will they be able to stick together as a family? Or will they be torn apart by their own disputes?



"Stop!" Rebecca Sinclair shouted as she rose from her perch on the desk, placing herself between the two wall and broad-shouldered males. If anyone were to walk into the scene at that moment, they would be torn between wanting to flee and wanting to at least save the young woman who acted as a shield. At present, the younger of the two was standing, fist cocked back and eyes blazing with fury as he fought the urge not to just pound on his older brother. The Milano crime boss was kneeling on the floor and spit out the blood that had gathered in his mouth, an almost daring smirk on his face.

"Thirty-four and you still punch like a little bitch, little brother!" His attempt at goading was working. The other man all but lunged at him and would have attacked had Rebecca not stepped in the way again, this time holding onto him. He struggled in her arms and she uttered soft, pleading words. She then turned her glare to the older man who only bristled. Not many intimidated him and while Rebecca had the capacity to do so, she wasn't accomplishing that feat at that moment. He was a crime boss, not her friend. Some tiny lawyer wasn't going to scare him into submission.

"Look at you - both of you! Fighting like you're children? Enough!" Her voice echoed in the now still office. You could even hear a pen drop after that exclamation. Luckily for them, no one would be in the library connected to the home office. They would not hear the argument and the dick-swinging contest that was occurring behind the closed door. Rebecca sighed, her own anger ebbing away as a need to see the kids she considered her nieces and nephew became almost overwhelming. She wanted them safe, but that was becoming a weak dream. "We have a mole in our midst. I don't know how that happened, but now is not the time to be trying to tear each other's throats out."

"Fine," the Milano patriarch said as he stood, still glaring at his younger brother. "Then how do you suppose we fix this?" His brother sneered at that, shaking his head as if appalled that the older man - the supposed crime lord - was asking a lawyer how to fix his mess. Rebecca released her boyfriend, giving him a look. She then turned towards her childhood friend, lips set in a tight line.

"We act as we always have - like there's nothing wrong," she replied. "But you get your own mole to look into it. Matter of fact, get all of your people to look into it. They have to slip up at some point and when they do, we will find them." Rebecca finally grabbed her purse, checking her watch. They had to leave. "Now, you two have to clean yourselves. We have dinner and I for one, want a drink after a day like this." With that said, she walked out of the office, leaving the two siblings to stare at each other.

They would settle their dispute later.

Their family's safety came first.


The Family

Crime Boss|Name: Damon Milano| 38| The Milano Patriarch| FC: Chris Hemsworth| TAKEN
To be completely honest, he never really wanted to be the crime boss. While he always had a rivalry with his younger brother for their father's attention, his intention had never been to take over - it was just to irritate his sibling. However, at the age of twenty-four, he took over the family business. But it hasn't been perfect or easy sailing. His wife doubts if he has remained faithful over the years, his brother has been even more obvious about his distaste, and all he wants to do is be as successful as his father. However, unlike the former crime boss, his morals and beliefs have always been completely pure. But now - now that he knows his family is being threatened, he is traveling down a dark path, torn between the relentless ruler in him and the normally peaceful man. And his wife constantly questioning him doesn't help. After all this, would it hurt if he actually did go through with an affair?

Second In Command| Name: Evan Milano | 35| The Ambitious Brother| FC: Stephen Amell| TAKEN
It is no secret that this was the son everyone expected to become the crime boss. And he is livid about it! He has always had to be second-best to his brother. Despite the fact that he went to his father's alma mater, joined the army, and did everything his father asked. But at the end of the day, he got the short end of the stick and he's made sure that his brother sees his anger. However, his hatred has not clouded his judgment and despite all misconceptions about his reaction to being bested, he has settled in his position as the second-in-command. He is the cool, calm and collected brother - but behind that is a vicious, relentless man that kills anyone who even dares to turn on their family. He is still suffering from PTSD and with all of that on his plate, people are still questioning when he's going to finally propose to long-time girlfriend, Rebecca Sinclair. He's in love with her, yes, but with everything that's happening, is now the right time?

