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JEDH3 » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by JEDH3 as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Rook

Rook, located in Atien

as part of The battle of Atien: Pirates vs. Mermaids

Orders are absolute. I have no choice.

Character Portrait: Galen Blair

Galen Blair, located in The Lab

as part of Experiment: A

In a place so bleak, one can't afford to not have any friends.q

Character Portrait: Summanus A.

Summanus A., located in Rune

as part of Variant

With my fists I will touch your heart

Character Portrait: Brontes Rook

Brontes Rook, located in Colaira

as part of Two Worlds To Save

Why do you think that you are worth my time?

Character Portrait: Arn Grimr

Arn Grimr, located in The Land of Tarantia

as part of Crossing Blades

What is the truth of Martial Arts?

Character Portrait: Alexis Jaeger

Alexis Jaeger, located in Earth

as part of Animal Bodies

Great Horned Lizard

Character Portrait: Taran Mortair

Taran Mortair, located in Xexian Space Station

as part of Tales Of The Royals

Warden of The Tryanian Princess

Character Portrait: Summanus Malvolio Anderson

Summanus Malvolio Anderson, located in Lamputra - 1815

as part of Two Hearts Beat as One

There is as much Life in the Dark as there is in Light. You are all just too afraid to see it.

Character Portrait: Taran Mortair

Taran Mortair, located in Isallia

as part of Falsum Duomum

What is the point of life? Why was I given a gift, only to die so soon.

Character Portrait: Alexis Jaeger

Alexis Jaeger, located in Secluded Woods

as part of As an apprentice...

Take a breath, now relax. no reason to get worked up over nothing.

Character Portrait: Connal Avrid

Connal Avrid, located in Earth

as part of To Complete A Circle

I will protect this with my life.

Character Portrait: Lavilev (Lion Heart in Hebrew)

Lavilev (Lion Heart in Hebrew), located in Four Kingdoms

as part of Cursed Kings

Barukh atah Adonai Eloheinu melekh ha-olam, she-hehiyanu v'kiy'manu v'higi'anu la-z'man ha-ze.

Character Portrait: Robin

Robin, located in Jump City

as part of A Story Retold

I think I'm living on borrowed time. But at least I'm living. So why don't I feel ??? I don't know ??? happier?

Character Portrait: Alexis Jaeger

Alexis Jaeger, located in Medieval alternate universe fantasy

as part of Where are we Going?

Let us start this battle by asking forgiveness for the sins we are about to commit.

Character Portrait: Arn Grimr

Arn Grimr, located in Soul 2 Soul

as part of Connection