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ZoeyAutopsyx » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by ZoeyAutopsyx as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Sutton Michael Henderson

Sutton Michael Henderson, located in Europe

as part of A bottle of tequilla and some music please!

"Why should I give you my opinion, it won't change your ego-filled one."

Character Portrait: Harrison 'Harry' Ellinghart

Harrison 'Harry' Ellinghart, located in Esther County Camp

as part of Esther County's Camp for Delinquents

"....This whole thing is a giant waste of time. I have things to do and people to see."

Character Portrait: Vanity Blond

Vanity Blond, located in Mount Olympus Academy

as part of Mount Olympus Academy

"I just want...I NEED to be beautiful. I will not exist in any other form."

Character Portrait: Natalia Nicoletta Jade Constantine

Natalia Nicoletta Jade Constantine, located in The Olympian Academy

as part of The Olympian Academy

"When I turn my music on, I turn the rest of the world off."

Character Portrait: Andrew Taylor-Remington

Andrew Taylor-Remington, located in South Padre Island, Texas

as part of Haunted Whispers

"Yes, I know I look young, sing a new song, would you?"

Character Portrait: Halen Hayes

Halen Hayes, located in California

as part of Machines For Kids

"I don't need anything except a good song and a bottle of cheap wine."

Character Portrait: Isabella Scotila

Isabella Scotila, located in Asaydia

as part of Asaydia

"You think you know me? Even I don't know me."

Character Portrait: Louis Lovett-Huntington

Louis Lovett-Huntington, located in Pacific Coast Academy

as part of PCA Boarding school

"We'll see who's laughing when you'll be taking orders at McDonald's and I'll be laying on the beach in the Bahamas."

Character Portrait: Courtland Kelly

Courtland Kelly, located in The House

as part of The Real World: Barcelona

"Hey, who brought alcohol?!"

Character Portrait: Alexandrew De Captain

Alexandrew De Captain, located in The House

as part of The Real World: Barcelona

"Karma's a bitch? Well, I hope she's a hot one. Because I don't plan to stop how I act anytime soon."

Character Portrait: Christian Kennedy Shaddix

Christian Kennedy Shaddix, located in The Olympian Academy

as part of The Olympian Academy

"Whoops, I dropped all the fucks that I give."

Character Portrait: Noah Oliver Devereux

Noah Oliver Devereux, located in everywhere.

as part of I Will Always Love You

"I have a baaad case of Senior-itis, man."

Character Portrait: Brandon Dmitry Kotlov

Brandon Dmitry Kotlov, located in Teenage Love

as part of Summer Love

"I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the multitude of fucks that I do not give."

Character Portrait: Lisander Lucan Casanovelle

Lisander Lucan Casanovelle, located in Cirque De Freaks

as part of Welcome To The Freak Show

"Ahh. It is my pleasure to frighten you with my beloved creatures."

Character Portrait: Kellan Aleksander Ivanov

Kellan Aleksander Ivanov, located in Teenage Love

as part of Summer Love

"I've been betrayed before. And you are not about to do it to me, too."

Character Portrait: Jonny Michael Asher

Jonny Michael Asher, located in Mid-Night Delight

as part of Taste of the Mid-Night's Lust

"Well aren't you a cynical mother fucker...welcome to my life."

Character Portrait: Hazen Evander Hawthorne

Hazen Evander Hawthorne, located in The Future

as part of Unwind

"What if we can't get away...there's always a what if."

Character Portrait: Hayden Matthew Ellisworth

Hayden Matthew Ellisworth, located in West Palm Beach

as part of The Real World: West Palm Beach

"I'm here to take over, MOTHER FUCKERS!"

Character Portrait: Adrianna Nicole Bianchi

Adrianna Nicole Bianchi, located in everywhere.

as part of I Will Always Love You

"You think she's gonna put up with your bullshit like I did? Please."

Character Portrait: Tate Everett

Tate Everett, located in Mount Olympus Academy

as part of Mount Olympus Academy

"I don't swim in the ocean. I become a PART of it."

Character Portrait: Alexandrew Giovanni De Captain

Alexandrew Giovanni De Captain, located in The Dollhouse

as part of The Dollhouse reality show

"I'm sort of torn between not giving a fuck, and not giving a fuck."

Character Portrait: Vivian Nakani-Maisuradze

Vivian Nakani-Maisuradze, located in MANSION LE~ KARUTARII

as part of Proper Etiquette 101: Second Semester

'Proper etiquette'? You mean that thing I wiped my ass with and tossed into the trash a LONG time ago?

Character Portrait: Sonny Christopher Hawthorne

Sonny Christopher Hawthorne, located in Anchorage, Alaska

as part of In this Final Frontier

I just want to have fun, kay?

Character Portrait: Alexandrew Chamberland

Alexandrew Chamberland, located in The Nation Of Ceria

as part of A Masquerade

"Well, you asked for my opinion...I'm sorry if you didn't like what you heard."

Character Portrait: Tara 'Demi' Roman

Tara 'Demi' Roman, located in Mount Olympus Academy

as part of Mount Olympus Academy

"What goes around comes back around to bite you in the ass."