Crime Boss' Wife| Name: Diana Milano| 36| The Milano Matriarch| FC: Torrey Devitto| TAKEN
Love makes us do crazy things and for her, it made her have a child at sixteen. She does not regret her son or marrying the only man she's ever loved, but if it's one thing that irritates her, it is this mafia life. Granted, she knew what she was getting into when she shot at on a date with her husband all those years ago, but now her children are involved and she hates it. She tries to remain the constant parent, always checking in on her children and keeping them as far away from their father's lifestyle as possible, but it's gotten harder now that they're older and more aware. Plus, her husband is almost always away. If he's not on some business trip, at the office, or overseeing the club. She can't help but feel as if he's slipping away, especially now that his former love has returned and hired that attractive personal assistant.

The Family Lawyer| Rebecca Sinclair| 32| The Peacemaker| FC: Julie Gonzalo| TAKEN
From a young age, it was apparent that she would be involved with the Milanos for a long period of time. The first time any of them met her was when her father, the former chef, brought her from school and she slapped the oldest Milano because he was goading his brother on. From that moment, the three siblings and her have been the closest of friends and it was only fitting that she would be brought into their mafia world. Granted, she is a lawyer and all that she does for them conflicts with the morals her clueless father instilled in her, but it is Rebecca's heart that motivates her. It did not come as a surprise that as soon as she returned from college and FC: Stephen Amell was on leave from the army that she would become his girlfriend. Rebecca had been in love with him since they were seven. She's not rushing their relationship in the slightest and wants to be there for him, but she's beginning to think he's slipping away...

Third In Command| Name| 35| The Crime Boss' Best Friend| FC: Tyler Hoechlin| OPEN
He met the crime boss when they were on the same football team in high school and they have stuck like glue ever since. He has actually been looked at as the former patriarch's other son; the older man got him involved with the family business back in high school and he has been loyal ever since. The only one he can't seem to get along well with is FC: Stephen Amell. The second-born just does not trust him with anything; the family, his position, the business, and least of all, their sister's heart. But it's not like he's trying to get back with his former girlfriend. The two broke up about four years and in that time, he has gotten married and just found out that his wife is two weeks pregnant. But old feelings don't die easily and he can't help but look back at his ex and wonder what-if?

Crime Boss' Sister| Name: Emilia Milano | 32| The Artist| FC: Natalie Dormer| TAKEN
Passionate, fierce, and spunky are only three words to describe the youngest of the original Milano siblings. She has grown from the naïve girl of her past and while she knows what her family does for a living, she genuinely likes to keep things where they should be - away from the family. She can be as cold and as brutal as her older brother, but that side is usually kept under lock-and-key. She is generally seen as the fun aunt, taking the kids out with Rebecca and keeping them away from the business even though her nephew seems to be stubbornly refusing her help. She is the art curator and buries herself in her work, especially if it means to not be around FC: Tyler Hoechlin. They broke up because of his involvement in her family business. She couldn't be ignorant and pretend like it wasn't happening like his precious, perfect wife. But her heart still mourns for the spark that never died.

Crime Boss' Son| Name:________ Milano| 20| The Persistent Son| FC: Chris Zylka| OPEN
As the oldest sibling, it has always been his job to look after his sisters and he takes that job seriously. Now, if only he took his father's warnings seriously. Nobody wants him involved with the world of organized crime. He's just a college student after all, just getting back from his summer abroad in China. But that hasn't stopped him. He wants to show his father that he is mature enough to handle the family business. Sure, he hasn't held a gun yet and he hasn't killed anyone in his life, but he is loyal to his family and only wants his Dad to see that. His uncle seems to be supportive. So, why can't his father? Known as a charmer and playboy on campus, he's getting pretty sick and tired of his relationship with the mayor of Los Angeles' daughter, but ending that relationship means losing the mayor's blind eye to what their family is doing. And if that's not worse, his eyes are already straying and are currently stuck on the pretty brunette in his English class that keeps refusing his advances.

Crime Boss' Oldest Daughter| Name: Désirée Milano |18| The Middle Child| FC: Shelley Hennig| TAKEN
While not as adamant about being involved in her father's world, she doesn't stand idly by either. She has resolved to keeping herself in shape and even has learned to use a gun from her play aunt, Rebecca. As the middle child, she has always been conflicted between wanting to be on her brother's side and fight for involvement and taking care of their rambunctious little sister. There is hardly any time for herself. However, she's not looking for that time. Being to herself means focusing on what she truly wants and the prospects of discovering if she's really gay or not aren't her number one priority. She knows she is attracted to guys; she's been sleeping with her brother's best friend for about a year now. But the new girl at school is not helping matters in the slightest.

Crime Boss' Youngest Child| Name: Katherine Milano| 15| The Party Girl| FC: Danielle Campbell| TAKEN
She could care less about what her father does. In fact, that is the last thing on her mind. Why wouldn't it be? She's daddy's little girl - the baby. She can get any and everything she wants as long as she asks and keeps her grades up. And she does, but she also does some extra-curricular activities on the side. Her sixteenth birthday is coming up soon, but there hasn't been much this sweet-faced girl hasn't done already save for drugs. She's experimented with girls, guys, both at the same time, and is almost always on the move. Even her mother's usual tight leash can't hold this little thing back. But she knows she is scaring her big sister. How far down will she spiral until she loses herself in the fast life?

The Business Associates

The Milano Family Driver| Name| 32| The Playboy| FC: Ryan Gosling| Pending
He once had great potential. A candidate for the next "big" name in Formula One, Jonny screwed his chance up when he gambled away his life. Girls, money and popularity led to his downward spiral, forcing him to leave England to escape the burdens of his various financial debts. Trying to keep a low profile in the states, he began a cab driver. However, old habits die hard and before he knew it, he was owing money to more than one loan shark, leading to his current involvement with the Milano family. Now reliable and trustworthy in his new position, will he be able to keep his old habits at bay?

The Club Manager| Name| 20 - 27| The Narcissist| FC: James Franco| OPEN
He has been managing Milano's club for the last two years and has brought in a lot of money since his employment. He is surprisingly great businessmen despite his tendency to be caught up in his own reflection or hitting on as many women as he possibly can. But he gets the job done and for that, Milano keeps him around. But it doesn't mean that he's just a club manager either. His eyes are always on the lookout for unfamiliar faces and suspicious activity. And even though he tends to stay far away from the family, he watches out for them too - he might even be watching the wife just a little too hard for Milano's comfort.

The Watchdog| Name| 29 - 34| The Perceptive Ally| FC: Kerry Washington| OPEN
While she is definitely using she skills she acquired from studying psychology, it probably isn't the way in which her former professors had in mind. A clinical psychologist by day, this woman is superb at reading body language and facial expressions like it's nobody's business and has proven time and time again how useful she is to Milano. She has been assigned to search for the mole and has been sniffing everyone out. She has her suspicions, but she isn't too sure. One wrong move and it could mean life or death. And even her feelings for FC: Hugh Jackman wouldn't be able to save her from the Milanos' wrath.

The Accountant| Name| 21 - 27| The Calculative One| FC: Joseph Gordon-Levitt| RESERVED
He has been managing the family books for the last two years and does a pretty good job considering the constant badgering of the federal government the legitimacy of the family money and business. They've even resorted to bribing him to snitch on the family, but he remains steadfast. Milano's father spared his father's life back when he was younger and he has been utterly grateful for that kindness. He likes his job. People doubt his skills because he looks so young, but even in his suit, he can probably have you knocked out before you even realize you were hit.

The Killer| Joel Carter Kingsley | 45| The Former Navy Seal| FC: Hugh Jackman| TAKEN
Even after all these years, his training has never left him and it, in turn, has made him into a formidable opponent and brutal killer. He hardly - unless ordered to - leaves anyone alive. He is still haunted by the death of his wife and child and although in a relationship with FC: Kerry Washington, he can't help but still keep her at arm's length. Despite his usual air of either nonchalance and murderous intent, he cares for the woman and does not wish to be the reason that she dies. It would devastate him if something were to happen to her. He usually is the one sparring with the two Milano brothers and he has trained the older children.

The Lead Drug Trafficker| Harry Tyler| 29| The Greedy Bastard| FC: Tom Hiddleston| TAKEN
Nobody trusts this scumbag about much, but if there is anything he loves more than doing drugs, it's selling it. He can usually be found at Venice Beach or in some park, keeping a good distance away from the Milano family so as not to appear connected in any way. Milano keeps a good eye on him and the man actually fears the family, but his love for money is the driving force behind this partnership. Now, if only he would stop looking at the crime boss' sister…

The Techie| Name| 21 - 25| The Personal Assistant| FC: Emily Bett Rickards| OPEN
She honestly hates the rumors circulating around the office. Sure, Milano Incorporated could have hired someone who was more experienced and older for her job. But they chose her and contrary to popular belief, she did not have to fuck her way to the top. She proved how astounding she was when she was able to hack into the local police station's database and delete all possible leads they might have had on the Milano's drug business. Besides, it was much easier for her to be elevated from the tech department and placed as a personal assistant than Mr. Milano having to come down to her cubicle. And she's not complaining too much about her involvement. Great pay, amazing benefits, and she gets to check out the accountant every now and then. What wouldn't a girl love about that?

The Lead Weapon's Trafficker| Name| 32 - 37| The Survivalist| FC: Stana Katic| OPEN
This woman is as tough as they come. She didn't have the luxury of growing up with a golden spoon in her mouth. Hell, they weren't even silver. They were plastic and her mom had to hustle to even get those let alone having a nice place to lay her head. With that childhood struggle in mind, she takes her job very seriously and it is her vast knowledge in all things weaponry that impresses Milano and enables her to keep her job. She does whatever she can to see a shipment through and is there on the drop of a dime if anything goes awry. But a consultant affiliated with the federal agents has been talking to her and they're promising more money if she gives up some information on the Milanos.

The Family Doctor| Name| 32 - 37| The Caretaker| FC: Hilarie Burton| OPEN
Since the youngest child was born, she has served as the family doctor. While she does have a job at the hospital, she makes time for the Milano family. She does not like the second-born son and only tolerates the crime boss, but she and the wife are childhood friends and she cares deeply for the kids. Even if she is called to simply make sure that there was no way to identify a dead body or simply to check up on one of their own, she does it if it means that she's keeping her friend and those poor babies safe.

The Sniper| Name| 20| The Flirt| FC: Mila Kunis| OPEN
If you ask how she learned how to be such a skilled shooter, she won't tell you that it was through some hunting trip with daddy or some military involvement. You want the truth? She was in a gang and it became faulty and Milano saved her life. She's grateful. She proved herself to be useful. He decided to keep her around. She likes it. She gets drugs, a club to hang out at, and all she's gotta do is kill a few people. She is extremely flirtatious and seductive and is almost always making sexual innuendos, especially at the Milano brothers. Who wouldn't? They're both very attractive men.

The Elusive Girlfriend| Elizabeth Casey Catrone | 19| The Romantic| FC: Camilla Belle| TAKEN
She is the Milano son's girlfriend. She is a talented young woman with a penchant for singing and has even charmed the matriarch despite earlier reserves about her intentions. While she can pretty much tell that her boyfriend isn't in love with her now, she doesn't want to think that he is using her to get her father's support. No, she wants to believe that against all odds, he feels something - anything - for her and that there is a possibility for them to be together. She absolutely hates the idea that he could want anyone else and while she knows that men in the mafia have affairs, she refuses to allow him to even consider messing around with FC: Crystal Reed.

The Government Officials

The Liaison| Name| 34 - 38| The Other Milano Sibling| FC: Johnathan Rhys Meyers| RESERVED
Well, he would be considered a sibling if he had not been the result of one of the former patriarch's many affairs in New York. He grew up with a father that came sporadically and when he was around, he seemed only to be there as a money-giver. He hated his father and hated his siblings even more for being so clueless. None of the Milanos know of his existence and he doesn't want them to know yet - not until he has each and everyone of them behind bars, even the kids if it comes down to it. While they got the inheritance and were well-off, he had to fight his way through life and organized all of this to take them down. Nobody that works under him knows about this, at least...he doesn't think they do.

The Strategist| Name| 35 - 40| The FBI Leader| FC: Idris Elba| RESERVED
When he was assigned this case, he couldn't have been happier. About five years ago, an explosion caused by a Milano hit resulted in the death of his two little girls. Since then, his wife has been in a serious depression and has shut him out. And without her strength to hold him down, he has resulted to follow a path of brutality, ruthlessness, and justice. He seeks it with a vengeance and his number one priority is to bring this family down.

The Mayor| Name| 38| The Corrupt Politician| FC: Nathan Fillion| RESERVED
Most people tend to question how he received his position. Selfies on Instagram or trips to resorts are always on his agenda and he is almost always cracking jokes. However, once he's at his desk, he is longer a playful man who might play video games with his daughter - he is the mayor and he takes his job seriously. He knows that he owes Milano for securing him the election, but at the same time, Milano wants him to turn a blind eye to all of his bad dealings. And to make matters worse, his baby girl is dating their son. But when the federal agents come knocking on his door, will he turn his back on the family that helped him get his position or will he play his role?

The Federal Mole| Name| 21| The Traitor| FC: Bianca Lawson| OPEN
She was hired as the mole for the federal government since getting picked up off the streets by an LA cop the first time she tried to become a prostitute. To get out without it getting on her records, they wanted her to get friendly with the middle child. She agreed thinking that it would be harmless and once she found that the girl is actually bi-curious, she's been using it to her advantage. Sneaky glances, gentle caresses, and constant compliments. They are becoming closer than ever and she has even been able to get a little information about the family though the daughter tries to remain elusive. But now her own feelings are complicating things and she's wondering if she should tell the truth or not.

The Crime Boss' Mole| Name| 27| The Former Addict| FC: Natalie Portman| OPEN
She still can't recall how her life ended up becoming this bad. She can't remember if it was she began abusing drugs when she was sixteen or if it was because she gave her body away to get said crack. But when the former Milano patriarch found her, he saved her and made her go through rehab, her natural acting skills a seemingly useful skill. The former techie cleared her history when she was clean and gave her a background in criminology so she could work with the local police and be their ears. At first, the current crime boss didn't think much of her and simply allowed her to live the life she was given. However, when it became apparent that the federal government was getting chummy with their police, he enlisted her help, choosing to double her payment. And she's all for it considering she's been using again.

Undercover Agent| Name| 34| The Charming Consultant| FC: Joseph Morgan| RESERVED
He is an undercover agent working for the FBI to bring the Milano family down. He has chosen to work at the consulting form affiliated with the company, knowing that he would have to work with the family lawyer and Milano. While most are trying to get direct connections with the Milano siblings, Rebecca is his target and he has done nothing but flirt with her to the utter annoyance of the second-in-command. Hopefully, getting close to her will either break her walls down and get him some incriminating information or at least get Milano to trust him. That is, if the brother doesn't kill him.

The Liaison's Sister| Name| 25| The Rookie| FC: Lyndsey Fonseca| OPEN
She had to fight her ass off to get on this case. Seen as a rookie, it was not hard to see that she is only a part of this because she is looking out for her older brother. While their mother had her with another male and she doesn't consider herself related to the Milanos in any way, she can't help but feel a sort of distaste for them simply because she knows that they know of her brother and continue to pretend as if he does not exist. So, she's opted to help him the best way she can. But she fears that he may take this farther than anyone is prepared for.

The Others

The Son's Crush| Jolene Smith | 19| The Blogger| FC: Jessica Parker Kennedy| TAKEN
She does not have issues dealing with the social media and just being social in general. She is a faithfully blogger and vlogger and has her own YouTube channel. She's a girl far more curious than she should be and is currently working on her thesis paper - as a junior - about organized crime. However, the only times her social skills seem to leave her is when she is in the presence of the Milano son. He is definitely attractive, persistent, intelligent and obviously taken. The looks his girlfriend sends her is enough to keep the usually brave girl in her place, but the guy doesn't seem to want to leave her alone. And she's not so sure she wants to push him away too much either.

The Lawyer's Brother| Tristan Sinclair| 25| The New Kid| FC: Colton Haynes| OPEN
Despite his sister's best wishes, he has been trying to work with the Milano under any means necessary. He hates his boring job at the office and knows that he can be trustworthy. But his sister is sure that his naivety and foolishness is going to get him killed. She even threatens to tell their father about his desires, but then that would inevitably put her on the spot for even being involved. So, he ignores her and continues on his path to prove his self-worth.

The Son's Best Friend| Brian Summers | 21| The Loyal One| FC: Steven R. McQueen| TAKEN
He and FC: Chris Zylka have been friends since diapers and he considers himself having been in love with the sister for almost as long. While he knows his best friend's overprotective side would kick in considering that he's been messing around with the girl for almost a year without saying anything, he would die for his best friend and has even aspired to join the mafia for the family. It is not an easy life, he knows, but he considers the son his brother and brothers stick together.

The Former Lover| Claire J. Morre | 34| The One That Got Away| FC: Emmy Rossum| TAKEN
At the tender age of thirteen, she found herself in love with the man that is known the crime boss. But he was a boy back then and in heart, he always will be. Sadly, he father sent her off to this European boarding school and with so many opportunities to study abroad and further herself, she hardly had time to return to her love and had to let him go. It devastated her to know that he married and had kids, but she was glad to see him move on even if her heart broke because of it. Years later and there's some part of her that is still carrying the torch for him and when they see each other again now that she's returned to LA, old feelings have resurfaced. But is she truly willing to get in the way of a marriage that has lasted for a little over twenty years?

The Youngest Child's Best Friend| Michael Harmon| 17| The Protector| FC: Gregg Sulkin| TAKEN
Whenever FC: Danielle Campbell manages to fall, he is there to catch her and nurse her back to health. Even if it's a hangover or making sure she at least gets to his house before passing out, he is there and it is no secret to anyone that he is extremely smitten with this girl. He'd do anything with for her, but her constant abuse on her body is scaring him and while he generally keeps all of it to himself, he's wondering if he should tell her parents how far she's fallen off the deep end

Third-In-Command's Wife| Name| 32| The Frustrated Wife| FC: Kate Cassidy| OPEN
She tries - she really tries. She understands her husband is a busy man. He does business with his best friend; it might require him to be out late and for long periods of time if it comes down to it. She truly understands that and loves him for his dedication. But considering that she's pregnant when they both feared she wouldn't be able to, she expected him to at least try to be home a little more. She has no idea about his involvement with organized crime or even the fact that her husband has taken more than one life. And it's not that she fears that he would leave her for his ex lover or anything. No, that's impossible...at least, she hopes so. This stress is not good for her pregnancy.

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[font=centaur][size=125][color=CHARACTER COLOR][b]|Role|[/b][/color][/size]
[I]What is your character's role in all of this? The roles are written right before I say what face claim it is[/I][/font][/center][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
[center][font=bookman old style][size=200][color=CHARACTER COLOR]【Fun Facts】[/color][/size][/font][/center][hr][/hr]
[left][img]IMAGE or GIF[/img]
[img]IMAGE or GIF[/img]
[img]IMAGE or GIF[/img][/left]
[center][font=centaur][size=125][color=CHARACTER COLOR][b]|Quirks & Habits|[/b][/color][/size]
[I]Does your character have a particular thing that they do? You know - biting their, sucking their thumb...[/I][/font]

[font=centaur][size=125][color=CHARACTER COLOR][b]|Skills|[/b][/color][/size]
[I]What particular skills do they have? It doesn't even have to be job related[/I][/font]

[font=centaur][size=125][color=CHARACTER COLOR][b]|Likes & Dislikes|[/b][/color][/size]

[font=centaur][size=125][color=CHARACTER COLOR][b]|Hobbies|[/b][/color][/size]
[I]Any favorite passtimes?[/I][/font]

[font=centaur][size=125][color=CHARACTER COLOR][b]|Secrets|[/b][/color][/size]
[I]What might your character be hiding? For some, it could be as simple as being an undercover. But try something deeper while you're at it.[/I][/font]

[font=centaur][size=125][color=CHARACTER COLOR][b]|Fears|[/b][/color][/size]
[I]At least 3 of these[/I][/font][/center][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
[center][font=bookman old style][size=200][color=CHARACTER COLOR]【Just A Little Deeper】[/color][/size][/font][/center][hr][/hr]
[center][img]IMAGE or GIF[/img][/center]
[center][font=centaur][size=125][color=CHARACTER COLOR][b]|Personality|[/b][/color][/size]
[I]List at least five traits of your character and then go into full detail about them. I want to be inside their heads. This should be at least two to three paragraphs[/I][/font][/center][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
[center][font=bookman old style][size=200][color=CHARACTER COLOR]【Past, Present, Future】[/color][/size][/font][/center][hr][/hr]
[center][font=centaur][size=125][color=CHARACTER COLOR][b]|History|[/b][/color][/size]
[I]Tell me about your character's past. What particular moment made them who they are now? Did they have a happy childhood?[/I][/font][/center][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
[center][font=bookman old style][size=200][color=CHARACTER COLOR]【A Little Something Extra】[/color][/size][/font][/center][hr][/hr]
[center][font=centaur][size=125][color=CHARACTER COLOR][b]|Other|[/b][/color][/size]
[I]Anything more you want to include - a theme song or a few tidbits that didn't quite make the cut for any of the sections of the CS[/I][/font][/center][hr][/hr]

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